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  1. skinsmania123

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    That is exactly the truth. AND the D was getting stops overall early on in the season. Low scoring games. But we went countless quarters without a passing TD from Alex. He never got in sync with our receivers or TE's. Plus we got lucky in some of those games. a real rarity as a Skin's fan. Things went our way. I wish Alex well and hope for a full recovery on his behalf, but he was was not effectively passing the ball. He seemed very skittish to me. When he faced the stout Texan D line, he was pushing more, had an INT, almost 2. You know I think D's do win championships - look at what the Bear's did last night to the stout Ram O BUT your offense has to score some points. They have to get it into the EZ.
  2. skinsmania123

    Who On The Redskins Team/Organization Worth Keeping? {Multi-Level Thread }

    I would keep DJ, Dunny, and the D line. The line is decent. Needs a piece but overall can be disruptive. The rest of the secondary can all go. I said in the beginning of the year would hurt us, turned out to be true. On offense I would keep AP another year - he's earned it. Guise of course; CT I would keep although he is injury prone. Doctson definitely. I would also keep Sims, and Harris. I think they are all IR. I like Marshall. Saw flashes there but not enough playing time. Tress Way keep. he has been the most consistent all year long. he will have many opportunities the next couple of years IMO. We are probably in blow up mode again. We are screwed at QB. I know Alex Smith is not the answer and will not be back to start the season anyway. I just hope he gets better and can walk without any issues. Colt is injury prone and cannot be relied upon. This is a ****ty QB class coming up.
  3. skinsmania123

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    That first offensive series set the tone. Two drops of catchable balls. Not helping out your QB. D plays tight a couple of series and then the wheels fall off. One thing that bothers the hell out of me about Gruden is how he sticks with plays that do NOT work. Every game. All year. You gotta scratch the plays that do not work. He never does. He never adjusts to anything. he should not be calling the damn plays. He is horrendous. If they come out in the second half looking the same and the ****ing Giants hang a 50 burger on us, Jay should be fired immediately.
  4. skinsmania123

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    I had to do something so I leave for 5 minutes and the Giant's have two more ****ing TD's.
  5. skinsmania123

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    This field is garbage on top of everything else. It is like rocks and painted dirt...LOL
  6. skinsmania123

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    Well Sanchez is doing his job. But the receivers? They don;t give a ****.
  7. skinsmania123

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    Now you know why Peterson had to address the locker room. These team is bush league.
  8. skinsmania123

    Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: The "Take Me Behind The Woodshed" Episode

    I don't see Sanchez being effective . Our D does continues where it left off the last couple of games. They will give up large chunks of yardage, and most specifically will continue the trend of being ineffective on 3rd and whatever. And they will continue not to tackle. They will just try to strip the ball away. Eli will have a good day. 24 - Giants 13 - Skins
  9. skinsmania123

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    It would also mean relinquishing control, which he is not going to do. Part of the reason I think people dislike, perhaps despise Bruce Allen, is because he is Danny's prop puppet. The complicit guy who goes along with Danny's version of how to run an NFL team badly. Danny is so entrenched IMO, involved in more decisions then we even know, behind the scenes, because the behaviors and outcomes are always the same. Vinny or Bruce. What is the difference? Why else would Danny continue to pursue a way of doing things with a formula that is not followed by successful NFL teams, who have for the most part, "hands off" owners. Good owners who are not meddling fan boys or girls, hire experienced GM's who make the decisions, assembling a team of experienced NFL talent evaluators, which includes hiring the HC. And that is why no elite coach will come here. Why should they?
  10. skinsmania123

    The Morning After thread

    The one thing that makes me cringe is that I believe Bruce Allen will keep his job by deflecting blame and responsibility. The injury parade unfortunately helps him keep his job. They put duct tape around the training program apparently by hiring a new trainer and selling us on an upgraded training facility and program. Well that sure as hell did nothing. I just wonder about the offseason training program. These guys are like chandelier's man. And Trent is aging and injured. Last night he was a turnstile a few times. I like Trent but I think we probably could use the cap relief honestly. He is just not right. My beliefs is the injuries will be Bruce's ass saving. All he has to do is point to them IMO. I mean the record was what before the body count started? ****ty logic but probably the logic that will be used. As an aside I watched little Danny talking to Jerruh before the Dalass game and Danny looked so ill at ease and small in the interaction, with his suit swallowing him up and Jerruh seemed so pumped up like a rooster before the game even started. It just stayed with me. Dude looked so small and butt hurt and that was before the game. I think Danny is lost. I have mixed thoughts about Gruden. I am not sure he is 100% the problem BUT he needs an O Coordinator. His focus in IMO is too split as the HC calling the plays and devising a game plan. He needs to be evaluating the players overall. And frankly the plays he calls are predictable, boring, and most of all, ineffective. That alone may get him fired. The real dumpster fire is our D. Our LB's can't keep up. What a disaster. All you have to do is run your RB's or WO's to the outside and they are beat every time. And these guys do not stay in their gaps, very undisciplined and even average players get separation. And the lack of discipline and propensity to knock the ball out or strip it rather then make sound tackles pisses me off to no end. Norman is a massive disappointment and Clinton Dix looks as lost as Norman is turned around. Norman is not worth the amount we are paying. He is not a shutdown corner. If he took a big pay cut he could be a number 2 or 3. We need a massive upgrade at CB. From the dumpster that is FEDEX, the painted dirt and rock that we call a field, to the undisciplined players, and for the most part a plug and play patched mediocre roster, with a few bright spots we are in pretty bad shape.
  11. Feel awful for Colt McCoy.
  12. And the ass hole is trying to strip the ball rather then tackle. I hate that about this D.
  13. Haha! Even the announcer "and NO butt fumbles" LMAO!