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  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen Joe Theismann sell some pills that can help with that..
  2. Someone mentioned that they thought we were the only team with numbers on our helmets. Turns out the Chargers do it as well. Although I'm not sure if they started this season as well or started it when they moved to LA
  3. Washington! Team! Football! For! The! Win! W-T-F F-T-W W-T-F F-T-W W-T-F F-T-W
  4. Everytime they scored today that graphic came down looking like a slot machine jackpot payoff in Vegas. Looked pretty badass to me. Riverboat Ron gambled big and hit paydirt! DING DING DING DING DING ***WTF Coin symbol FTW*** DING DING DING DING DING
  5. No Dan T. prediction? No insomniac thread? No gameday thread? And no team name?
  6. Washington d-line has a field day with Eagles injured patchwork o-line. We shut them down except for one late bomb to some no name 3rd string reciever once the game is out of reach. First Td of the season goes to Logan Thomas on some sort of misdirection play in the redzone. Washington 20 Eagles 13
  7. The unstoppable Alex Smith talks to coach Rivera about his next challenge...
  8. Some of y'all really sleeping on JD McKissic. IMO he's already an upgrade over Guice with the same violent running style but better hands and better lateral jumping ability. I expect him to be our most productive back this season in Turner's Christian McCaffrey role. Check out some highlights. Insane spatial awareness at 4:45 against Patriots And here's a 101 yard TD against Skins in pre-season a few years ago He was also a Red Wolf in college...just saying
  9. People really pushing for Chris... "exposed myself with a playbook/dated a cheerleader and got her fired/ admitted to being hungover for games" ...Cooley to be the new media face for a team that just got popped for sexual harassment and toxic masculinity culture? Ok then...
  10. I like Ron, but he is being handed an impossible situation. What is he up to, like 12 job titles at this point? I'm foolishly hoping fans will give him some leeway when it comes to on field performance, because I can't imagine he's been able to focus on it to nearly the level he needs to in order to be successful
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