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  1. Absolutely no way The Predator is worse than Venom, to each their own but that’s laughable. I usually critic movies harshly but I thought Venom was not a bad movie, I’m surprised it’s gets such negative reviews. Not Hardy’s best movie but I thought it was a decent flick. I did watch the movie Snatch last night, probably one of my favorite movies I’ve seen lately. Funny as hell and a bunch of good actors, could barely understand Brad Pitt at times but he was awesome in it.
  2. The new True Detective seems pretty awesome so far, Mahershala Ali is a great actor.
  3. max21

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Daenerys is by far the hottest for me, maybe she gets so much screen time we take her for granted. Melisandre is also a very attractive woman, with and without her necklace on.
  4. Had to turn the Caps game off before I threw the remote through the TV so I watched the movie Searching. I definitely enjoyed it, different kind of movie where everything is seen through a computer screen. Had some good twists. The guy from Harold and Kumar is in it.
  5. Mid season slump, good time to have one rather when it’s the playoff stretch. Must beat the Isles, they’re playing well.
  6. What happened with Wilson? Fight or just lay a big hit?
  7. Sheesh, maybe a few game slid will wake them up.
  8. max21

    Gameday Thread

    Well atleast all eagles fans can now look forward to the Flyers. LOL SIKE
  9. max21

    Gameday Thread

    Man this is a bummer, this might be the closest Rivers gets before he retires. He seems like a stand up classy guy, hoping he would get a ring. So tired of seeing New England win, not even that I hate Brady or anything it’s just not even exciting or fun to see them win anymore. I wonder what that fan base would do during a bad season, they have no idea.
  10. The end of that movie just sort of killed it for me.
  11. The Witch - No idea what I just watched, don’t waste your time. It’s hard to find good scary movies these days, I’d rather squirt lemon juice in my eyes than watch that again.
  12. I’d be surprised if Marchand takes the fight with Wilson, Chara might step up for him.
  13. Why do you say Jay wants out? Doesn’t seem obvious to me
  14. The end of that game was weird, Wilson scores on an empty net but then Philly challenges the offside. Philly ends up winning the challenge and negates the goal but then gets a penalty for hooking on the same play? Never seen that. Looks like the Bruins are next, we absolutely OWN them. I wonder if Wilson will be looking for Marchand after what he did to Eller in the first game of the season. That could be an entirely mismatched fight though.
  15. I’m cool with never having a Prime Time game ever again, 1 and 4:30 only please lord.