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  1. skinsmarydu

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Knowing the history behind the Taj Mahal, it's even more sickening that trump named his failed casino after it. And even worse, he's gotten to see the real thing, and doesn't know dick squat about it.
  2. Shrimp & grits is my favorite easy meal. My mom almost hurled when I told her about it years ago There's a seafood market in Savannah that sells their mix in a bag, and it's good...but not as good as Bubba's (Paula Deen's son has a restaurant on the island we lived on, Wilmington). And I haven't done bananas foster in probably 2 decades...thanks for the ideas!
  3. skinsmarydu

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Left or right side? Iirc, opposite Ovi's office?
  4. skinsmarydu

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    And? Sorry, I'm depending on y'all tonight Edit, add...eller is a super awesome skater Hags gets love cuz he's ours now, OH YEAH!
  5. skinsmarydu

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    When's the time slot for Ilya? I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT !!!
  6. skinsmarydu

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    I like him for that. He ain't skeerd.
  7. I asked riggo-toni the same question, what are folks saying where you are?
  8. So, we live on 2 different sides of the city. What are people saying over there? Trump supporters over here love me, but know better than to talk about it. Some are stupid and don't even think about their words, like "tearing down the mall means they're putting apartments up for more blacks" ...just dumbassery.
  9. Iirc, you're fostering kids with health issues? Whatever lengths you need to go to, I'll help. Just pm me.
  10. skinsmarydu

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    He deserves it. His lungs have produced ****ty air that has infected half of society. I'm about fed up. And y'all know what that means.
  11. skinsmarydu

    Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    I was just gonna say, we've got more to come. He'll be in Rikers until transport to LA, where he'll already be a convicted felon.
  12. skinsmarydu

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Melania had to change her public, with cameras watching. They gave her little footies to wear into Ghandi's house. To not be prepared for another country's protocol is just plain ignorance. MAKE THIS STOP. PLEASE.
  13. Just a follow up to this...I got a letter from my county that my husband had been removed from the voter rolls due to his passing not even 3 weeks after (with all of their stupid condolences). Georgia is suppressing voters at breakneck speed. They can't do jack **** in 3 weeks for anything else.
  14. skinsmarydu

    Katherine Johnson of 'Hidden Figures' fame dies at 101

    I just saw this...RIP , Ma'am. My dad worked with the engineers who designed 39A & 39B, and he told me something I would always remember men only got to the moon because they believed in the "women on the team". We're losing great people who can tell our history, first hand. When you have a few minutes to chat with one, take that time.