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  1. Andre The Giant

    Next Coach?

    Report describesTomlin coaching Skins as far-fetched.
  2. Andre The Giant

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Primary problems are poor ownership and a lousy organizational culture. That’s why fans shouldn’t be excited about changing coaches and/or team President. Snyder has to be willing to act differently and stop repeating mistakes (forcing RG3 in 2012, forcing Haskins in 2019). At this point doesn’t seem possible.
  3. Andre The Giant

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Interesting interview with Former-Eagles President Joe Banner: Paul Domowitch: The Redskins are a mess. Again. They’re 0-5 and Dan Snyder fired another head coach this week, while keeping the team’s incompetent president, Bruce Allen, in place. Since Snyder bought the franchise 20 years ago, Washington has been to the playoffs just four times and has won one playoff game. Will that franchise ever be successful as long as Snyder owns it? Joe Banner: It’s very hard to picture how that happens. Though the reality of it is there are a couple of (other) owners that, if most people met and got to talk to them, would be dumbfounded that they’re successful. But they were smart enough to hire a key person here and there and let them have some space to operate. I generally believe the best predictor of the future is the past. The most important job an owner has is deciding who to hire and setting a tone. We now have close to a 20-year history of somebody who doesn’t seem to have the insights necessary to figure out who the right people to hire are. And it remains true. If that franchise ever is going to be successful, many of the people in the building need to be different names and faces. I’ll say this. It’s good to have them in the Eagles’ division. I don’t see any light at the end of that tunnel for Redskins fans, because I don’t see any evidence that the owner has the right knowledge and insights and approach to hire the right people.
  4. Andre The Giant

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

  5. Andre The Giant

    Next Coach?

    Also, Shanny never brought in his own personnel guy, he kept Scott Campbell, et. al. Same with Gibbs, who kept Vinny. I think Snyder pressures these guys to keep his scouting staff to reduce cost, etc. Snyder doesn’t seem to care about scouting. He cares about the Marketing Impact of hiring a big name head coach (like a Tomlin). This is one of the many reasons the Skins never put it all together. A big name Head Coach with a weak personnel dept. will not work.
  6. Andre The Giant

    Next Coach?

    Agreed ... IF Colbert comes too. Dan’s never shown any real interest in the high-end GMs.
  7. Andre The Giant

    Next Coach?

    Jason LaCanfora was just on Time to Schein. Said Snyder is all in on Tomlin and would give him the same power Gibbs and Shanny had. Next year is the last year on his deal, so would need a trade. Pitt GM Kevin Colbert recently declined an extension. Tomlin is from Virginia. Rooney’s would have to be willing to trade. Tomlin would have to be interested.
  8. Andre The Giant

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Love his passion and anger. Feel the same way.
  9. A Snyder specialty (see Trent Williams - 2019)
  10. It’s been reported by a Skins insider that Snyder didn’t want to extend Cousins in 2016, because he was Shanahan’s guy. Bruce took the arrows for Snyder (as usual). Bruce wants everyone to blame him, because it allows him to keep his job. Snyder only listens to the football people when he wants to. That’s the core problem with the Washington Redskins.
  11. Andre The Giant

    Is it time to go Nuclear on Snyder???

  12. Andre The Giant

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread