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  1. Brandon Allen what an IDIOT. Back to tank mode lol The giants are so bad, how did we lose to them twice. It’s almost embarrassing
  2. Best 60 I ever spent last night at home drinking and watching SNOOP and that fight card. Nate Robinson still asleep, I was entertained. I hope we see more fights between athletes and youtubers sign me the **** up
  3. There is a UK running back with the last name Smoke. What a cool ass last name hope they draft him
  4. I get kind of confused when I see TEs that play like him, we could just develop a Gandy-Golden type wideout to play TE. Same thing we did with Niles Paul, though Paul didn’t have this skill set
  5. Just watched that play live, dude is good. Looks like a WR to me, he will make any offense better. Doubt he lasts past the top 15. Didn’t realize he was so tall at 6’6”
  6. I think it would be cool if they keep WFT to put the W on one side of the helmet with the number on the other side. I like the numbers but I think it will get kinda boring/stagnant after a while. Just something to break it up
  7. Kinda wish we still had 2018 Swearinger with Kurl back there, he was a good player for us. I have some optimism with Collins and Curl next year, some good options for Safety in FA this year with Hooker, Harris and Simmons. Harris and Simmons will be expensive though
  8. Chase has been good the last 2 weeks, I was one that was suspect of his play earlier you guys can all point and laugh at me now I’ll gladly eat crow
  9. When Rivera says those things I can’t help but think they will retain him for next year and what his future is here? Or he’s just saying nice things
  10. We beat the **** out of those dorks. Gibson is a TRUCK
  11. Jameson and Patron, the big bottles. Pretty new in the scotch/bourbon game, I also enjoyed Woodford Reserve. Didn’t really like Bulleit, almost had to creamy of a taste if that makes sense
  12. I have the next five days off, haven’t had that many days off in I don’t even know how long. Let’s just say I stopped by the ABC store on the way home.
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