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    Random Thought Thread

    Under Siege is a great late night movie. It's got everything. Gary Busey in his coked out finest in a bizarre crossdressing murder scene and Tommy Lee Jones acting crazy while working together in a ridiculous plot to take over a battleship full of Marines with a few handguns and not much else. Vintage Steven Seagal doing Seagal things. Erika Eleniak busting out of a cake topless. There's also a bunch of "that guy" types, ones you've seen in bunches of other movies but don't know their names.
  2. Spaceman Spiff

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    @volsmet I've been watching that Sonny gif for the past 5 minutes with my tongue hanging out of my head. Bears 23 Redskins 13 And I think I'm being generous on that Redskins point total. Khalil Mack is going to have himself a day. Of course we won't be able to run it and our passing game will be largely contained. Bears defense is good, ours is not and we will make Trubisky look competent.
  3. Spaceman Spiff

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    No, but he'll always be first thought of that dumb guy in the yearbook. Man, I remember seeing this thread with this title and it being started by Benning and thinking...Oh ****, this is gonna be good.
  4. Spaceman Spiff

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Getting name dropped in Chappelle's new standup special.
  5. I think, depending on a person's political affiliation, they're hoping that one or the other is involved. As time goes on here, I'm starting to think it's less and less likely. As a matter of fact, I'm starting to think it's less and less likely that anyone is going to get in trouble here. As I've said before, they haven't brought in Ghislaine Maxwell, she was a big part of this...she recruited, she enabled, she helped run the show. And if they're not arresting her or even questioning her....well, chances are not much else is going to happen to anyone else. I'd love to be wrong and I hope that I am. In sales, there's a saying...time kills all deals. If you can't close a deal in an efficient, timely manner and it drags on and time passes, you're just waiting for someone or something to come in and **** it all up. It allows for too many variables to happen. In this case, IMO, time passing allows for people, influencers to come in and be bought, paid off, evidence to disappear, be mishandled, lost...whatever. I mean, look what happened to Epstein in the first place, he died because he was either murdered or allowed to sit and think about what was going to happen to him so he took himself out. I do believe law enforcement was acting as quickly as they could but did they get to sit down with him and have him start naming names? Did they get the chance to see exactly how far the rabbit hole went? Doesn't seem like it. Time passed and either he was taken out before he could talk or he thought enough about suicide to get up enough gumption to go through with it.
  6. Spaceman Spiff

    Random Thought Thread

    No way, I was watching the Pats game the other night and they showed Brady's rookie headshot and then this years headshot. As a rookie he looked all puffy faced and doughy, 20 years in or whatever he's got this model like defined jaw-line that Gisele is probably helping him with. I swear he's gotten some work done, dude's gotten way better looking as he's gotten older. It's not right.
  7. Spaceman Spiff

    Raiders suspending Antonio Brown

    Man, either Antonio Brown is headed towards being one of the most regrettable acquisitions in NFL history or he's going to blow up and everyone will forget about this by December. I'm not sure how Mayock has done so far in his role as a GM from a player acquisition/draft perspective but he's certainly not taking any **** from AB. Also, this has to be perhaps the only time in history that the word "tiff" has been used in a headline in regards to the NFL.
  8. Add one more to the list of guys you thought were good but turned out to be creeps:
  9. Spaceman Spiff

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

    Getting back to Case, I like that they have taken some deep shots to McLaurin in the first two games. I know not every deep ball gets completed (some here act like they should) but, IMO, perhaps with some more time they can get more experience with each other and start connecting at a better clip.
  10. I think if you were really sincere about what you're going after, you'd be sparing no expense no matter who the perps are. I don't deny that men are a bigger part of the problem but that doesn't mean that all perpetrators shouldn't be viewed the same, men or women. I'm not sure why you'd discern about who "focus" on if you were being 100% honest about how you feel about this. I'd venture to guess it's because it's harder for you to look at women who are perpetrators in these cases and don't want to admit that women can do such things, or you're willing to give them a pass of sorts because they were harmed by the patriarchy and are victims themselves....or both. Regardless, if you're a part of the problem, you're a part of the or woman.
  11. Spaceman Spiff

