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  1. TheBlueIndian

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    There is absolutely no way that Dan and The Redskins franchise can survive with Bruce being involved in any capacity. I keep hearing people link Bruce to the stadium deal and the fact that he is a "political" type of figurehead but in my mind this guy embodies what most people freaking hate about politicians, he is completely out of touch with reality and doesn't give a crap what the fans think. He has probably mad it harder to get a deal done because he is such an unlikable turd. Sadly this has made Dan an almost sympathetic figure. Poor fool has been getting fleeced by this Ftard for 10 years now. Think back to the RG3 debacle, not the fact that we gave up all the picks , but the S-Storm that ensued with the massive cap penalties. Bruce should have been canned for that alone regardless of whether or not it truly was an "uncapped" year.. If I recall, 28 or 29 other franchises and GM's knew better than to try that S. I think Dallas got some penalties too. That should've told you that Bruce was a functional idiot. Dan HAS to know this and simply cant afford to screw this up anymore. Most fans are only mildly interested at this point, hell last year when Alex broke his leg the stadium was 1/2 empty and we were first in the division and I believe that was the "homecoming" game. This season FEDEX has been almost vacant except for opposing fans and folks who want to enjoy a live game a quarter of the price. Concessions and merchandise revenues have to reflect this. The whole frigging thing is STILL trending downward with no relief in sight. The Ommpa Loompa fires Bruce - 99% The Oompa Loompa sells the Team - .01% Giant Meteor vaporizes them both - .09% (theres a chance)
  2. TheBlueIndian

    Thanksgiving Question

    I want them to play to win every game. Draft position is irrelevant. We will most likely draft somewhere in the top 10 and if we really want to get a player above our slot then maybe we package TW and a later pick to do so. With this team it's a crap shoot anyways. Little man might have his eye on some fools gold prospect and throw a wrench in to the whole damn thing. That's where we are. It simply dosen't matter that much unless we are drafting with a new GM and Coach who have a plan. Anything else is like giving a pyro 10 gallons of gas and a book of matches and leaving him alone in the barn. So yes beat Dallas and anyone else
  3. TheBlueIndian

    Have your self a game Fabian Moreau.

    So let me see if I have this right..... Norman doesn't sniff the field (cept for ST) and the rest of the guys are in position, covering their ground, and bonus... getting turnovers. I know it was a Driskel led Lions air attack but lets be honest that first pick by Moreau would have been a walk in the end zone backwards touchdown had J-No - Let-em- go ! been on that man. Addition by subtraction, the other guys in the secondary were probably relieved.
  4. TheBlueIndian

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Reed should retire but Vernon could still play for another 2 or 3 years. Good TE routinely play late into their 30s. Dude is still a physical freak and can be productive in offensive schemes that dont require him to do alot of blocking.
  5. TheBlueIndian


    What the hell are they trying to accomplish out there ? This is mind numbingly pathetic. There is truly NO HOPE for them
  6. TheBlueIndian


    Good lord !!! How much longer do we keep this guy out there. He clearly has no clue what he is doing
  7. "Nothing outta the ordinary " "Wax his taint" BAWHAHA ! Maybe when he finishes getting waxed he can be introduced to a couple of Marcellus Wallace's boys.
  8. TheBlueIndian

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Does he have to pass a physical ? Drug test ? Does he still accrue if he fails either ?
  9. TheBlueIndian

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Yay ! This team is a f ing joke and not the team I grew up loving. BTW Trent is still a POS
  10. TheBlueIndian

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I can sorta see not parting ways with Kerrigan and wanting him to finish his career as a Redskin. He has been the class of this team in every possible way since he arrived in DC and it is likely that for whatever reason he wants to remain a Redskin (purely speculation) But for the love of God trade away anyone else of value.... NOW..... or wait for wait for the boat to sink and then call the coast guard. These people cant be this stupid, can they ? Dude is an enemy combatant send him to Gitmo
  11. KC seems to love our corners Fuller, Breland and now Norman. Nah there is no way Bruce can get one over on Andy.
  12. Commercial was kind of funny but would have been better like this: "How do I get the stink of Redskins football off when we stink up the joint ? " ...Old Spice.
  13. These people make me sick. What human garbage
  14. TheBlueIndian

    Season Ticket Holders Mutiny

    If I were a Redskins Alum I would be lobbying for a name change so that the name "Washington Redskins" could still be associated with class, dignity, hard work and professionalism. At this point, that ship has sailed and we are the Browns.
  15. TheBlueIndian

    Season Ticket Holders Mutiny

    THIS !!!! Damn right I put my tickets on stubhub and was able to get face value. So for me it felt like I did a little "Winning off the field" You couldn't pay me to go back there this year after the total S show they put on for the Dallas and Chicago games. Furthermore, on gameday people are coming to the stadium... be prepared you morons !!! it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to get a beverage and snack. I spent 30 minutes in line to accomplish this task. With a little more than 5 min to go in the second quarter of the Dallas game I got in line to avoid the lines of shirtbag Dallas fans at the half and didn't get back to my seat until 10 min to go in the third quarter. That isn't the first time that has happened over the last couple of seasons too. Just a microcosm of the way things at Fedex. I actually took a little pleasure in knowing that some Pats fan got an opportunity to experience the worst gameday experience in the league. Suck it Danny ! I hope your yacht sinks with you and Bruce in it. You should be ashamed of what you have done to this franchise and what is left of its fans,