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  1. tmandoug1

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    I remember the media crushing the FO for the signing. " What organization could do something this terrrible". Guess someone knew something.....
  2. tmandoug1

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

  3. tmandoug1

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Lucke only got sacked 18 times last year I wonder why that is? Maybe a stud like Quinton Nelson will be available in the 1st round.
  4. My ex wife had this exact same type of injury..... She ended up losing her leg below the knee because the infection kept killing the grafts they were transplanting. He is not out of the woods yet, not until the wound heals and the infection is completely gone. I guarantee he never plays another snap, this will be a long process for him and I wish him and his family the best.
  5. Is this the Kirk Cousins Safe Space the admins created? If it is I just wanted to let you know that he lost again and he still sucks. Thanks for the safe space.....
  6. tmandoug1

    The Conspiracy Thread

    It would seem the NFL has figured out how metrics work........ Sad.
  7. The big penalty..... IMHO was the hold on Kerrigan when Cooper went for 90.
  8. Well there is one thing for sure, if safe space was playing we still would have lost.
  9. Cousins pick 6.....lmfao....
  10. Cousins still sucks.....
  11. tmandoug1

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Paxton Lynch... we looked at him before. Maybe he does better in our system. Nevermind.......
  12. Ok, you guys can beat me up but I think I would rather see Vigil than watch Mason Foster from here on out.......
  13. We were interested in Paxton Lynch at one point. Any ideas on his fit in our system?
  14. Why no pass interference.....
  15. Wouldn't colt be using the same game plan? Just making different choices than Alex was. Could be that fact Colt knows the play book better than Alex given his time in the system.