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  1. TheBlueIndian

    Tank for Tua

    I hope that's true. We play them in a few weeks and that we be almost as bad as that game we dropped to Detroit when they were winless for like a year and a half. We can find a way to F it up
  2. I stand corrected. I overlooked that fact because, well, what level of stupid do these cats operate at ?
  3. Petty and stupid ? which one is petty and which one is stupid ? Its pretty hard for me to believe that these two numbskulls would pass up on a good deal for the sake of proving to everyone that they are in fact petty and stupid. Dan has to know at this point that he has pretty much lost the fan base and folks are fed up with this crap. At some point he will have that moment of clarity and do what is in the best interest of his pocketbook. GOD I hope so
  4. TheBlueIndian

    Guice Injury and Med staff

    By all means let's pile on the medical staff because a 30 something pothead who cant stay on the field says they done him wrong. Guice was cleared to play and so he did but hey folks its week 2 and Dallass week so let's get nuts
  5. TheBlueIndian

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Tired of everyone saying Jay doesn't make any adjustments. He most definitely does. He adjusts to his coach Klein persona, what a little kitten. Dude probably wears panties on game day.
  6. TheBlueIndian

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Huge blitz pickup from guice
  7. Didn't he also call one of his players " she" or " her "
  8. Pretty sure he traded for Fat Alberto too and had a straight up murderer on the roster. Just sayin. The Patriot way... it ain't for everybody.
  9. Pretty sure Trent played a little LG a few seasons ago with TY in at tackle they straight up bulldozed some people. Could help him extend his career.
  10. This assertion that Bruce won't trade Trent for a bounty of picks and players is completely ridiculous. The guy is a freaking tool to be sure but he is not going to pass up a king's ransom for an aging player who has missed significant time over the last 3 seasons. Clearly we haven't received an offer like the Houston > Miami deal or it would be in the books. It would be malpractice on Bruce's part to pass on it and he would never work in his capacity again not to mention Dan, Doug, Jay, Kyle the freaking hotdogs vendor in the 200 level at the Fed and anyone else who gives a damn wouldn't allow it. It's not only bad business, its incompetence at the highest degree and would never play out as some kind of junk measuring contest that some are speculating it to be. Get a grip people there are a few adults in the building over in Ashburn. Not many but a few.
  11. So we got Smallwood from philly. Isnt that how we picked up Marshall ?
  12. TheBlueIndian

    The 2019 nfl cuts and who we should be interested

    I just took a sip of coffee, saw this , and laughed so hard it came out my nose. I know we're still holding out for a ham sandwich or a bag of chips but for the love of God please cut this cat today. He may go somewhere and be good but it is never happening here.
  13. please don't forget 3) we are winning off the field
  14. If I am Brucey I tell Trent my bottom line for a trade and tell him if he wants out find a dance partner and off you go. If not, forfeit your paydays until you do or show up and play. Trent has zero leverage in this situation and going forward it just gets worse for both parties. If he is so set financially then why the heck would a big payday make a difference to him. Play out your contract and let the chips fall where they may. I think the whole story is some BS cover for something else we are likely never going to find out about, but in the end I suspect he will suit up when the rookie becomes the starter.
  15. I saw this thread all lit up and thought we had some news about the TW situation. What happened ?