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  1. Just a fun bit of NFL trivia for ya'll that I learned during my time at Providence College... There actually HAS been an NFL team before that had a wolf/dog as a mascot. The Providence Steam Rollers (also referred to as the Providence Steam Roller, the Providence Steamroller and the Providence Steamrollers) was a professional American football team based in Providence, Rhode Island in the National Football League from 1925 to 1931. Providence was the first New England team to win an NFL championship. The Steam Roller won the league's championship in 1928, to date, this
  2. Yeah I edited it to say (or close) because I still think the point stands and you can pronounce those with the same vocal rhythm and inflection as "Redskins". One syllable words sound weird to me regardless of how awesome the concept just because it sounds like its missing something. Honestly that's my only problem with "Wolves" or "Hogs". My mind automatically tries to tell me I need to add something to the beginning or the end of it because it sounds "incomplete". (The Washington BLANK-BLANKS). I'd get used to it eventually I'm sure, but its definitely something I notice myse
  3. I honestly think a big part of it is the cadence of having a two syllable word. It rolls off the tongue easier if it has the same (or close) number of syllables as the name its replacing. Subconsciously makes the switch easier to swallow. Red-wolves. Red-Hogs. Red-Hawks. Red-Tails. Were-wolves. War-riors. Rene-gades. Demon-Cats. Monu-ments
  4. I saw this logo on Twitter but couldn't tell what sport it corresponded to. Has the "Washington Rebellion" been floated as a potential name at all? It looks like it already exists in some capacity but couldn't find any info. Obviously I'd want a better logo than the Patriots kid brother, but the name itself intrigues me. Especially if it gives Dan a way to subtly say he's still "rebelling " against the league for the forced name change. Only problem I could see would be possible association with confederate flag stuff though.
  5. I really don't want it to be the case, but all the "Football Club" talk, combined with the article that came out a few weeks ago that said Dan and Jason were checking out stadiums in Europe, all seem to point towards us trying to be more involved in the international market. I wonder if the NFL will be trying to use us (another East Coast team) the same way they use the Jaguars to try and drum up international interest for the sport. If that's the case, I could totally see that having an effect on how they choose a new team name/mascot. They may be trying to toe the line between
  6. I suppose they could go with WFT as the permanent name and still have a wolf as a mascot... (like the Browns with their Bulldog)
  7. Hail to the Football! Hail to the Team! Patents are Pending - Mascot TBD!
  8. Clearly we should become the Washington Maroons with King Bugs as our glorious troll mascot Also my favorite Washington Werewolves logo
  9. I doubt Rodgers is coming here, but just for fun, I know the Dallas fans hate him, and he has put up pretty ridiculous stats against them. Would love to see Cowboys fans lose their minds if he came to DC. Article here talks about Rodgers vs. Cowboys https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/aaron-rodgers-dallas-packers-cowboys-rivalry/pyn92ygy1h3x1fkbhfer5zbm0#:~:text=Cowboys stats&text=— In nine career games against,against them in the playoffs.
  10. Yes. They want to get as much money out of the temporary name before settling on the new name. That way fans have to buy stuff twice. Double the profits.
  11. Why wear a seat belt? I haven't gotten in a car accident yet... I'll wait to wear one AFTER I get in an accident ok dude...
  12. I really like the look of this logo. Best one I seen so far. Although I think it's sizing is a little too big on the helmet. If it was a little smaller I think it would be perfect. Although I wouldn't be opposed to this as our logo while keeping the numbers on the helmet either.
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