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  1. Its all born out of the desire to rid the team of Snyder. Would you rather another 20 years of incompetence and embarrassment with Snyder, or a massive low point followed by a reboot with a new owner? I’m not sure which path is better, but I’m very sympathetic toward those who want to see Snyder burn...
  2. People were expecting earth shattering news that would force Dan to sell the team. That article isn't gonna do it. I suspect that is the reason for those type of comments. No one is in favor of sexual harassment (at least hardly anyone).
  3. At some level yes... but much of what he's done so far has been to "deal with" problems that preceded him, so I would argue that he has already been a shield...
  4. To be fair, given the location of the team, we probably have a disproportionate number of fans that work for an intelligence agency
  5. I remember sort of defending Dan, but that was in like 2007 or 2008. It was more of a "give him the benefit of the doubt" argument. Well Dan utterly eviscerated that perspective...
  6. In light of recent revelations, can we revert back to ANUS TART as the thread title? Seems appropriate...
  7. This reminds me of a FA frenzy thread... keep refreshing to track Redskins 1... except we are just waiting to hear what idiotic thing Snyder did!
  8. I'd just like to say that I find this thread title offensive and potentially racist against "someone" I'd like to propose several new options for your consideration: ANUSDART RECTALSTART ANUSSKINS REDANUS ANUSTINKER