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  1. I have an idea.....let's draft an o-ine next year.
  2. Yeah....we get a shiny new toy every year. OLINE STILL SUCKS....28 years of shiny new toys. Quit complaining.
  3. This game is going down the Dwayno.......sorry....again.
  4. NFC East is getting stomped so far.......a win would be huge this week.
  5. If the season ended today The Skins would be NFC East Champions. Winner!!!
  6. @ConnSKINS26 I agree with you on almost all counts. My issue is with the way he handled himself prior to leaving. Its human nature to shred what shuns you. He has earned this, he got big in the head and let people around him guide what steps he took in life. He went from underdog to loser in a short period of time. I feel bad for him as well, but we all make decisions and now he has to live with it. Could have been a great life story for him. Now let's wait for the rest of the facts.....
  7. Report says he lost 70k in a card game.......this will be interesting.
  8. No way...refuse to believe this story. Now way can he be that ****ing stupid......no ****ing way. Maybe he thought he was actually in Grand Theft Auto 6.
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