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  1. Reaper Skins

    Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Gruden

    That seamless transition from tumors to Rob Ryan....
  2. How about needing 3 different surgeries and having a recovery time 44% longer than league average to come back from those injuries? I'd say that's on the medical staff...
  3. Because Bruce Allen is basically an Appendix. An unnecessary growth that is only in the system because of outdated genes rather than any functional use. He doesn't actually contribute anything meaningful, the team body wouldn't function any differently if he was removed, and fans spend all their time hoping he won't puff himself up and poison the rest of the system.
  4. Reaper Skins

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    From a football standpoint, our offseason depth chart battles seem much more interesting than the Raiders. We have a QB battle, a WR battle, a LB battle, a CB battle, a safety battle, and rookie storylines at RB and d-line as well. Who do the Raiders have? A bunch of big name free agents whose spots on the roster are already guaranteed. If it was a show about in-season play, the Raiders might have us beat, but Hard Knocks is about training camp and guys struggling to make the team. I think we have the clear edge in that department.
  5. Reaper Skins

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I remember that guy! He came in and ran a warpath through the entire league!!
  6. Reaper Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The article I think people are referring to is this one that says Bruce Allen is the one in charge of replays/deciding when to throw the challenge flag. Will Redskins Coach Jay Gruden ever win a coach’s challenge? Jay Gruden’s first season as an NFL coach has been rough. Heading into the bye week amid a report that Robert Griffin III has alienated teammates, the Redskins are 3-6 for the seventh time in the last 11 years. From a personal — and admittedly more trivial — standpoint, Gruden is 0-for-the-season on coach’s challenges, though Redskins replay consultant Bruce Allen, who also doubles as the team’s president and general manager, deserves some of the blame.
  7. Reaper Skins

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Yikes. Happened the same day this thread got bumped back to the front page. Football gods keep humbling us every time we try to cut a corner and get excited about an offseason "steal".... ✔@JPFinlayNBCS Reuben Foster on the cart with left knee in air cast 97 11:57 AM - May 20, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy
  8. Reaper Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Redskins hiring outside consultants to tackle injury problem Once deemed a coincidence, the Washington Redskins injury issue is now impossible to ignore. It’s a subplot of seasons past that’s diluted Jay Gruden’s time in D.C. Injuries. People debate about the causation and the potential remediation techniques, but the one certainty is that injuries, normally an uncertainty in the NFL, have been very prevalent for the Redskins in recent years. Through 2017 and 2018, the Redskins saw a grand total of 54 players hit injured reserve, and even more dealt with recurring injuries whilst playing through them. The injuries chipped away at the team’s depth, and in 2018, they ultimately played a part in derailing what was once a potential playoff campaign. more at link
  9. Colt is the only one who knows the playbook. They aren't going to cut him. They need him to be able to evaluate the rest of the offense
  10. Reaper Skins

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Apparently he has knees where his hands are supposed to be. They cause him to drop the ball alot
  11. No complaints from me so far. All the moves make sense and we're a stronger team today. I'm just happy Snyder wised up and finally put a qualified football mind in charge. His son is a huge upgrade over Bruce Allen
  12. Reaper Skins

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    At #178 and #179 the Arizona Cardinals use their 2 final picks in the 2019 ES Mock Draft, to select: Saivion Smith, CB, Alabama and Clifton Duck, CB, Appalachian State     Introducing Arizona's new "Fours to be Reckoned With" Backfield ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cardinals 2019 Final Tally: Nick Bosa - DE Ohio State (1) A.J. Brown - WR Ole Miss (33) Yodney Cajuste - OT West Virginia (65) Bobby Evans - OL, Oklahoma (103) Kaden Smith - TE Stanford (139) Ty Summers - LB TCU (174) Saivion Smith - CB Alabama (178) Clifton Duck - CB Appalachian State (179)
  13. Reaper Skins

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    Really hoping the saints show up before I have to go to work at 3. I messaged my picks to @goskins10 just in case