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  1. I don't care what anyone says. Country skrength = athletic. So is having the flexibility to get that low at 6'3 300 pounds and drive another 300 pound man back 5 yards.
  2. That name. I didn't know Hogwarts had a football program.
  3. In this situation if he has good technique when striking a ball and he has the stomach for it, and he checks both boxes, I’d rather have him up there. Maguire has never, and probably will never take a penalty during a match, but he took a penalty Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard would have been proud of. We know hitting the corner of the goal from 11 meters with force isn’t a difficult skill, but Henderson doesn’t strike me as a player who would see the mirage an 8 foot goalie in front of a 3 foot goal in that spot.
  4. Out of everything Southgate did, taking off (Henderson) a solid penalty taker that has played in three European club finals, after bringing him on a sub, is something I’ve never seen a manager do in the 30 years I’ve been watching soccer. Rashford was unlucky, but Sancho and Saka looked like they wanted the ground to come up and swallow them before they even took the shot. There was a 10 minute period after England’s goal that Italy were completely rattled, and I had a feeling not scoring a second when Italy was right there for the taking would come back to haunt England.
  5. He's no Romario, he's no Rivaldo, he's no Ronaldinho, and even putting his name in the same sentence as Ronaldo, who we could very well be calling the second best Brazilian player of all time if it wasn't for injuries, is slander of the highest order. Neymar's more (relatively) recent equivalent would be Careca, who was a great player and crucial to the Napoli teams that won Serie A with Maradona in the early 90s, but just not on the tier of the players mentioned above, and especially not Ronaldo who is on the Messi/Portuguese Ronaldo tier.
  6. The Ronaldo above had the balance and explosion of an NFL running back so he was rarely off his feet until his injury. Ronaldinho took the occasional dive but nothing as bad as Neymar. I’m not sure if you had a chance to watch Brazilian Ronaldo but if not there’s highlight reels on YouTube and the guy was just from another planet.
  7. This is why he got the name “little Ronaldo”. Neymar isn’t fit to lace either of their boots.
  8. They're probably desensitized to missed penalties at this point since they've lost on penalties so many times. Usually players that miss penalties in big tournaments end up in Dominos Pizza commercials, but that's the first time in Harry Kane's career I've seen him nervous before taking a penalty in a big spot. If the final goes to penalties it'll be interesting to see if they start seeing ghosts again.
  9. One has come out and said it was a bad call so I'm not sure who the argument is with.
  10. Germany shouldn't have won a WC final on something like that. David Beckham shouldn't have been sent off for something like that. Frank Lampard shouldn't have had a goal disallowed for something like that. Toni Schumacher should have been sent off for something like that. **** happens. On to the final.
  11. Sterling dived on minimal contact imo if you need 100 angles to see the contact then most likely it’s not enough to take a player off his feet. Not the last and definitely not the first time a knockout game was decided by a dive or a bad call. Sometimes you benefit, sometimes you’re on the wrong end. That’s sports.
  12. There are dives in every major tournament and it's an unfortunate part of the game that every team or country will be on the wrong end of at some point. Germany won the 1990 WC on nothing more than a dive. England were knocked out of tournaments because of red cards manufactured by nothing more than dives. The own goal by the way wasn't a fluke as England's attacking play put the Danish center back in that position. If he didn't intercept it Sterling has a tap in from 5 yards with an empty net. England deserve to be in the final.
  13. Forum rules if you don’t give Guaje Villa at least one mention when you talk about Spanish forwards you get a two month ban.
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