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  1. I don't disagree on any of that. But the vigor in which Trump's folks defend him and prop him up as some great patriot looking out for Americans, one would think they should be able to provide some examples of ways they have benefitted from his presidency. Even if it hasn't benefitted them personally, they should be able to name friends, family members, etc. that have benefitted from his policies and actions. They can't though. It's just bizarre how much they can champion this guy without really being able to articulate any personal impacts that benefit them or anyone in their circle. It'
  2. You want to really throw a Trump worshiper for a loop, merely ask them: What positive impacts has Trump's presidency had on you personally? They have no answer for this. They'll sit there all day long and talk about all the good stuff he's doing, putting America first, and blah blah blah, but none of them can relate any of this great stuff he has done back to themselves.
  3. Every site....trash. Had one in my cart on gamestop and it refused to get me to be able to pay. Target - had one in my cart, also then I got the oops screen. Amazon and Best Buy aren't even up to sell.
  4. Sorry, no harm meant. No offense to anyone but his wife, really.
  5. You kind of summed it up with the fact that it's Graham we're talking about here, but he said that everything is off the table after what the dems did to Kavanaugh. He was beggin for 5 or 10 bucks from half of Hannity's viewership last night to fight the good fight. Either that or to pay for more ladyboys.
  6. Been eating healthier of late. Tried these protein packed,5 ingredient bagels. Flour, baking powder, Greek yogurt, egg wash and everything bagel seasoning. I’m surprised by how good these actually taste.
  7. Do you ever wonder if people like Charlie Kirk actually believe the stuff they say?
  8. This is a breath of fresh air. While I think these columns will be tough to write following losses, i feel pretty good about his ability to do that with honesty and without excuses. Much more than I can say for anyone else that has held the position he currently has.
  9. I have no idea what to make of the Washington Football Team going forward. Outside of the fact that our guys up front on D should be a problem for the opposition every week. What I do know is that is the most fun I've had watching the second half of a game since what seems like forever. The offense sure seems like it's going to be an overall snoozefest, but if the defense can apply the same kind of pressure most weeks, it should at the least be fun to watch. I expect opposing OC's to try and counter with lots of quick stuff to get the ball out of the QB's hands as fast as possib
  10. I reserved some optimism, mainly because of some of what I’ve heard/read from folks I respect. But maaaaaannnn, he looks bad. Having pedestrians to throw to doesn’t help.
  11. Not to mention all Rivera has dealt/is dealing with here.
  12. It's amazing what people will let slide when a president is actually presidential in crisis. I have to believe his people tried to push him towards this and he wasn't having any part of it.
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