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  1. No John, obviously you don’t (get the idea).
  2. Unfortunately, I agree with you. It’s why I’ve taught my daughters that hate and fear are not an ideological platform, but love, unity, and diversity are.
  3. Unless you’re a person of color driving home one night, when a couple white police officers decide to pull you over because you didn’t signal your lane change, even though there’s not another car around.
  4. Sugar daddy websites? What is, “a loophole for legal prostitution, Ken.”
  5. Long n Left


    Got the Sim Max last year. Best driver I’ve ever had. Period. Much longer convalescence than anticipated after my meniscus tear surgery, then a horrible sinus infection, has delayed my golf for some time. Just started hitting balls a few days ago, and the knee is holding up. Couple more weeks, reckon I’ll be out there daily, as usual.
  6. ^^ Absolutely damning testimony from this pulmonology expert. Not one rationally thinking person can hear this, and not find Chauvin guilty.
  7. I’ve made it through the first three. I kept waiting for the documentor to ask the Q couple, that I’m assuming moved from NY, if they had any fear that their son, when he becomes able to disseminate information, and make decisions for himself, is going to come to the realization that, “my parents are crazy?”
  8. Bravo to the guy for standing up. That’s a bit too close for comfort AA police station is less than 2 miles from my daughter’s (a UM student) apartment. Unfortunately, AA is always a target, as it’s the furthest left leaning city in Michigan, not named Detroit.
  9. Nope. Time to develop that young talent...oh wait...Scott Brooks is still coach... nevermind
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