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  1. I went back and watched some San Diego St game film and was - underwhelmed. Agree he generally doesn't get thrown on his butt in the backfield, his pass pro looked ok, but I didn't see him move anybody in any direction they didn't want to move. Literally not once. Kyle is smarter than me, so hope I am wrong.
  2. I like his explosive speed, feet, and power. I don't think he's the most natural pass catcher but obviously gets it done.
  3. Well, other than the fact that at the moment Stidham is their starting QB....but certainly from an organization and coaching standpoint, I get your point. I really like Kmet and a few weeks ago I thought there was a shot he would still be there at 66. Now its pretty clear he won't be. Maybe Belichick will take Trautman.
  4. Hoping for a run on D-linemen in the 2nd round, because at this point its our position of least need. Hoping this big group of highly rated remaining players goes, so other position groups provide the "BPA" at 66: Gallimore Epenesa Okwara YGM Weaver Blacklock Davidson Madubuike Eliot Lewis Taylor
  5. Great pick by the Saints. They are smart. Their o line is gonna be incredible.
  6. Fuuuuuuhhhh......the Giants took Thomas. This board knew all along he was OT1. Chase and Andrew gonna have epic battles for years.
  7. Going back to the exercise others did a couple days ago on who I would like/not like at pick 66. I am including more higher-ranked player because inevitably, somebody is going to fall through the cracks. All it takes is one of these guys to fall, and I will bet right now at least one will. Guys I would like at 66: QB - None RB - Taylor, CEH, Moss TE – Kmet, Claypool WR – Mims, Raegor, Shenault, Higgins OT – Cleveland, Jones, Jackson, Niang IOL – Ruiz Edge – Uche LB – Wilson, Brooks CB – Diggs, Gladney, Arnette S - Chinn, Winfield That
  8. This is the point I was trying to make last night, Howard fits the mold of a player the Pats typically go after and they have a need at TE, but yet they didn't want him.
  9. Agree. While I would like to add Howard's talent to the mix of players we currently have competing at TE, I would not give up a lot to acquire him, or even consider him the default starter if we do.
  10. Damn you, Dan Patrick and Pete Smith (whoever that is), for getting my hopes up like that!
  11. I read where Niang is listed as 6'7" 328, but on film he looks thicker than that. Note #77 in the below video. Also, TCU had him at RT. I don't see LT feet, and I actually see him as a better run blocker than pass protector, but I'm no expert.
  12. You guys who are big Niang fans...do you see him as a starter at LT? I watch him and see a RT at best.
  13. Here is the fascinating and troubling aspect of the Gronk trade... New England is a team that loves to acquire NFL veterans, runs a traditionally tight end-heavy offense, is in desperate need of play making receivers and tight ends, and yet didn't negotiate Howard into the deal, when he clearly was available. they know what they're doing with their scouting, in general. And I thought I heard New England speculated as a landing spot for Howard in some media reports earlier this offseason. I think they may have even been in on Hooper. Only conclusion must be that Belichick doesn't like Howard.
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