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  1. Karen Gillan is going to play Mara Jade. Rumor is Brie Larson doesn't play well with others and Filoni and Favreau weren't having any of that.
  2. The Bucks Flu is strong this morning. It felt like holiday traffic this morning. I may have to try to sneak out of work tomorrow to check out the parade.
  3. They are expecting 65,000 in the Deer District. The streets around the Fiserv have been closed since noon.
  4. Him and his First Take crew called Milwaukee a “terrible city”, so no one really wants him/them here at all. Then when pressed by a local news caster on why Milwaukee is terrible, his response was “It’s cold there”. I’m not an NBA fan, but the finals are alway June/July, when it’s 80/90 degrees here.
  5. I hope it’s not to cold for him.
  6. They just started filming the untitled Bosch Private Investigator series. Bosch, Maddie, and Honey.
  7. So, does this mean Stephen A Smith is coming here to Milwaukee?
  8. Got my second shot of Pfizer this morning. Have a sudden craving for Cool Ranch Doritos, so I assume that’s the chip I got in my shot?Went mountain biking a few hours later. Still feel great, we will see what tomorrow brings.
  9. Jurassic Park, Avatar and Star Trek. Thought about Back to the Future, but that might include Rick and Morty, so I pulled it.
  10. I am scheduled to get my first shot tomorrow (not sure which one yet). I also had the covid in October and was curious to how I may feel after receiving what might be the J&J shot. Thanks for this info. My wife is still on the NO GO list per doctors orders as she suffered through anaphylaxis after the birth of our 2 kids.
  11. We had had two lake effect systems hit us yesterday, one coming down from Canada and one from the East off Lake Michigan. Dumped around 17”, making the total around 40” over the past three weeks. when it hasn’t been snowing, it’s been single digits, and into the negatives. The snow mounds are taller then my mail box. I’m not the biggest fan of the snow, but I do enjoy snowmobiling and riding the Fat Bike in this stuff. I did grill ribeyes this evening as well. I do not know how much snow you peeps are getting, but make sure your furnace vent tubes (PVC pipes coming out of your hou
  12. Hank Aaron was a strong fixture in Milwaukee baseball. When he would come to Milwaukee, he would give time, a lot of time to kids. I had a chance to meet him in the early 80s. Great guy, he will be missed. RIP Sir.
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