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  1. Loved Rickey Henderson. In a weird way, I think he's a little underrated. He's easily one of the top 25 players of all time but I'm not sure people would place him in their top 25 lists. Everyone knows about the steals but he was pretty much a 4.5 tool player. I think he was a decent fielder but I don't think the arm was special. He could do everything else though.
  2. Bucks pulling away but it just doesn't feel like this is over.
  3. Interested to see how the Bucks are gonna blow this.
  4. I don't feel quite as bad since he went to Atlanta and Cincinnati and didn't do particularly well in either stop before finding success in SF. It's not like Arrieta who got traded to Chicago and started being great, like, the next week.
  5. @Ball Securitywas correct. After you make a throw in a rundown you're supposed to go to the opposite side and fill in, or kinda "get in line" opposite from the base you just came. Mancini, IIRC, didn't. But a rundown should take two throws, MAX. That was a breaking ball that got away, no intention there.
  6. You're absolutely right. This will sound like I'm defending the Orioles and I guess in a way I'm making excuses for them when I say this but...they work on this stuff in Spring Training a bunch and then they don't. Rundowns don't happen often in big league games, I can't remember the last time I saw one while watching an Orioles game. It's easy for them to botch something like this if they don't do it day in, day out. When was the last time they drilled rundowns and proper coverage? I'm assuming ST. Maybe that's a coaching thing, I'd be curious to know
  7. Here's a link to the video of it: http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=31647796
  8. A lot of good looking recommendations here. Won't ever catch me in DC anytime soon but it looks like the Northern VA options are great. That thing from Pizzeria Orso looks amazing.
  9. I've had it with him, too. I mean, we're all waiting for AR to arrive but man...Severino is hard to watch.
  10. ****ing worst play I've seen all year, outside that Cubs/Pirates thing.
  11. I put some of the fact that the teams can play box and 1 defense and beat the Bucks a little bit on Bud. I think he was a good coach that was able to get the Bucks to roll through the regular season schedule but his **** doesn't necessarily work in the playoffs, it appears. Giannis as a Pippen type is interesting and I agree. Giannis needs a better shot, he also needs to work on his hands. Multiple times I've seen him drop passes that might have been a bit tricky but someone who is surehanded should have nabbed.
  12. She'd fail miserably in Washington but flourish somewhere else. This franchise is doom.
  13. Ya'll are happy now, but I've seen this episode before. Give it another year, year and a half. You guys will be whining about whoever else the next coach is, guaranteed.
  14. Durant is an all time great. I'm not sure if he's in the top 10 of all time, but I think some could rank him there and I wouldn't be totally upset about it. You're right, Giannis can't have a game like that. The lack of shot is what's separating them, I agree. Giannis can fill up a stat line and that's how he's won MVPs but I am wondering if he's hit his ceiling. And that's not a bad thing, it's a hell of a ceiling.
  15. Right here, not giving a ****. Just cause the Nets won doesn't mean I have to like them.
  16. Harden ain't on the Rockets anymore, TTB. You can stop clinging to his nutsack now. If the Bucks **** this up, there's no coming back. Nets have all the momentum here.
  17. Harden needs to do some pushups and get rid of those man titties. Durant, Green and Harden have combined for 33 points.
  18. I dunno. I think it's pretty funny that's he's got a bodyguard for that little bird chest of his, though.
  19. IMO, the KD bodyguard thing is way overblown.
  20. The girlfriend and I went to Oregon this past week to visit some of her friends in Bend. Amazing place, if you get a chance to go I highly recommend it. We cut our trip short a day early and decided to spend a day in Portland before getting up early and flying back on Friday. Drove back to Portland, dropped the rental car off at the airport and decided to take Lyfts/cabs around town instead if we needed to go further than walking distance from our hotel. Walk out of the airport and there's a single cab sitting there, the cabbie looked straight out of Men In Black, one
  21. He's on the Burger King commercials. I didn't realize he was a YouTube influencer until I stumbled across his stuff the other day and killed a good half hour watching his reviews. Will definitely be checking his show out. Anyone see anything on Ozark and Yellowstone release dates? I'm fiending.
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