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  1. I’m out and about with my wife, in Hagerstown, MD - which isn’t exactly the beacon of public health. To my knowledge Hogan hasn’t removed the requirement for masks indoors, and I’d say it’s roughly 50/50 on wearing masks. Vs. 85-90% the last time I took her shopping here before Christmas.
  2. My group has demonstrated the ability to do more work, at a higher level, than any time in their 10 year history —- with 100% telework. The only argument is the ‘comraderie’ and ‘culture’ from being in person. Perhaps that floats their boat, but not mine. My happiness comes from zero commute and zero gas money. It severely outweighs any benefit of working in the office. I’m taking the my way or the highway approach on this. I’m willing to do one or two days in the office maximum. If not accepted, I’ll be finding a job that offers that, which will most likely pay me more money
  3. In the words of Jay Gruden, he's a "guaarrrrd". I'm not diminishing the guard position, I know it's become more prevalent to the game today, but if you're not a QB, left tackle, pass rusher, or lynchpin MLB - I'm not really keen on it. It is what it is, I don't dislike Scherff and like I said - my opinion on his play is better than what I see from a lot of folks around here. I just think 18M in cap space seems better given where we are with him.
  4. Yeah, I'm not quite understanding the logic of paying a guard $18M for one season, of whom appears to not be long for the organization. I actually think he's a better player than a lot of folks here, but its a lot of money for a rental.
  5. I found lower bowl corner seats on Ticketmaster for $78 for the opener the other day.
  6. What did you guys pay for tickets? I was seeing $400 to sit at the very top of the stadium. $900 for 50 yard line in the upper deck. WTH?
  7. Good call, edited. I mean, I’d pay to watch him be carted away to jail on pay per view.
  8. I get the whole, republicans will vote republican, no matter what argument. But this can only help democrats no matter how you chop it up. While Trump invigorated the party, he's also causing it problems. The line of divide in the country isn't that wide for them to afford to lose any votes, as we saw a few months back.
  9. I'm sure Dan loved the splash of Archuleta, but wasn't he a Gregg guy to begin with? That's how I connected the dots that we'd be signing him at least.
  10. My favorite are the cherry picked gas price #'s. They go back to a time when they were at their absolute lowest under Trump, select another when they were really low due to the pandemic, and then give today's #s. Nevermind all the #'s across Trump's entire presidency. Whatever makes them feel better.
  11. The Trumpers are all riled up on social media - the gas shortage and increase in prices is all Biden's fault. Not that they ever provide any evidence that suggests that's the case. Just it's his fault and this is what you get with dems in office. Back when it was looking possible that Trump could win re-election, my only saving grace was that things were soon to go sour - no matter who is in charge, and we could relish in his inability to make everything great, like they pretend he does.
  12. Curious if anyone here has tried Delta 8 products, either gummies or vapes? I literally cannot find any bad reviews about it online, other than some companies put shady stuff in there, no different than straight up thc. But the fact that all I can find is good reviews, makes me wonder if it’s all crafted to make money, and the reviewers are being paid to say it’s good. The idea of being a little less high (no anxiety/paranoia/etc) for a little less money seems somewhat enticing to me.
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