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  1. I heard Medhurst on the radio talking about Wright to take over for Goodell when the time comes. A long leap for sure. It made me wonder what exactly it is that I'm missing about why he's so great. I looked up his biography and can't say that I was taken aback by a strong resume that is fitting for president of football operations. That said, I have nothing against the guy. He has one of the toughest jobs in the business and to this point, hasn't done anything but make it better. Vs. say Bruce Allen, who does have decades of NFL experience, and poured gas on an already burning
  2. I'm going to need the receipts on that. A shameless homer perhaps, but sheep isn't really a term I throw out there.
  3. This Joeken dude has been around for years spouting about everyone being sheep for believing x, y and z. Way back then, It was not difficult to identify how he votes and what he absorbs on the internet. Of course, he was always doing that in defense of the team's top brass and as it turns out, all of us sheep were right the entire time. Shocker.
  4. First I've heard 'Wolfpack' mentioned and I like it a lot more than Red Wolves. "Don't turn your back on the wolfpack.."
  5. I believe they had a resurgence. There has always been one in Brunswick, MD, ever since I moved to this area back in the early 90's. But it was the only one that I knew of anywhere around here. Over the past 10-15 years they've been popping up all over the place in the MD/DC/VA/eastern panhandle of WV area.
  6. I have 2 Roy Rogers within 15 minutes of me. There are several of them in this area. Delicious. My mom (RIP) used to love the Doube R burger as well. #1 for me is the Gold Rush sandwich. All Roys sandwiches come without condiments. They have the fixins bar inside or fixins cups to-go. I much prefer to do it myself as the to-go cups tend to be watery. I'd imagine they don't even have that bar anymore since Covid, but maybe it's back.
  7. I know nothing but despair when it comes to this team, and the QB position in particular. But I just can’t shake the feeling that Fitz is going to ball out and make this a really fun season. No stats or deep analysis to back that up. Haven’t had that positive vibe going into a season in a while, hope I’m right.
  8. Peruvian grilled chicken breast with cauliflower fried rice and green sauce.
  9. @tshile For every study you talk about where it shows people are less productive, there are studies that show people are more productive. So forgive me, for not entertaining that as gospel. One could even go so far as to say how legitimate can any recent study be considering we were in a pandemic, the shift to working from home was immediate, and most people with kids had no school or child care to send their children to. It was a complete mess. It sounds like you are taking your personal experiences and projecting that across the board, so I don’t see how that’s any different t
  10. @tshileOf course there are going to be certain jobs that either cannot work from home at all or are more challenged working from home due to x, y, z reasons. I'm in agreement that you can't paint working from home with such a broad brush. I'm sure there are companies with information similar to yours, where it shows that working from home is not optimal. However, I am absolutely certain that there numerous examples to the contrary, where teams are as productive, if not more, working from home. But they will be pushed back into the office, simply because that's how old folks like it. They
  11. I'm not diminishing blue collar work in the least, as the term blue collar casts a very wide net. There are plenty of blue collar jobs aren't exactly digging ditches in 90 degree heat. While a 'fantastic ride' may be relative, I'd consider being a high school educated dude that doesn't have to sweat while he works, that always has a new vehicle and a beach house - to be on a fantastic ride.
  12. I don't know what the psychology behind it is. I just know that a lot of old white men have had a fantastic ride through this thing called life given how much effort they actually put into it, yet seem to always be ****ing and moaning about how unfair everything is.
  13. As someone who lives around primarily older white folks and plays in a golf league made up of mostly white folks, I think Long-N-Left is on to something. Most of these older white folks lack any real education past high school and have good jobs, mostly blue collar, where they receive great benefits, retirement, paid time off, and large salaries for the type of work they do. They drive nice, big trucks, have all the toys - boats, atvs's, etc., take good vacations, etc. To hear many of them, without seeing what they drive, where they live, or all the fun they have - you'd think th
  14. The argument that people produce less from home to me is complete BS comprised of anecdotal information. I mean sure, there are probably folks who work remotely, that are mailing it in and not working very hard. We can all probably name one or two from our own workplace. I'd be willing to bet those same people don't get much done in the office either. Every job, be it remote or in the office, should have goals and metrics that need to be met. When they aren't met, their are action plans and actions that can be taken. This isn't bound specifically to working in the office.
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