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  1. I seem to recall him playing pretty well versus the Eagles at Philly for the NFC East title, minus that dumb play before the half. First time though. He's managed to do something Bruce and this franchise couldn't do the past 10 years. Only took him two seasons with Minnesota.
  2. @ all the Kirk haters Came up big when it mattered
  3. Pretty sure Doc Walker just said on his show that Eric Schaffer is out.
  4. I think this is a good move. I have not been impressed with the pro personnel side of things.
  5. Sounds like an announcement for a press conference tomorrow
  6. Select group of football people who don’t work for the team. It certainly sounds good, but I would be interested to know who. Example, Joe Theismann could be considered a football guy who doesn’t work for the team but I wouldn’t want him influencing the direction of the franchise.
  7. Exceeded expectations as a rookie. He has proven he can handle the responsibilities of a number one but hopefully the team doesn’t get complacent. Even with Sims and Harmon. With an elite number one on the other side he could be even more dangerous.
  8. Callahan continues to be conservative. Refusing to go for it on 4th downs. The team has nothing to lose. Might as well go for it. Seems like he’s just tying to keep the games close to make a case for the head coaching job next year.
  9. If he is still employed by the team after this season, then Snyder deserves everything that is happening. The empty stadium, the losing. I have zero sympathy for him and this organization. But...but..he wants to win! What a low bar to set.
  10. Tired of a random playoff berth every once in a while, which usually requires a late season hot streak. I want sustained success. Option 1 is more of the same. Who cares about the Cowboys? Garrett is going to get fired anyway.
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