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  1. I’m a cyclist and my normal Saturday route is to hit the Racine Lakefront, head south through the Kenosha Lakefront and continue into Illinois and back. The seeing of the burned out buildings and cars in person was unbelievable, as I tried to picture what it looked like before, the burnt smell was strong. Many of the boarded up places are allowing people to draw, paint, graffiti positive pictures/sayings. I was going to take some pictures as people were doing this, but then I felt funny for doing so, and I didn’t. On my way back, I always stop at a mom n pop store to refill waters and get some
  2. There was a Kenosha officer that was shot in daylight, survived, while investigating a car break in 2 weeks before the Jacob Blake shooting. Just wonder how much that plays a role in the officer being on edge. (Suspect was caught 4 days later in Indiana) I am not trying to make excuses, and one incident doesn't have anything to do with the other.
  3. https://www.fox6now.com/news/aclu-calls-for-immediate-resignation-of-kenosha-police-chief-sheriff-after-blake-shooting ACLU is going after both the Kenosha Police Chief and Kenosha Sheriff. There is a post about the sheriff's comments in an earlier post, but the Police Chief basically blamed the victims for being out past the 8PM curfew.
  4. It 20 miles, but I agree with you on all this, as well as negligence on the police officers/sheriffs who let him walk around.
  5. Up until I seen some of the videos, I didn't realize WI was an open carry state, and I have been here my whole life. You do have to be 18 and when I first seen the photos, dude looked 15. Either way, being able to walk around with an AR15 during a volatile situation, should not be allowed.
  6. What a tragedy. The kids had to witness that crap too. Kenosha is just a few miles to the south of me.
  7. I have been slowly over the past few years not wearing gear that had the logo or Redskins, because I got tired of comments or being questioned about it. I still wear the Script R hats that I have, here, most don't associate that with the Redskins, and I do once in a while get asked what the R stands for...though I always figured the colors would give it away. Once more hats come out that I prefer at the pro shop (I ordered some shirts, but I have to wait until Sept 22), the Script R hats will probably go away for me as well.
  8. I have a bunch of fitted Script R caps that I will keep wearing. I don't have any other gear. I never cared for how jerseys felt, so I never got into that. I plan on purchasing new fitted caps for the new name.
  9. They should get in touch with Green Bay and see how they do it. Their field turf/grass hybrid always seems so plush.
  10. I agree, a functional franchise does wonders. As a kid, thinking the late 70s and through the 80s, most people in my area SE Wisconsin, were Bears fan, I’m closer to Chicago then Green Bay. Most people I knew, liked other teams besides the Packers. A good chunk of NW Wisconsin we’re Vikings fans. The Packers were in a similar position that Washington is in, except I think Washington is in a worse spot. That changed with the right GM, coach and QB who needed a chance (Favre) and once the Packers started winning (25 years worth) and changed franchise attitude, it’s more rare for someone like me
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