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  1. Well put. Not sure why it even turned into a discussion it’s basic stuff. IIRC we’ve only seen a receiver go top 10 in one of the last handful of drafts and they were Corey Davis and John Ross. I wonder if Joe Burrow would prefer JaMarr Chase over Penei Sewell.
  2. You can make the same sum of the parts argument for the WR position. Dumping too many high end recourses on it instead building a deep core with guys that can do damage in a variety of ways has been proven an effective and is more conducive to a balanced roster.
  3. Unless your QB is Wilson or Mahomes, the Oline is part of the platform on which elite receivers succeed. If you have elite receivers and you’ve dug yourself a hole, very good chances your QB is getting smacked around. There is no question the OL is more valuable and if you look at the top 10 in recent drafts (excluding the John Ross/Corey Davis draft whenever that was) it seems as if NFL teams agree.
  4. This makes absolutely no sense. Receiver is a dependent position and outside of QB the first priority on offense is controlling the LOS. That's how you win games and that's basic football 101, not my opinion. There is a variety of methods to measure an offensive lineman's skill and athleticism. Just because running 40 yards in a straight line isn't one of them doesn't make the skillset less valuable.
  5. What their skills are capable for providing for their team is a foundation for the skill positions to succeed. Being stacked at WR with a poor offensive line is how you end up at 5-11 with a top passing offense. Offensive linemen are more frequent in the top 5-7 than receivers for a reason.
  6. It's more about how lightening the burden of a rookie QB early on can be conducive to long term success. Most QBs going in the first round are going to be very talented, but if they're starting early on and they have (for example) a defense that gives up a ton of points and a running game that need not be accounted for they're going to get beat up physically and mentally. That's not to say you pass on someone if you think he's the guy, but no matter how talented he is there's a real risk involved that if there's monumental struggles early on because there is nothing around the kid, he's not re
  7. There’s definitely ways to decipher highlight reels. If I was watching a safety with 30 reps on his reel and he’s just coming downhill in 27 of them it usually means he can’t cover a skittle with a 10 foot tarp.
  8. Players use it for highlights too, and it can be very useful for linemen because you get the tight angle rather than just the TV angle. I had to make do with highlights when it came to evaluating because my loaded NAIA school refused to pay for more than the basic HUDL package and you kinda learn how to recognize what you're not seeing on a highlights reel in addition to what you're seeing.
  9. I’ve definitely been a female poster longer than I’ve been a black NFL QB taking into account which would take less modification.
  10. I use it as a general term when something elementary and obvious is explained to me in great detail. In other words the term can take a dump in whichever restroom is chooses. Your original post specified a past player taken in said round. Now you're trying to run it back talking about available players.
  11. Your original statement that suggested a specific player obtained in whichever round has any influence on the value of the pick is still factually incorrect. If you call a team to move up and say look I’m trading Terry McLaurin here they’d laugh at you and hang up the phone. Not necessarily in that order.
  12. If I had a dollar for every time I got mansplained in this thread. Yes I’m aware draft picks turn into players. Nobody looks adds value to them because of specific past players that round has produced. Their value is determined by the hit rate odds of the given pick in the given round.
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