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  1. Forcing a company to publish or support your speech is a violation of their right to free speech. Newspaper have never had to publish anybody's letter to the editor. And if you did something like commit libel or commit another crime (e.g. make a terrorist threat) in your letter to the editor and the paper published it, they would be sued for libel too. A newspaper can't publish anything anybody sends them, and then say "Well, we didn't say it. We just published it."
  2. Storage is only really an issue for the Pfirzer vaccine. For it, you need a -80 freezer. A lot of academic and research centers have them for storing research related things. Any reasonable sized university doing much research will have at least one. Something the size of an office fridge is about $1,000. But that doesn't store you many vaccines. For many people, it wasn't about getting the things to store them. They already had them. Things had to be moved/cleaned out to make space, but it was possible. But telling places that don't already have them to spend
  3. Most studies I've seen are saying at least 3 months for some people for the Covid specific antibodies (IgM and IgG). And importantly for most everybody the immune memory cells are lasting even longer. https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/immunity-to-sars-cov-2-lasts-at-least-six-months-data-show-68179 https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/12/two-studies-find-covid-19-antibodies-last-8-months As long as you have the memory cells, you should have some protection from a re-infection. That's a situation where you'd potentially be able to get i
  4. Just wanted to add, thought that Clone Wars series was good. Same with Rogue One. Rebles is even very good. The Mandalorian is eh.
  5. It appears to be a mixed bag. There's probably no cases where people have immunity forever, but most people at least of immunity for the length of times the studies have been conducted for Covid-19 (so for at least months). And people that had MERS have some immunity from years ago. Though there are definitely people that have gotten Covid more than once. I don't think anybody's addressed if the 2nd time was less bad. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-52446965 Though the longer the pandemic goes on and the more people that have it as it goes on, the better the chance
  6. The study was based on data from May and June. https://www.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-pr-hs-covid-infection-rate-in-maryland-20201221-gyjxhssoeba65jtcj5lxfrmcfq-story.html?outputType=amp Given the number of daily reported cases has more than doubled since then, it isn't hard to believe we've over doubled the number of people that have immunity. And we're probably even over that. The immunity for many people does seem to be longer term.
  7. I see people don't know what a Space Opera is. The pre-runner to Star Wars on the big screen would be something like Barbarella from 1968, which was a bomb and lost money on its initial release.
  8. Also, probably more than 20% of the US probably already has had it and probably has some immunity. Now, there will be duplication of people that have had it and are vaccinated. Here's a page that estimates reaching herd immunity. https://covid19-projections.com/path-to-herd-immunity/ They're saying the 60% level by early July. And they are probably underestimating the immunity from having gotten at 20%.
  9. The concept at the time was pretty novel and that concept easily covered for a basic story. The idea of brining a space opera to the big screen to a mass audience was a novel ideal. It was something original. When you do that, you can get away a pretty straight forward plot. I don't think its surprising if your depending on the same thing to hook people 30 years later some people that some people are going to be disappointed.
  10. I've been thinking this, but didn't want to post this, but I've thought the same thing. I struggled through watching thinking I was missing something, thinking I'd catch on. There were just things that didn't make any sense. (My 11 year old daughter whose gotten big into some Star Wars and loves the Avengers movies watched an episode or two and said it wasn't any good. I watched all of them keep thinking so many other people loved it, and I just must not be getting it.)
  11. I'm looking for a suggestion. I'm a child of the 1980's and never did much with video games beyond the early Nintendo Mario Brothers. Have an X-box live system. I'm looking for a simple straight forward game to play. Have some of the lego games, etc. but those are too much. Looking for something that could be played like ~30 minutes a week without it being constant well what do we do now? I know some of the old Atari games are out there for X-box, but wouldn't mind something new. Though maybe that would be a reasonable thing to do. Don't want a first person shooter game. An
  12. I'll point out it certainly can be both. It can be, let's do what we can to make as much money, but also lets throw things at the courts to see if we can get some decisions that go our way and let us stay in power. I don't see it as an either or case.
  13. I'll even go a step further. Does anybody actually believe that Trump doesn't win this election if it isn't for the pandemic (and his inept handling of it)?
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