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  1. The Rook

    New BANG! Redskins Cartoon: Hostage Situation

    "I hate when my wife says upsy-daisy." was a blow beer through my nose moment. Well done, brother Bang. Well done. The Rook
  2. The Rook

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I see what you did there. Then get the Chargers (or expansion) and become the Washington Warpath. The Rook
  3. Burgold, I am SO glad someone else caught the scent of that as well. Jay Gruden has some real skills and talent, AND will continue to make a living coaching, BUT doesn't have the "peripheral vision" of a successful Head Coach. I suggest that AP is the MVP of the "Lost" 2019 season of the Washington Redskins! He is the one pleasure I have watching the games. The Rook
  4. The Rook

    What the hell is Wrong with Scherff?

    Agree ... and it was disappointing to have those holding calls. Plus I don't see his replacement waiting on the practice squad. There will be plenty of time to evaluate the players at the end of the season. The Rook
  5. He had a monster game and justly deserves the award. Well done, sir! The Rook
  6. The Rook

    Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES - Gruden

    There are so many things to talk about, but I will just say that I had a fast deja vu of Coach Norm saying "We draw up the plays, but it's up to the players to make plays." I think it is up to the coaching staff to prepare the team, not just draw up the plays. The Rook
  7. The Rook

    When's The Win?

    MNF?!!! History says no ... The Rook
  8. Impossible to know who FO likes from other teams. I just pick ten from the Skins cut list. CB Adonis Alexander LB Andrew Ankrah DL Ryan Bee LB B.J. Blunt G Zac Kerin WR Darvin Kidsy Jr. TE Donald Parham Jr. T Timon Parris S Jeremy Reaves RB Craig Reynolds The Rook
  9. OK, here is my partial: DL Ryan Bee LB B.J. Blunt WR Darvin Kidsy Jr. TE Donald Parham Jr. S Jeremy Reaves Will edit when I look at other team's castoffs Maybe's CB Adonis Alexander T Timon Parris RB Reynolds The Rook
  10. Starting in 2017, each NFL team may keep up to ten members on its practice squad in addition to the 53-member main roster. A majority of those on a practice squad are rookie draft picks and undrafted free agents who were released prior to the regular season. A practice squad also includes veterans, up to four as of the 2016 season.[11] Players may be signed to a practice squad for several reasons: for lack of space on the team, due to injury, or because they require more development. Practice squad players can be signed to any team's 53-man active roster, without compensation to their former team, at any time during the season. A player cannot participate on the practice squad for more than three seasons; he is eligible for a third season only if the team has at least 53 players on its active/inactive list for the duration of that player's employment, or have no prior accrued seasons in the NFL (an accrued season is six or more games on the active roster); or if he has accrued a year of NFL experience on a club's 53-man active roster. If the player was on the active list for fewer than nine games during their "only accrued season(s)", he maintains his eligibility for the practice squad. Games in which a player is listed as the third-string quarterback do not count as being on the active list.[12] Former quarterback Mike Quinn, who was listed as the third-string quarterback for several teams throughout his career, is a notable example, being practice squad eligible during his 8th NFL season.[13] The Rook
  11. The Rook


    MAN, I hate to get rid of a Blunt. Seriously, I think he (along with Parham and Bee) did well enough for PS. We'll see. The Rook
  12. The Rook

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    I thought it was interesting that, although Cam Sims was open on the TD throw, Haskins made the harder throw to S Sims. I think Steve Sims bailed out Haskins on that throw. I wonder if Haskins was unsure of Cam because of the previous drop, OR he is not comfortable with his "touch" passing OR maybe he just was locked in on his first read. The Rook
  13. I remember the first time I saw him in his rookie year and was amazed. He certainly deserved that OROY award that year. Thank you #22. RIP The Rook