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  1. Always wanted to see Loco Bielsa in the PL, and it's where a club like Leeds belongs. Proves the whole language barrier is a bunch of nonsense as well. Heck, unless it's a German manager, the poorer the English the better.
  2. What do they mean by “much higher than anyone can think.” There’s a finite level of how high it can go.
  3. Long may defenders fail to understand that they’re giving the kid a layup from that sort of range when they don’t close him down.
  4. They can't even pronounce Anthony Martial but it's still a quality song.
  5. I knew he was kind of a little turd on the pitch, but I do rate him talent wise and he'd be desperately needed depth at a couple of positions. I don't think there's any reason for United to buy Sancho unless Greenwood completely falls off next season. I can look at someone like Koulibaly and say he's potentially worth another 10-12 points, but I can't see that with Sancho.
  6. He has to qualify for the CL for there to even be a conversation about Sancho, but there really is no need to break the bank for him. If Pogba sticks around they need to make another big signing at CB, and if the Grealish rumors are true he would be a great buy to have some depth behind Fernandes for that position. Greenwood's potential is through the roof and there's no reason to undercut him even though he has a ways to go.
  7. West L.A is the only right answer. No debate to be had, don’t @ me
  8. Not a good idea. GHH's head would explode and I would feel bad for laughing for three days straight.
  9. Messi Greenwood is looking rather impressive. Hows that for a troll btw.
  10. Moral conundrum aside, as long as there's a kick rocks clause in his contract what the heck why not.
  11. Did Liverpool win another title or is this the same one from January? Just kidding. Big congrats to Liverpool. Ending the drought with in terms of dominance a season that may never be seen in any of the big European leagues and probably beyond. Any FM player worth his salt changes tactics if he starts 25-1-1. If Pep does a runner I fear the PL could go the way of the Bayernliga (Is that how its pronounced?) in the next couple of years. If United make the CL and Pogba sticks around they'll have a chance to at least get closer to City
  12. I'd say it's a combination of injuries to their back four, and a stubborn, all be it brilliant manager that refuses to adjust when the opposition has figured out how to contain his plan A. IMO Mahrez on that right gives them much more balance going forward, rather than yet another left footed playmaker. That being said, they'd be too far behind either way.