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  1. No, just @PleaseBlitz. And he'll be here to tell you all about lawyering shortly.
  2. That's actually the Roman goddess for virtue with her boob hanging out. Get it right.
  3. Who's this "We?" That said, the Maryland state flag is overrated. Looks like a kid had a seizure in art class.
  4. Zaxbys >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chick Fil A. And if you don't like crabs, you're missing the point that it's a social gathering where you sit around and bull**** all afternoon and drinking beers while snacking away on crabs.
  5. @Predictois overrated. Bob Seger is underrated.
  6. Yes! That's exactly how it started! Once he said that I was like...oh man, this ain't good.
  7. Ken Jeong's standup was bad, I agree. I wanted to like it, but it was terrible. I thought he was great as Leslie Chow in The Hangover movies but when he started his standup telling stories about him playing that character I was like..oh man, you gotta have something else. Turns out, I don't think he did.
  8. Pretty sure my life would be a lot better if I had the Ninja Gaiden music playing wherever I went as my soundtrack that everyone had to listen to.
  9. I can't wait for that. Sitting on the back porch, a cigar, grilling, beer and listening to a baseball game. I've had about enough of winter weather, even though it's been a mild one.
  10. They can kiss the fattest part of my ass. No one gives a **** if you have an app if you have to have a cable subscription in order to make that app work. This doesn't mean anything unless they're somehow now part of a YouTube TV package or some other streaming product like Hulu.
  11. I was messing around and came across this old gem: Here we are, 10 years later. 10 more years of stuff to critique. So who's overrated? And for sweet ****s sake, lay off the politics. Already have enough political threads going on, sure don't need this one delving into another.
  12. A lot of prospects haven't been seen in a year, this isn't a problem that's unique to the Nats. Even before the 2019 season their system wasn't highly ranked, it hasn't magically gotten better. If you want to talk **** about the Orioles, feel free to stay on topic over in the Orioles thread.
  13. You can be as high on those guys in your system as you want, no one else is I can see them finishing second, I can see them finishing under .500. They are intriguing, that's for sure.
  14. I agree, there's no fair answer. But I think your point in your 2nd paragraph speaks to a broader issue...at what point does society not bend to your reality that you've created for yourself? This is a worse analogy than yours (although I didn't think yours was necessarily bad to begin with)...but I can say I'm the starting centerfielder for the Orioles and convince myself of it (and maybe some others who don't know anything about baseball) all the way until I try to pull into the players parking lot at Camden Yards. At some point the reality of the world around me won't bend to
  15. Counter point to your counter point: This you? Ribbing aside, I understand your counterpoints but I think the main thing I'd be concerned about is #6. Josh Bell had one big season and some other solid seasons. As it stands right now, his .936 OPS in 2019 is an outlier, not the norm. I suspect he's somewhere around an .800 guy which is better than Thames but not elite. Schwarber strikes out twice as much as he walks and doesn't provide any defensive value. You're right, they're all on one year deals so nothing is risked, but the fact is that the N
  16. As an outsider looking in, I'm not quite sure what the Nats are doing. They look like they're in that post World Series stage where they're older but still have familiar names and they want to try and act like they're still the same team that won it all and they just need to add some more veterans to do it. Lester isn't anywhere close to his prime and the Hand signing is a 1 year deal for win-now mode. Last year the Nats had the oldest pitching staff in baseball and it hasn't gotten much younger. It's the Braves and everyone else in that division, the Phillies and Mets are alw
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