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  1. Here's every throw from Haskins in Week 2: 2:23 is Really concerning. That's just plain inaccuracy. Its an easy throw (doesn't matter because Cam Sims got called for offense PI). He's great at throwing slants inside the hashes, but defenses will scheme that away and force the outside the numbers throws. I don't know if he's accurate enough to make those throws.
  2. I think they take Lawrence. Their GM didn't draft Darnold, and Lawrence is more hyped than any QB since Luck. They'd probably get a 3rd rounder for Darnold.
  3. Here's Minschew against the Titans. He can improvise and scramble. Throws a much better catchable ball. Jay is scheming guys open and he's hitting them. Objectively speaking, Minschew has been much better than Haskins in the NFL.
  4. Nah, the Jets don't have any defense talent (Mosely opted out and Adams was traded). Bell is hurt and (although I like him) Perriman is their best WR with Crowder dinged up. They haven't even been close in their games.
  5. I think the Jets have us beat there. They lost two of their best defenders and they arguably have a worse offensive cast than we do!
  6. I'll tell you what, Kyle Allen throws a MUCH better deep ball than Haskins does. Far more touch and arc.
  7. The Browns are (after the Ravens) the best running team in the NFL. Baker is deadly accurate when he gets time. The defense will hang tough, but Haskins will start slow as usual and put us in a bind,
  8. The Jag's o-line is pretty crappy too, Their RB (Robinson) is just a JAG. Their WRs are nothing to write home about (Chark is a good young player and Sheanult looks promising), but they are not leaps and bounds better. Yet, Jay has Minschew playing so much better. QBs are either accurate or not. Haskins has horrible inaccuracy outside the numbers (Look at the missed throw to a WIDE OPEN Inman on the 4th down play that Sims was called for offensive PI).
  9. Jameis is lightyears ahead of Haskins as a QB. He's a turnover machine though, but if we had to choose between both of them, give me Jameis any day of the week. Jameis can at least put touch on the ball.
  10. Banks at least had functional NFL accuracy. Plus, they had a chance at the playoffs.
  11. The o-line isn't like the line Ramsay had (where free blitzes were coming constantly). Haskins predetermines his read (see Logan Thomas at 3rd and goal) a lot. He's very inaccurate. The o-line might be porous, but there were no jailbreaks today. Of the QBs drafted the last two years, he's at the bottom of the list no question. Minshew eats him alive. Jay is getting him to play well. We'd be hyped if Haskins was playing like Minshew has.
  12. That still would not have been complete. Terry was blanketed on that conversion.
  13. Now, THAT was a great throw to Sims. With touch.
  14. Haskins just doesn't hit crossers in stride. That throw to Sims was not in stride.
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