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  1. I guess I should rephrase my original post. We better not let him get away under the following conditions. A restricted free agent (RFA) is any NFL veteran [that reaches the end of his contract] with three accrued seasons but not four accrued seasons of service. (Under certain restrictions, any NFL player with three accrued seasons shall be free to negotiate and sign a contract with any other NFL club). this does not apply correct? The RFA has a signing window of roughly one month—typically between early to mid-March, when free agency starts, and mid-April. The signing perio
  2. I have read through the RFA stuff......it may actually mean nothing in his case. It appears all the more reason to get him under contract prior to the March /draft period.
  3. If the play to Sims on the fade route was his second read that is badass......the man who shall not be named could never make that throw on his first read.
  4. Heard a rumor on the McaFee show today that New England may be sniffing around Heinickeee. If this is turns out to be a fact we need to sign him immediately IMHO.
  5. Ben Roethlisberger looks done........and a wee bit chunky.
  6. Agree with post......."it" is here and I was excitedl last night. We have a team build going on that has me anticipating every turn. Culture change is here and I can't wait to be a part of it. HTTWFT
  7. Yet you still managed to get it across didn't you......
  8. He looks like a younger R. Wilson on this play.
  9. I keep seeing its only been 5 quarters of football.......I'm curious as to what a season behind TH would have looked like with a better Oline. He played a great game last night while being pressured all night by what appeared to me to be complex blitz packages. He made quick throws and deep throws and ran at the right time. He also had three or four dropped balls that were crucial IMHO and may have made a difference in this game. Two things I did notice were passes at times were high and behind and he had some deflections......after only five quarters and one week of reps I will take that. I a
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