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  1. Give me Jermaine Kearse in free agency. Buy low candidate with great upside coming off a broken leg in last year's preseason. Super sticky hands and amazing at contested catches. Not super fast but if paired with a speedster like McLaurin will be such a great safety blanket over the middle for Haskins. Will push the young receivers in training camp to try and steal his spot without hamstringing the team financially. Garcon 2.0
  2. Couple of points: - I would love to see us retain Donald Penn. Guy overperformed last year and would be a great backup to have behind Trent if we could afford him for 1 more year and give us a chance to address the position through the draft with lower developmental picks. - If we don't keep Trent I'd love to see us go after Thuney because of his versatility. Played all over the line in college and for the Pats which would come in handy with our notoriosly jigsaw line. - My vote for WR would easily be Jermaine Kearse. He broke his leg in preseason last year for the Lions so he's had all season to recover and can be had for cheap. The guy has great hands and was super effective over the middle for the Jets and Seahawks. Reminds me of the way Garcon used to be for us. I think him and McLaurin would be a very effective combo. A great, cheap way to get a veteran presence without a huge investment so the young guys on the roster can still get their shots. The perfect guy for them to "try and overtake" during training camp.
  3. Reaper Skins

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    Thanks man! This will be the first time i'll be drafting without uncertainty at the QB position so looking forward to it. Pretty proud of those Thuney and Johnathan Jones picks. And Mahomes at 37 was a pleasant surprise.
  4. Reaper Skins

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    Arizona Cardinals GM for last 4 years...
  5. Reaper Skins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Did anyone else notice the flash on screen at 3:19 from Redskins colors to Panthers blue and black in the background for a second? Trippy man...
  6. Urban Meyer must have been asked about his thoughts on Haskins and Mclaurin when he was there as well. What they need in order to succeed, how to motivate, potential weaknesses, etc. Seems pretty clear hes on the list as well
  7. Inability to turn his son's high school friend into a franchise QB
  8. Reaper Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Not embarrassing him?! Shouldn't they be leaking videos of him being drunk in public? Having "inside sources" telling fans about all the shady things he's been doing wrong for the last 10 years on his way out? Smearing his name and burning any bridges he has left? Why break tradition now?
  9. Edit: Maybe not fired, just reassigned?!?!?!
  10. Reaper Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    1000% this. Typical "everyone is stupid except us" mindset. They're SO smart they're the ONLY ones who see all this potential in guys who have no qualifications!!! Would literally ANYONE else even consider a hiring process like this? No? Ok.... sure I'll trust you to do the unconventional thing Dan. You haven't let us down so far. Keep searching for that one special lottery ticket that will magically undo everything you've gotten wrong the last 20 years. Alex Smith is the magic solution to our front office problems? Jesus Christ people, Snyder has truly broken you.