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  1. Yohan

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Is kodi stable again? Morpheus has better luck on links and such lately.
  2. Yohan

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    There are a million people in Kings Landing (I believe Tyrion mentioned that last season). It helps by eliminating 1 million potential soldiers for the Night King.
  3. Yohan

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Thor's first movie was a year before the first Avengers movie. The Mjolnir made an appearance at the end of Ironman, the same way Captain Marvel's logo was on Nick Fury's beeper at the end of Avengers Infinity War.
  4. Yohan

    Podcast Recommendations

    Didn’t know Theo had a podcast, he always cracks me up when he is on JRE. I will check it out.
  5. If you have haven't already, you should check out the Joe Rogan Podcast with Andrew Yang regarding this topic.
  6. Yohan

    Cutting the Cable cord

    That is where I am at as well, I have uverse tv and internet (ATT been trying to get me switch over to Direct TV for years). I just keep the lowest costing package available. ATT almost had me convinced once to switch over to the direct tv now, which would have cancelled my bundle, would use bandwidth and the cost of my internet would have gone up.
  7. If you haven't seen Happy! on Netflix, you may like that one. It's only 8 episodes, but season 2 comes out in March.
  8. I really enjoyed the show, especially the quirks that each character "hero" has. Klaus, the Junkie, was the best, and Mary J Blige, freaking rocked it. I kept skipping this one, until I read your take. Pretty funny, the opening scene of episode one may have been enough to hook me. I honestly didn't recognize Gillian Anderson at first (blonde hair), but damn, she is smokin.
  9. Yohan

    Fox6: Trump Remarks At Foxconn Groundbreaking

    Foxconn hasn't received 4.5 billion in breaks and gifts. Foxconn has to meet certain hiring thresholds and building investments to do so. Foxconn missed their 2018 hiring threshold, and didn't receive the incentive. (It sad to see the nice chunk of farmland and wooded area is a giant mud hole now.)
  10. For those that watch Big Mouth, they are doing a Valentines episode Friday, February 8 on Netflix. I was thinking of watching this, maybe not.
  11. Yohan

    Fox6: Trump Remarks At Foxconn Groundbreaking

    So the Reuters story has been heavily updated since its original source story. It now mentions that Foxconn still plans on hiring 13000 as intended (I have doubts on what this means, as it probably includes the construction jobs to build this) and Foxconn still plans on their $10Billion investment in WI. This was information available yesterday, but somehow left off. The story also fails to note that the first phase is still happening (underway) a $300 Million investment, plus $100 Million to the UW system. The story also fails to note that the Tax Credit or Incentive for Foxconn is based on meeting hiring requirements, which Foxconn failed to meet in 2018 (they were supposed to hire 260, but only hired 178.) My point is, if you are given a set of facts, you should probably include all of them, not pick and choose.
  12. Yohan

    Fox6: Trump Remarks At Foxconn Groundbreaking

    The sad news is the State Republicans are blaming new Governor Evers for what ever is taking place with Foxconn. I think I need to look into that Canada thread.
  13. Yohan

    Fox6: Trump Remarks At Foxconn Groundbreaking

    Though, I was never fully on board with the Foxconn deal, and have doubts about the jobs numbers. I am hearing rumblings that Rueters has done a piss poor job of investigating this and that there is a lot more to the story, then what is there...clicks I guess.