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  1. Anyone who has a technical background learned metric or used it for studies (i.e. gravity 9.8 m/s). I think the overall populace is too set in stone to change to Km instead of miles for example.
  2. mhd24

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If Burrow is there at 2 (assuming Chase goes 1), we HAVE to take him. I think gap between Burrow and Haskins is too vast to pass on Burrow.
  3. Cam was the #1 pick in his draft. He was a much better prospect coming out due to his mobility. Haskins does not have Cam's mobility. I don't think they are comparable at all.
  4. mhd24

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Bob Mcginn just posted his top 50 (with scouts opinions): Offense: Defense: I'll just post Chase Young: Chase Young, Ohio State (6-5, 264): Young, who finished fourth in voting for the Heisman Trophy, is the only defensive player in our top 10. “Reminds me of Myles Garrett,” said one scout. “Ohio State turned him loose. Just let him go after the quarterback. He always jumped around the block. He’s not very physical. The only technique he has is with his shoulders. But he is explosive and can change direction, and he gives good effort. He’s not like the Bosas. They had such great hands. This guy doesn’t use his hands.” He finished with 30 1/2 sacks, including 16 1/2 in 2019. Young didn’t work out at the combine. “If I was going to be critical of one thing, I bet he’s not going to run because he’s not that fast,” another scout said before the combine. “He isn’t going to be Montez Sweat and run 4.4s. He’s not that fast, but he produces rushing the passer. He put together two great years. He was borderline unstoppable at times this year. There’s enough there. You’re overthinking it if you try to talk yourself out of it.”
  5. mhd24

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm not sure about that. If Sweat were in this draft, he'd easily be the 2nd best DE. He really came on during the year, and was excellent against the run (things rookie DEs struggle with). Yeah, losing #34 sucks, but I'm not mad about the trade. Sweat is a building block for the defense.
  6. If TB offers their 1st, I'm all over it. Considering they are obviously in win now mode (with Arians at his age as well as TB), I wonder if they go for broke?
  7. Against two of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. His mechanics still look really suspect. I was listening to the latest first draft pod and Mel and Todd (in general) were talking about how qbs rarely change their mechanics to a major extent. Its muscle memory. Haskins' footwork and accuracy are his major downfalls.
  8. WOW. I think Minny wins that trade simply because of the savings on salary. The #22 can be used to take a much needed cheap WR (they have nothing outside Thielen).
  9. Nah, I'd say Buckner is the 2nd best DT in the NFL after Donald. He was dominant before Bosa. I think he's much better than Mason Foster ever was. Better in coverage and not a slowpoke in comparison.
  10. Wanted to keep Flowers, but good for him. The ignorant will laugh, but he played well last year. We need interior o-line depth now with Martin becoming a starter. I expect this will be like reverse Osweiler trade. Houston gets a pick for taking on that contract.