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  1. Montez Sweat said what now? JFC. I just wish we would all use some damn common sense. We're so tribal nowadays. But we're all still Americans and we're all in this together. Get the damn shot. It could literally save your life or someone you love. My mother and her siblings hate each now because politics. It's so sad.
  2. I'm a PSU fan. I remember more plays made by Toney than Oweh. Toney had four sacks week 1 vs Indiana. He has the talent, just needs to put it all together.
  3. Heinecki or Mills? Give me mother f'n Heinecki any day
  4. 3rd round picks will be interesting. I'm thinking TE or back 7. Possibly a RB.
  5. But how many college offenses have their TE put their hand in the dirt? That type of TE doesn't exist anymore.
  6. Suzy Kolber is brutal. She asks the most awkward questions.
  7. Working hard your entire life only to be drafted by Detroit.
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