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  1. The Rook

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I can't believe Detroit would tip their hand for Tua so early unless they would actually LOVE for the Redskins to trade with Miami - opening the door for Detroit to get Chase Young. That would be a smart play for them. The Rook
  2. The Rook

    New Bang Cartoon: Trash Day

    Glad I saved watching it until today - needed a pick-me-up and that did it! Thanks Bang, really enjoyed. The Rook
  3. The Rook

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    I know you meant this as a compliment, but no. Just like you wouldn't call Art Monk "Lil Bobby Mitchell", let Terry McLaurin make a name for himself. HTTR The Rook
  4. The Rook

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Does anyone else feel that waiting until after the draft to select a GM will hinder the ability to make a sophisticated trade deal involving the #2 pick and trades during the draft? I hope these type of deals have communication between multiple teams over a long period. And who is speaking for the Skins when the phone rings in February? March? Right now? Daniel Snyder? The Rook
  5. This is an important list that previous management did not account for and led to the misconception of always being "close". This doesn't even include Brandon, Moses, Trent or Chris Thompson. The Rook
  6. There are several out there, but this one looks at the agents based on money and is easy to search by team/position. Not the best for player evaluation but a nice secondary site I like to use. The Rook
  7. The Rook

    Ye Auld 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    Good God, I hope not. I am honestly afraid for him and don't want to be witness to the next hit. I wish nothing but the best for Jordan, but the projection for the team SHOULD NOT be to pencil-in a TE spot for him. This team was hamstrung because they did not have a viable TE threat after he and Dean were lost. The Rook
  8. Interesting post Burgold Yes ... and no. Staying with bad people may be the result of other factors rather than patience. I believe the way he handled Marty was his nature and also showed in his quick firing of multiple internal people. With the parade of coaches after Marty (and the associated records) and the lambasting he received from the media about the short leash, I think he decided to control the reins through yes-men GM's - hence Vinny and Bruce. I think the meddling urge is still there, but hey, as much as I want to believe this is OUR team, it really is his. And at least there is no more of winning the FA war and here is where I think has showed to be more patient. The latest drafts have been pretty good so I am encouraged about that meddling also. However, I wouldn't want to work for him and upset him (like accidentally sneeze on him). BTW, the damage Mike Shannahan did to this franchise still echoes today. The Rook
  9. The Rook

    Correcting the fan interest problem

    Yes, it was a dump, but it was a lovable dump. There was an honor in seating in dump with the rest of the fans - we were enjoying the miserable-ness together ala the older stadiums. It sat what? 66k? But there was a closeness that ramped-up the fan loyality, even when the team wasn't winning. What has been missing is the honor - the whole-sale firing of the office personnel (some who had been there for decades), the "show" of giving a bull-dozer to a tribe, the lack of owner public interface about decisions, blind-side firings, seemingly lack of care about players personally, questionable hires and on and on. It seems like Dan and management has a habit of selecting the path with no honor. Their inability to do the right thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. The things suggested should have been in place already and frankly, because we the fans have to point it out shows the lack of awareness (or worse, willingness) to just do the right thing. Every business gets to make the choice of having a good experience or just sucking every nickle out of the patrons, quality be damned. I feel the Dan does the minimum. The Rook
  10. The Rook

    Who was the worse GM? Vinnie or Bruce?

    You can't fool me. I don't know much scripture but I do know Satan can take many forms. Get thee behind me! The Rook
  11. The Rook

    Next Coach?

    You have to admit, the first possession, scripted drive was pretty good. I didn't think he was calling the plays after the scripted ones - my bad. I've gotten to the point where I don't think any darn NFL coach knows time management (watched Zimmer and Belichek screw the pooch on TM this weekend)- I know the Redskins haven't had one since ... I can't remember. Oh yeah Gibbs I. As for HC, I'm not sure. The savant ability of obsessing over the small details can create paralysis by analysis or Vince Lombardi. Agree about the interim coach history, but one of the things I wouldn't be comfortable would be bringing in his son as OC. Still think he would be a valuable asset to lose. As for super tight with Satan, we are not getting that "read" down here in Va Beach. We catch the Skins network shows and of course Bubba's news links. The Rook
  12. Would like to make him happy and then keep him, but if that is not in the cards: (As the draft order stands right now) Would like to package him with the first round pick to Miami for their #5, #25, 1st 2020 second round #36 and 2021 2nd round. I feel this is realistic value moving up to the #2 pick and getting Williams. (Miami would still have another 1st round and second round pick in 2020 - they are loaded!) The Rook
  13. The Rook

    Next Coach?

    I think Coach Callahan is his own man. Here is an article from October that I took with a grain of salt when I first read it because I didn't have much to judge by. Now, after watching and listening to him, I think the article was incisive. It explains his slow-roll with Haskins and seeing the flaws everywhere. Even if he is not selected as head coach, there has got to be a place for him on the staff. The Rook
  14. The Rook

    Next Coach?

    The more I listen to Callahan, the better I like Coach. In his presser the other day he had no trouble calling out ALL levels of the defense. I like his slow progression for Haskins and his fast yank on the leash for Norman etc. I would really be interested in who he would want as defensive coordinator and other assistant coaches. Definitely has earn the opportunity for interview by a competent GM. Oh ... and No to McCarthy. The Rook
  15. The Rook

    Will Peterson and/or McLaurin reach 1,000 yards?

    Just read that AP would get a $0.5 million bonus if he get 1000 this year. Think he's motivated? The Rook