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  1. It would be pretty ironic for the tyrannical owner of Amazon to own this franchise. Just like his employees, our fanbase already enjoys no benefits...
  2. In a hypothetical, would you rather have Fitzpatrick or Minshew on the roster to compete with Heineke and Allen?
  3. I honestly didn't. But he's a late round pick who has missed a full season to injury and was drafted by a previous regime. His one season had him 30/44 with 0 tds and longest play of 30yds. Sims just came off a year with almost identical percentage (32/48) with 1 TD and longest play of 50 yards. Both had terrible rotating QB situations to deal with so I'd call that a coin flip. My main point was that Sims has proven himself to the current staff, whereas Harmon has not. For every frustrating drop, he also had lots of clutch catches th
  4. Going back and rewatching season highlights, I was pleasantly surprised with how Cam Sims performed, especially in games where the QB situation was unsolidified. The Steelers game and the Tampa Bay games had him looking good against 2nd tier DBs. To me that shows he put in the effort to learn the playbook. He was frequently targeted by Smith and Heineke as a 2nd or 3rd option because he was exactly where he was supposed to be and got tons of extra yardage after the catch. Not sure if he's topped out talent wise or if he can still reach another level, but that kind of c
  5. Everyone and their mother knew that the NFL was going to set up the Bucaneers with Tom Brady to play the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay. It minimized the amount of COVID related travel logistics by cutting the amount of players and staff in half that need to travel and ensured the game could be properly planned and coordinated well in advance.
  6. In terms of contract vs. performance, who do we have thats even close to a better option for next season? Not saying hand him the job, but our Qb room is nowhere near solid enough that we can afford to let this guy go at this point. Keep him until someone proves they deserve it more.
  7. Another game, another week with no holding calls against our d line. Here's a snapshot
  8. Nows the time chase.. game is slipping away.Cmon defense help this guy out. He's playing his ****ing heart out
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