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  1. I seem to recall Ron saying in an interview during superbowl week that he gave the staff off until today (Monday) and would delve into full fledged evals this week. Doubt they are ready to make any commitments just yet.
  2. Not so sure its the actual "contact" that gets Guice in trouble, it just seems to me that he tends to fall awkwardly.... gets his legs in awkward positions as he falls?
  3. Chris 44

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm thinking Brandon Sherff listed at 9 is going to be very tempting for some other teams who may be in need for a guard.
  4. Junkies reporting that Rivera will be interviewing Scott Turner (Norv's son) for the OC position in addition to KOC. Sorry, should have put it in the OC thread.
  5. Love to know if it was minor, scar tissue etc.. excited to see what he has to offer.
  6. What was Love's setback?
  7. Chris 44

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    KO has to be really stoked about the opportunity. To have Rivera immediately hire a D coordinator from outside yet want to consider KO for the O coordinator with all the options Rivera has must speak volumes to KO.
  8. Chris 44

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I like the fact that KO has to interview for the position. I also appreciate the fact that Rivera sees the benefits that continuity between KO and Haskins may be very important going forward. Makes perfect sense.
  9. I'm very interested to see what a new defensive scheme can do for the players already on this defense. Especially the D Line, specifically Kerrigan and Sweat on the edge.
  10. Thank you, very interesting read. Seems a lot more more went into the decision than just replacing the "head coach". Sounds like Tepper wanted to dig deeper into the organization in order to mold it a he sees fit...Rivera was too ingrained for that to happen as Tepper would envision. Tepper seems to have a lot of respect for Rivera. Again, nice read.
  11. Can only hope it turns out as well for us as it seems to have for the Chiefs.
  12. Can anyone elaborate on why Rivera was let go by Carolina. I understand Cam been injured, team under performing etc. but was it more of a "time to try something different" on the part of Carolina or perhaps not seeing eye to eye with the front office and personnel decisions. Anyone have any insight?
  13. Most points Dallas has ever scored against Wasington.
  14. Feels like the Dallas players want to get rid of Garrett as quickly as possible. Lol
  15. Josh Norman didn't even make the trip to Dallas per Finley. I understand he hasn't been good, but I wonder what has gone on behind the scenes. Seems like there almost has to be more to the story.