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  1. Extrapolating one game out to a season is really risky (remember Matt Flynn?) I'm not saying I don't want Heinicke... I do... but we are so QB starved, we gotta think rationally!
  2. I'm surprised to see the numbers being tossed out here. I know that he looked really good in that game, but I'm guessing that they could get him for ~2m/yr (the Colt McCoy special) People talking about 5m, 10m, or even 15m a year are crazy...
  3. In order of importance: 1) Colors stay the same (minor tweaking acceptable) 2) Cool logo 3) Name is not generic (i.e. Warriors) - carries some connection to the region, but doesn't feel "fabricated" 4) Don't care much about fight song (it's already gonna change, so...) 5) Don't care if style is classic vs modern, both can be done well
  4. While some may just say its hindsight... at the time of virtually every one of these actions I felt like it was the wrong decision... I don't remember EVERY one, but I definitively didn't like: - Ramsey pick - Campbell pick - McNugget trade - RG3 trade (I was ok with pick after the trade was done...) - Smith trade - Haskins pick Most of the trades seemed like ones that no competent franchise would make.
  5. All we can hope is that this is the situation that finally convinces Danny Boy to stay out of personnel decisions.... We can hope right?
  6. There's another Dwayne thread, but this one can be all De-wayne Christmas Carols... Jingle Dwayne, Jingle Dwayne, Fumble all the way, oh what fun it is party in a pandemic with strippers yeah!
  7. 911 pages of Dwayne Haskins... Coincidence? I don't think so...
  8. Gotta get to #2! Want the option to draft Fields... even if we were to trade it away... no value in winning any more games...
  9. Shall I compare thee to a nut kick? Thou art more painful and more degrading. Rough winds do shake the flying ducks of Smith, And Snyder's lease hath all too long a date. Sometime too hot the eye of Gibbs shines, And often is his gold complexion tear-stained; And every stumble from bumble sometime remains, By chance, or Snyder’s incompetence, untrimmed; But thy eternal misery shall not fade...
  10. We need another shot at a QB... we've botched the last two drafts by coming out without a QB and we had a chance to get Tua and Herbert this past year, both of which are showing promise... Out suck Dallass, and then hope that Jacksonville pulls out a win somewhere
  11. Very interesting observation, I'd be interested to see if there was a clock issue here. It would be quite fitting if you are right. It's fine by me, we aren't winning anything this year, I'd rather be in a position to get a QB in the draft.... I'm sympathetic to the fans who hate the idea of tanking... but at some point you you are basically waffling between varying degrees of "horrendously bad"... at that point, get the pick...
  12. Blame it on a front office and owner that are ****ing delusional every single year... "...but we're so close!"
  13. Start building with your punter, your place kicker, and your long snapper... gotta go punter in the first
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