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  1. Does anyone know when Mac makes his second start vs philly next week? is he in line to start Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday night?
  2. I will happily eat my crow! Great win! Friday night is gonna be insane.
  3. I will happily eat my crow! Great win! Friday night is gonna be insane.
  4. There is no way the wizards can win this game. The nba decided Sunday night that we are going back to dc 1-1.
  5. I've seen every episode of arrested development at least twice lol. But yeah I've heard good things about firefly and im pretty sure I saw it on sc fi browsing but didn't stop to watch it. ---------- Post added March-26th-2013 at 03:40 AM ---------- And I wasn't sure what you were going for there jumbo but I had to stop reading it after the first few sentences and thought, I'll just have to skip that one lol.
  6. Yes I've watched wilford although I'm not sure how many seasons there are bc I've only seen 1 on Netflix or Hulu. But you are right that show is right up my alley. Real funny show. What are the plans for wilford? Is there more then one series? When do they typically begin airing? ---------- Post added March-26th-2013 at 01:59 AM ---------- Has anyone caught House of Cards yet with Kevin spacey? It's Netflix first series produced only for Netflix subscribers. I've read great reviews on it. ---------- Post added March-26th-2013 at 02:00 AM ---------- I'm guessing its just another take on S
  7. Ok started the walking dead. Def gonna check out game of thrones, southland and Sherlock. Lets see if any of these can beat out The Wire(1a) or Breaking Bad(1b) on my list. Thanks for the suggestions fellas.
  8. Yeah man I kept hearing about the wire so last year I went ahead and got the torrent for every season. I watched that show everyday after work and gym. Thats all i did for a couple weeks was work, gym, the wire lol. That show just sucked me in and wouldnt let me out. I rewatched the whole thing around Christmas.
  9. I think it's down to 2. A) walking dead because everyone keeps telling me to watch it (not just you guys) game of thrones. Def want to check out bbc Sherlock. What's falling skies all about? ---------- Post added March-26th-2013 at 12:55 AM ---------- So The Americans has turned out well? Def caught my attention with the commercials. The following has turned out ok as well. Usually don't like the series on the major networks like fox abc etc but the following isn't to bad.
  10. I've watched most of the popular series like The Wire, Breaking Bad, Dexter, SoA, homeland, and my gf makes me watch trublood but thats not to bad either. But there are a couple that for whatever reason, I haven't watched. The three I'm most interested in are 1. The Walking Dead. I've never even seen the piolet. But from everything I've heard from everyone I know, this show is the best show out. 2. House of Cards on Netflix. Haven't heard to much about It besides its great. 3. Mad Men. I tried to watch the first episode awhile ago but couldn't get into it. I think i might have been super
  11. Why are you guys such buzz killingtons? Just because Eli is a beast doesn't mean we can't make fun of him and his drunk pic. He is apart of one of our biggest rivals, we should be making fun of him regardless if what he has accomplished. If romo ended up winning a super bowl (lol) would you all stop makin fun of him?
  12. Did you not read my post? I clearly said Carlos deserved the win. I just didn't like the way the fight played out. And I'm not even a Diaz fan.
  13. That might be the first time I've seen someone get open hand ****ed slapped in the ring. Had to be frustrating to be attacking the entire fight only to get kicked in the leg by your opponent who then proceeds to run away. It worked and Carlos deserved the win but I can't stand when a fight turns out that way. I thought it was going to be a brawl. Oh well.
  14. The college ones are 75 so expect the nfl gloves to be around the same.
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