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  1. OMG, Jordan and Kittles. Even if it's just for a few games, wow.
  2. The guys Tyson lost to or barely beat in his later years were basically bouncers. Just insanity. But I agree -- in their prime this would have been something. Now... well I'll still watch!
  3. I don't think Roy will knock Tyson out. But Youtube videos of Tyson looking fierce are whatever. Let's see how he looks after three minutes in the ring. It's like people forget how mediocre he was once he got of prison. Beat a couple average fighters, Seldon clearly took a dive, then got exposed every time he fought someone legit. Then was flat out embarrassing in his later years.
  4. Tyson hasn't been good since Buster took away all fear of him. I know Tyson was out of shape, but Buster beat the crap out of him and Tyson never recovered. The fear of Tyson was gone. The flaws became apparent. If Roy gets out of the first round, he'll frustrate Tyson, who will either quit or do something nuts. He is a tragic tragic figure.
  5. It is so obvious. Last year, it was pathetic.
  6. “I thought her voice was an important voice, but I know nothing about her.” Just end this guy, America.
  7. I so want football. But man, I just don't see how it would work. And there could be some real tragedy involved. The kind we look back at and are ashamed of. Many coaches are high risk, for example. Is Andy Reid going to wear a hazmat suit all season? A guy like him gets Covid and he could easily die. Such a messed up time.
  8. I think the uniforms are awesome and the temp name might be a keeper. Kinda badass. Like we don't need a nickname.
  9. The league needs to step in. It won't happen, but it's the only thing that would give me real hope. Rivera is all class and will do his best, but Washington is where you come to fail and leave with your reputation in tatters.
  10. Snyder has failed spectacularly has an owner. He's never going to truly change. Deep down, he thinks he knows best and will always be like that. The Skins may have a random good year under his ownership, but the next dumpster fire will always be around the corner. At this point, you have to be a fool to expect anything else. I was a fool for a long, long time. So here's to enjoying the random decent year once in a while. That's all you can hope for until Snyder no longer owns the team.
  11. I think our biggest celebrity fan might want to have a conversation with our disgraceful owner.
  12. In the grand scheme of things, this is a nothingburger, I'm afraid. Bunch of sleazy football bros. Not even one allegation of assault. I'm glad the women are getting their stories out, but the build up was insane.
  13. Snyder on the run in international waters. Bezos puts together a dirty dozen like team of ex-Washington greats to bring him back dead or alive. It will almost make the last 25 years worth it.
  14. LAUSD just announced all-online classes. Think the family and I may pack up and live in the mountains for a bit or something. Feel very fortunate that we can work and my kids are young enough where they don't seem to be going too crazy. Know for others it is so much more difficult and a lot of older kids are missing out on what could be the best time of their lives -- high school sports, romances, bullying nerds you will later work for, etc... Seriously, everyone. Wear a damn mask.
  15. This is all insane. Darkest period in American history in my lifetime and I’m a middle-aged Skins fan.
  16. I don’t get Redwolves at all. Sounds like a made up team from a fake league in a movie about pro football. It’s going to be the Warriors — would be shocked if it’s not. I think it has a nice ring to it. Hard to hate at least.