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  1. Hopefully the only people they will infect are their dumbass parents.
  2. It's pretty amazing that USA is the only wealth country to just say lets just punt the virus since we ****ed up in the beginning.
  3. A very contagious virus and a large group of kids mixing together.... I'm sure this will end well
  4. I look forward to the re re re opening.
  5. Assholes would rather bury their families than admit they are wrong.
  6. It's a simple yes or no question, do you think Trump is a racist.
  7. If you truly believe Trump is not a racist then I don't know what I can discuss with you. Now if believe him to be racist and still voted for him because... We may have somethings to talk about.
  8. Trump supporters are just good honest folk who happen to elect a racist idiot to office.
  9. Not bad as China is not something to hang your hat on.
  10. If he's reelected can I go riot or let's wait 4 more years.