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  1. If it has, you wouldn’t know about that it via public outrage. The point isn’t whether this particular kids show has touched on the subject of marriage, the point is it’s not something kids are typically sheltered from. Only gay marriage gets tied in with exposure kids aren’t ready for.
  2. Why does the simple concept of marriage, something which nobody thinks kids should be sheltered from, get mixed up with cussing, violence, sex scenes, making out, etc?...Why do these things only become houses in the same neighborhood when the topic is gay marriage? How do you understand a view that espouses the simple act of two consenting adults tying the knot is the same as exposing kids to sex and violence?
  3. No such shelter could even be a bit of an understatement. Not sure how it is now but as far back as I can remember marriage was presented to kids as an indication that their life is going according to plan, and that if they do the right things they will one day get married. This happens at ages in which they cannot possibly understand why.
  4. Couldn't have said it better. Not only do kids not get sheltered from the idea of marriage until they're old enough to understand it, in some cases it even gets idealized before they're old enough to understand it. 2019 homophobia at its finest.
  5. Thought Tolkien was very enjoyable. I think it holds more appeal to avid fans because it’s not a grand production biopic and there’s not a whole lot of hit you over the head references to LOTR or The Hobbit, but if you’re a Tolkien reader you’ll definitely like it. Nicholas Hoult and Lilly Collins surprised me with how well they performed and even though Derek Jacobi made a brief appearance he’s brilliant as always. Definitely going in my collection when it’s released on whatever platform I’ll be using and something I could watch over and over. Since the Tolkien estate denounced this movie I have a fantasy in my head that they’re using it to gauge interest to possibly get Peter Jackson ready for the Silmarillion.
  6. Yeah but your belief doesn’t mean a hill of beans when it comes to their right to be treated equally. Your belief doesn’t mean their existence should be looked at as taboo or immoral. What if a PBS station in San Francisco decided not to air an episode in which all the characters go to church on account of its too soon to expose kids to religion? You have every right to believe anything is immoral and you have every right to express it, but condemning an entire group of people simply based on who they’re attracted to isn’t the other side of the coin to that group demanding to be treated with equality. You don’t get to have the same attitude that leads to persecution and all of a sudden be diplomatic when confronted.
  7. As vile and chauvinistic as the notion that women are forfeiting their right to live because they chose to have intercourse is, I still feel a little bad to be the one that has to break this news to you. It takes two people to have intercourse.
  8. If you’re really committed to push the gay agenda you’d be taking advantage of the visual aids the internet has available. Some kids learn better if they can actually see what you’re trying to teach them
  9. What choice do women impregnated by rape have?
  10. Do gay people really go around holding FYI sessions with kids about their love life? Would you be equally as concerned about boundaries not being respected if there were only straIght people at this family event?
  11. Berggy9598

    ES Soccer Thread

    Read somewhere he’s leveraging PSG because he wants Neymar out. They’re almost as big a circus as United atm.
  12. Innocent zygotes? Not really my business to take a moral stance in this case. Late term abortions for the sake of backing out isn’t something I agree with but unless I’m mistaken I don’t think anyone is arguing in support of that. Why do you use the term “hiding behind” rape and incest? They are provisions that should be looked at independently imo. One woman being forced by law to a carry a rapists baby in a first world country in 2019 is reprehensible and should never happen.
  13. What do the Clintons have to do with the evil and absurd concept of forcing women to bear the burden of carrying their rapists child to term?
  14. Berggy9598

    ES Soccer Thread

    Yeah I’m the only one that takes a sarcastic pot shot once in a while and they’re actually rather mild. Not sure how you mistook a simple statement about a right inside forward playing the same position as Salah the wrong way. If you’re looking for more of a hybrid inside forward/playmaker I think Ziyech would be a better fit at a lower price.
  15. Berggy9598

    ES Soccer Thread

    Good lord in heaven this is getting quite sad. He plays on the right wing and likes to cut inside with his ball skills. Can also play through the middle. Salah does neither of those things right? I’m not 12 years old, I can have an objective opinion about Liverpool without it having anything to do with United, who have exactly what to do with what I posted? All I said is that he plays the same position as Salah. You responded in an astoundingly combative manner for absolutely no reason and decided to bring up United for reasons that still escape me. Seriously dude how old are you.