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  1. They should be coming back around. Fashion trends usually do.
  2. Coed dance team? Ehhhh... If they had male cheerleaders and REAL cheerleading program like the Ravens have, I'd be all for that. They're actually really fun to watch. But a coed dance team? I'm skeptical.
  3. Dude probably does need an asswhoopin. I hear ya on the handguns but I was planning on getting a shotgun for hunting later this year anyway, so I'm gonna roll with that. In addition, I'm going to get one of those bright ass tactical flashlights with the strobe, camp out on the porch and scare the **** out of him sometime soon.
  4. Yeah, there are guns in the house. Revolvers. I grew up shooting shotguns, bird hunting, skeet shooting, sporting clays...I'm very comfortable with shotguns, handguns are another story. Don't nearly have the experience with them that I probably should. That doesn't mean I can't wave it around and scare the **** out of an intruder or something.
  5. Well I think he meant the wrench into the plans was before the season started/partway through the beginning part of the season...that he was back and ready to play by the time the season started. By all accounts, this season was supposed to let us see if Haskins was going to be the guy. Now Haskins being terrible plays a huge part in that, but the Allen injury and Smith back and being ready definitely could be viewed by him as "throwing a wrench," into their plans. In other words, let's be honest here...the WFT plans at QB this year were Haskins, Allen and MAYBE Smith. And perhaps Smith fe
  6. So earlier tonite, I took my puppy out for a walk, around 7:30. I'm home alone for the week, the girlfriend is at a funeral so I'm holding it down here with the puppy and trying to keep the house in one piece. Anyway, our backyard backs up to an empty lot that's partially wooded. It's an average neighborhood, quarter acre lots, some older homes mixed in with some newer ones. Past the wooded lot is a cul-de-sac. If there was a house built on this empty lot, the house would face the cul-de-sac. It's dark out, I flipped on the porch light but that doesn't provide any
  7. The Notorious BIG documentary on Netflix is really well done.
  8. You mad at @TryTheBeal!stating facts, bro?
  9. Well it was parked off the street, not in the driveway so maybe it was a Qnutter visiting. Or silently murdering the entire family.
  10. Mother****er. Driving home, there's a car parked in front of a house around the corner from mine with a #wwg1wga sticker.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right thread or not, but that guy Madison Cawthorn can go wheel himself off a pier.
  12. Judging a book by it's cover? I listen to some great music by some ugly mother****ers. I don't care what anyone looks like as long as their music is good.
  13. I can't listen to this ****. Two songs in, I'm hearing something about sushi from Japan and kickin like Jackie Chan. I ain't with that ****, Lieutenant. I need to put on some Dr. Dre and Snoop circa 1993 to cleanse.
  14. I shall try to listen to Post Malone this afternoon.
  15. Thanks, I appreciate it. That's more than I pay now, but to be able to stream games without having the hassle of using a VPN to get around the blackout on MLB.TV is probably worth it. Then I can just downgrade my subscription after the season is over. I will be mailing boxes of my dogs poop if you only get ONE MASN channel in this package. Like if the Nats and Orioles are playing at the same time and you only get one MASN channel instead of both...boxes of dog poop to the MASN office. Every. Day.
  16. MASN does blow goats. Oh well. It ****ing sucks. You have to have a cable package to get access to the app...so if you stream TV some other way like I do (Youtube TV), you still don't get access to it. MASN and I think Oakland are the only two regional sports networks that don't stream on other platforms. It's ridiculous. Someone did tell me that they do stream on AT&T tv's month to month television package, I'll be checking that out to see if it's true.
  17. I guess I'm in the minority here...I just don't get the constant speculation and then assuming that something HAD to be covered up when we got news that Tiger wasn't impaired, like they're shielding him from controversy. The guy's alive, I'm happy for that. Maybe he was texting, maybe he dozed off, who knows. Speculation is exactly that..speculation. Speaking strictly for myself, I don't feel the need to know what happened. Just happy he's alive and hope that he can return to golf.
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