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  1. We do this every year.....blame the oline during the season, the QB after the season, wash rinse repeat. Watch.
  2. Should we change the title of this thread to "Officially no offensive line thread?" Same **** different year. So tired of this.
  3. Agreed, I was referencing the BPA approach. Cooper was a first round prospect in the teens....but I get your point about impact. Unless Cooper turns out to be a shut down corner of course. I personally think it was a mistake, I would like to have l seen Cooper picked 40. But I'm only armchair qualified. Sanstrill and Coleman may turn out to be a great move by AP. I guess questionable **** eats at me after the Rivera era. Time will tell.
  4. My post on curiosity about the Newton selection over Cooper selection was the BPA reaction. Newton was BPA so it made sense to take him. That was the thought of some of the kind people on this forum. I am more of a BPA at need kind of person. CB was a need before DT was, and Cooper was ranked higher than Newton in most all rankings in the country. They are more experienced at this job and I bow to that. But the strategy changed between picks 36 and 40, hence my questioning the picks. With that said....you are 100% correct. Gotta play ball to really get a feel for the picks.
  5. The sad thing is that Cooper was ranked higher than Newton in the ESPN top 200. So we had a chance at a BPA for need at 36. Makes no sense. Sinistril was slated at 75 and Coleman at 105. Hope the FO had the eye of the tiger for talent.
  6. Not sure what the plan was trading out of 40 to then pick a lesser CB and a project possible starter at Tackle or Guard. Made 0 sense to me. Maybe they think Sinistril is better than he was rated. Weird decisions all the way around on day 2. I was not a fan of any of the picks.....have to read up on McCaffrey though. I get the BPA thing but to me it has to at least be on the same continent with some of our needs. Gonna take a couple of years to build and I hope JD survives them with the line we provide him. He may actually have to get real small so the D can't see him when he bails out.
  7. Same conversation we have every year.....gets old.
  8. These were our "needs", Among the needs for the Commanders still to address are offensive tackle, defensive end, cornerback, linebacker, tight end, and even a receiver addition could be in the mix.2 hours ago Are we saying that there wasn't a BPA at any of these positions at pick #36? or did we just say **** he was ranked 20th in the first round and we grabbed him at #36. Is that how that works? Is that the defintion of BPA? If we dont trade Allen or Payne before this season starts that **** is stupid as **** IMHO.
  9. I read that the really good offensive lineman are to be had in the 6th and 7th round. Go Commanders. That is my annual offensive line whiner draft post. I will let the gurus guru from here on out.
  10. Why is it sick to want the best backup we can get? I apologize for not having your perspective on the subject. I will look into that and make corrections.
  11. Absolutely not. My question was why get rid of him in the first place. He would be a great back up for this team. It's about winning if JD does go down. This whole idea of trading him so he could start somewhere else flys in the face of good business.
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