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  1. Hooper

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So true. If it wasn't, he wouldn't be wrestling with this decision -- he would have fired Bruce years ago. But little Danny needs his blankie and is so afraid of going to bed without it.
  2. Hooper

    Next Coach?

    The fact that Snyder is even debating firing Bruce Allen would tell me all I need to know if I was head coach in demand. Stay away. Far, far away.
  3. Cousins wasn’t playing in the same offense. Not even close. Callahan and KOC are just grinding it out for the most part. When Cousins was here, he was throwing on first down a ton.
  4. Hooper

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah, I’m definitely worried we are going to move on from Bruce just to get a future lackey like Louis Riddick. Agree... but I said the same about Vinny. Our owner is great at one thing: finding new ways to sink lower.
  5. I’m rooting for Haskins, but if Joe B is there when we pick, I don’t see how a new coach doesn’t take him. Not sure about the other QBs. Also... Run, run, pass does not help a young QB. Drastically cuts down on easy throws.
  6. Kid is tough and has poise in the pocket. Can’t teach either of those things. Needs to work on almost everything else. Playing in an offense that is incredibly predictable definitely isn’t helping.
  7. Hooper

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Trent ask some obvious questions about Bruce no can ignore and box Snyder in completely. If Snyder wants to keep Bruce, I don't see how he spins it. He might as well just say "he's my blankie", stick his thumb in his mouth and go back into hiding.
  8. Hooper

    Next Coach?

    If Dan fires Bruce, I suspect he will do things backwards as usual. Meaning he won't hire a real GM and let them really pick the coach. You know, what good organizations do. He'll go after a "big-name" head coach and promise them full-control, which almost never works but is probably the only way a "big-name' will even entertain the job. So, you know, Mike McCarthy with full control! Just kill me right now. Or he'll hire another person who has been unable to get another NFL job, hope the fanbase is fooled, and then count on him being another Yes Man who lets Dan play in the sandbox but tells the media he is not. See Cerrato, Bruce Allen. So you know, Louis Riddick.
  9. I love how we found a worse coordinator than Haslett.... TWICE.
  10. Callahan and KOC excel at putting our rookie QB in terrible position. It’s like the anti-McVay.
  11. Kid is 22. He'll grow up like everyone else. I'm just surprised he found an actual fan to take a picture with.
  12. I'll take the arrogant athlete over the super fake guy (Wentz). There's a reason the Eagles players preferred Foles.
  13. Sally Jenkins writing about Haskins is downright priceless. They might as well be different species.
  14. The selfie-thing... whatever. He's a kid. He'll learn from it. His accuracy was all over the place, but he's growing on me. He's way more mobile than I thought and he is ultra competitive. Right now he looks a whole lot like Josh Allen or even Wentz at times in their rookie year. Big dudes who are raw and occasionally flash. I am hoping once he calms down some, the accuracy issues will improve.