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

    God dammit. Now if Jones comes in and looks like he did in pre-season everyone here is going to be complaining that Haskins isn't in. OMFG THE GIANTS ARE STARTING THEIR ROOKIE WHY CAN'T WE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!11111
  12. Spaceman Spiff

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

    Yes, agreed. Knew I was forgetting someone
  13. Spaceman Spiff

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

    I'd like to see more quick slants this week against the Bears to hopefully nullify any pass rush. Quick slants to McLaurin, PRichy.
  14. Finished the new episodes of The Ranch. Awesome stuff.
  15. Spaceman Spiff

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I wouldn't know what else to do on Sunday afternoons. I can't imagine not watching the Skins unless there's something else going on. And if that, checking the score. I feel like surviving this...whatever we're a badge of honor. If we ever get back to winning, it'll be really sweet. I don't want to be the guy that stopped paying attention to the team that got bad, then come running back when they got good again.
  16. Spaceman Spiff

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Start looking for ex Tampa coaches/assistants who are available.
  17. Spaceman Spiff

    Is a mountain lion roaming NW DC?

    It's @Mr. Sinister in his animal form.
  18. Spaceman Spiff

    Have we seen and heard enough from Norman yet?

    I'm not shocked, just frustrated and disappointed.
  19. Spaceman Spiff

    Have we seen and heard enough from Norman yet?

    Well, either way someone's gotta go. They'd be stupid to tell him not to do that, there's no good reason for it. He's been beat deep often .
  20. Spaceman Spiff

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Cowboys

    Everyone seemed to want to anoint our defense before the season started. There's some to like on the D-line but I never understood why anyone thought our secondary would be anything other than Swiss cheese. Teams are going to be able to throw it all year on us.
  21. Spaceman Spiff

    Have we seen and heard enough from Norman yet?

    IIRC, yesterday on the deep bomb he gave up, didn't bump the receiver at the line...instead gave him a big cushion. Dude blew right past him. The odd thing about it is, we can accuse Norman of being a lot of things but he's never been afraid to mix it up and make contact. He's not afraid to tackle. So I'm not sure why he'd be playing so far off a receiver at the line of scrimmage like he does at times. I'm not saying he could be a lockdown corner but he has lost a step and hasn't seemed to have done anything technique/strategy wise to make up for it.
  22. In dark times, this would be a shining beacon.
  23. Spaceman Spiff

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    First of all, if you guys aren't listening to Fred Smoot on the postgame show, you need to be. He's fantastic. I know everyone clings to Cooley's nuts but, IMO, Smoot is just as good in certain respects and certainly entertaining. Smoot read this list off, basically pointing out that the "stars" on this team aren't playing up to their contracts. He said the teams he was on, the stars played like stars, now whether or not that's true or he was just on some old man ****, I'm not sure but the point remains. It wasn't this EXACT list, but it was close. Basically amongst the teams top highest paid players only Vernon Davis is the one earning his contract. Scherff was on the list, I think he was being nice when saying Scherff is earning his this year. The second thing he mentioned, is that there's a rumor that they're not going to let Gruden play Haskins this year cause they'll want a new staff to come in next year and take over his development. Basically, they don't want to let Jay screw him up. Again, that's a rumor. Listening to Jay's postgame presser, it was more of the same as it's been for the last few years, "We just gotta do better, blah blah blah...we can't have as many penalties, blah blah blah..." None of the media members have the gumption to ask him how he plans to do it, there are no follow up questions that probe deeper...none of them want to hold Jay's feet to the fire. But Jay is as he's always been, a hell of a nice guy that everyone likes who is full of platitudes and no clear cut plan on how to get anything moving in the right direction.
  24. Spaceman Spiff