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  1. I believe Bruce Allen is the “Punter”. Lombardi always refers to him that way. I think he was a punter at one point - not sure what level of football.
  2. I’m sorry but it’s like that every year. New coach. New culture. “Change”. Same owner. When will it result in continued success on the field?
  3. Exceeded expectations as a rookie. He has proven he can handle the responsibilities of a number one but hopefully the team doesn’t get complacent. Even with Sims and Harmon. With an elite number one on the other side he could be even more dangerous.
  4. His coaching staff, his players, his mess. This game was pretty pathetic, particularly on the defensive side.
  5. I have as little faith in Allen as most other posters on here, but for those of you expecting him to be fired, do you honestly think Snyder would fire someone who has been the mouthpiece for the organization in defending the name? On top of that, they seem to be extremely close friends. The best we can hope for is him getting promoted to some executive position and relinquishing his GM responsibilities in the process. But I don't see that happening for at least another season. We are stuck with him for the foreseeable future.
  6. I'm amazed at how Bruce Allen, relatively speaking, is flying under the radar through all of this. They didn't play horribly today, but the result is another loss and I am still unimpressed with foundation of this team. Morgan Moses did not look very good and the offensive line continues to struggle. You can't go into this season with Polumbus as your starting right tackle and think you have the luxury to draft project lineman like Moses and Long. This is the same guy who primarily retained coaches from last year's staff that had ties to his friend Gruden during the coaching "search". It's pretty clear that Allen has been all in on Gruden since day one. I don't put a lot of blame on Gruden for the current state of the team. He can only work with the players provided to him. But ultimately if he fails, then so does Allen. Yet all anyone seems to be concerned about is our play at quarterback and how our team handles press conferences.
  7. Not sure why anyone had, or still has, confidence in Bruce Allen. His track record in Tampa speaks for itself. The sooner he is replaced by a GM who can consistently bring in talent and add depth to this team, the better we are off. Lauvao, Clark, and Porter have all been terrible signings. He franchised Orakpo, which is questionable at best. The offensive line wasn't addressed properly and many of the players from last year's bad defense were retained. Signing Jackson, who has been great, does not make up for all of the mistakes.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=651Urc97j7I http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-cant-miss-plays/09000d5d805f616d/Divisional-Playoffs-Jacobs-TD-run
  9. From SI.com And they still managed to clinch a playoff spot.
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