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  1. You really gunna make me get back on the Haskins bandwagon again with these posts smh (jk of course)
  2. Kurl reminds me of DeJon Gomes or OJ Otogwe kinda
  3. Moreland isn’t that good, I said it this summer many types. He has the ball hawking prowess but he lacks in size and strength. He will get picked apart for the remainder of the year, he’s small and nothing more than a finesse type corner. I’d love for him to prove me wrong. Darby has been decent so far IMO
  4. So it’s been a long time since I’ve smoked but lately I have here and there and I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s nice when you’re home and just chilling with friends but I can’t seem to enjoy it being around people I don’t know or being in public. Also if I smoke too much it makes my heart beat like crazy which kind of makes me paranoid, I know that’s a common side effect but it’s hard to relax like that lol.
  5. Minshew is super fun to watch, I think the whole thing with Jax tanking doesn’t make sense to me. They have a good core IMO, even with Fournette, Calais and Ramsey gone. And for whatever reason they seem to get random good receivers in the draft, Chark wasn’t good his first year but that dude is a route running machine now. People love Minshew in Jacksonville Ive been to mayport tons of times for work and they love the dude. I’m no volsmet or SIP but I’ve looked him up the last few days considering I’ve seen him all over draft boards and he is an interesting prospect, his freshman ye
  6. I didn’t even see his sack on Murray, that’s how fast and good he is
  7. Let’s hope not, but they would be stupid not too. Unless they really believe in Jones or he trends upwards this year you couldn’t go wrong with Sewell either. Who knows with Gettleman
  8. Thought for sure bakedtater made this thread
  9. Just watched a bunch of his highlights from Ohio state and he just looked like he played with much more confidence in college and yes I know it’s against big 10 defenses. Some players just make the jump easier than others I guess
  10. I was going to ask what you thought about Fields so I appreciate that, but what about Trey Lance? Haven’t seen him play at all and he seems to be popping up over tons of mock drafts.
  11. Justin fields is going to be a star, I’ve watched a bunch of his games. He has that “it”. He’s basically a taller Murray maybe not a tricky as Kyler but uh yeah he’s good. A lot of people talk about Lance now and I know nothing about him
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