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  1. If you go back and look at the 2012 season, RG3 had a couple great games and some mediocre ones full of a few wow moments. And the league simply had no idea how to defend the read option. His first read was open all the time. I'm sure he would have got better had he stayed healthy, but that's the thing with him -- even before he tore his knee, he took way too many hits and it wasn't the coaching staff's fault. His comments after the game today were classic BTW. Dude hasn't changed. Never his fault.
  2. McSorley just took RG3's job. Damn.
  3. Dude should have acted like he had Covid. Now it's been proven once again he can't play in the NFL. That said, he did get almost a decade run out of it. A survivor and that's no small thing.
  4. At this point, RG3 isn't a clear upgrade over that practice squad receiver the Broncos elevated to QB because of Covid. SAD.
  5. No one seeks out a sack and contact like Bob.
  6. Kyle Shanny and his Dad calling each other and laughing. "And then he said no more read option, I'm a drop back passer like Aaron Rodgers.... LMAO."
  7. This is painful to watch. Dude is lost.
  8. Kyle Shanahan worked miracles in 2012.
  9. Both o-lines are a liability. If Dallas loses another linemen, yikes.
  10. This is treason. These guys are traitors. Dems -- and all rational people -- no matter the party need to step up and let guys like Lindsay Graham there will be consequences. I mean Good Lord.
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