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  1. TheBlueIndian

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Can't wait for this a**hole and his agent to go away. They have clearly lost any leverage that they ever had. At this point they're desperate. Perhaps if they weren't such a**holes about it something could've been done. Dont negotiate with terrorists !
  2. This is a joke right ?Dummy was a good serviceable CB when not injured. Fact is that there are a couple of FA's still available that are better than him. We were lucky to get a 5th.
  3. Wash > TB where xskins go fade into obscurity cept for Brad Johnson. Man we have been collecting their garbage coaches and players it would be nice to gouge them in a deal for TW
  4. And they (Browns) are still gonna miss the playoffs again this year. I hope they make a strong offer for TW so he can see a bigger S show than he experienced here in DC.
  5. Born in 1970 and from as far back as I can remember the Redskins were always on at our house, my grandparents house, aunts and uncles and friends of the family. Sundays were for Redskin football it was just what we did as a family. However, the most indelible memory I have as a young fan was the 82 superbowl. I was 11 at the time and I was invited over to one of my classmates house for a superbowl party. My folks were having a party as well and in hindsight that is where I should've stayed. At any rate I showed up to the party and was having a good time until the inexplicable happened. From the category of You just cant make this S up: So everyone knows the play.... 4th and 1 from the 42 and trailing in the fourth quarter in a masterpiece of power football and as soon as the ball is snapped the idiot kid who is hosting the party gets up and says "I cant watch" then turns the F'ng television off. We collectively screamed at him DUDE ! what the.... Now keep in mind this was 82 and remote controls were a new thing and this kid didn't have one so you had to twist the volume knob to turn on the TV . Another kid jumps up to turn it back on and in his fervor pulls the knob completely off. Now it is a mad scramble to line up the splines on the knob to get it back on which eventually happens and the TV is turned back on only to have the obligatory 15 seconds of fuzzy colors as the set warms up just in time to see the replay. Favorite players though the years The gold old days: Riggo, Monk, Green, Mann, Manley, Grimm, Jacoby The not so good old days: Jansen, Samuels, Taylor, London, Portis, Sellers, Cooley
  6. TheBlueIndian

    A tight end by any other name

    That would be awesome no doubt, but we aren't the Giants
  7. Maybe it is a longshot but I can't see Christian developing enough to start there this season and anyone we draft is gonna take some time. Not many guys can start day one like William's or Samuels. Penn held up okay last year at least for a while but I think he is done. Wasn't he going to retire ? At this point what other options are available
  8. I am not advocating that be paid as a right guard and then asked to play RT or LT just pointing out that he was drafted as a TACKLE and likely the most athletic lineman currently on the roster who isnt boohoing in his cheerios. You could always ask him what he thinks about the idea. It's not madness it is pragmatic.
  9. Why not try him at LT I know he got worked his rookie year in camp which ultimately led to him at RG but my guess is that he is still ascending as an Olinemen and will probably hold his own at the spot. Move Martin into the RG spot and see what happens. Send TW on his way and develop some guys like Christian and the like.
  10. TheBlueIndian

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    What an idiot. Now he wants top of the market value ? For an oft injured and penalized player of late he is (pipe) dreaming. With his new salary demands isnt he making himself a pariah to GMs around the league and wrecking the potential for the skins to recoup a decent pick for him. Let him play out the contract at this point and walk in FA next year. The comp pick is probably a 3 or 4 so at least we get something unless we get a better offer this year. Reports are that he is in a difficult financial position and needs to get paid. How is this even possible hasn't he been paid 90 + mil over his career. That tells me all I need to know about the man. A fool and his money.
  11. Funny that Sundberg had to explain it to Griffin like a child. Maybe a slight glimpse into what his time in DC was like. Coaches and teammates: "Dude you are not a pocket passer" Griffin: "Know your why" Coaches and teammates: " no really dude you suck at it" Griffin: "no pressure no diamonds"
  12. TheBlueIndian

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Keeping KOC around in any capacity would be viewed by others as a sound move to continue the young man's development at the QB position. At this point from what we have been told RR is in charge so I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt when it comes to the staff he assembles. If he keeps KOC in the fold it dosen't signify all this meddling owner rg3 big baby conspiracy BS. If he let's him go ...same thing. Did I miss something? Has Haskins demanded that KOC be retained ? If so that's a bit over the top for the performance he has displayed up to this point. I did see him tweet support for KOC a couple of days ago, but that hardly sounds like a demand.
  13. It does get a little tiresome. However, Gibbs is a good guy to have as an ambassador after having 10 years of that raging doochenozzle Bruce running your organization. Sadly. any of JG's crew chiefs would do a better job than this parade of stupid.