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  1. What the **** was that on #51's hand? How is wielding a club like that legal?
  2. I agree. The runner is going down and lowering his head, the defender is only going to lower his head to make a tackle.
  3. Both these teams lean on their tight ends. I really hope we've got a good one with Logan Thomas and he can continue to develop next year. That sidearm flick Rodgers does is like Kareem's Sky Hook. Can't defend it.
  4. I don't know why the NBA thinks everyone wants to see LeBron every year. At some point, for me the annoyingness subsides and it's just respect and appreciation. I used to hate LeBron, now I realize he's #2 and think it's amazing of what he's still able to do at his age. Same with Brady (except he's #1).
  5. That's probably the one time you want to be in a prevent defense.
  6. Your first paragraph touches on the biggest part of the issue here, IMO...is that there's no easy answer. And even if they have their own league, it still might be viewed as some as exclusionary because they wouldn't be able to compete at the Olympics or in a pro women's sports league like the WNBA. Even though their own league would be the best thing to have things on the level as much as they could possibly be, anyone who competes probably to go against the best, and so even their own league wouldn't be as viewed as good or as viable as the WNBA and whatever Olympics they could make for th
  7. I never watched Big Bang Theory when it was on. HBO Max has all the seasons and it's hysterical. I love this show.
  8. Who are the hot lottery picks for next year? or is it too early to tell?
  9. While I understand your points and don't totally disagree, it also makes me pretty sad. Too many American's view the other side as the enemy and I fear that there's no coming back from that. Wanting to crush one side to hold up the other because that's your team...I dunno, it doesn't make this country better, IMO. I know I'm going to get slammed for that but I don't really care. President Biden just gave an inaugural speech the other day about unity and working together. That felt good for, like, 30 seconds and it's back to wishing for the destruction of one party.
  10. It's only awhile now before the Qanon **** fully takes the Republican party...uh..well...by storm. Dip****s like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert have been elected. And when you get a state party that tweets out something like "We Are The Storm," some people who aren't familiar with Qanon or not as familiar might go "Hey, that sounds catchy and cool, I don't like Democrats so maybe I should be part of the Storm, too!" And then they get indoctrinated. Catchphrases and slogans work, there are countless examples. ****, I mean, 4 years ago Qanon was wingnut fr
  11. Three 1's and a second and a third (not saying which years) for Watson and let's ****ing go. You gotta believe we'd be spending a #1 on a QB in the next three years anyway, so in my mind it's 2 1's, a second and a third. And instead of fumbling around trying to draft and develop a quarterback which we haven't been able to do since...well, ever....we know we've actually got one. That's a lot of picks but whatever, to finally solve the QB position once and for all, it's worth it to me.
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