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  1. Why don't these mother****ers go volunteer at their local hospital to see what our health providers are dealing with. You don't need a medical degree to greet visitors, run groups, provide support to patients, wash and change linens, clean rooms. Give the people working there a chance to go home and see their families.
  2. Did the dumb **** who recovered thought about the doctors and nurses who risked their health to save him when he said we should all go back to work.
  3. Well they did vote for Modi and his nationalists.
  4. Yeah let's just write off millions of people so the rich can get richer.
  5. That's the CCP, I agree they ****ed things up. But the citizens of most Asian countries including china actually practice social distancing. No spring breakers at their beaches.
  6. Asian countries actually have people willing to sacrifice for the good of society at large rather than selfish assholes aplenty here.
  7. SkinInsite

    ES Soccer Thread

    I would download real name/competition fixes and a player facepacks since there are licensing issues with some big teams.
  8. SkinInsite

    ES Soccer Thread

    I already won the domestic treble with newly promoted Tranmere, just waiting for Liverpool to offer me the job to succeed Klopp.
  9. Well I'm sure we'll learn a lesson from this just like from 2008.
  10. Maybe the Fox idiots finally realized that all their audience will die off by following their dumbass advice.
  11. I'm going to be stuck at home with two toddlers for two weeks...... It's going to take all my self control not to kill them.
  12. Did reporters ask why Rudy Gobert was being a dumbass for mocking covid-19 safety protocols when he tested positive. What a **** face.
  13. SkinInsite

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    The school officials who called the police needs to be fired, the children are not safe around them.