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  1. They will not get rid of Rudolph. No way. The guy does it all. I think they keep him and Smith Jr. I think they will dump Digg's, which of course does not help us at TE. But hell I think we should take Digg's if he comes available. He is super motivated to win. His teammates like him and yeah, he may get a rep by some as a diva, but that is not how his teammates or coaches see him.
  2. skinsmania123

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I agree with you. I want Chase Young. My issue with Tua is not that I think he won't succeed, he is one helluva talent. My issue is he won't last. I think he is fragile. I just do. Some guys are just injury prone. And if he got that banged up in college, with what I view as a significant injury, what is it going to be like in the NFL where guys are bigger, faster and overall stronger? I just want the Skins to pick a guy who is healthy, who has been healthy, meaning no significant injuries, who can be a real game changer. That is what you do with the #2 pick in the draft. For me that is Chase Young. I also want to stick with Haskins for now. Bring in a vet like others are suggesting for competition and go from there. I would like to go after Mariotta if he is available.
  3. . Moses is not a good player. We all know that. IMO he is mediocre. With his incessant penalties it is hard to watch. Last year he got turned so many times functioning as a human turnstile. I watched him give up on plays and he contributed IMO to a bad offense. He elevates bad play. BUT like most teams we need bodies and they are hard to come by for an O line. He only has a 8.65 cap number, he is 28, I don't think they are going to move on from him because the contract is not that bad. It would be great if he was just a backup, Not sure if they are thinking they can coach him up, but he needs something. The Eagles were super high on Vaital in 2016. He can play guard and tackle so he is a versatile player. I think he is going to really cash in during FA. I am surprised the Eagles are not keeping him.
  4. skinsmania123

    What would you prefer?

    I think I remember Rivera saying he had no patience for a rebuild. Plus I don't think it is necessary. We have some good pieces. I know we are short at the LB position and that may be our 3rd round pick in the draft. There are a number of decent prospects projected to go in the 3-5 round. I am really looking forward to FA. I hope they target Tre Boston and Hooper. I am definitely in the camp of resign Trent, lock up Scherff, and make the O line solid. Then immediately sign Chase Young, don't play around with the pick, and take an already decent line a tier up. I believe we can compete because we have much better coaches that will establish and enforce a standard of play/performance. So many on here talked about not getting enough production, playing to ability, out of some players. I have not been encouraged about this team in over 20 years, minus the Gibb's return, so I am up for anything that is going to turn it around and so far Rivera has been doing a lot of what has been wanted on this board. So I am encouraged. No rebuild. Go for it now.
  5. I really just want the Skins to stop being the laughing stock of the league. I think Rivera brings a demand with him - that players are accountable. That is really what has been lacking on this team for quite a few years. Just an undisciplined train wreck of a team, with no accountability. He is going expect the players to treat it like what it really is, a job. You show up, you do your job and you do it to the best of your ability. And man are you lucky to make millions playing a game you say you love for a living. If they are "in" every game because they are playing their asses off, well they will squeeze out a few extra wins IMO, so I can see us getting 8-9 wins next year, but even 10 is within the realm of possibility.
  6. Man i was so thinking that a minute ago. Yup we do not have a second round pick and that to me is an equivalent trade. I think your spot on there. I would like to have Trent back and Dunny back. Not sure Dunbar helped himself with his public conversation of discontent but he is underpaid at this point. Still this is one thing I think Gruden did well if he moved him from WR to the CB position if I am not mistaken. Because he is pretty darn good and with Del Rio he would really be able to maximize his abilities and then get that nice contract or move on. But I know it is a very short career in the NFL and you want to maximize your dollars.
  7. You are right. The contract is new but I was thinking he may try to negotiate a better deal with another team in a trade. Players do it a lot now. The Vikings desperately need cap relief and the wide receiver class is very deep this year, so they literally need to trade players for picks IMO, to get more cap room.
  8. Is he emotional? Yes. Is he a diva? In respects to his teammates and coaches thinking he is a selfish son of a **** who is all about "me?" Not at all. He is super, super competitive and hates to lose, more then any player I have seen in a long time. His teammates LOVE him. I watched way to many Vikings games last year, watched interviews after games. At first I thought he was super selfish but after listening to other players. and what they said about him, some of his complaints were legitimate. Also he took responsibility for his stuff as well. He had a few of his own drops last year, that hurt Vikings at times. He is super close with Thielen who know that Diggs just wants to win. Ask any of the Vikings players, any of the coaches, and to me that is what counts most he does not bother any of them. We would be lucky as **** to get him. But I do not believe he would come here. He wants to win. He will be too expensive. But boy would he be great for Haskins. I think Seattle, or the Packers will go after him.
  9. I still think with TW having the year off, resting his body from the grind of an NFL season helps. I think they can get at least 2 good years out of him. But I just do not think we will get a 3rd good year because of his age, and stepping back into the grind of an NFL season. I have wanted him back since they signed Rivera and with him wanting $17 mil per year, for 3 years, is too much. I would rather give him a 2 year contract at $17 mil because I think he can be steady for two more years. I think we are best signing Scherff and keeping him at his position. Really want to lock him down if we can.
  10. skinsmania123

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    That does seem the script for some Skins players but I am thinking he probably will retire. Great talent. What a damn shame.
  11. skinsmania123

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    What you are saying is logical. Okay he sits out OTA's. But your right it is a contract year so there is his incentive. And the Skins don't lose with what you have pointed out here.
  12. skinsmania123

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    That would be a real change in culture if you ask me. Don't personalize it. Get as much value as you can for the guy. He is decent, and we will have a trade partner. Someone will take the risk to upgrade at CB. I still think the Jags are a great fit for Dunbar.
  13. skinsmania123

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    We should be able to get something decent trading Dunbar. Maybe get Andy Reid on the line? While I disagree with Dunbar's emotional challenge, with his new coaching staff, I think it is a good opportunity for the Skins to pick up a decent trade partner. Didn't Gruden convert Dunbar from WR to CB? He is the O coordinator with the Jags and they are in need of a CB after dealing Ramsey. They are a possible trade partner. I say get Bradberry, aged 26, prime of his career, deal Dunbar to whoever has a piece we need..
  14. On 2/9/2020 at 2:06 PM, NYSkins21 said: Anyone see this yet? @Voice_of_Reason I am not the one who posted the link you referenced. I just responded to post Just like you did.
  15. Another perspective is that it is the offseason and this is what these guys do - speculate. I think Brady was pissed about last year because he had no one to throw to. Just super weak on the offensive side of the ball. I think what they will probably try to go after AJ Green or work something out so he has some pieces around him to throw to. I don't think he will get Gronk back. It is more possible they take a flyer on someone like Reed. They should even go after Henry. I just do not believe Brady is going anywhere. If they pick up some pieces to fortify the Offense he will stay. But Hey it is message board. It is the offseason. Speculations rule. It is going to be fun to see what happens in FA all the way around. First time I have looked forward to it as a Skins fan in a long time.