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  1. i want to be excited, and JD does look good. But I cannot get over this feeling of impending doom. I feel like us Commanders fans have developed a 6th sense for these things (or maybe we always pick the under since that has been the correct answer for decades). I just can’t stop the feeling that we pick JD and watch Maye become a perennial pro bowler in 2 years while we are left with a broken QB. Hoping I’m wrong and I’ll cheer for whoever is picked.
  2. Finally! It only makes sense. Hopefully he can get rid of all these linebackers and o-lineman while he’s at it. Who needs em anyways?
  3. Please fire Rivera. Let the janitor coach for all I care. But fire this clown and Del Rio today
  4. This is why when people were trashing Young but hyping up Allen and Payne I didn’t get it. They are good in contract years but average otherwise. Should’ve traded both of them too.
  5. A chip and sensors can DEFINITELY prove if a receiver has possession or not.
  6. If Ron refuses to trade anyone you would hope he would be fired instead. We cannot keep the status quo no matter what. Harris would lose the fan base overnight
  7. Yeah I think we need to be real there. This D is not worth the pieces it’s comprised of. Our D line is not dominant. I will hate that we never saw them live up to their potential but it’s time to move on and invest in other areas of need.
  8. Oh boy here come the conspiracy theorists. Is it that the league is fixed or scripted? Why would the refs need to screw us over if everyone is just following a script anyways. Turns out the call was actually a good one. The ball barely touched the ground. We lost, the Rivera era is over, so hopefully we tank and receive high draft picks to rebuilt our team. At least they went out with some effort.
  9. I would be, but I would get it. Wait all year for these few months. Makes me sick our season is over already. New Year, same ol BS.
  10. Wow so negative in here! We just won a game where we were up by two touchdowns against a team with a winning record ON THE ROAD. If we don’t let up on the gas that probably would have been a full on blowout, but it seems we always play scared when we get the lead. Speaking of, it seems like it’s too much of a coincidence that EB goes so conservative coming from KC. Is it possible that Ron is telling him to go conservative/run out the clock? He definitely didn’t learn that from Andy Reid. I think we win 28-20.
  11. Young has been playing well. We play soft that the quick passes are always there, so no time to get sacks really. But Young has been disruptive and close a few times.
  12. So what the hell is going on with Jahan? Our offense being REALLY good has a lot for him coming out this year and maybe even passing Terry, but at least being a 1B type. He had so much confidence in training camp.
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