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  1. Pittsburgh probably has a turf worse than ours lol
  2. I thought Biadez fell because of injury concerns
  3. I think we'll probably get a day slot potentially??? I don't think the NFL wants two games going against each other with Dallas-Ravens at 5. Do we play at 2 lol?
  4. Think his play might have priced himself out of here. He'd be a nice fit, but I think the Titans might look to resign him, but who knows. Maybe we decide that Cam Sims needs more development? He's certainly a willing blocker.
  5. I was initially sold on the idea of going after a big time WR, but I think I'd pause. I think Godwin (for sure) is getting franchised. Galloday is good, but he's going to want a bunch of money and Detroit probably franchises him at age 27. We need to resign Terry in a couple of years. I'd look at a Marvin Jones on a cheap contract potentially.
  6. I don't think you can resign both. Chase has been a stall worth in the sense that he's always available. However, He's probably an above-average center. He'll get paid. We need to resign Scherff. We drafted Ismael for a reason. My guess is that Chase gets too much money in FA and we have to reluctantly pass on resigning him.
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/28/nfl-49ers-prepared-backup-plans-months-ago/ Seems like the stadium needs to be NFL ready ASAP. Zona makes too much sense. Its relatively close by (2 hour flight from SF) and is NFL ready. No way is the NFL going to play in Oakland on a field that hasn't been treated recently. Cal/Stanford could work, but it seems (according to the article) that there are technological needs that need to be addressed.
  8. We aren't playing in SF now with their local restrictions. I'm thinking it has to be Zona since LA and Vegas are not available.
  9. CB is a low key potential need for us. Moreau and Darby are FAs. I could see CB being the first round pick
  10. I don’t think Pitts lasts to potentially 19.
  11. If its not QB in round 1, I'd say that LT, WR, or TE are the picks. Maybe Pitts falls to 19?
  12. Some here may not like it, but Lance is also a possibility there.
  13. Yeah, as much I hate rooting for losses, we need to tank to ensure we get Wilson or Fields.
  14. I don't know. If Dallas gets that pick, I think they take Sewell and run. Smith might retire. LT is their biggest need. Cinci needs to protect Burrow.
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