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  1. Didn’t get as much smoke as a large brisket would, but still came out really good.
  2. Broke out the old hand me down Traeger this morning, cleaned out the firebox, to give it one last run before I let it go. The last few times I used it, it was burning too hot and/or way too low. Just needed some elbow grease I guess because it held temp pretty well. Smoked a 4 lb brisket flat I got from Aldi a few weeks ago on special. At 250, floating between 235and 260 throughout, took about 5 hours. Wrapped it at 165, with some beef broth, bbq sauce and seasonings. Letting it rest now but it’s hard to resist cutting into.
  3. Im not saying you can’t utilize a home refinance for solid fiscal reasons, just more or less speaking to purbeasts issue of being old and still having a lengthy note to pay on a house.
  4. The reason why people who keep refinancing over and over end up not paying off their house is because they continue to make the lower payments vs. pay additional principal. It’s a discipline thing. At the end of the day, it’s always better to pay less interest if you can. You just have to have the discipline to make higher payments after the refinance. Sounds simple, but most Americans get caught in the trap, of freeing up more cash to buy more stuff- new cars, boats, beach houses, etc vs. making additional principal payments to get the house paid off faster.
  5. I think the general rule is if you can save 1%+ in interest, it’s probably worth it. Even starting the 30 year term over, you can still make additional principal payments with the interest savings + whatever else you are comfortable with.
  6. We want to build a garage and finish our basement, the wife thought it would be beat to spend our cash to do it. I fought her on that and we are now in process of a cash out refi. I told her we need to keep our cash, borrow while this money is cheap and lenders are still willing to do cash-out deals. Luckily we are in a very good equity position, so imo it would be stupid to spend our cash when we can still spend the banks.
  7. I’ve noticed mortgage companies ramping up as I keep getting listings on indeed for loss mitigation positions. Similar to what they did back in 2007 before all the arm loans exploded. Wells Fargo is pulling in all non essential employees from other groups to begin taking covid relief calls. They always know of the bloodbath in advance.
  8. Wish I had the answers. Online learning sounds convenient and optimal, but not everyone can afford to both stay home with and teach their kids all day. The last I heard for our county, was a 4 day week - 50% capacity, where 1/2 the kids go 2 days a week, the other 1/2 go the other 2 days. 2 days of online learning.
  9. Course in good shape? It's long been on my list of local-ish places to play. I just checked on Monday the 6th and tee time in the am is only $69, made me wonder if it's in bad shape, just aerated or something. I always thought it was a $100+ course. I played a course like this in Myrtle Beach a few years ago, where all the holes are replicas of famous golf holes. It was awesome and in tip top shape. Would love to do it again.
  10. This whole thing looks like a skit from Key and Peele. That said, if the protesters broke down the gate to get through there and are walking on their lawn, I can totally see why they would freak out. At the same time, they welcomed it to get worse by standing out there with guns. All of this is just ugh.
  11. Ben Franklin rolling in his grave at the thought of these douchebags quoting him on freedom regarding wearing a damn mask in the grocery store.
  12. To me this isn’t just about opening up society too early. Society eventually has to open up. It’s about the administration creating guidelines for re-opening society, pushing governors to go against those guidelines, and not level setting with the people of this country that this is serious and that everyone needs to adhere to the guidelines in order to get back to some level of normalcy. When you constantly pander to your base and their wants vs. do the right thing, you get what we’ve got. A mess.
  13. Guys like Del Rio are football, football, football. I highly doubt they pay much attention to what's really going on in the world. I actually think it's easy to see why people like that buy into what Trump is selling, because if you just listen to him - he's all about America and the democrats hate America.
  14. Watched this last week, and all I could think about was how the Trump clan loved to say that he didn't kill himself because Hillary and Bill had him killed. I know it takes gold medal mental gymnastics to follow their line of thinking, but wouldn't Trump have much, much more to lose than the Clintons?
  15. So much this. I presented this same argument to my uncle and while he’s still a Trump worshipper, it shut him up somewhat.
  16. Saw a reporter on CNN masked up walking through what I guess is the Trump rally tailgate party in Tulsa. So many proud Trumpers refusing to wear a mask. The only mask in sight was on the reporter. It’s one thing to be in a hurry to reopen the economy, but willfully disobeying something as simple as a mask and doing nothing to encourage the general public to do so, is damn near murder. But having your own supporters sign a waiver that you aren’t responsible for the “hoax” while putting them at major risk of spreading the virus that he knows is legit, is something entirely else. Nearly everyday things get so much more real, yet it feels like it can’t possibly be real.
  17. Thanks, sometimes when you see a good speech, it’s easy to get caught up in the words, when the actions say it all. My assumption was he sounds great, but falls in line with his party like all the rest.
  18. Just watched Tim Scott’s speech today and felt I needed to come here and have people tell me why this guy sucks, because I hate to admit it was the best 15 minutes I’ve seen from any politician on either side of the aisle in years. So tell me, is this guy a scumbag or what?
  19. We've had this a few times, it's pretty good - have used it for tacos.
  20. Youth organized sports is already taking place - why would the pros be any different, with the exception of how many fans can be in a building at any one time?
  21. I'm aware of that for sure. It's just I'm immediately skeptical of far-left groups showing up in vests with automatic weapons.
  22. His voice is all but a whisper these days. I don't think for a second there won't be football in some capacity.
  23. My point being that even if it is true, that a group of armed protestors showed up to march with them, the likelihood they are far left is 'odd' to say the least. That's not the far left's style at all.
  24. Far left group with automatic weapons roaming the streets of Richmond. This didn't strike you as odd? Sheesh.
  25. I agree entirely on this. Just want to chime in that much of the drama pertaining to people moving on with their lives is the capacity in which they do that. The loudest 'open it all up, covid is a hoax' crowd believes operating in limited/different capacities, wearing masks, social distancing, etc. is an infringement on their rights vs. common sense practices in a pandemic. This is where all the drama lies. If we had even remotely decent leadership from the top, I gather many things would have been open within reason sooner than they were.