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  1. Simple, just need to play a flawless football game. Need to be able to run the ball effectively. We know Alex won't throw for 300+ yards most likely, but I think he can go for 200+ with a high completion rate. Get the ball to Terry. The McKissic/Gibson dual threat will need to take its next step in evolving as a great tandem out of the backfield. Need to sack Big Ben at least 4 times. Must win up front on defense. It's a huge, huge task. As much as I've liked what I've seen from the WFT over the past few weeks, I don't think they can do it but I will en
  2. Not sure which rundown is more impressive, TMC/Jaylon Smith or DK Metcalf/Budda Baker. I was inclined to say DK Metcalf as I figured Budda Baker would have been faster than Smith. But Budda Baker's 40 time was 4.45. Jaylon Smith's 40 time was actually 4.44. But ultimately, DK Metcalf had more field to catch Budda Baker. TMC didn't have as much field to run down Jaylon Smith. Ergo, TMC's pursuit and tackle of Jaylon Smith is more impressive. Of course I'm biased but whatever.
  3. I'm convinced that there's an advanced metric that hasn't been uncovered yet that can explain how a guy like Alex Smith can throw for 150 yards and win games. Whatever it is, this is a different team with Smith at the helm. Ball gets out quicker and it gets spread around. Comeback player of the year on lock. Dude is a warrior and a team legend despite not having been here that long.
  4. He had a sack yesterday so it must have been a good game.
  5. With Burrow out and Tua not getting enough time to play, the O-rookie of the year is Herbert's to lose. Gibson should be in the conversation though.
  6. I am hoping we can turn into that team that NO ONE wants to play down the stretch. That’s a lofty goal, but those teams are fun. You can see it building. You can see the young core growing. It’s exciting. Today might be a game we look back on in a few years from now as a big turning point. Or it could just be a great memory of beating the piss out of Dallas on Thanksgiving.
  7. I could get it if it was like 4th and 2 or something. But man, that far back and 4th and 10? You’re out of your ****ing mind. I wouldn’t even do that on madden in college.
  8. I feel like we also might have just got McCarthy ****canned. Part of it is his own fault. That fake punt was a fireable offense. Almost swinging gate-esque.
  9. Oh, and... .... **** Dallas. Right in the neck. On Thanksgiving. On national television.
  10. That was amazing. Gibson, Montez Sweat, TMC. Our youngsters are paying off big time right before our eyes.
  11. Are numbers the only thing that matter? Are numbers the only way to define the impact someone can have on the game, especially on the D-line? What if Terry only has 2 catches for 35 yards, but he lays down two hellacious blocks that spring Gibson for 2 touchdowns? Do those not count?
  12. https://www.espn.com/soccer/argentina-arg/story/4244900/argentina-legend-maradona-dies-at-60
  13. It's not being a homer, but Chase Young is fine. The notion that sacks are the only thing that matters is annoying.
  14. This board is never happy. If Chase Young had 10 sacks now, people would be upset that he doesn't have 11. If we won the Super Bowl 42-10, people would be upset that we gave up 10 points. No matter what it is, It's never enough.
  15. What are you getting your fellow Tailgaters for the Holidays? I'm getting... @TryTheBeal! a huge Mazda logo he can wear from a big chain in the spirit of Flava Flav's clock. @Dan T. a round of golf at Trump National and a case of Krylon @tshileand @Mr. Sinister : @PleaseBlitz half off at Betty Ford @Jumbo some of those Copper Fit sleeves I see Brett Favre and Jerry Rice advertising @TK free Johnny Rockets for a year @Predicto Bob Seger anthology on vinyl (c'mon back, Predicto)
  16. As long as we can keep having a 4 day weekend with turkey, football and retail sales say whatever you want about it.
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