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  1. But you're vaccinated right? Why stay away if you're vaccinated? Not sure I understand. Not being an asshole....just curious.
  2. On a side note.....weren't Chase and Montez working out together in Miami? Do we think they might have talked about this while they were working out? Do you think Chase said "hey man are you vaccinated"......no. Dude we can't troll tonight! Did you fire the not so smart employee?
  3. All good man.....I'm vaccinated. I believe if Rivera is in any danger he should be home in a safe sterile environment. Life is more important than football right? I mean, flying......grocery stores...... gas stations.....picking kids up at school. Please don't use that **** just at the training facility. If they pose any danger to the team cut them and move on. Dont talk **** about them because they made a choice you don't like and may affect your win loss record.
  4. It's called a high horse.....and they ride it with pride until they are wrong. Then they jump to the next horse and hold up their told you so banner until that one gets burned. But they sound good and people are in awe until they aren't. Do your thing and live your life.....those that disagree with what a certain person believes actually turn out to be irrelevant in the long run. Enjoy the WFT and ignore personal opinions on a matchbox issue. Peace.
  5. Consequences are having to start a practice squad rookie wide receiver at QB in Denver. Might have well just forfeited to prevent injury to 1st string players.
  6. Ok...you win, you have data from the CDC. Peace. Edit. Got a squiggly face so let me clarify....where does the CDC get its data from? What did the Cares Act do for hospitals monetarily if they had a Covid case? What does the head of a hospital do for its shareholders? I am not disputing the vaccine.....I'm disputing your number crunching 10 months into it.
  7. I was on the fence, but due to condition the wife and I got the shot. It was a very tough decision because we had traveled alot and never had an issue and now I was rolling the dice that there might be a problem or reaction to the Vax, and with my condition it may have ended my life. How long have the vaccinations been out? Time will tell if there are any long term affects from the shot, so doing the numbers crunch now is a tad early IMHO. The number of deaths have been way over inflated due the Cares Act and the terms "with" and "from" have now miraculously changed how we count deaths. Reme
  8. How long does it normally take for the FDA to approve a drug? Pre Covid of course.....any idea? I have been Vaxed only because of my heart issue.
  9. There's like one person there.........
  10. Never said he was......let me look and make sure that wasn't part of my response.
  11. Well they sure aren't going to say he wasn't after they got him.
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