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  1. Pretty bummed to see Kyle Smith walk just so Rivera can hire his old friends. Has Mcvay and LaFleur written all over it
  2. What on earth was Kuznetsov doing dumping it in on a 5-3? Makes zero sense to me, Oshies hit was also legal but unnecessary which led to another goal. We gift wrapped them 2 goals and another win after dominating the first period. It’s always annoying to lose to the Penguins but getting a point in each game helps. Usually we start off hot and almost peak too early but it’s an older team with little time to gel in the offseason. We will be fine. Our downfall may very well be goaltending
  3. They deserve to lose, hope Lavy lights them up in the intermission
  4. Top line Tommy, you just love to see it
  5. I read the book about the Iceman, pretty nuts. Worth the read if you have time, never saw the movie I’ll have to check it out.
  6. Well not only do I have Covid my Xbox of almost 10 years decided to die today during a ridiculous amount of COD hours in the last few days. Pay F for respect
  7. Well it finally got to me, I have COVID and the flu. Didn’t even think that was possible
  8. Atleast now I know the mods can never ban me, I have potential to get the playbook
  9. Super cool/quiet humble dude, he dated my girlfriends best friend while he was on the Vikings. Easy guy to root for, I texted him after the Panthers game and was honestly ecstatic he texted me back given the fact I haven’t talked to him in 2 years. Such a fanboy . Let’s go Taylor!!!!!!! We all rooting for you
  10. Bro, a dude I know is starting a playoff game for my favorite team ever. I am a celebrity now
  11. I didn’t see much in Ridder that impressed me, his bowl game had some ups and downs. Probably good he’s going back to school, I’m trying to not get fooled by these second tier quarterbacks that start to pop up during the draft lol. I watched as much on Lance as I could, his mobility and big frame and accuracy is all great. Doubt he falls to us
  12. I actually think I got stupider watching the second half of that game, they pulled Hurts for SUDFELD, that being said **** the giants
  13. **** the Giants, bunch of idiots if you ask me
  14. The fact that the Giants beat us twice but didn’t make the playoffs
  15. I want to buy a shirt, but I ordered a WFT polo and it took 6 weeks to get
  16. The second half of that game was insane, but whatever we won. I didn’t realize how bad Hurts’ stats were, he was the only reason they were in the game I thought.
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