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  1. Must've been nice. Navy apparently got slack after '84... Decades later I had to get a tetanus because of a fall, and the last vaccine of anything I could remember was boot, and it was after 10 years, so they shot me. I ain't skeerd.
  2. Sabrina only launches herself on hockey issues. She's usually chasing the puck on the big screen. Girl is all over me. She just did a whole performance, no TV. I think she caught some Ovi happiness. Good kitty.
  3. I'm trying to watch the new "A Star Is Born"...I remember the first one.
  4. No prob, dude...I totally get it... And the **** is FREE!!! Doesn't cost a dime, not a nickel, not a penny. I remember in boot camp (long before our beloved Chief, but let us know about yours)...I walked a line on I think the second day of P-week, and 2 people hit you twice in each arm, it's like walking to your death. Right after you stencil your uniforms and get tailored by the greatest folks on Earth. And your P-3 day is relatively easy ("psych" for the rest of it) because they know your arms can't move. When you're just getting mobility back, hit the grinder.
  5. I hear ya, @Dont Taze Me Bro...I busted my ass to get vaxxed, had a way to cheat but couldn't get an appointment until my age group came up...I had no fear once Dr. Fauci got his. I've never had to have a test. I do all of my doctors' visits virtually. I have a BP cuff and about 5 thermometers. The last place I ever want to be is a hospital for 3 weeks...next time might by 3 months. Never. Ever.
  6. Neighbors apparently don't watch the weather. Across the street, 2 of them are cutting their grass. Hugh storms come in, thunder like crazy, it just started pouring, knocked my Dish HD out...he's only got half of his front yard done.
  7. I heard Dr. Walensky's statement at 3:00...CDC recommends everyone mask up, all the time indoors, even with other vaccinated people...because of the people who insist on perpetrating a bunch of dumbassery. I'm not complaining, but GA is 49th in one-shot, and 50th in fully vaxxed!!! It's more than just frustrating.
  8. That feeling when I've remembered the Claussen mini dill pickles...and to put the Wavy Lays on the sandwich.
  10. Damn, this has just been crushing...all over again.
  11. Lydia Jacoby of Alaska with the gold medal in the 100m breaststroke...fun fact: she trains in a 25m pool because there's only ONE 50m pool in the entire state.
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