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  1. You forgot... name change shenanigans, FO sex scandal, Haskins petulance and the most awful of all tasks...babysitting the owner. That alone earns him coach of the year consideration
  2. No Picksmagic ! The guy is fun to watch when he is on the other sideline but please for the love of God keep that dude far away from here. This team is finally starting to trend in the right direction, and I would have said the same thing if they only won 5 games and missed the paloffs, but that guy seems like the exact opposite of what RR is looking for under center.
  3. Then they hit the NFL and more than half of them become rich entitled little punks. At least Rosen has some experience at it. Dont really think he can play though.
  4. I know I am in the minority here but i am hoping Alex comes back for another trip around the sun. I know he wasn't great but with another off season of grinding he can still help us win some games. Whether as a starter or backup. You know hes going to be ready and he still has something to prove. I think it was the Detroit game or maybe New York he was slinging it all over the place and making CSims look like Randy Moss. At the very least he will be a steady hand in the locker room and a good mentor to TH and maybe a 3rd rnd rookie. I had heard Allen was giong to likely be on the PUP
  5. Nah man this is the Texans, they make Cerattolike deals all the time. Apke, a 4th and a conditional 5th
  6. Its like watching a guy try to sink a 5 foot putt with a 20 lb sledgehammer
  7. At this point it has to be a little humbling for Trent that nobody is willing to give up much draft capital to bring him on board. I guess being a dope smoking douche nozzle malcontent isnt the preferred set of qualities teams are looking for in a veteran LT. I actually think if he doesn't get traded and is on our roster it will be a good thing for RR by illustrating to the rest of the team how a professional coaching staff handles BS distractions like this.
  8. Skins need to stand their ground here. Just because the narrative is out there that he wont fetch more than a third or fourth rounder doesn't make it so..At this moment TW is far and away the best and most proven LT than any team can get in their locker room via trade, draft, or FA signing providing that he is healthy and willing to work out a new deal that wont cripple his new team going forward. Draft prospects are just that....prospects. How many times have we seen highly touted tackles get drafted early and wind up playing guard. We had two of them on our Oline just last season. With Tren
  9. Can't wait for this a**hole and his agent to go away. They have clearly lost any leverage that they ever had. At this point they're desperate. Perhaps if they weren't such a**holes about it something could've been done. Dont negotiate with terrorists !
  10. This is a joke right ?Dummy was a good serviceable CB when not injured. Fact is that there are a couple of FA's still available that are better than him. We were lucky to get a 5th.
  11. Wash > TB where xskins go fade into obscurity cept for Brad Johnson. Man we have been collecting their garbage coaches and players it would be nice to gouge them in a deal for TW
  12. And they (Browns) are still gonna miss the playoffs again this year. I hope they make a strong offer for TW so he can see a bigger S show than he experienced here in DC.
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