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  1. I must be the only one in the world who doesn't love DeJean. Everyone else seems to but I feel like he is a bit of a tweener. I'm not sure I see the fluidity for CB or the instincts combined with physicality for a great S.
  2. There was a similar topic after last year's draft....I think I may have started it. But I can't find it now. Anyone know how to look it up? I'd be curious to see how some of those choices turned out.
  3. 2 - Maye 36 - McKinstry 50 - Adonai Mitchell 53 - Paul 67 - I like Coleman. But maybe Beebe if I knew the Cowboys wanted him. 100 - Jared Wiley 139 - Van Pran-Granger 161 - Trevor Keegan 222 - Michael Barrett
  4. The way SF traded that Kingsley pick to KC when they were the next pick .... The only reason KC would do that is if they knew somebody else was trying to trade up into that San Francisco pic for their guy. I'm 99% certain that was GMAP. Outmaneuvered by Reid. That said I've been watching Coleman a while and I think he's really good. Probably been overlooked this whole process. I know the Commanders had him in for a visit.
  5. This is now abundantly clear, and it provides now two data points in terms of analyzing Peters' quarterback assessment skills as we watch what happens going forward. In other words if Daniels and McCarthy turn out pretty good while Maye fails, he looks really good. If Maye emerges really good and the other two not so much, it's a pretty scathing indictment of his analysis. Most likely it'll be somewhere in between.
  6. I want to call out some mediots who we can categorically say were just completely off in this process based on how picks actually transpired (QB observations only): Anyone who reported that the Giants, Patriots or Falcons "loved JJ McCarthy." Anyone who reported that "if he is still available at pick 5 there will be a mad dash to trade up to grab JJ McCarthy" Anyone who reported Penix's medical issues would push him out of the first round Anyone who reported Maye would fall a bit if Washington passed on him Anyone who reported that if Daniels was gone NE would trade down (possible that they just didn't get any suitable offers though) Anyone who reported that NYG would definitely select a QB I definitely read all of the above from various sources during this process. Media outlets who made GREAT calls: The few who identified that 6 QBs might go in the first 13 picks. Great call. Anyone who identified ATL as looking at QBs. Did any expert call Penix.to the Falcons?
  7. Why are you just worried about this thread? Maye has been dragged all through the mud all across the national media. So what if this thread pushes back the other way?
  8. I think today and tomorrow are key days. I take them at their word that the teams decision makers on the draft are process driven and that all along they have scheduled decision time for early this week. That has probably contributed to why local and national media haven't been able to get a real leak. We'll see what comes out today and tomorrow. While I personally think all of the many, many media talking head suggestions that the pick is Daniels amounts to some "collective smoke" I do also think just the one statement by Spielman that its Maye could be enough to balance that out at the moment.
  9. Wow this draft season and even this thread is gonna make a hell of a doctoral thesis in groupthink effects someday. The effects of creating draft intrigue by tearing away at the early leader has: 1. Turned Jayden Daniels an angel of the Divine sent from God himself to teach us all throwing mechanics as He wants them to be, with deep ball accuracy better than a goddam Norden bombsight. Reality: his deep ball is ok, it's underthrown a lot but his receivers win it anyway, and he can't keep his eyes up in a muddy pocket. 2. Then turned JJ McCarthy into apparently the single greatest leader of men since Alexander the Great conquered Sparta. A man who walks into a room and all conversation stops while women and children swoon and mortals question what they can do to alter their lives to please him. Reality: he has no concept of spacing or layering, has no throws in his bag but a big-stride fastball, and has made a career of consistently being in the right place at the right time with a nice smile and dimples. This really is appalling. Please sop falling for it. If we draft JJ McCarthy over Drake Maye, we deserve exactly what's coming to us. 4 days to go. Breathe, everyone. Your first takes were the right ones.
  10. Jayden has a lot to offer. But one of the things that makes me prefer Maye that doesn't really get talked about at all is arm creativity. There are a lot of plays where Maye's OL would break down or receivers are blanketed and he extends the play and finds a way to get a pass off. He finds a guy breaking open down the middle that Jayden doesn't find. With Maye, sometimes he runs, sometimes he makes an off-platform throw back against his body, hell sometimes he throws left-handed. He seems he'll bent on getting the ball downfield. It's a dagger-in-the-heart mentality in a guy that is really pretty young to football. That's rare. Daniels, for all his impeccable mechanics and good short accuracy, to me doesn't display that mentality, that imagination and creativity. He runs. That's it. Don't get me wrong, its a pretty good backup plan, he is lighting fast and runs north-south, not around in circles like Caleb. But there's no thinking on his feet to get a surprise-everybody pass off last second. He also just doesn't have the arm talent for some of the same throws. If his legs get taken away, there's not much there. Maye's inaccuracy and inconsistency does concern me, but this "I'm gonna rip the defense's heart out" aggressiveness does make up for a lot for me. Unfortunately for me I don't think KK sees it that way and I think they draft Daniels. Love the way Kevin O'Connell talked about it in the church bit....you have to think about what's innate in the player vs what is coachable. Wish we had an OC like that.
  11. Man, Life has to be a lot easier as a Patriots fan (just like for most of the past 30 years) when you get to just take whoever is left. Or maybe the JJ-stans and trade-up mafias on their fan boards turn it into the same quagmire?
  12. Well that's over the top but speaking of over the top I would rather never ever have my QB jump into contact with a tackler.
  13. Some of the articles that mention Maye passing on millions of NIL money to stay at UNC state it like it's a feather in his cap from a personality perspective. I'm not sure it is. I like Maye better than Daniels for most reasons but given what transpired in the 2023 season and what is happening now, I firmly wish he had moved to a higher profile, better-coached and more talented team. I think he would have cemented his status and teams could compare the 2 guys on a more level platform. Also, turning down millions and a shot at competing for a NC may signal a lack of competitive hunger. And if he though UNC was gonna have any kind of shot then he is a poor estimator of coaching and teammate talent, for whatever that's worth. Anyway, that decision could be what changes the Maye, Commanders, Peters, and Quinn trajectories and legacies.
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