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  1. visionary

    The Brexit Thread

  2. visionary

    The Brexit Thread

  3. What actually is her foreign policy? Go back and look over her comments recently and over the years. I think you might be surprised, lol. She isn’t anti-intervention or anti-war.
  4. This is an idiotic take. She may not literally be working for Putin but she sure as hell has done what she can to make it seem like she is...for years now. She repeats Russian propaganda and whataboutisms, and went out of her way to white wash mass murder and chemical weapons war crimes in Syria, she whines about the Mueller investigation and impeachment and she’s constantly defended and supported by Russia and fellow conspiracy theorists and racists. Oh and she also has a history of going on Tucker Carlson’s show to bash Democrats and Russia Today to complain about America. There are anti-war/anti-intervention folks out there with integrity. Meanwhile Tulsi was complaining that Obama wasn’t supporting Putin’s bombing campaign in Syria (which primarily targeted hospitals and public areas and was intended to make opposition areas unlivable) and wasn’t bombing enough people.
  5. visionary

    The Impeachment Thread

  6. visionary

    The Impeachment Thread