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  1. skinsmania123

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    It is a very good interview and he comes off pretty damn mature. l actually thought his reasoning process was excellent regarding social media. Some guys that get criticized learn if they are going to keep their emotions in check, need to stop reading articles, need to stop listening to sports commentators, and come off twitter. Heck it has worked for a number of NFL players. It is smart. Kirk Cousins said it this year. He does not follow what anyone says about him. Also I like that Alex is mentoring him a bit. He is a very level-headed guy IMO.
  2. skinsmania123

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Agreed. Only if he is not playing would I root for him. I see what your saying here. Two thoughts. If your D only gave up 20 points per game in 2018, and you think Zimmer is a Defensive "wizard" lol, well then you roll with them because it was successful last year and Zimmer is a defensive wizard. Yes, Kirk is definitely an "enigma." Well said. But I absolutely think you they needed to take a risk at that point in the game, and I they simply didn't. Hated the playcalling at the end there. One thing about Pete Carroll that I admire is he mixes it up, yeah sometimes with mixed results, but that is what you have do in this league. I think in this game both Cousins and Wilson were okay. I mean their stats lines were identical practically but I get what your saying here and what others are saying. I think he is going to have a real opportunity though this year to either take that albatross off in terms of those key moments in two of the next four games, or unfortunately it is going to stay with him and possibly define him.
  3. skinsmania123

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I appreciate your posts. They are always thoughtful. What do you think of Wilson? I mean if you have the Legion of Boom your going to the playoffs right? You should even get in and win a SB which they did. Of course that group got broken up because of the cost keep that kind of group together. So this past August Wilson's contract tops $140 mil, surpassing Rodgers, and you would think with that top heavy hit they would be mediocre for a few years, but they actually look decent on both sides of the ball. Not great, but decent. I think Wilsons biggest issue the last few years especially in 2017-2018, was the loss of decent D players and poor O line play. You would think getting quality players with his contract and the one Rodgers signed would be difficult. Which when you said I would not pay a good QB elite money and roll with the Bridgewater types kind of makes sense because maybe your out of it for a couple of years but then you wind up with a D like San Francisco. I personally would not put Grappolo in a "elite" category, but I would put him in the Bridgewater category. But how do you explain Minnesota? Last year, pretty much the same D, only allowed 20 points per game. Rhodes is getting beat like a drum this year and their secondary looks like ****. But it not because of Cousin's contract because the unit is pretty much intact.
  4. skinsmania123

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    You could easily say the lack of pressure upfront by Minny allowed Wilson to have a lot of time in the pocket, and to be able to run for yards when there was some pressure, but it also created lanes for him. Look at the TOP especially in the 3rd quarter. I don't know about a comeback. It looked to me as though Cousin's had more time to get something done in the 4th. But if you compare Wilsons and Cousins stats there pretty identical. The only difference is the Minny D giving up 200 on the ground, and their ST missed FG and the fake punt. That is enough to lose a game. The Minnesota D for the most part, by the way, is the same unit they had last year when they allowed only 20 points per game (someone on here is actually pointing out that the reason their D production has diminished is due to the amount of money allocated to Cousin's, and so they can't sign more quality guys but that is just not factual).
  5. skinsmania123

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Don't be sorry. I am sure you think I am full of **** that is fine. This is a message board you can say anything to me. We are all fans and all have different perspectives. You know I guess it is me, and the way I look at stuff, but if a guy changes teams, it is a bit like starting over or a do over for me. I thought last year he was doing the "overcompensation" stuff that drove me crazy when he was here as a Skin. This year it is a different guy. I agree with the whole lazy narrative on him. If you are comparing every year to years past, then you know they are not losing this year because of him. He is not holding the ball, he is not taking the sakes, or fumbling the ball like he has had a tendency to do. Not one other QB in this league could possibly will the Vikings to victory with that piss poor D upfront AND in the secondary. You can't possibly expect to win big games with the level of mediocrity there. No way. Also in this particular game I thought it was 2:46 that they turned it over on downs, but I will take your word for it,, BUT I hated the play calling in that last series, and no that INT was not on Cousins, agreed. I will tell you Digg's has let him down his fair share in a few of these games - you have to fight for position there, and on other plays you have to be a bit more aggressive, and not drop the damn ball. Not at this critical juncture. They little to no margin for error because of their D. The year Wilson won that one SB, of his, which should have been two, had he not telegraphed that pass on the Patriots 2 yard line, he had the most dominating D in the league. Defenses win championships right. That is the main reason they wound up there. Not saying he is not a good player, he is very positive, and a true NLP disciple.
  6. skinsmania123

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Thanks for sharing that. If you go on YouTube you have these local Minny want to be sports analyst and they are blaming Cousin's. But there was a sports analyst I was listening to Monday on ESPN discussing the whole "shrinking in primetime" aspect of Cousin's referring to it as the "lazy narrative" because he is not doing what he used to do. For some reason human beings, as a whole, form an opinion and regardless of what they see, they revert back to the original strong emotional opinion. If you think about it, Kirk's failures and shrinking in the past was due to his propensity to throw the inopportune INT or take the sack or fumble, trying to make something happen. This never gave the Skins a chance to win the game and he did it with Minny last year a bit but IMO he had questionable support from his O line in which is better this year. The whole letdown for Minny is their D. And if they want to win they need to make some adjustments. But if you take Cousin'sook at his progression, his growth, every single year it is impressive. But all these QB's, even the great ones, need solid OL protection. Rodgers looked horrendous against San Fran because his O line functioned like turnstiles in that game. They were dominated. And earlier in the year he had receivers dropping balls. AND they all need decent receivers. For Cousin's Thielan's hamstring issues are hampering them right now. Not that his TE's are not coming though at times but he needs his best WR back. And in the biggest game of the year to date IMO, Cook while great all year, fumbled twice and lost one. You would never say that he "shrank" in a big game. But he did. Look at Tom Brady this year. It not so much his age causing the decline in production, it is because he is the GOAT and is unwilling to throw the ball when his receivers are covered up. Plus with a decent D you don't have to force things. I watched him the other day and I was like he has NO ONE open to throw to. They are not going anywhere if they don't solve that problem.
  7. skinsmania123

