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  1. He took four steps and a full wind up....stop it.
  2. Better get his head to the side or he is going to get a ton of flags......
  3. RB is a need....but selecting a RB at 19 is not my preference at all. Gotta have an Oline for a star running back to be successful. Look at the difference between E. Elliot when his line was below par. Draft LT at 19 unless someone generational falls to us.
  4. Yep.....he has some good speed and great hands.
  5. He did say crazy thoughts.......just sayin.
  6. Yeah....after the "his work ethic sucks" BS stories he is going top 5. We need to trade back and get more picks.
  7. Thanks for the breakdown SIP. I have watched him a couple of times now and if we can get him in the third I would be happy. But I think he goes early second. By the way any idea who #13 was on his team. He caught my eye with some pretty impressive catches. Edit: Simi Fehoko....says he ran a 4.37 40 at hie pro day.
  8. Damn....not a bad throw by Trask.....get them both!
  9. I think Mills will be better than Jones.....if we can land Mills in the third I would be happy.
  10. Odds aren't good Mac makes it to 19.....oh well maybe Mills in the 4th.
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