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  1. I agree, the only way I’d be cool with him being released if we went CB first round. Moreau, Dunbar, Stroman and DRC doesnt scare a single OC. Norman probably still doesn’t either but you can count on him to some extent, he still makes plays.
  2. I wanted DRC last year, his interception that kept us out of the playoffs in 16 still haunts me. Not sure how much he has left but could be good depth plus he’s played with Collins. I don’t want to see Norman gone, he’s our best CB. If they can re work is contract great but if not and release him that’s a big void.
  3. max21

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I didn’t think Captain Marvel was all that good, they coulda kept the entire Cap Marvel stuff out of the Avengers IMO. I want to see the Day 1s kill Thanos. Just my opinion. It would be lame if she’s the one who takes him down.
  4. It honestly is pretty crazy how inflated the market has gotten, I remember when Antrel Rolle signed the record deal for a safety with the Giants and it I was like 5 years 40 million or something.
  5. Kuzys first road goal since October
  6. max21

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    Hmmmm, this is very debatable. I find myself wondering WWBTT (What would Bakedtater1 Think)
  7. Clinton Dix sucked something else, won’t miss him at all. I just hope it’s nkt Apke back there with Collins. Hopefully Nicholson is ready
  8. I hope we draft the best receiver available, maybe help Doctson and give him a bit more motivation. Their isn’t any receivers left available I’m that interested in.
  9. I understand that completely, but I like the chances of scoring a Alfred Morris type in the later rounds or UFA for half the price.
  10. Consider me not that stoked, I Love AP who doesn’t but that’s expensive insurance for Guice. I really want to see what Guice can do
  11. Pretty wild about Zach Brown, we all wanted him so bad lol. Super fast LB and it’s crazy how last season ended up for him. Kinda had a thought some off field issues affected his play it seemed like