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  1. Sad to see that Turner has Covid. That said, I'm with @Riggo#44, if you can get a haul for him, you trade him. He's also got two more years of team control which is extremely valuable, that value starts to chip away as time goes on.
  2. Fiance and I have been watching Friends. They have all the seasons on HBO Max. I never really watched this show when it was on but I really like it now. This show could never be made today and some of the 90s nostalgia is really fun. Great stuff.
  3. ****ing France, are you kidding me? I can maybe, maaaaaaybe, maybe, understand losing to some war torn country where their guys are savages and out for blood but ****INGFRANCEAREYOUKIDDINGME. Durant shooting 4-12 from the floor, what a joke. Dame 3-10. FOH.
  4. Twitter lost it's mind last night about the Kanye album and the listening party. And then he doesn't drop the album today. I gotta admit, I was mildly curious about it. Now I really wanna listen to it. Dude's a marketing genius.
  5. The Cleveland Guardians is a terrible name. WTF are you guarding? A city that no one wants to go to that's only one one championship that isn't in your sport in the past 50 years?
  6. I love **** like this but I can't, as a 39 year old dopey white guy, get away with wearing anything like that. But yes, get it. Let me live vicariously through you.
  7. I don't disagree with some of your points. But while he hasn't partnered with another future Hall of Famer, Middleton and Holiday are a bit more than roleplayers. I also hate the argument (and I'm about to make it) that he beat the latest super team that Durant tried to form. I think you'd agree that the Nets, with a healthy Harden and Irving would have beaten this Bucks team. That said, he stepped up when it counted and got the win. In 15 years people aren't going to remember that the Nets were banged up. He knows what's up, half sprite/half lemonade
  8. I dunno if he's a greater player. KD separates himself in the sense that he can be lethal from 3. Greater competitor? Absolutely.
  9. I'm not sure if it'll be difficult or not. And I think Middleton is a bit underrated, he's a two time all-star. No, he or Holiday aren't future Hall of Famers but they're still very capable players. As long as they have Giannis, they'll be competitive. They've shown that they're willing to spend money. Their stadium is state of the art. I think recruiting for them might not be as hard as you'd expect. Players might like to play with a guy like that, in a stadium like that.
  10. Well that's because it wasn't good sarcasm.
  11. That's not true at all. He won a ring in Milwaukee, IIRC he made another Finals, too. But he didn't like the culture in Milwaukee, being a Muslim he felt like he didn't fit in so he wanted to be in a place that was better for him and they traded him to LA, also where he went to college. His first year in LA, the Lakers went 40-42. Then 53-29. Then 45-37. Then 47-35. Where are the titles? Wasn't until they drafted Magic Johnson in 79-80 that they won a title.
  12. All these dumb mfers on twitter arguing about superteams and how this isn't a superteam and what counts as a superteam, how LeBron last year on the Lakers wasn't a superteam don't ****ing get it. LeBron has hunted titles everywhere he's gone, he's looked for arguably the best opportunity to cement himself in a place where he can win. He did it in Miami, he did it in Cleveland for the 2nd time around and he did it last year in LA. Staying in Cleveland the whole time was unfathomable to him. Giannis and Middleton have been in Milwaukee the whole time and Middleton was a 2nd roun
  13. There will also be no more coach Bud slander. Give that man his props.
  14. I think he thought he was entitled to get a ring and it didn't work out for him.
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