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  1. Yeah I guess it would depend on the GM/Coach who makes the decision informing both parties of why he went in one direction or the other to kind of smooth things out "appreciate both inputs but in this case my gut is telling me this". Then depending on Cap guy and Personnel guys relationship/egos how that dynamic plays out? I don't know, I'm sure its probably more complicated than that.
  2. Always wondered how that plays out...personnel guy says "I want player X", Cap guy responds "cant afford player X but I can get you player Y". Decision then gets made at the next level possibly leaving Personnel and Cap at odds over the decision?
  3. Interviewing 15 candidates is insane. After 5 or 6 it becomes tedious and very draining on the interviewers. Maybe they have a system that whittles things down but I couldn't imagine doing that many interviews and then adding second interviews into the mix.
  4. LOL. Which ONE are you talking about? looks like at least 2 possibly 3 in that shot alone! Lol
  5. I would really love to know how the "league" and "inside the organization" actually view Heinike. I get the small frame and durability concerns, possibly less than elite arm strength...beyond those are there other concerns people have (did I answer my own question)? Believe me, I get the concerns above and I also would not want to put all my eggs in one basket and rely on him going into training camp. However the dude can play, he ran the offense on very short notice, showed he can put up numbers against a very good defense all without much support from the running game. Full preseason,
  6. How much of the route tree is due to the system and routes given for him to run as opposed to him not running those particular routes? Can this be taught if a WR has the basic skill set of speed/separation, good hands, etc.? Wondering if those things all are taken into account by the scouts and if there is a semi definitive line drawn.
  7. Not heard much on how Allen is doing coming back from the injury. If the team is not sure on when he will be 100% healthy this will have an effect on the overall QB direction. Just food for thought.
  8. Pretty sure social award means this. But then again I'm not exactly up to date on social media stuff. imrs.webp Was supposed to be a pic of the Hogs in tuxedos. Not good at computers either i guess.
  9. That's where Im at..at least Ron sees it and is acknowledging Smith has limitations. Ron is loyal to Smith and is sticking with him after everything he has accomplished. Just as was said previously, Heinike will provide a spark at times and make the defense adjust to two different QB's. Im all in!
  10. I think Washington stands are really good chance of winning if we just score more points than the Bucs.
  11. In addition to what you said i fully belive that this team is for the first time in a long time a team that will attract free agents. I also feel that a full off-season, after having a year to evaluate the current roster, is also going to be huge.
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