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  1. Packers aren’t trading Rodgers in conference. If he’s getting traded, the Colts are the most obvious answer
  2. There have been whispers by the draft experts about Parsons. This could drop him down severely, especially in today’s climate. He’s off my board for sure
  3. 49ers still have to resign Trent. They have no cap space. Teams need at least 20 million in cap space to trade for him. I was listening to Lombardi today and he said the top two are Indy and the Pats because they have the cap space AND they are in the AFC. He also mentioned Washington, but distinguished because we are in the same conference. Hypothetically, would you trade #19 for Tua? Say Miami trades#3+#18+Tua for Watson. Houston likes Wilson/Fields better than Tua and wants another 1st round pick. Would you trade #19 for Tua?
  4. The most I'm giving up is the 2021 1st and a 2022 2nd. I'd expect we'd offer 2021 1st and a 3rd this year. I'm NOT IN FAVOR of giving up 2021 1st and 2022 1st.
  5. TK, you giving us some insider information
  6. I don't want Darnold at all. I think he stinks. Stafford is a different story. With the lack of medical this year, 1st rounders are trickier than ever. Denver could theoretically outbid anyone if they offered the #9 overall pick. Does Stafford want to go there? Indy has a lower 1st rounder than we do, but they play in a division with only the Titans as threats (especially if Watson is traded). They also have the cap space and are out of the conference. We have the marginally higher 1st rounder. I'd trade #19+3rd. SF doesn't have the cap space (especially since they want to
  7. If Denver wants to, they can trade their 1st for Stafford and beat anything we have to offer. Plus, they are in the AFC. Stafford probably wants to win. Our only saving grace is that we play in a crappy division. Maybe Stafford sees that? Plus, he and Mayhew obviously have a relationship.
  8. Yes on Jimmy G for sure. He's the definition of a JAG. Would rather go with Heineke vs Jimmy G. Winston I can see from a pure talent perspective. He's got all the tools. But, I see the Saints resigning him. Stafford is the only vet I'd go after. Dallas isn't losing Dak.
  9. Maybe this is the year to trade a 1st for Stafford
  10. Its IMPOSSIBLE for the Falcons to trade Ryan. They have no cap space and the dead cap hit would be prohibitive. He's not going anywhere.
  11. If the Lions can trade Staffoed to the AFC, they’ll do it. One thing to keep in mind is that Martin Mayhew drafted Stafford
  12. He was getting going 1998 with Trent Green and than suffered a freak neck injury against the Chargers. Brad comes in and he starts playing like his pedigree. He tears the ACL in the 2nd game in 2000 and is never the same. The early years I attribute to horrible QB play. Gus would ONLY THROW to Jamie Asher for some freaking reason. Henry Ellard was also the deep threat in those years and was still really productive. I was actually watching some random 1995-1997 games and Gus was HORRIBLE! He was really inaccurate for his position.
  13. Kiper and Mcshay have both had him as a clear cut 1st rounder.
  14. OUTSTANDING Analysis!!! It'll all depend on FA. I figure we'll get at least one vet WR. Terry is the only assured WR on the roster next year. Cam Sims (IMO) is too unreliable. Last year, there were... Round 1: (6 WRs) Round 2: (7 WRs) Round 3: (2 WRs) You have to figure that if we want an impact WR, it'll have to be either the 1st or 2nd round pick.
  15. We don't have the assets for going after Deshaun. Either he's a Texan, or he's a Dolphin (I'd think the trade would be Tua+3+18).
  16. Yeah, look back at Casserly's drafts post Gibs 1.0... 1993: (HORRIBLE draft. Only decent pick was Frank Wycheck in the 6th and we let him go!!) 1994: (Obviously Heath was a bust, but QB was the pick to make. Tre was an awesome 2nd rounder. Getting Gus in the 7th was a steal even though I thought he held the team back) 1995: I'll still defend Westbrook. He'd have been much better thought of if Gus wasn't the QB. Raymer was a solid 2nd rounder. Asher was a solid 5th rounder even though I thought Gus threw to him way too much. Rich Owens was an excellent 6th rounder
  17. I think he stays in Oakland. Aside from Ruggs and Renfrow (who is strictly a slot WR), he's their only WR worth anything. Tyrell Williams was a huge FA bust. You need your 3rd RB to play Special Teams. Ingram can't. JD is too small and you don't want Gibson out there. Barber played teams.
  18. What's weird is that Casserly was really good on 2nd round picks, but was HORRIBLE on first round picks. His best 1st round pick before Champ was Kenard Lang (who was best as an interior pass rusher vs an edge guy). Casserly drafted Tre, Raymer, Alexander, (all solid 2nd rounders). Looking back at the 1995 draft, I still think Westbrook was the right choice at the time. He was just destroyed by Gus. He looked his best when Trent Green came in 1998 and Brad in 1999. Gus would NEVER THROW HIM the ball! It was always Jamie freaking Asher and RBs who got the ball. Hea
  19. The colts are built right. They have oodles of cap room and a good o-line (although they need to replace Costanzo). Their defense is pretty good too. I think they are the #1 Stafford destination (Detroit gets to do him right and trade him out of conference).
  20. Nah, they don't need OT. Lane Johnson is coming back and is a really good RT. They drafted Dillard in the 1st a couple of years ago and he missed last year due to injury. Their young replacements after Peters were not horrible. OT isn't a big need for them.
  21. Eagles will take Smith or Chase (whomever is on the board). Their FO does NOT prioritize LBs, so Micah Parsons isn't on their radar (even though he'd be a godsend for their defense). O-Line doesn't make sense (they still have Dillard, and their young tackles were not wretched). Doubt they take QB. There is not a CB worthy to take at 6. It'll be Smith or Chase. Dallas will either take LT (I think Smith could retire), trade back, or take best defender available. Giants are the wild-card and could certainly take Pitts. Their offense doesn't have scary skill guys sans
  22. Yeah, with Haskins, you could tell the team had no confidence with him. Heineke ran the offense so much better in both of his appearances.
  23. Ramsay wasn't bad (at least they traded down twice and picked up two 3rd rounders in the process). He got picked 32 and the team needed a QB. He stuck around the league for a while.
  24. Yeah, I don't see him slipping past NYG. Engram has no hands. They need a skill guy for Jones. Dallas probably passes because they have invested so much in skill guys and their TEs are pretty solid anyways.
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