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  1. Yohan

    The Forthcoming Recession

    When you say this, is that the increase in the Rebates i have noticed this past month? I have been looking possibly purchase a new vehicle, and have be looking and testing for about 3 or so weeks, and seen rebates rise over this time...especially Nissan.
  2. Yohan

    Subscription services that are worth it

    Have Amazon Prime, but i often decline the 2 day delivery option and take the digital money they offer (I don't generally need stuff that fast). Netflix, but currently on the edge of cancelling it (I keep it for my daughter, to save her a few bucks). Dollar Shave Club, but my baby face takes forever for anything to grow, so I get blades ever 3rd month. Thinking about the new Disney service when it is available.
  3. There were back to back episodes I felt were pretty weak this season, but it came back around. There is one more episode next week.
  4. Yohan

    2019 College Football Thread

    I see that Wisconsin cracked the projected top 25, with only Jonathan Taylor and no QB or D. Makes no sense to me. (I will be at the Wisconsin/Michigan State game in Madison this year).
  5. RIP...The Blood of Heroes, for some reason, is a must watch for me when its on.
  6. Raechal Martin, the athletic trainer and Heather Mydosh, the English teacher are the MVPs.
  7. Yohan

    Most Iconic Photo Representing America

    Baseball and apple pie...not a baseball fan, so I have to go with apple pie.
  8. Yeah, I kept collecting them. The last 2 issues were pretty good, a little disappointed in what went down and how it went down. Probably a good spot to end it, and surprised it didn't get pushed to issue 200.
  9. I know this is a show related thread, but the Walking Dead comics had a nice twist in issue 191 and 192, and the comics are set to end at issue 193.
  10. Yohan

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Just admit your had to look Karsi up, because you had no clue who that was.
  11. Yohan

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    The director also wanted to have a dead Hodor and Karsi (The hot wildling lady from Hardhome) battling in Winterfel.
  12. There is 5 out now. First week they came out with 3.
  13. It's really good. I don't mind the week wait in between. While watching this week, I realized Rita (Waterford's Martha) is Pastor Nina from Kim's Convenience (thank you for that recommendation.)
  14. PRESENT: Dems: Nadler, Cohen, Raskin, Dean, Scanlon, S. Jackson Lee, Escobar Repubs: Johnson, Cline NOT PRESENT: @ericswalwell (D) @RepSylviaGarcia (D) @repLouieGohmert (R) @Jim_Jordan (R) @GReschenthaler (R) @RepArmstrongND (R)
  15. It’s a piece written by Fairstein (Felicity Hoffman character) “trying” to clear her name.