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  1. I don't think that really matters. Russ turned 32 last month, an NBA title is practically the only thing he doesn't have on his resume. He wants to go somewhere he can win a ring and that's not here. To @Sticksboi05's point, this franchise is a black hole.
  2. I'm going to play a part in derailing this thread because I can't help myself. Hockey is more popular in DC than basketball only because the Caps have been good and the Wizards always suck. Let's not pretend the majority of people anywhere in the States prefer hockey to basketball, maybe except Minnesota.
  3. All the hating on Westbrook on here for years, I feel bad for you guys.
  4. I'm not, but the Bay Bridge can go **** all the way off. That is three miles of heart pounding anxiety that is unbearable. Sitting up straight, hands at 10 and 2 and barely going over the speed limit. I think it's the return bridge on the way back from Solomon's/Eastern Shore that has the three lanes. I stay in that middle lane the whole time no matter what. Slightly less terrifying.
  5. You can just stop there. 10 years ago or so, a buddy of mine and I tried to figure out a way that the NFL could have games pretty much each day of the week. It's certainly possible, but the other leagues like the NBA, NHL and NCAA sports would hate it.
  6. There wouldn't have to be restrictions if people could police themselves and act appropriately. But they can't. So restrictions get handed down and people whine and cry and say it's unfair.
  7. What's the problem, TTB? With one of those Mazdas you could zoom zoom right over that thing.
  8. People just fear/don't like what they don't understand. I try not to look too deeply past that, I feel that most of the grievances like people with Page are because people aren't comfortable with themselves. I agree with your assessment.
  9. Well, glad to see where your priorities are. Not really familiar with Elliot Page.
  10. Parler got hacked, bro. Watch your cornhole over there.
  11. If there's one thing I used to kind of roll my eyes at before all this started, it was this. It was "whatever." And now it just ****ing drives me nuts. I think you have a good grasp on it. But some Christians love to feel like they're being persecuted. I call it persecution envy.
  12. What he could do with Mahomes as his QB is not as amazing as what he's done with the lot that he's played with.
  13. Never had the other ones, but the sound quality is great, noise cancelling is pretty good, too. Don't miss being tethered to my iPhone with the regular headphones that came with it. They're comfy enough, no problems with keeping them in my ears.
  14. We can slam Republicans all day and rightfully so. But you also don't have to look far on social media to see groups of kids in college that are gathering and not wearing masks and not obeying rules. There are a lot of self centered selfish assholes everywhere and I'd argue that teenagers to people in their mid 20s who think rules don't apply to them are just as culpable here.
  15. Simple, just need to play a flawless football game. Need to be able to run the ball effectively. We know Alex won't throw for 300+ yards most likely, but I think he can go for 200+ with a high completion rate. Get the ball to Terry. The McKissic/Gibson dual threat will need to take its next step in evolving as a great tandem out of the backfield. Need to sack Big Ben at least 4 times. Must win up front on defense. It's a huge, huge task. As much as I've liked what I've seen from the WFT over the past few weeks, I don't think they can do it but I will en
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