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  1. skinsmania123


    If we barely squeezed a 1 point "win" out of the pathetic Dolphin ,can you imagine what the 49ers are going to do to the Skins? It is going to be ugly. Forget the vendetta or whatever people think Kyle might have for Danny and Bruce. The 49ers are arguably the most solid team right now on both sides of the ball.
  2. They could make Alex, Haskins QB coach for all we know. Wouldn't be the worse thing for him. Plus Alex strikes me as a super laid back guy and very patient. Not to mention that he is a nice guy. Probably just lets Dan talk, talk, talk.....
  3. skinsmania123

    Reality check time.

    Unless you think about it from this perspective. People thought when Danny finally fired Vinny Cerrato that things would improve. Probably thinking "change would be a chance to improve "like your thinking. Some of the personnel moves Cerrato made such as: hiring Zorn as OC before he even hired a HC, and then hiring Zorn as HC was completely ignorant. How he handled Champ Bailey. And don't get me wrong I loved Portis and he gave the Skins everything he had and was good. But Cerrato traded away in my opinion, one of the best cornerbacks of all time, all pro, HOFer, and to add insult to injury he threw in a 2nd round pick. Ridiculous. Haynesworth. Do I need to say more? Making DeAngelo Hall at the time the highest paid CB in the league. Ridiculous. Trading for Jason Taylor right after Philip Daniel went down in trading camp, only to release Taylor a year later and he overpaid for the guy. When I look at Vinny's time here they gave away so many 3rd round picks for guys that did not work out I lost count. Jason Campbell - the Skins gave up multiple picks to move up and take him and we know how that turned out. Deion Sanders gave us one year and left with a ton of cash. There is many more blunder moves from an amateur GM but I can't for the life of me remember. Oh yeah Adam Archuleta. It is really about the learning curve of Danny isn't it? Vinny the moron was directed by Dan, who went from thinking well everything is about money. I can buy a SB with guys that other teams were done with and thinking if he overpaid they would be loyalty, only to realize he can't make those types of moves, he can't buy one, and those players do not give a **** they just want to get one more possible big pay day and the Skins are it, etc. So he dumps Vinny and in comes Bruce. And decides to go from overspending to downright insulting players with his undervaluing and low cash deals. Because Dan can't find balance. So the story is even worse then it was with Vinny...LOL! So do I want the Skins to lose? Usually no but this year? Hell yeah! Because they need a haul, that I hope they somehow "luck into" to correct some of their most recent blunders, especially the handling of Trent Williams as their latest debacle. Ridiculous.
  4. After watching Baker Mayfield's non-existent protection at left tackle the other night there is a potent, needy trading partner right there. Also it brings me back to a segment this past summer on the NFL Network where these two ex-players were discussing the Brown's chances and one of the guys and I am paraphrasing - "left tackle is going to be a big concern for them and it is going to become more obvious as the year goes on." Essentially as we know this team is being screwed by two overly vindictive ass holes. A GM does not get emotionally involved and just moves on if a player does not want to be here. We have trading partners right now. The 2020 draft has sound LT's and damn the window of opportunity is closing IMO on getting a good return on Trent.
  5. skinsmania123

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Colt and Case are not the answer but is Haskins? You can't say he has more potential and talent because this has yet to be determined. It has to translate from the collegiate level onto an NFL field to be true. That potential is why Danny drafted him at 15. If it is not true then it is just another fantasy of Danny's that did not bear out. And we don't know a damn thing because he is not ready to be on the field. But the Skins have to see what they have with Haskins in the last 5-6 games of the season because of where he was drafted and because we don't have a QB. Surely they can put a modicum of plays together that Haskins feels comfortable running and then get him out there. To listen to Josh Norman it sounds like he is struggling with the playbook and other nuances of being an NFL QB. I don't care who likes Haskins or does not like Haskins. The discussions about his personality is just noise and distraction. IMO he seemed well received by his O line when he stepped on the field against the Giants. But I also noticed he looked bored as **** sitting on the bench when the OC was trying to help Case in a game he wound up being put into. That starts the rumors because it is not a good look. Easy to take shots at Jones, who I hope has reached his ceiling - better for us - but I don't think that is true. He is playing just like a rookie. I will wait until next year to determine that what he has. If he does not correct on some of his accuracy yeah he will not make it.
  6. skinsmania123

