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  1. Those of us who've been to college can pat ourselves on the back and say that the world would be a better place if everyone went to college just like us. I'm not sure how that would make policing better...yes, college can open you up to different backgrounds and beliefs and make you a more understanding person, but that's not everyone's experience. You can still have gone to college and be a violent douchebag. Or dig in your heels and not be receptive to being open minded. A quick anecdote, I went to a small, private college in North Carolina for my first 2.5 years of school. I was supposed to play baseball there and quit in the first two weeks, I was just burned out and couldn't take it much more. However, that allowed me to live in the dorm where a lot of the athletes were so I got to know a lot of them. Pretty sure most of the guys on my hall were on the football team. Anyway, one night at a party on the quad one of the football players, a big white guy from a verrrrry rural part of NC decided it'd be fun to get his bullwhip out while drinkingand start playing around with it. So there he is in the middle of the quad, cracking his whip and having himself a grand time, not a care in the world. The black kids that were there, needless to say, were mortified. Scared. And the guy cracking the whip didn't understand why. In regards to policing, I would like to see if there'd be a way to test for a predisposition to resorting to violence as an answer when there's clearly better options. And, obviously who has racist leanings/thoughts.
  2. Eh, don't blame Trump and Goodell for Drew Brees' comments. Drew Brees is a grown man, he can stand on his own two feet and think for himself and speak for himself. He did yesterday and promptly got schooled.
  3. Look at Destino suggesting a change of clothes so if the cops are after you, you can quickly change and try to escape unnoticed. It's like he's done this before.
  4. I thought that was a great way to go, then I realized Nacho Vidal is a dude. Yikes.
  5. Spaceman Spiff

    Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook should be broken up

    Deactivated facebook months ago, don't miss it at all. I've got Instagram (owned by facebook, I know), only due to photography. I have twitter, rarely post and when I log in, I'm usually sitting on the toilet and it messes up what's usually a good time and then I wonder when I'll learn. I'd really like to be 100% off the grid. But not having facebook is really awesome.
  6. Florio making it about him and his beliefs, not about George Floyd. He should shut his big fat mouth. I found this cartoon earlier, it's very simple but it says a lot. There's a lot of that going on right now. I can't talk to my family members about this without them making it about them. George Floyd is incredibly sad and tragic. And people are taking their eye off the ball. Not everyone is taking their eye off the ball, but a lot are. Not nearly as sad and tragic as George Floyd, but still people who are using this time to bring the focus on them and piggybacking their causes on top.
  7. 80/20? 85/15? Most likely 90/10, I think.
  8. Jon Jones
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