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  1. Vegas is desperate to resign him. I think he also stays because he had by far his best year there. That's the reason they cut Tyrell Williams.
  2. In an ideal setting, we'd get a cheap rookie QB while the rest of the roster (i.e. our d-line, Terry) was getting paid. Honestly, from a roster building setting, it makes sense to wait on trying and getting a young rookie QB till next year/year after. Lets see what Taylor and Kyle can do with a reinforced cast (LT, LB, WR) next year.
  3. I figure Tampa takes either LB (if David leaves), DT (Suh is a FA), or edge (JPP is getting up there in age and Barrett is a FA).
  4. (Depending on FA), behind us in the 1st, who'd take a WR? 20). Chicago (yes, especially if they lose Robinson in FA. O-line and D-line are also major areas of need (aside from QB). 21). Indy (yes, although LT is the major need. If they resign Hilton, WR isn't a huge need. Maybe they have given up on Paris Campbell. Edge rusher is also a need). 22). Tenn (No. RT, and anywhere on defense are much bigger needs) 23). Jets (Yes, although it could be RB, o-line, edge, or CB). 24). Pitt (No. They have Claypool, Washington, and Deonte) 25). Jags (Yes, althoug
  5. He's close to done. He's always been a pass catcher and is not a blocker whatsoever. If he came cheap, sure.
  6. If AVT were there at 19, Indy (if they view him as a LT), Tenn (to replace Wilson who looks to be cut/traded as a RT), NYJ (to build the o-line to protect Fields/Wilson (selected at #2) (they also have a boatload of picks to move up), Jax (build up o-line for Lawrence), Bal (if they trade Brown and play AVT at RT or G), GB (need interior o-line help), and KC (both tackles are aging and injured) would all trade up (IMO) for AVT. He's super safe as a sure fire really good guard, and some like his tape as T (in terms of draft media).
  7. I'd say AVT is a stronger case to go top 18 vs Horn, but I'd be happy with either of them. Both would be attractive trade up candidates since AVT is the only clear cut first round interior lineman (with Dickerson's injury concern). Also a team may have AVT as a T prospect as well.
  8. Yeah, but I figure that Carolina is destined to take a QB (their owner is fixated on getting a QB). We all know Lawrence is going #1. I figure Fields/Wilson go #2. Atl either trades down (Carolina/Denver) to a team that wants a QB, takes a QB, or takes Sewell. If Miami takes Sewell at 3, Atl is kind of screwed. They are not taking a skill guy considering they have so much invested in it (Ridley is due an extension soon, Julio, Hearst). They need defense and can get their preferred CB (Farley or Surtain) from either Carolina or Denver or they take Matt Ryan's heir apparent with Fields/Lan
  9. I don’t see Fields falling. Jags, Jets, Falcons, Panthers, Broncos, and Pats will/could all take quarterbacks
  10. NO paid a future first to go from 29 to 14 to take Marcus Davenport. I don’t think it would cost that much to go from 19 to 9. It would be similar to the Steelers-Denver trade for Devin Bush. It would cost this year’s 2nd and next year’s third
  11. If Russell Wilson is traded, I figure it’s Vegas. It gets him out of the conference and Seattle would want a QB back. Carr+18 for Wilson is a fair deal. Carr is 4 years younger and Seattle could use that first rounder on either on online or dline
  12. Adam Humphries just got cut by the Titans. He's been injury prone, but if he's healthy, he'd be a big upgrade over Sims in the slot.
  13. Rosen was the #10 pick in his draft (Az gave up a 3rd and a 5th to move up 5 slots to do so). They bailed after one year for Murray. Josh Allen went #7. There's not much of a difference in draft position there. 2019-2020 season for Allen (without Diggs): 59% (not good) 20 tds (passing) 9 ints 3100 yards (passing) 510 rushing yards 9 tds (rushing) They didn't win despite Allen. They were a defensive team that relied upon Allen's legs and playmaking ability. They really had no weapons to speak of (which is why they went out and go
  14. I don't want to trade the farm for anyone. For Deshaun: Jets could offer: Q. Williams+#2+#23+2022 Jets 1st Miami could offer: #3+Tua+#18+2022 2nd Carolina (their owner is apparently nuts over Deshaun): Derrick Brown+Burns+#8+2022 1st+2023 1st We are not beating those offers
  15. Allen was the starter for a team that went to the playoffs last year ( where they lost that close game to Houston). He was never a bust (compared to Rosen or Haskins) Barkley isn’t even the best RB from that draft. Chubb is a much better RB (even before Barkley’s injury). Barkley can’t even pass protect. He’s JD Mckissic level bad (and JD is willing but is too small to do it). Barkley has the size, but is just a horrific pass blocker. If you can’t pass block, than you can’t be a RB on today’s NFL. If Clinton Portis was HOF level blocker, than Barkley is a UDFA camp cut block
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