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  1. Loser: Chuck Todd’s hair. Winner: Bernie. He does his thing. I think he’s living in fantasyland and knows it, but he’s consistent. I also think Bloomberg came off way better than the pundits are saying. Like he’s above it all. A grown up who laughs at all the nonsense. And he’s taking punches now. They sting but later they will be old news. Mayor Pete is incredibly gifted. The pundits love Warren, but no one likes to get yelled at and lectured to all day long.
  2. This is exactly what Bloomberg should be saying. All this stuff gets more ridiculous every election. The purity tests the GOP laughs at, the media creating a new narrative all the time.
  3. Olsen made no sense to me other than having ties to RR. He has been old and injury prone for years now. It would just be more of what we had.
  4. Guys, Susan Collins is getting more and more concerned by the day!
  5. This again, huh? Going after Amy K because she hurt some snowflakes feelings. Gotta love it! The dems -- and the mainstream/liberal media -- eat their own more and more with every election. The ultimate nominee is damaged beyond repair come general-election time and then the same members of the media asks "how did they lose?" I don't know what the answer is, but it certainly helps the GOP, who certainly never criticize their own to the same degree.
  6. Hooper

    The Impeachment Thread

    Barr always looks like he is holding in a giant fart.
  7. Hooper

    The Impeachment Thread

    We could always vote him out. But most people will just stay home like they always do. Maybe watch some Netflix and chill, then go out and wait in line for a new iPhone so they can tweet how much they hate President Cheeto... but you know, not vote.
  8. The Mayor Pete Orange President debates would be epic.
  9. I have lived in Socal for over 20 years. Love it despite its numerous flaws, and work really keeps me from seriously thinking of moving, but hell yeah every person I know at one point talks about selling their house in LA and using the windfall to buy a house somewhere else that is way bigger and then basically retire with what you have left over. And there are consequences to that. It drives up the property values in other places and makes it harder for people to afford. Also, every city in America slowly becomes Silverlake. You can see it already. Artisanal everything, tatted up chefs in open restaurants... you can't stop what's coming, 'Merica!
  10. Hooper

    The Impeachment Thread

    Props to Mitt. He’s handsome so already probably liked looking in the mirror, but now he can truly enjoy it.
  11. Finally something to steal some votes from Trump's base!
  12. Oh no, he is nasty as hell underneath. If he somehow became the nominee, that big brain would humiliate Trump. Guarantee our commander in chief would lose it, call him the F-Word... and then still probably win.
  13. Look, I'm pretty sure the stable genius is going to be president again, but at least watching Mayor Pete eviscerate him on the debate stage would be fun.
  14. Yeah, just a shame that cause is King Trump. Don’t worry. All of this will be forgotten when the national election is hacked.