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  1. It's almost like this thread has given me permission to lmao. And I like that.
  2. He's on Free Speech TV weeknights at 10pm. Friday nights he takes calls (which can get a little nutty).
  3. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/capitals/tom-wilson-considered-day-day-lower-body-injury
  4. Call your Senator with that same question...Why does McCarthy get a voice? He tried to silence millions.
  5. Say when. I'm ready to catch the baby, she's due any minute now...
  6. For 2 days straight, I've been happy & laughing my ass off. It's been a long while. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
  7. Yes! Tie him to the nutbags! I just spent 2 months trying to deliver the Senate, and we got it done...now, y'all get it done for us! Call your Senators!
  8. As a (sometimes proud) resident of Atlanta, the man was a legend. Many memories of things he's done around town since he left the game, not to mention who he was in it. Rest in peace, good sir. *tips cap*
  9. Infuriating. I'd be draggin' em into my restaurant..,and publicizing the hell out of it.
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