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  1. Dan Snyder. Again, see Dan Snyder. Yeah, how dare he have feelings about what most would consider one of the most remarkable comebacks of all time?
  2. I wonder if people are even really offended by half the things I see being changed, or if the company's do it as a means to get their products talked about in the media, under the guise of all press is good press.
  3. I don't really see it as throwing anyone under the bus, as much as he was telling the interviewer how he felt about it. Throwing people under the bus would be providing details about who, what, and when. I've never been a fan of Alex Smith's style of play, but I can see this thing from both sides. If I'm Alex damn right I'm salty that I've put in all this work, and I'm surrounded by marginal talents in the QB room, and it doesn't feel like the coaching staff/organization wants to see me play. He watched Haskins mail it in ever since he was drafted, stink up the field, stink of
  4. That and I'd imagine he wasn't going to muddy the waters being so close to returning. It makes sense to me that he would hold onto this until after the season, both to avoid in-season drama and once it's clear that he's not returning to Washington.
  5. I also feel all those things. But I think the speculation is obviously based around the history of such a polarizing figure. I find it hard to believe that he’s being shielded as well. If he was visibly impaired, we’d know it. I can’t imagine all the LE would be in cahoots to protect him. That doesn’t seem to be in their nature.
  6. Not out of the realm of possibility. But neither is him dropping his phone and reaching to pick it up, reading a text, etc. Tigers last accident it was quite obvious that he was on the downside of an awful drug and alcohol infused bender. Something tells me that at 7am, en route to a photo shoot and golf lesson with Drew Brees, that he wasn’t loaded up on drugs.
  7. I think it was rather clear he was on a bender the last time. From all we've seen and heard about his time just leading up to this accident, that doesn't appear to be the case at all. Sure, he may have been impacted by medications from his surgery - but I think it's pretty clear he wasn't just out getting tore up on every substance he could get his hands on.
  8. Perhaps he's sick of taking the high road when he's cast to the side, as he's been a few times before. Only this time, it's the end of the road and there's no $74M contract at the end of it. That and all the work he put in to get back and feeling like folks don't appreciate it is a tough pill to swallow. You have to remember that Dan And Bruce were treating this guy like he was royalty. When they signed him, they gave up assets, paid him handsomely and rolled out the red carpet as if he was Joe Montana. When he got hurt, he was hanging out in the box, meeting with them after games, etc.
  9. He was not driving home from surgery. He was en route to play golf/photo shoot with Drew Brees and Justin Herbert. He was either texting and driving or dozed off, perhaps a side effect of medication he’s taking from the back surgery he had several weeks ago. I can’t think of anything else that leads to not braking.
  10. I used to do them on the grill and then run them under the broiler for a few minutes in each side to get the skin real crispy.
  11. I can see the perspective of both sides on this Alex situation. As a coach, would you be putting any eggs in the Alex basket? It's a testament to Alex that he was able to make it back, but I can totally understand why a coach would be very hesitant to roll him out there. Your looking toward the future, and you've got a limited vet that had an erector set on his leg a year ago. At the same time, i can see how Alex would feel some kind of way about folks not being all-in on his recovery given all the work he put in to make it happen.
  12. I’m sure he’s been prescribed some form of pain killer, post surgery. There is bound to be something in his system. How much and if in conjunction with other substances would be the issue.
  13. I’m in no rush to consider Tiger done. Too many people have written him off too many times and there he walked up the 18th fairway at the tour championship with a bazillion folks behind him. The stuff GOATs are made of. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see him tee it up and play well again at some point. Watched police presser, they said no blood tests were taken as he didn’t appear impaired.
  14. I also said it wasn’t necessary. I just don’t get the point of ‘not feeling sorry’ for them losing their gigs due to no fault of their own.
  15. Yeah, how dare they utilize their affiliation with the WFT to enhance outside opportunities? Why not just put in all the time and effort to make peanuts? I’ve long thought cheerleading at the professional level is nothing more than sex appeal. Doesn’t bother me a bit to see it go away. Not sure why you feel the need to make this about not feeling sorry for the cheerleaders though. They lost this opportunity due to our scumbag owner and his sleazy culture. That’s solely what this is about. Making it about not feeling sorry for the cheerleaders, evades that fact.
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