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  1. In all my years, at different family gatherings, even amongst more conservative folks, I can’t say that any ever made Thanksgiving about anything other than a day to get together with family, eat, drink, watch football and be thankful for what you have.
  2. I realize it’s unfair to compare the new broadcast crew to the prior regime who had been at it for years, but... Bram really stinks. Larry apparently was a real POS, and a shameful homer, but he is/was much better at this than Bram is. I’ve never liked Bram’s voice in any capacity, so he already had that going against him with me.
  3. @steve09ru I see the ninja sheet pan air fryer. My wife got us one of these on sale about 3 weeks ago. I’ve always been skeptical of air fryers but this thing is 425 in 60 seconds. We’ve made some great dishes and even sheet pan meals in there in a heartbeat that have came out great. It also makes day old pizza almost better than when you picked it up. We replaced out toaster with this and it does that well also.
  4. I don't wish any ill will on Scott Linn because he seems like a nice guy and all. But he is a dish without any type of seasoning. Just the blandest of the bland, and the ultimate kiss-butt for whoever he's on with.
  5. I agree totally. I'm just saying what they've been sold by their preferred 'news' outlets and right wing memes. My aunt got mad at me when I told her that Trump is literally the most political president since I've been alive, perhaps in history. That I had never seen a president play politics to the extent that he has. She really didn't have any retort for that, just that we should stop talking about it before the conversation goes even further south.
  6. What they love about Trump is that he's not a politician. They believe he's both insanely rich and super smart because he's rich. They believe he can't be bought 'like all the other politicians'. They like that he talks tough, they see him like the Red Foreman of politics. They are willing to overlook the crazy/nasty things he says just like they do their drunk uncle at family gatherings. They see him as the tough guy that gets things done no matter what. Which to be fair is a lot of what they were sold in the first place and considering where they get their 'news' from, they'
  7. No doubt. There is an entire stretch of road in my neighborhood donning Trump flags. Some of them were surprising to me as I would have never thought them to be Trumpers. Just really nice people that volunteer quite a bit. Very easy to get along with. To be fair, I definitely never thought they were 'liberal' but I didn't expect them to like Trump enough to purchase a flag and wave it proudly for everyone to see. In fact, the more I think about it, a lot of people tend to be really cool until they start telling you about their politics and religion.
  8. I mean clearly he’s a loon but I didn’t know that at the time and we actually thought it was really cool. Then a few years later, I started seeing all his crazy tweets and my wife wouldn’t believe me, and made me show her the depths of his crazy.
  9. On James Woods... About 7-8 years ago before it was ever really brought to my attention how insane he was, my wife then fiance and I went on a trip to AC at the Borgata. I played poker with him after his big mixed game couldn't get going. He was the 'life' of the game. No political talk, just actually a funny dude. The next evening he saw my wife and I in Bobby Flay's restaurant and sent us dessert and ****tails, because I let him bum a cigarette the evening before (this was back when I still smoked).
  10. What's funny is I watched the clip, and he spent the majority of the 4 minutes, going on and on about how they only speak the truth on his show. Crafty move to start wielding the truth stick nearly 3 weeks later and to attach it to them being all about the truth on Fox.
  11. If you really take a look at our team we are right there even with all the injuries that we have had this year. We have played the toughest schedule and were in every game but for a few mental mistakes we could be above .500 what I personally think we need is the following....


    1) Sign Cousins. There isn't anyone else in the league worth picking up that has at least 6 good years left to play at the position.

    2) Get another Good Fearless Corner (Sherman) to play opposite of Norman.

    3) Get Cravens back next year to eventually take over for Hall

    4) Open up the Playbook and stop being so predictable on Offense every game.

    5) Keep the O-Line and Defense intact in the Off Season especially Brown, Kerrigan, and Swearinger

    6) Give Reed one more shot to play a full season

    7) Get another Big Wide Receiver opposite of Doctson then you have Crowder and Grant in the slot similar to New England.

    8) Perine, Marshall, and Thompson should be our Running Backs.


    Again we are right there Prime for a Good 4 to 5 year run of winning football we need a couple of missing pcs. I'm not a Gruden Fan at all so if we cut him loose we need someone that will not be afraid to throw a bomb on the opening play like a Sean Payton from New Orleans but if you really look at our Team we Fight and we are right there.

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