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  1. Berggy9598

    ES Soccer Thread

    That small time stench they carried around for so many years seems to keep catching up with them. Long way to go in the season, but seeing it put on display for the world to see made it so much sweeter. As usual Liverpool have made a crucial mistake. By March, everyone else will have made peace with it. Get in!
  2. Berggy9598

    ES Soccer Thread

    Still small time
  3. Berggy9598

    ES Soccer Thread

    City will find their feet in this game eventually but surely if this is your biggest challenger it’s time start planning the parade looking at it for a neutrals perspective
  4. Berggy9598

    Any actors or actresses you have met?

    John Voight at the Westwood Sprouts. Was super nice, talked Ray Donovan with me for a few minutes. Told him that's my TV family and I can't lose anyone and he gave me the John Voight eyebrow raise. This was right before season 5...
  5. Berggy9598

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    The regret is not signing him to a relatively cheap deal in 2015. By 2018 there wasn't a whole lot of options left.
  6. Berggy9598

    ES Soccer Thread

    Speaking of Everton, I'm a little confused how two of their players getting regular game time for Schalke and RBL were deemed dead weight there.
  7. Berggy9598

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    I was thinking more Serbian soccer hooligan. Now all fun and games aside imo if Kuzma doesn't step up as a semi consistent offensive threat the Lakers won't beat the Clippers in a 7 game series. They're ahead of schedule in quite a few aspects but so far it looks like the spotlight is too big for him.
  8. Berggy9598

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    This was a solid piece of advice. Take the crumbs when they’re there.
  9. When it looks good, it looks like a supremely gifted QB. When it looks bad, it's a complete dumpster fire. All things considered, I'll absolutely take that.
  10. Someday (if I’m lucky) I hope to find myself a lady that looks at me like some of the mens look at their opinion. Sheesh. Social media is partially to blame though. Nobody having a face to face conversation with a woman would turn forced ectopic pregnancy (WTF did I just say?!) into a social psychology debate.
  11. Is anyone trying to pass a law that could force you into a medical procedure that could possibly kill you for the sake of a clump of cells surviving 4 more weeks?
  12. I would suspect not otherwise why would those psychopaths need to write this bill? I also imagine most Doctors understand why this is so absurd, but it'll only take one to say what the heck worth a shot and gamble on a woman's life for the sake of saving an embryo that has little to no chance of survival in the first place. Even smaller fortunately are this bill's chance of actually passing, unless there's a Falwell led coup in Ohio.
  13. No law but there quite a bit of information available as to the odds of survival of an ectopic embryo, (even if implanted back in the womb) and the odds of it killing its carrier. The only Dr that would find this procedure acceptable relocated to South America after WW2, but good luck getting ahold of him if he's alive.
  14. She wasn't calling into question anyone's qualification or allowance to discuss politics. It's a political discussion because of this nonsense bill, but the implications of it being passed and its heinous nature have absolutely nothing to do with political discord.
  15. Debating this bill's validity is just flat out heinous IMO, but then again they need classrooms full for the next nut job to spray one with an AR15. Just a handful of dead kids won't do much for sales.