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  1. You don't trade for him to be a stop gap it's a punt on him coming anywhere near his ceiling and consequently becoming a long term starter. As bad as the odds are of this actually happening nobody will offer too much for him.
  2. I'd put money on Wilson going top 10 and I'd feel very comfortable spending it if he completes the final game of his college career with a clean bill of health. Also who claimed Kyle Trask is a first round QB?
  3. At this position, without even taking into account teams trading up to jump us, we have an OK shot of landing Trey Lance if QB was the direction. Once the draft process plays out there's a good chance those odds decrease with the way QBs are over drafted. I'd light a cigar for Parsons at that spot if all QBs are gone.
  4. I don’t think they’re built exactly the same. DJax was stronger than he looked but he always just looked like a sprinter in pads. Smith looks a little more muscular and unless I’m mistaken has been relatively durable.
  5. Wirey strong and he covers a lot of ground with his stride, plus he can change direction in higher gears. Those deficiencies imo will effect where he’s drafted more so than they’ll effect his ability to get open in the NFL.
  6. Yes I'm aware, but nobody is disappointed they won a football game. Both can be true.
  7. PSA from good ole Berggy cause it's the holidays. The roster of an NFL team is comprised of human beings...highly competitive human beings that worked their butts off and sacrifice any semblance of a normal life to bleed sweat and cry their way from pop warner to the NFL. They don't give a rat's behind about the draft and will do everything in their power to win football games. If this is an inconvenience to any fan of an NFL team, I hear Madden is a fun game.
  8. What was the reason for not continuing to run the ball when it was 1st and goal?
  9. Yeah I got no answers for that either. Awful mental lapse didn’t deserve to get bailed out by OPI
  10. Haven’t mental lapses been the knock on Darby his entire career?
  11. The steel curtain isn’t getting pressure on three step drops when the coverage is backed off
  12. Anyone who roots against their team for a higher draft pick in a just world would not be allowed to football.
  13. How does no commentator understand the fact that we’ve been out scored 300-3 in first halves contributes to the number 1 pass D ranking.
  14. You still don't know at which rate Chase Young has been double teamed as opposed to Bosa, but either way Chase Young has played 9 games in the NFL so I'm not going go into panic mode about him long term just because he has some stuff to work on. He's a much more polished run defender than Bosa btw but that's not cause for mass hysteria so why talk about that.
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