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  1. Trump: “I lie. I am king. You will lie for me.”
  2. Long n Left

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Or any people of color. Old white dudes (which I am), this is what leads this country, per the Grand?? Old!! Party. Easy to understand where so much ridiculous policy comes from these days. A woefully inadequate cross section of our country. Old, male, white. Boggles my mind how anyone of color, or any woman, could vote for this **** to continue. Also, Nikki Haley is the female Lindsay Graham. When I move to SC soon, gonna work hard get those two out of any office of power.
  3. I appreciate the work most of these people are doing more than I can properly express, but a couple days ago I was in my local Food Lion, where a number of the workers did not have masks on. One of the unmasked workers walked within inches of me as I was self checking out. I gave her a “that ain’t six feet,” that was summarily ignored. It’s this willful ignorance that is going to lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths nationally, I believe. And, possibly, the next civil war, as it seems to be the battle cry for today’s gop.
  4. Which, IMO, is bat **** crazy. Will we (as a nation) ever learn?
  5. No need to be a smart ass. I said that I know it is illegal in Charlotte. They have metal detectors at government center, and the court buildings. I had guessed that would be the case in any other state capital, or larger urban area, but I stand corrected. Boggles the mind to think that is allowable in this day and time. Larger point I was making is that had they been a large group of all black people carrying those weapons and wearing tactical gear, I’m pretty sure the law enforcement reaction would have been different. I know the exec administration, and fox/gop reaction would have.
  6. Long n Left

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    HUGE get by Locks. Steals him out from under some big time programs.
  7. I’m sure there is a no weapons law in state houses and any other government building, there are here in Charlotte. Every one of those people armed in that building are breaking the law, and our law enforcement should act accordingly. As was stated, if they were black, you can bet some **** would hit the fan.
  8. Rhetorical, I assume??
  9. I’ll add an anecdote. I live in Charlotte, and a good friend of mine met Ron Rivera on day one here, as Rivera’s clothes didn’t make the trip, and he was forced to run by Men’s Warehouse to get a suit for his press conference. My friend does lots of business there, and happened to be there when Ron came in. They began chatting, my friend telling Ron that he was a big Skins fan, and what Ron thought about what he was inheriting in Carolina. Ron said, “I need soldiers. There’s always plenty of Lieutenants, what I need are soldiers.” He went on to say that he needed guys that would do what is asked of them, regardless, and he’d weed out the remainder. Sounds a lot like what just took place in free agency here. Ron is going to instill his culture through the soldiers that he brings in, and he’ll find out who already on the roster is worth keeping. He plays the long game.
  10. I went to school on the eastern shore, seems par for the course to me.
  11. So ****ing sad. One of the all-time great American songwriters/performers.
  12. The doctor who was supposed to scope my knee (meniscus tear) on Mar 18 tested positive on the 16th. Have not gotten updates on how he is fairing. I was supposed to have a pre-op with him the 17th, and was going to go, but tell him that I’d rather wait on the surgery until this pandemic gets under control. Also, my daughter returned to Ann Arbor, where she is a Sophomore, from Madrid on 3-15. She went there on spring break to visit her boyfriend, who was doing a semester abroad. She has shown no symptoms, and could not get tested because of that, even though she came from a major hot spot. Her boyfriend got out two days later, showed symptoms a day after returning, but was refused testing (Philly area), because his symptoms were not drastic enough. Felt much better after about three days. He is back in AA. His roommate in Madrid tested positive two days after he left.
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of: “How can I make money off this...hmmm, is a Big Mac tastier than a Whopper?...I really like Fruit Loops...”
  14. Because USA has an inordinate amount of idiot asshats? Just surmising. Beat me to it Purbeast
  15. Do you put as much hard work into your business as you do at being obtuse? Asking for a friend.