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  1. Andre The Giant

    Retain Jay For 2019?

    Totally agree. 7-7 with everything that’s happened is impressive. He navigates the storm well. If we fire Gruden he’d be picked up in a minute by another team.
  2. Andre The Giant

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    What a game by Kerrigan. Brings it every week. Quiet 11 sack season after slow start. Great player...
  3. Andre The Giant

    Fire Larry Michael

    Redskins organization used to be a first-class operation. One of the three most successful in the league during the 80s. Snyder purchased the team in 99, and filled it with his cronies. I, for one, was optimistic about the purchase, because it felt like John Kent Cooke was a soft owner who kept a Casserly / Turner combo in place that obviously wasn’t working. Unfortunately, as we all know, Snyder has turned out to be horribly unsuccessful as an owner, leading to many embarrassing performances such as this past Mon.’s game. It can be tough to control wins and losses on the field, but off the field Snyder’s Skins have been terrible as well (significant employee turnover, fights with the local media, lawsuits with customers, cheerleader scandal, terrible stadium experience, etc). There seems to be a steadfast cultural issue a Redskins Park (no matter the coach or GM) including an organizational arrogance that hasn’t been justified in a long time. To me, Larry Michael’s “we’re all good” communication strategy personifies that overconfident arrogance. He’s not just the play-by-play guy, he’s a VP. If the organization is making changes in other business areas to improve its relationship with its fans, it makes sense to look at Larry as well.
  4. Andre The Giant

    Fire Larry Michael

    I agree with this, but Larry is still part of the problem.
  5. Andre The Giant

    Fire Larry Michael

    Winning organizations don’t have Baghdad Bob’s as VPs. Agree that’s exactly what he is.
  6. Andre The Giant

    Fire Larry Michael

    The Redskins have had multiple Monday Night Football blowout losses under four different coaches (Spurrier, Zorn, Shanahan, and Gruden). It hasn’t really mattered who the coach is (Gibbs and Shottenheimer are exceptions). I think there are two common denominators: 1) Snyder 2) Losing Organizational Culture You can’t change #1, but you can try and change #2. Best bet to improve the culture is to eliminate those that don’t reflect a professional, winning, realistic attitude. I disagree with you. I think Larry (and those in the organization who think like him) are a huge part of the problem.
  7. Andre The Giant

    Fire Larry Michael

    No question Dan Snyder is the true culprit, but he ain’t leaving. The best the organization can do is to fill the rest of it up with professionals that are rowing in the same direction. Larry’s messaging style is the legacy Dan Snyder strategy (“Nothing to see here”). The new Business Leaders are being more open about season tickets being available. Personally, I prefer their honest take. Larry flies in the face of that. To change an organization, you often need to remove those who resist. I want to support an organization that is accountable and realistic about what it has and still needs. That’s not how Larry Michael is at all. I realize he’s only the messenger, but he’s also a key cog in a losing culture. Change the message. Be more honest with your fans. That’s not Larry’s personality. I’d replace him with someone like Al Galdi (who’s in a different role now, but is outstanding and would represent the organization well).
  8. Andre The Giant

    Fire Larry Michael

    If I bought the team, the first guy I’d fire would be Larry. This Redskins organization is constantly over-confident and lacks self awareness. No one is more emblematic of that than Larry (“the Redskins have better intangibles in this matchup.”) He’s argued in the past that he’s a Redskins employee and is supposed to be biased. I’d argue he’s a holdover from the old Snyder regime (e.g. Karl Swanson) that established a paranoid, small-minded, and frankly losing culture. The organization has slowly been removing itself of those legacy individuals (e.g. Dennis Green), and brought in new Business Leaders. In order to keep moving progress forward, and right the ship, Larry needs to go next. There’s a reason the team hardly ever wins two games in a row. They win one and then think they’re great. No one perpetuates this more than Larry. Loyal guy = yes. Part of the go forward solution = no.
  9. Question for the board: if the Skins tag Cousins, could they tie their draft pick compensation based on when he signs the tag? For instance, if he signs by March 13th, it’s a third, if he sign by April 20th it’s a fourth, etc... This might work well for a potential trade partner, but would tie up the Skins cap in the meantime. Key Factor, we don’t know how much 2018 cap space Alex Smith’s extension takes up.