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  1. I've done my research and there is a correlation between points and winning... it's something we should be able to exploit...
  2. Put Snyder on the trading block Snyder and a pile of gold for ANYTHING... a broken door...yes a pile of rusty nails... yes a three legged dog... **** yes
  3. I just took a trip in my Delorean... if we kicked the extra point, it would have been deflected toward the skins sideline, where it would have hit Snyder in the nuts... The photo of the incident would become the next "crying Jordan" meme.... the "Wincing Snyder".... He would go on to sell the team in humiliation. The whole thing was a massive missed opportunity...
  4. Apparently we suck at sucking... damn Snyder, can't you do anything right?
  5. If Haskins isn't the long term answer, then the long term answer isn't on the roster. You are better going with Haskins until the end. By the end of the season you should be 100% sold on his future... and if he's toast, then we likely have the draft capital to get his replacement. Please don't go to Kyle Allen or Alex Smith to squeak out a 6-10 season - that does nothing to get us closer to winning....
  6. I remember watching 'ole Ryp try to hurdle a defender and kick the dude in his face... it was hilarious
  7. You're right, if there is one thing us WTF fans don't have is enough pessimism. LOL I'm more pessimistic because I've seen fans flip out over every miniscule thing for decades. I get it, we SUCK... running meaningless plays in a hopeless situation isn't going to change that. And yes, in spite of our suckitude, I still trust Ron's opinion more than yours....
  8. Y'all blowing the clock management stuff out of proportion. What, from that game, gave you any confidence that they could've pulled off a minor miracle. To act like the team is pissed at his decisions is a whole lotta presumption...
  9. I still want to know how our first punt didn't draw a roughing flag? It was a textbook call...
  10. #1 How is that not roughing? #2 How are the announcerz going to completely ignore it?
  11. Ahhh...the life of a WTF fan...best winning percentage in league history. They literally can't lose...
  12. My whole fantasy draft made fun of me for paying $1 for WFT DST. SUCK IT
  13. Was all in on this guy in my auction keeper league. I’m just confident that the Turners are good at finding backs for their system - I gotta believe they were the ones that wanted Gibson... which is very promising. And yes, I’m assuming that Norv is working behind the scenes with Scott...
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