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    So they don't ruin him they have to take that approach of "stashing" him for a year. I like that idea. I hope you are right. Meanwhile who do you go with at QB? You have a new coach coming in what is the plan?
  7. skinsmania123

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Some of what you are saying about Jones is true but their defense is trash, and I think his O line is pretty suspect as well. What I like about Jones is his ability to stay in the pocket instead of instantly running when it collapses. He shows an ability to extend plays which gives his receivers maybe a second more to get separation. I think he has shown things you expect to see in a rookie QB though - average yardage - 190 per game, and those ugly untimely INT's . But he still reminds me from a composure perspective of a mini Eli. I think he is going to be decent and I hate that as a Skins fan. You're definitely right about Minshew. Not sure if he will be the next Tom Brady, but the draft "experts" screwed up on Brady as we all know. It is not an infallible process. But it sure is much easier to accept missing on a diamond in the rough like a Brady or Minshew, then it is dealing with the aftereffects of a moron owner, like Danny who sidesteps actual professional player evaluators, forcing them to choose his fantasy pick in the first round - rounds above where we are now learning he should have been drafted. Now he is leaving this mess to the next coach to fix. Wonder who the lucky guy is going to be? Of course I hope I am wrong and Haskins becomes the franchise QB we have never been able to find. I just want to win. Man that is all any of us on this board want. But if Danny screwed up, lets face it, we are QB hunting either in this draft or the next.
  8. skinsmania123

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Kirk was a fourth round pick in the draft. It would be expected that he would sit for a year and change, maybe more, and be developed by the organization that picked him in the 4th round - 106 overall. That development starts running the scout team. I think we can agree with that. If that goes well then you get the nod if your starting QB goes down or sucks. We all know the history. Gruden actually preferred Kirk over RG3 because of the offense he likes to run. I think Kirk's greatest development came, as it should, from starting games and working with McVay and Gruden. I, similar to others, think Gruden makes a good OC not as a HC. Haskins in my opinion should be further along, playing now, similar to the majority of QBs picked in the first round of an NFL draft. All Haskins has been doing is focusing on football. Turns out he was not being held out because Gruden didn't like him personally. He simply didn't like how he played. Every scout, every coach on the Redskins saw him taking reps during OTA's, training camp, all the way to preseason action right? Do you really think Danny's hand picked guy is not going to get attention? Development? Didn't Doug Williams say "they" would decide who the starting QB would be - including Dan and Bruce? if Haskins was even remotely capable Danny would have his fantasy pick in there from day 1. Remember this beauty: Haskins is turning out to be exactly like a 4th rounder or 5th rounder - not a 1st rounder. Again I am really wondering what the hell is going to happen here. I hope he can get out there in the next 4-5 games or the Skins have to be thinking QB again in the draft. How can they not?
  9. skinsmania123

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    @volsmet that is true what you said about Bortles. My main point here that we picked a QB 15th in the 1st round so it should be reasonable to assume he would be able to start in the NFL and the Jaguars have a sound, really good QB from the 6th round starting and we can't even get our 1st round 15th pick on the field because he is not ready. Sure it is media leaks but I am starting to realize more and more no one really did want him except Danny because they saw the flaws in his game and the fact that he only started 15 games in college so maybe they reasoned putting those two together that there was not enough of a sample size so they should not pull the trigger at 15. Potential yes. I will give him that. But that is not a 1st round 15th pick in an NFL draft.
  10. skinsmania123