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    @JSSkinzYou can say that stuff about any game in the NFL. Mistakes, blown coverages are part of the game. Yeah Wilson may not do that again, just like Wilson will probably not broadcast, let alone throw an INT in the SB, on the two yard line, when he has a RB like Marshawn Lynch.....if he ever gets the chance again. And I don't think it will be this year because their D is not good enough. And I bet Rodgers won't take the beatdown he took from San Fran two weeks ago where he looked pedestrian at best. And what is the narrative on Cousin's after this particular game. I am listening to NLF network, and ESPN and what I am hearing is 3 TD's from Cousin's plus a FG should have been sufficient to win that game for any QB, on the road, in that particularly loud stadium. But if that QB's defense gives up 200 yards on the ground allows 37 points, chances are, no matter who the QB is your going to lose. You know what the story is not over yet. I thought the play calling by the Vikes at the end of game was horrible. But that is part of the game too. Mistakes. The reason they did not punt with over two minutes left is because their D sucks. I am going out on a limb and say despite the Vikings D, LOL.....they will get into the playoffs, and probably make a run. I would love to see a rematch in Seattle.
  8. Without even considering other players involvement, and how they contribute to the losses to teams that are over .500 it just becomes a handy little statistic to whip out to continue a gratuitous argument against Cousins at this point in his career imo. UNLESS of course Cousin's directly causes the loss by blundering the game which he certainly did not do in this particular game. Think about how that particular stat started. At this point isn't it just convenient to say that? Now they should get rid of Cousins? He is not worth the contract? He is worth every damn penny this year. He is in fact the only reason they have the possibility of going into the playoffs. It is like one of the talking heads on ESPN said this morning and I am paraphrasing you can't put this loss on Cousin's. It was a defensive collapse, a 200 yard pounding by Seattle that led to the win.
  9. skinsmania123

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I agree with all your points and something else, and maybe I am wrong, I thought their secondary was their only weak link, but last night the Vikes run D got gashed for over 200 yards. Your not going to win games like that. Cousins is solid. It is impressive. He cannot possibly make up for all those deficiencies Cook is great but that fumble that led to the short field and FG really hurt down the stretch last night.
  10. It's absurd to blame cousins for the loss but I get the effort here in this thread by some to do that but it is not a good analysis of the game. It is just a Cousin's bashing. As predicted, the D of the Vikings sucks, apparently now upfront as well. I think they got gashed for 200 yards. Helluva run defense huh? Cousins didn't fumble the ball to give the Seahawks a short field, which Wilson could not even turn into a TD by the way. And if Cousin's had done the bat the ball down miss, like Wilson, there would be a whole thread on it right guys? Cousin's did not give up a 60 yrd TD or miss an extra point. There are a myriad of reasons why they lost. You would think four TD's and a FG should win on the road, in one of the most difficult stadiums in the NFL, but no. Because the Vikings run defense sucked and their secondary continues to suck. It might be easy to say that Minny finished 3-1 to get the 6th spot but if their D continues to play like this, Cousin's can score 4 TD's a game with no INT's and they are still going to lose.
  11. skinsmania123

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I want to tank on one hand because my concern is because of the Bromance between Danny and Bruce, if the Skins put together say another three wins, Allen can pull the "see I told you we were close" with Dan and he gets a reprieve. On the other hand it is unbelievable that I am actively rooting against a team I have followed almost my whole life, supposedly for the greater good, and hopefully long term success. But my main struggling point which I have always had is this difficulty of extricating or extracting Dan from Bruce. I have always believed Dan has played a large role in the overall "key" decisions in this organization and in Bruce he has a found a guy who is happy to do his bidding. So who is the puppet here? It is like two independent toxic entities came together and created an absolutely abysmal environment and circumstances yet are seemingly insulated against any criticism because they are so aligned. And the worse part of all is that they believe they are right. That it is all bad luck due to a rash of injuries, poor coaching and when all else fails giving the impression of selfish players. When Bruce paraded out in public the day they released Gruden, and said what he said, it was just proof to me how they had insulated themselves, and were so aligned in their toxicity that they were impervious to any information coming in therefore operating from a position that says what we believe is the truth and we know better then anybody. Any of you. The only saving grace possible here is Dan's money being impacted. Dan likes his money and likes to display it - the yacht. It says, see public, see fans and detractors I am fine financially. Jealous of my success? I am really hoping he is a wealth addict who gets off on others envy of what he has because these types will throw family members under the bus, if it messes too much with their bottom line. This is what I am hoping for ultimately. But will it change his meddling in the organization, the draft, FA player acquisitions, etc. I just don't see it.
  12. Looks like the tip of the ball touched the turf.
  13. They should have handed it off a couple of times in that series. Guice looks good
  14. I am just here to read the comments. Hilarious. What the ****. At this pace the Panthers are going to put a 50 burger on us.