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  1. Does anyone with half a brain see Breitbart News, and not immediately think, “right wing propaganda”?
  2. But, let’s open everything in Florida up. Mask wearing is a choice. Kids need to be in school to learn. I’ll be sitting here in my insular bubble, testing everyone who gets within 10 feet of me, watching. -Ron DeSantis I don’t think there’s anything even Jumbo could think of that I wouldn’t like to see done to this asshole.
  3. It’s easy to laugh at whack jobs like Deanna Lorraine, but the fact that people of her mindset are winning nominations to be elected officials is ****ing scary!
  4. I would say that there’s nothing new you or I, with political awareness, know, but there’s plenty of people out there who are unaware, and don’t, or rarely follow politics. The sound bite segment of the population. Stuff,like this article, needs to be shouted from rooftops, over and over.
  5. I would say that every American needs to read the above article, but 40% of them would put it down less than halfway through, and say, “Fake news.” I am with Bang on this, best be ready!
  6. Spiffy keen?? I’m probably one of 4 or 5 here old enough to actually knows what that means, and has used it conversationally.
  7. As to the above tweet about USA bedrock youngsters, I would also add Sargent, and Weah. If they can find a LB, and CB’s among a very promising group of young players, the US could make a little noise in 2022, and be a talked about side in 2026. The caveat is injuries (as always), and Berhalter (or a hopefully more qualified manager) needs to select and play these youngsters together in national caps, in order to get them to gel. Bradley, Altidore, Zardes, and the like should be nowhere near these kids and this team.
  8. He chose the US over his native born Holland, because, word is, Ki Jana Hoever is tipped to be the Oranje RB, taking over from Dumfries, in the very near future. I do like Dest, think he has talent, but he’s got a way to go to be a solid all around RB. Training in one of those two sides will help immensely.
  9. Was watching a legal pundit on MSNBC last night (can’t recall his name) who floated the idea of increasing the SC dramatically. His argument was, that there are large judicial pools in circuits, 50-100, why should there not be in the largest court in the land? He said, why not 50 SC justices? Then decisions would be rendered by a randomly selected group of 3 judges, and it would cut down on suits brought before the court, because you’d have no idea which justices would be hearing the case. The case would stand on its merits. Agreed with most everything he said, though, I’d
  10. Why is the media not hammering him with this constantly? He made the statement, he should have to come up with a reasonable explanation for NOT doing what he said...oh wait, it’s Lindsay Graham we're talking about...
  11. Make this go viral! 2016, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas): “It has been 80 years since a Supreme Court vacancy was nominated and confirmed in an election year. There is a long tradition that you don’t do this in an election year.” 2018, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.): “If an opening comes in the last year of President Trump’s term, and the primary process has started, we’ll wait to the next election.” 2016, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.): “I don’t think we should be moving on a nominee in the last year of this president’s term - I would say that if it was a Republican president.” 2016, S
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