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  1. He'll be there, maybe some Rs. But I'll be tuned out. And I haven't missed one since Ford.
  2. skinsmarydu

    Abby's Journey Three years today

    She's more brave than I could ever hope to be. My hero. Edit add: Teddy Bear Toss at the Gladiators game Saturday night, a record 6,072 stuffed animals on the ice for kids in local hospitals...and you know I was wearing my Abby's Army shirt!
  3. I'll do it. While everyone knows what they should be doing, SOME SIMPLY CANNOT. It takes everything just to keep going. And I'll end it there.
  4. skinsmarydu

    Random Thought Thread

    Damn near gave a guy a heart attack & shot him out of a cannon at the same time. I stop by the same store on my way home almost every day...dude was getting into the car next to me as I was getting out...and he was wearing a WASHINGTON burgundy & gold beanie... So I jumped out, yelled HAIL at him, we chatted ( I had on my Skins zip hoodie)...nice guy, and HOLY CRAP, HOT AS ****. How it ended? Me: I like the beanie. Him: You like that? (adorable grin, no grills) Me: I like that. We both said, "Take care! " at the same time. Didn't even think about checking to see if he knows about ES.
  5. skinsmarydu

    Random Thought Thread

    Well when you put it that way...
  6. skinsmarydu

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    As you should! Thought of you during the game, wondering if your next pet will be named Trevor...
  7. Especially when it's yours & you took the oath to defend it, even against its own. Dammit, I want to cry.
  8. skinsmarydu

    Election 2018 Thread (An Adult Finally Has the Gavel)

    You've truly gone bananas. Check into whatever is in the paint you use in your shop.
  9. skinsmarydu

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Bull****, the Panama Papers exposed whose money is where. Putin is winning. Aren't you tired of winning?
  10. And I read that he's not at all up to speed on the emoluments clause. SERIOUSLY? You're gonna tell me that I know more than the person nominated for AG? I need to hang a shingle outside my restaurant.
  11. skinsmarydu

    Random Thought Thread

    I was there too...couldn't believe it, and 3 days straight?? I wish nothing but the best for his kid, But cuse put a knife in me last night.
  12. skinsmarydu

    Random Thought Thread

    You ain't dissin' Tim? Or a Childress? What'd I miss? I was watching the Caps SUCK tonight
  13. Forfeit the game & go home. This is ****in embarrassing. THEIR BACKUP GOALIE IS MAKING OURS LOOK STUPID. (sorry, I was having a decent day till this game)