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I am furious with Dan Snyder right now on this one in particular. You pick a QB at #15 in the first round and he is not ready to play and then you see a rookie, like Jones succeed, which you could say is reasonable, okay, but then you look at someone like Gardner Minshew.. Who???? Oh yeah that 6th round pick, that the Jaguars were going to store and develop over time because they are good at evaluating potential. But then because of the injury to Foles they are forced to stick him in the game. And most know what he is doing right now starting for the Jaguars. The supposed project, which he should have been is killing it in the league and we have our 15th pick, sitting on the bench because his skill set is not up to par. And that is not his fault. And you have to say to yourself who were the evaluators in the Skins scouting department when it came to Haskins? Danny makes a call after a few shots of Crowne? What kind of bull **** is this? That little **** Dan Snyder has done an incredible injustice to this kid on top of everything else. Do I think he can be good? Sure with the proper coaching and guidance which he not going to get here. He is the one that should have been a late 4th round to an early 5th round pick, if the proper diligence was done. He is clearly a developmental project. But if you pick a QB at 15 in the first round it is reasonable to assume the dude should be playing. And if you have the likes of Josh Norman going public on a show saying essentially yeah he is not ready, and it takes time to learn the NFL for some players well then, clearly this is a project and again I am not saying the kid can't learn it but he can't help us get better now. And Norman is bringing up what? Mechanics? Ability to adjust to the speed of the NFL? Ability to read defenses, and get to his second even third progression quickly? Playbook? What exactly? We have a very limited sample size of his playing and we are not getting clear answers out of Redskins park. And should the Skins just put him out there and say okay he will learn on the job. NOOOO! That would be what we heard one analyst refer to as "coaching malpractice." Don't ruin this player because the owner Dan Snyder highjacked the draft again with his fantasy pick, when everyone in that room knew Haskins was not ready. And I was thinking it would be good to have him learn on the job but now I realize the Skins if all the reports are accurate hurt him if we do that.
  11. Each one could say "we're close" and no one would laugh at them.
  12. skinsmania123

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    @hawgboy I was listening to Orlovsky during that segment. Particularly when he was comparing the "culture" of Detroit with the "culture" of Washington when he was there. The blaming, finger pointing, lack of accountability and poor effort. Pointing to the changes he now sees in Detroit and how it can be turned in Washington I strongly disagree with even with this core group of young guys who want to win like Mclurin, Allen, Kerrigan (not sure I agree with that one), and Collins. And I throw Haskins in there because the story is not written on him yet. Now the reason I do not think the Skins will succeed is because the Lions did not magically change their culture but they got a new owner bent on making changes. The death of Martha Ford's husband in 2014 led to her taking over. Slowly and methodically she made changes. They had so many issues under Schwartz, the prior coach and issues with players off the field, probably in the locker room that when they bought in Caldwell in 2014, as much as he was not able to really move them to the next level he did begin the process of defining what a winning culture is because he was a good leader and held players accountable. When Martha Ford dumped team president Tom Lewand and GM Martin Mayhew in 2015, she did the organization a true solid and it was obvious the rebuild and vision was firmly entrenched. I think she has instilled a new philosophy and has attempted to change the culture there since her husband, and previous owners death in 2014. Matt Patricia, a defensive minded coach, who has had some tough breaks IMO, and struggles, is slowly getting improvement and you really see it this year. The Lions look solid in some key ways. No they are not perfect at 2-1-1 but they are right in it. They have come a long way because of the changes made in the internal structure of the organization based upon the new philosophy instilled by Martha. The Lions are my wild card team for this year.
  13. skinsmania123

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The problem here is that this is the Redskins. Dan Snyder who forced the pick for Haskins is stubborn. This is not like SM going into Snyder's office and convincing him that they needed to bench RG3. And supposedly if we are to believe the media and leaks from back then, that took hours of convincing. And also why did SM and Gruden have to convince the Dan about a football decision? We know it is because Snyder is a meddling fan boy. So who is going to push back on Snyder if Haskins is not developing? Bruce Allen the GM? No way. He is Dan's number one lackey. I think we are stuck with Haskins until the very least the 2021 draft. Another problem is I don't know if Haskin's even sees the field this year no matter how bad we are. So how do we gauge his progress? He has to play. I mean I completely agree with your logic but this not how these guys roll.