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  1. Garth Brooks a let down after hearing that nurse sing Amazing Grace yesterday
  2. I don’t mind saying that I cried listening to that nurse sing “Amazing Grace.” Dear God, please help heal this country.
  3. No, but I think it’s a wonderful indictment of the tangerine toddler tyrant.
  4. If only we could get Colin Kapernick to sing the National Anthem in the late game, on one knee.
  5. W just pulled the handle. Trump, and his enablers are the turds swirling down the bowl.
  6. TBJ without an appearance? You wanna talk busted draft picks? What can you get for him? A ham sandwich? I’m hungry!
  7. Nobody beating Bama this year. Defense not up to their usual standards, but that offense was unstoppable. And, to think, they didn’t even have Waddle most of the year, and he’s on par with Smith, even faster, I’m told. Bama has an embarrassment of riches. Losing a lot on offense for next year, but they’re 2-3 deep with 4 star+ players, so they’ll be back. Might be a year for someone else to sneak in, but likely be Tide, Tigers, Sooners, and Buckeyes, or at least three of those four. Was impressed with the things Sarkasian did on offense. He moved players all over the field, and OSU
  8. I’m not a psychologist, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn. I think many compulsive liars begin saying things they know to be false, but continual assertion of its validity makes the lie become part of them, to the point that they must believe it to be true. They, compulsive liars like Trump, are true sociopaths.
  9. Frightening, but not surprising. Fringe right-wing groups have been pushing members/prospective members to join the ranks of the military, and local and federal law enforcement, as well as local and federal legislations, for years. Gonna take time and effort to weed them out, but, if this new administration designates many as terrorist organizations, it will begin in earnest.
  10. Great job by the entire team. No Ayala, no problem. Hart, Wiggins, Scott, Morsell all with great games on both ends of the floor. Smith fought all night with the behemoth ****burn, and did okay. Chol gave them some good minutes, and hit his first career three. Without Ayala, the ball moved much more quickly on offense, as did the the guys without the ball. Wasn’t all that 4 guys standing around the perimeter, and one trying to get inside position. Two big road wins now, against two ranked teams. Not gonna get any easier in the B1G, but another superb win fueled by heart
  11. Man, some of you are harsh. Kid just turned 20. Has moved to a different country in just a couple months. He’s played 10 games in his career, and is averaging almost 11 per game, even though he plays with two of the biggest shot stealers in the league. I think the kid has a long future in this league, and was an excellent choice. Superstar? Maybe not, but certainly a major building block should Ted ever get his head out of his ass, and rebuild.
  12. But wait, Barry says he sucks and we should ride him outta town?!?
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