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  1. The Rams have no one behind Goff. It's kinda nuts. The fact that KOC doesn't want Haskins is a brutal sign. I think we should simply keep him unless he becomes a major problem in some way. I certainly would rather roll with him over Alex if Kyle got hurt.
  2. No one has hired or is going to hire Riddick -- no matter how thirsty he is for a job. And his take on Haskins is an example of why he shouldn't be running a team. Pretty good on TV though. Real good in fact.
  3. Tough loss for Dallas. Plus they have to deal with Tomsula's farts on the flight back.
  4. Allen does a nice job of avoiding sacks -- goes a long way. And solid on third down. He'll be in the league for a decade.
  5. Jerry working on that second bottle of Johnny Walker no doubt.
  6. Dallas is a disaster, but Kyle Allen has done a great job of avoiding sacks today.
  7. If this keeps up -- huge if cuz WFT -- Nolan might canned this week and MM will officially be on the hot seat.
  8. OMG, I thought Nate Silver was supposed to go away after 2016. But he's bigger than ever and even more annoying. So many caveats. The only good thing about Trump winning would be Nate being a two-time loser.
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