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  1. I believe Bruce Allen is the “Punter”. Lombardi always refers to him that way. I think he was a punter at one point - not sure what level of football.
  2. If it makes you feel any better, this team would probably find a way to screw it up if they were in that position anyway .
  3. I’m sorry but it’s like that every year. New coach. New culture. “Change”. Same owner. When will it result in continued success on the field?
  4. If he’s requested a trade, and there are trade partners, and you can get value back then trade him. We’ll never know but if all those conditions are met and they DON’T trade him then nothing has changed. Stop letting emotion and nostalgia influence decisions and start letting the football dictate the moves.
  5. Wouldn’t have mattered if they won this game anyway. They’re just not good enough to do anything this season.
  6. Fuller’s play so far this year makes you wonder why they traded him away in the first place...
  7. Should’ve used that second timeout the play before they did use it. Questionable clock management from the coaching staff.
  8. I seem to recall him playing pretty well versus the Eagles at Philly for the NFC East title, minus that dumb play before the half. First time though. He's managed to do something Bruce and this franchise couldn't do the past 10 years. Only took him two seasons with Minnesota.
  9. @ all the Kirk haters Came up big when it mattered
  10. Pretty sure Doc Walker just said on his show that Eric Schaffer is out.
  11. I think this is a good move. I have not been impressed with the pro personnel side of things.
  12. Sounds like an announcement for a press conference tomorrow
  13. Select group of football people who don’t work for the team. It certainly sounds good, but I would be interested to know who. Example, Joe Theismann could be considered a football guy who doesn’t work for the team but I wouldn’t want him influencing the direction of the franchise.
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