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  1. Who's our resident Tailgater of all things Richmond? Last summer he was preparing for Richmond to be burned to the ground. Last I heard it's still standing.
  2. I don't even know where to start. Yeah, they're typing in English, I can read it. But it's a different language. These people walk amongst us.
  3. Dude, are you for real? This whole time I was thinking:
  4. Wiz being Wiz. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Trade Beal, trade Russ (if anyone's dumb enough to take him). Fire Brooks. Trade anyone else you can, collect draft capital. If you're not contending, you're reloading. This in-between bull**** the Wizards constantly lie to their fans about is annoying.
  5. @The Evil Genius Don't **** around, get a Concept2. It's what any good high school, or collegiate rowing program trains on. It's what USRowing uses, too. They are the gold standard. It's what they test world records on. Back in college I got one. There was an indoor rowing competition over in Alexandria, I think. They get these brand new Concept2s and have them out for race day and at the end of the day you can purchase one. Being a broke ass college student, mom hooked it up, I can't remember what the deal was but it was REALLY good. I put well over a million me
  6. This is the best thing you'll see all day.
  7. I was always bummed that Pippen didn't stay with the sweet ass Avia's.
  8. Too little too late, Tangerine ****apotomous
  9. Not following here. Dude wanted to go toe to toe with the best. Nothing wrong with that.
  10. Man, I don't watch the NBA like I used to. But to have a pro sport that has WWE levels of drama...it's just amazing. Nothing compares.
  11. In my mind, he already is. He made that announcement last night, I think, to make it seem like he was going to go that way and try save Republican donorship. This is a little bit more off the radar, yet it's a roadblock for impeachment. **** that turtle faced ****.
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