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  1. Kyle’s boss went out of his way to say that Kyle wanted Kirk and was in mourning over it not happening. Disagree with Kyle’s opinion on Kirk all you want but it cannot be refuted that he wanted him there.
  2. BatteredFanSyndrome

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I am a supporter in that I don’t believe he’s been given a tremendous opportunity to succeed here. Are there things that I’d like to see him do differently though? Sure. So I’m kind of a mixed bag on Gruden. What I disagree with is the notion that coaches are just supposed to suck it up because the franchise is known as dysfunctional. Or just go off the rails and fight the power so to speak. Sure, that would be great but not very realistic. Every head coach has strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to the organization to enhance strengths and Foster an environment and culture that makes the weaknesses stronger. That just doesn’t happen here. So you can insert anybody you want at head coach and inevitably, you are going to end up frustrated with them. No coach is going to be the magic wand that overcomes Ashburn. Another issue I don’t get is that Jay is so terrible of a coach, and the FO is such a mess, yet they play roughly .500 ball. Something doesn’t add up.
  3. BatteredFanSyndrome

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I agree with primarily everything you said but take exception to this part... Head coaches with fully guaranteed contracts don't just resign, what they do is wait to be fired. I don't see any real reason to make the point above other than to not absolve Gruden due to personal dislike.
  4. BatteredFanSyndrome

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I just don't see how you can take exception to anything he said about Scot considering he really didn't talk about that at all. It also didn't come off like a big **** talking session to me, that needed to be ended with a "I'd never work there". He was probably just taken off guard by the question. To each their own.
  5. BatteredFanSyndrome

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I listened to the whole thing and I didn't hear him talking anything about chasing off Scot, that was merely a point brought up by one of the Junks. I know it hurts when someone breaks down why the franchise is a dumpster fire and the proposed solutions are not in the realm of possibility, leaving absolutely no hope. But there is no reason to shoot the messenger.
  6. BatteredFanSyndrome

    Raiders suspending Antonio Brown

    How did I miss the video of Brown repeatedly farting in the doctors face?
  7. Cheap. He's not paying to have his stuff tailored.
  8. BatteredFanSyndrome

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Not that I believe Dan or Bruce are capable of identifying talent before it hatches, but with Kyle it was never going to happen for the sake of the RG3 war. That bridge was burnt completely to ashes by midway 2013 if not earlier.
  9. A lot of homers shot down those rumors because there is "no way Kirk is worth a first" but those same guys didn't expect him to get 3/84M fully guaranteed either. Fan opinions on Kirk aside, Kyle's appreciation for Kirk is documented - in fact, there was an article after they traded for JimmyG about him being mopey that meant they couldn't get Kirk. There are a lot of rumors that I can give or take, and really don't put much stock into, but that one made all the sense in the world, including Dan and Bruce being petty and unwilling to make 2 guys they didn't like happy together.
  10. BatteredFanSyndrome

    Ramsey for TW straight up?

    Why would the Jags want to make that trade? Foles is done until at least mid November, and by that time it's likely they aren't even in it any longer. Why would the Skins want to make that trade? A splash maybe. But I can't wrap my head around why fans would want it. The dude is a certified pain in the ass, what makes you think he'd come here and fall in line? Beyond that, he wants to be the highest paid corner in the league. Just no.
  11. Perfectly fine for you to feel that way as a fan, entirely not okay for professionals responsible for managing a football team. You'll never convince me that Kyle wouldn't have given up a first or a 2nd+ for Kirk when he took the job in SF either. Instead, we got 7-9 and a comp pick.
  12. BatteredFanSyndrome

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Clever, how you purposely wrote it that way. His role for the Raiders was absolutely nothing like his role here. His time in Tampa was a joke. You know damn well that nobody on earth was checking for Bruce Allen when Dan brought him on. He did not come here with any fanfare or history for anything other than his dad coached here.
  13. BatteredFanSyndrome

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    That’s the thing though, and I feel like I’m speaking for a-lot of the negative and critical folks here...we want to like them. Desperately.
  14. Agreed on both fronts but I don’t see any positives to adding another big $ contract to what we’ve got going on around here.
  15. All we need is another record breaking contract at corner and all will be well. Sheesh.