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  1. So, if I have this correct. Musk’s X wants to do away with all bots. Musk wants his “bot” to tweet for users? Hmm…how to make sense of this?
  2. Was watching Ari Melber the other night, and he had Cohen’s attorney on. In the interview, the attorney seemed very confident, and insisted that there will be other key witnesses to corroborate Cohen’s version of events, including people present when Trump directed Cohen to make the payment to Daniels through Cohen.
  3. Long n Left


    Easy come, easy go.🤷‍♂️
  4. Long n Left


    Got a dime on Clark at +2800 myself 🤞
  5. Long n Left


    @TradeTheBeal!, hope you put a couple C’s on your boy Bryson.
  6. Little early to be questioning Willard, IMO, as he’s only had one recruiting class, and has one of the best bigs in the country coming in his second class. The Kaiser move smacks of wanting more playing time to me, as well as Lamothe. Lamothe is very athletic, but is a turnover machine, and, by all indications, wasn’t picking things up. Kaiser came in as a shooter, but put up 25% from 3, and was not as athletic as I was expecting from a top HS quarterback. Swanton-Roger wasn’t going to get minutes with Juju staying, Queen coming in, Traore developing, and Pierce getting fit. I am not a fan of the portal, but it is what it is. Willard found Young through it, and Gillespie won’t be Young level good, but is a solid, athletic point. If Willard can find a couple shooters to spread the floor, team should be fine next season.
  7. If it ever comes off, even money that it meets the same demise as its predecessor. 🤞
  8. What is wrong with America right now in a nutshell.
  9. Believe me, I have no argument with you about Leonsis. He is, by all accounts, a rich cheapskate, and asshole. Snyder, however, is on a whole ‘nother level. Unfortunately, we, as Washington sports fans, have had to put up with their garbage for decades. One of them is gone. Now, we can only hope the other is not far behind. Perhaps a coordinated campaign to highlight all of his transgressions could take root in the DMV, and put enough pressure on Leonsis, that he would begin to consider whether this is worth it?
  10. I was with ya, up until here. Nobody is worse than Snyder…except, maybe, a certain orange wannabe dictator.
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