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  1. Yeah I have a mower, leaf blower and trimmer by Kobalt that all use the same batteries. I like them way better than gas. Plus, you can do things with it that a gas mower can't manage. You can fold the mower up to store it more easily, and you can turn it upside or on its side to clean and maintain it without worrying about the gas.
  2. Awesome! We're planning to watch it with the kids soon.
  3. My family always called it "bread dressing" growing up. Even as a kid I was like, mom, this makes no sense.
  4. I mean, the post clearly stated that antibiotics have no effect on the common cold. This is a weird hill to die on. (And as someone who reads the tailgate daily, I know you're a thoughtful person. So I'm not attacking you, just saying maybe you're overthinking this one.)
  5. We're closing in on the total U.S. deaths in WW2. At this rate we will likely blow past that and this could even surpass the Civil War. That's mind blowing and heart breaking.
  6. I don't particularly like Hogan in the grand scheme of things (didn't vote for him and wouldn't), but I'm not going to fault the guy for trying. Remember the landscape at the time, the Trump administration was actively ****ing up the logistics of fighting the pandemic. Hogan was at least attempting to get tests.
  7. We're trying to figure out what to do what to do about Thanksgiving. To set the scene, everybody involved takes the virus seriously. Masked up, only go out when you need to, no gatherings, etc. Thanksgiving would be the four of us, plus my mom, dad, sister and brother. We have been around my mom/dad and sister within the last month. My brother flew in from San Jose but he's getting tested and won't come unless he's negative of course. My parents are in their 70s and my wife is a cancer survivor, so there are immune system concerns. Thoughts? Sho
  8. Man you guys are having a rough go of it. Sorry to hear it.
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