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  1. I don't know man, you're probably right. I just hope they didn't look like your avatar.
  2. I hope so, you can get STDs if you don't use protection.
  3. Schefter was just on sportscenter, said that Kraft isn't the biggest name on the list. Never thought Jussie Smollett would be so happy about an old, white Trump supporter.
  4. Bro, any productivity for me this afternoon just went out the window. On a Friday afternoon, can the timing get any better?
  6. Who the **** is this guy?
  7. I flipped on sportscenter to see what they were saying and the dude down in Florida at the press conference said that the video they have of him the act....
  9. Is there any chance that the video bit of him soliciting is funnier than Marion Barry's video? Share a link when you find a good one