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  1. This is all insane. Darkest period in American history in my lifetime and I’m a middle-aged Skins fan.
  2. I don’t get Redwolves at all. Sounds like a made up team from a fake league in a movie about pro football. It’s going to be the Warriors — would be shocked if it’s not. I think it has a nice ring to it. Hard to hate at least.
  3. Hard to see how it happens at this point. Truly incredible we can't deal with this as a country. No football, probably no school, can't even travel because no other country will be letting Americans in. 2020 BLOWS.
  4. This is all so insane. Keep hoping 2020 will somehow get better, knowing that simply won't be the case.
  5. So glad he's no longer a proud Warrior/Redtail!
  6. The death rate is vastly unreported most experts think. At this point I don’t see how they can safely open schools, much less have something like sports. Just the latest embarrassment for our country.
  7. If the season is canceled -- looking like it could happen for sure -- than Snyder could be squeezed financially and in the perfect place for Bezos to make him an offer he can't refuse.
  8. "WEAR A MASK OR THERE WILL BE NO FOOTBALL" should be coming out of every politician's mouth. Might actually make a difference. Unfortunately, I think it's too late. Schools will be closed and there will be no football this year. Thank you for making my life a huge nightmare, 'Murica!
  9. Rivera is definitely earning his money. “Congrats, Ron. I’ll be on my yacht while you deal with Covid, George Floyd, and our name. Make the playoffs or you’re done.”
  10. No turning back. Warriors, Redtails, let's move on and start a new winning tradition while also honoring the old one.