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  1. Good game here US v Jamaica Gold Cup quarterfinal. US finally gets the 83rd minute goal from Matthew Hoppe, who has been really active in his first senior team action. Big game from Kellyn Acosta, who has absolutely run the midfield for the US. Nice to see from a guy who was supposed to be one of the young studs 5 years ago, then fell off the radar. Played well in the Nation’s Cup championship run, and has been the best player for the US in this Gold Cup. Some good, young talent on this “B” team, headed by Hoppe, Daryl Dike, and Gianluca Busio. Think those three, and Miles
  2. Quick note: I babysat Tom Dolan many years ago when I grew up in Arlington. Was a proud day when I watched him win gold in Rome in the 400IM with my newborn in my arms. He repeated the feat again 4 years later. Lives with his wife (Spanish swimmer) and kids in NoVa.
  3. After reading that tripe, I hope the R&A never hold another Open Championship at Turnberry, as long as Trump, or the Trump Org have anything to do with it. Even though the Ailsa course is in the top 3 courses I’ve ever played. That is complete and utter egotistical disrespect to the birthplace of the game I love. As if he couldn’t be a bigger asshole.
  4. I say this AS an old, white man: I firmly agree with you. The question is why? Some years ago, in a Sunday School class, my friend’s father was visiting, and joined us. He was a professor at Salisbury University at the time, my alma mater (nee Salisbury State College, to show how old I am), and he remarked that: “I hit the lottery when I was born who I was.” That statement has stayed with me, close in my consciousness, since that day. I think that many old, white men are pains in the ass, or feel “persecuted” is because they HAVE had every break in life, and when things d
  5. I love him as our captain, but Jordan Henderson has a terrible penalty record. In fact, he has only netted one in his entire career. He would probably be no better than tenth in line to take one for Liverpool. I understand what Southgate was doing, but using kids, and Rashford, who has had some penalty issues in the recent past, rather than Grealish or Sterling, heck even Phillips or Shaw, was startling.
  6. Really soft penalty, and Kane got lucky, as that was a terrible take, but England dominated play last 45 minutes. Well deserved, should be a cracking final!
  7. Can’t agree with that at all. Spain, Busquets and Pedri, absolutely ran the midfield the entire match. OYazabal missed two sitters, Olmo squandered a few chances, and Morata was Morata, except for one fleeting moment. If Spain had finishers, ala Torres, they’d have been up 2 or 3 before Chiesa’s goal. Only chances Italy manufactured were offside. Numbers don’t lie. Shots 16-7, crosses 13-1, corners 6-1. Spain has nobody that can consistently put the ball between the pipes now. Other than that, they were dominant yesterday, and throughout the tournament.
  8. Big mistake by Wiggins, imo. He said he wanted 1st round assurances, but he will be lucky to get drafted at all. Had a good G league camp, but mediocre pre draft camp. Had he returned, the Terps would have been a big time contender for a tournament run. And, had he played the entire season as he did the second half last season, and showed a leadership role, stepping up for Morsell, I believe he would have had a solid chance of getting that 1st round payday. I wish him well, just think he got bad info, and/or made a poor choice.
  9. I think it may be “watched” too much. Not sure their reading skills could get them through a 500+ page book.
  10. Euros, Copa America, Gold Cup, plenty of footy to get ya through!
  11. No way that was straight red for me. Hard tackle, but studs down, did get ball, and caught other player with trailing leg. Can’t say I’m surprised a PL ref makes that crap call.
  12. Konrad another young US talent. Gini wanted one last big payday. LFC made what they considered a fair bid, but Gini wanted more. Can’t begrudge him, taking care of his family. PSG can pay him much higher wages, so fair play. As a Dutch descendant, and Liverpool supporter, I’m sad to see him go, he will always be a legend. I wish him nothing but the best.
  13. Let me reiterate. The USMNT now is made up of youngsters. To try and compare them with teams who are littered with veterans is a false equivalency. The average age of the Swedish team was over 29. I don’t know the exact average age of the squads Berhalter has run out these past two breaks, including the one that just beat Mexico in a championship match, but my guess would be around 22. Also, almost every one of these young players is plying their trade in Europe, most in the top 5 leagues. The USA isn’t ready to compete near the top of the world stage just yet, but let these kids
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