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  1. I’m almost expecting us to get Mac Jones, I can feel it down in my plums
  2. Another day of work, another day of not being able to watch the Caps afternoon matinee. A win is a win, everyone gets likes today
  3. Nice win, I didn’t watch one second of it
  4. What about just Washington Wolves?
  5. Usually I have Washington football for disappointment, I’m not used to this with the Capitals lol
  6. Beat the F out of them today. Even the refs
  7. Carlson has been terrible, they suck. I’m over afternoon games
  8. Lol, the caps were -146 Can’t buy a goals against them
  9. Destroy them today I’d forgot about Neuvrith, I also remember beating him in a playoff series when he was with Philly. It would be nice to have Grubauer or Varly right now. What is it 12 straight stars now for VV?
  10. I like the idea of Mariota, maybe have a Tannehill like comeback
  11. So funny legit just said that to my girlfriend, ugly as a mf Reirden still looks constipated to me
  12. The defense has been terrible with a pretty deep defensive core. It’s pretty annoying
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