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    The Jussie Smollet Fiasco

    Aww man, now I'm really sad for some reason. Like one of my heroes just went down.
  2. Mooka

    The Jussie Smollet Fiasco

    The 2 men he paid to orchestrated the attack were 2 Nigerian dudes? This guy's either a complete nutjob or a complete idiot.
  3. I've been enjoying watching these new guys play. Portis' been struggling lately but just needs to keep at it. He clearly got fouled at the end of the quarter there. Tough tonight in Detroit with only Randle at PG though.
  4. Why you gotta trash my Saturday? Been waiting all week to enjoy my Dew.
  5. Why? No one is going to care, nor is the media going to cover it. The narrative is already there: she's a radical, extreme fringe, super-left. This very discussion is about her radical proposals/ideas. The media has already shaped the conversation. She's smart because she's running with it rather then trying to re-brand herself.
  6. Ah, must be infrastructure week again.
  7. Mooka

    Gameday Thread

    Better then this game so far.
  8. Mooka

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Peter Paul Montgomery *Buttigieg This guy needs to be on ballot with a name like that. Side note; Dem, Rhodes Scholar, Navy Vet, openly gay candidate. Interesting guy.
  9. Mooka

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Only half of that is sorta true. If a Bernie bro was a Dem, they voted Dem, same as all other democrats. If they voted Bernie, then against Clinton, you're talking about the extreme 10% fringe. Where do we get this idea that 100% of said group of Americans will act according to their own interests when we know this country is full of petty dumbasses?
  10. Mooka

    Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook should be broken up

    That's just how the video game industry works these days across the board PB. All games have to be monetized now with some sort of continuos service or through small in-game purchases.
  11. That's a tough one, but Trump aint those things; not really at his core. (narcissist) Those are more symptoms. I guarantee you Trump lives up to his word 100% of the time; to himself. You can't steal anything if you think the world is yours... and so on. Anyway, you deal with Trump the way Pelosi is currently. You equal or top his media coverage. Atm Pelosi's face is right up there next to Trump's in the top stories and she's also the top story at times. We're discussing her right with Trump right now. She's not the top story on Trump's terms which is how she's winning. (atm) You can tell she's winning because Trump gave up the address without too much of a hissy fit. This is a guy who goes on tweet rages at night after watching the news.
  12. I honestly cant remember more then 3 seconds of venom. I can recite the entire terrible plot of Predator in my head though.
  13. Gotta go with at least a 2/10 on Predator simply because it was better then Venom, IMO. Wow was that **** terrible though. There's a supply dump of info online on what went wrong. Apparently they had so many remakes the final result is 2-3 plotlines. Venom = 1/10 for sure. Can hardly remember enough of it to know how bad it was. Mid 90's, Jonah Hill directed movie about 90's skate kids. Fantastic, 8.5/10. Overly dramatic but the characters are awesome. Reminded me too much of real people to be 100% fiction. Hill is definitely in my generation, could relate to entire movie.
  14. Sarah Sanders explained the move for fast food, saying, “much of the residence staff at the White House is furloughed, so the President is personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone’s favorite fast foods." Can't make this **** up. I don't know how comedians tell a joke these days with Trump as President. That quote is from TMZ btw. Was atop the twitter thread.
  15. I was just having this conversation with my brother who doesn't watch horror movies. The last one he watched was Hostel and he said it sucked. I've always watched horror and its hard to differentiate these days, they're all kinda the same. (always been that way maybe?) Some good TV shows come to mind. But like Beal is saying, in my head I can't differentiate between the Conjuring, Sinister, Insidious... All the same ****, none of it is great. I guess Get Out was good, not sure that was actually horror, more like a thriller. Zombie and Post-Apocalypse seem to be their own genre now. Even then, A Quiet Place, Bird Box same ****. The slasher films all blend together, how man Saw films are there? Sometimes a foreign take is refreshing. The Babadook is definitely the same **** but an Australian film so a bit more interesting. The Ritual is a British film that takes place in Sweden, enjoyed that one. Can't think of a really great horror movie without it being a Zombie thing, or a TV Show. I remember Anthony Mackie who plays Falcon on Avengers talking about the industry a while back and noting the top show atm was Stranger Things, but it was just a Goonies remake.
  16. I love Wall but hes got bad knees and bone spurs in his foot with a 170million contract extension. He's about to be making 40million a year. Thats straight garbage. Id dump him ASAP for absolutely nothing. This is the 2nd lockerroom in a row thats had big problems, last one was the Arenas team. Something wrong internally with this franchise.
  17. Smear the franchise? Im shocked anyone cares. This franchise is garbage atm.
  18. This is the Washington Wizards, a nothing team in the East that hasnt been a contender for 30+ years. You should be happy a journalist even bothers to write a puff piece.
  19. Disagree. Great article, spent the whole day with Sato to get it. Gave some interesting insights on euro bball. Wall is our franchise player and this team is 100% done. He's going to get all the blame and bad press until he's on another team.
  20. Mooka

    Another meteorologist who deserves to be fired

    What exactly was bull****? Sucks to be that guy? Or he was fired for not doing his job correctly? Didn't say I agreed.
  21. Useful information? Shared? Wtf, how much is that internal polling data worth to a foreign entity? Gotta be millions... 10's, 100's?
  22. Mooka

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Agree, waited a decade for the 5th book only to hear Martin say it wasnt finished. Then the show came out. 5th book was absolutely unfinished. He wasnt joking.
  23. Mooka

    Another meteorologist who deserves to be fired

    Sucks for this guy, but his job is to speak in front of a camera. At least he was fired for not doing his job correctly.
  24. Devin gave the Philly fans a free frosty. Why you gotta let me down like that?