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  1. I am not sure why you think that science says there are only 2 genders. For example, some people are born with sex organs for neither male or female fully developed. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-14459843 And that is based easily identified sex organs. If similar things did not happen in the brain would be surprising. Can you please explain why you think science says there are only 2 genders?
  2. I wouldn't bet on it. The Wizards don't have a good track record of being a well run organization. They have a history of holding onto players that they should have traded. I wouldn't bet on teams waiting for the Wizards to make the smart decision, and I think there is going to be a lot of pressure to make a move. I don't think anybody is going to hold onto assets to trade for Beal if the Wizards are turning down reasonable offers waiting for the Wizards to come to the right decision. And those players don't lose value if the somebody like GS trades for them. CJ McC
  3. Lowry is a FA, but a sign and trade is a reasonable way for him to be moved. If he can't the money he wants for a team based on their cap space, a sign and trade is certainly a possiblity. And Beal might be GS's preferred option but that doesn't mean if what they feel is their best offer is denied that they won't move on. Even McCollum (certainly a guy that is used to playing off ball) for Wiggins and Wiseman makes the #7, Wiggins, and Wiseman for Beal trade off the table and might be a move Portland would make in hopes of keeping Dame happy. And might be
  4. Whether any deal is on the table later this summer very much depends on what other teams do. If Portland decides to tear it down, a deal like that for Beal might not be there later. Maybe Toronto decides to pull the plug and GS decides to make a deal for Lowry. Maybe 7 and Wiggins get shipped for Lowry. (A combination of Siakim, Wiggins, Wiseman, and the 4th pick might be an interesting core for Toronto.) There seem to be more teams on that line of being buyers or sellers than ever before. (I think in general in sports there seems to have been a shift to
  5. There really is no time frame for a Beal trade. Even after next season, a sign and trade is a strong possibility. Also just extending him and keeping him is possible. If he's not traded before the draft, the talk will just roll into fall, through the season, and into next spring/summer. Even if he signs a new contract, the talk isn't going to end. Every "good" player that is on a middling team is subjected to the same conversations. The time frame is tonight until the Wizards are actually a championship contender, Beal is no longer considered a good player, or Beal
  6. To make an analogy of the Wiseman case: Let's say somebody comes up to you and says if you push this button, something negative will happen to you, but I'll also give you $10,000. The question becomes is $10,000 enough to offset the negative thing that is going to happen to you. If you don't know anybody else that this offer has been made to, the fact that you don't know of any cases where somebody has pushed the button and the process (the negative thing + being given the $10K) has been a net positive isn't good evidence that you shouldn't push the button.
  7. Again, the fact that there aren't many comparable cases to a highly unusual case isn't surprising. Then you are going further and mispresenting/misunderstanding what PER and VORP are. PER and VORP are not a measure of scoring or rebounding efficiency. PER and VORP are often higher for players on bad teams vs. an equivalent player on a better team. KD was even on a good team before going to GS, and he saw his VORP go down (7.8 to 5.5) when going to from OKC to GS. KD's PER also goes down when he goes from OKC to GS. KD didn't get worse when he went to GS. Playing with a great
  8. I'm extremely confused why the Knicks would give up anything for Westbrook.
  9. Most people that aren't high draft picks struggle their rookie year for a reason. They aren't very good, which is why they weren't high draft picks. Especially if you are a big man if people think you're going to be good, you'll go high. How many good big man are there that are good in the NBA that weren't high draft picks? At that point your only talking about a handful of players. And even somebody like Jokic went to a bad Denver team. (You're also most likely talking about Euro who have very different experiences and likely have been playing pro bask
  10. Wiseman's VORP and PER are both misleading because of the team he played on. Not very many good big man go to a team that is that same season fighting for a playoff spot. Wiseman wasn't asked to contribute much to his teams points because he wasn't made the focal point of the teams offense like most good big man are their first year. The answer to your question is essentially the same as what was the last time a 19 year old went in the top 5 to a team that was trying to make the playoffs the next year with a player that is serious candidate for MVP? The answer is none
  11. This is a bit absurd. The Chinese (and really the rest of the world) have the ability to NOT make things to sell to others, including the US. It isn't like we're threatening a nuclear war if they stop producing cheap junk. The Nazis went to war and killed lots of other people because they believed they were superior to everybody else. We're buying too much junk that other countries are more than happy to produce as cheaply as possible and sell to us. What would happen if China (and other stopped selling us stuff) is that millions (and maybe billions) of more people's standard o
  12. You do the GS trade not because you are trying to win with Wiggins (and you care about his VORP/WS/etc) but because with his contract, he's still a negative asset and that allows you to accumulate more positive assets. Trading Beal straight up for a good first round pick isn't likely to result in a championship team unless you get extremely lucky with a pick. You've still got too many bad contracts and not enough assets to likely turn that into a championship team. Just in terms of a timeline, even if you think Wiseman is going to be a good player, it would make sense
  13. The CRS still exists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congressional_Research_Service https://www.loc.gov/crsinfo/ To my knowledge nothing really happened to it while Gingrich had power and Gingrich doesn't really get much power until 1989 when the Republicans were in the minority in the House (he become minority whip) (After Reagan is President and not when the Republicans had power because of the Reagan.) He was involved in killing the OTA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Technology_Assessment), generally against Congressional access to no
  14. Any industry/company is capable of fraud or other wrong doing. We've seen plenty of cases of it. That isn't good evidence that a specific industry/company is actually committing a specific fraud. Having a strong opinion that something like fraud is being conducted at an industry wide-level w/o other evidence isn't very logical. And at least certainly early in the pandemic there was plenty of evidence (from things like deaths) if anything we were under counting the number of people that died of Covid. https://hub.jhu.edu/2020/09/01/comorbidities-and-coronav
  15. Increased financial incentives to hospitals only are relevant to Medicare patients. Also most states require a confirmed positive test. I guess hospitals might be in cahoots with the testing centers, but at that time, you're talking about a pretty large scale conspiracy. Third, just because somebody has an incentive to lie isn't a good evidence that they are lying (especially on a large scale). Especially when there are disincentives to lie (i.e. being charged with fraud). At some level your argument turns into an argument that every food you buy is ille
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