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  1. Who cares if a lot of these people didn't think they were doing anything wrong and that they weren't being violent? They still 100 percent participated in the storming of the Capitol! They must be punished. Every. Single. One.
  2. 2021 makes 2020 look sane so far. And these people are terrorists. They may not see themselves that way, but neither did the guys who crashed planes into the WTC.
  3. These terrorists sure are dumb. But thank God for that.
  4. Fun run. Sign Jesus (Taylor) and Kyle. Both fit the scheme and will cost nothing. Surround them with talent. You can waste years on guys who get drafted high and can’t process info quickly.
  5. Chase is getting held. On the Godwin drop, my god — straight tackled.
  6. It’s on the deep outs and comebacks. Whatever. NFL folks makes things too complicated at times.
  7. TH is aggressive and the Bucs have been preparing for Smith. Hang on D and this could be fun.
  8. All of his supporters period should be detained for at least 48 hours starting today. Especially Tom Brady.
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/2021/01/08/ashli-babbitt-shooting-video-capitol/ Watch this video. These people should do serious time.
  10. Trump self-pardon in 3,2,1... So much blood on his tiny orange hands.
  11. There was a reason Trump Jr was screaming at protestors to stop. They thought this was all fun, theater, that nothing would really happen except them getting more money in their pocket. Fun's over. The Trumps are done.
  12. How the hell does Biden speak before Trump? Cheetoh is scared.
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