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  1. Winning the division in year one of a team rebranding would be a good story. Winning it with a historically bad record would make it a unique footnote that will be remembered for the rest of NFL history. No one's going to remember the Open 10 years from now, who won, who lost..but they'll remember your 12 Roy! My, God, it was...well, it's immortal! Talk about building from the ground up? Can't be more "ground floor" than the lowest record in NFL history to earn a playoff berth. I actually think its a cool story. Playing Dallas for
  2. Playing Dallas on Thanksgiving for first place in the division is about the best you can hope for, regardless of the records.... Most excited I've been for a game all season.
  3. Because people bet on every game. Not just ones between good teams.
  4. I might have to bring back the conspiracy thread for this game. Officiating has been atrocious. Most one sided game since we played the Bengals in London
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