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  1. i think they’re seeing the “roster control” signs. They saw Brady get what he wanted in Tampa (Gronk, AB) and win a SB. They want that too.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/seahawks-listening-to-russell-wilson-offers-wild-offseason-qb-carousel-spinning-at-another-level/
  3. No idea. According to Ben Allbright, the Eagles are floating potential proposals to the media to try and increase the trade price. This guy might be one of the recipients.
  4. JLC on Super Bowl pre game show: Eagles aggressively shopping Wentz. Bears and Colts most interested. Houston so far not interested in trading Watson. May change by draft. SF, Carolina, and NYJ very interested. if NYJ gets Watson, they would trade Darnold. Kyle Shanahan very high on Darnold. If they got him, would trade Jimmy G. Pats very high on a potential Jimmy G reunion.
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