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  1. Well, Stacey got it done here...just checked my county website & early voting starts on the 12th (not just the week before election day) & includes weekends. I'm pretty psyched now.
  2. But what about strawberry Twizzlers? They're fat free!
  3. Folks that don't make money lie about it. I'm having trouble now because my husband had everything in his name and his suicide has left me fluid but my credit score sucks.
  4. Word. 2 of my work buddies have Barber in their fantasy. I told em both "don't", but they did anyway thinking girls don't know football. They're Falcons fans, too. I'm laughing my face off.
  5. And I corrected to 4. This age thing sucks. Double post, tech sucks too.
  6. I corrected to 4...damn. this age thing sucks. I corrected to 4...damn. this age thing sucks.
  7. No,,we're talking about kickers...damn, who's drunker than me? Moseley, you fools!!
  8. I'm soooooo much older than you. Just an LOL, no judgment. My grandmother sat next to Mark in church years after his playing days. She loved that man.
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