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  1. I am waiting until the preseason is over to decide. Also want to see if we rack up any significant injuries to key players in the preseason. Hey, when it comes to the Skin's you have to factor it in unfortunately. Losing a couple of players here and the there is part of the game, but to start a season with key players hurt, or losing key starters during the year? Well that is your 7-9, 6-10 season right there.
  2. I have a wait and see position so my opinion is pretty much unchanged since the draft. Still think there are problems with the conditioning program and expectations of players. I still think Gruden is lax in those areas and I think the practices are too soft. And he does not play them enough in the preseason. You could easily say, not playing, getting up to speed also factors into injuries. I believe we have suffered an inordinate amount of injuries the last 3 years and we have to look at the expectations coming from the coach. I think you have to take the approach at this point of practice hard, play them enough during the preseason so you see what you have in players and get them up to game speed. Period. And if they get hurt, what else is new? That means yeah, you take some risks at this point because the no play, holding them back did not work in the Skin's favor on the offensive side of the ball last year with Alex Smith. In fact it has not worked well the past three years. Rapport between the QB and receivers is critical. I like the composition on the D side of the ball at this point, but we all know chemistry, scheme, risks taking during games all factor in. Let's see what happens.
  3. If this is going to be a "true" competition with three QB's in the house then we go with the guy who plays best in the preseason. Obviously. But I would not be surprised, if he is fully recovered, if it is Colt. And then of course provided he doesn't get hurt in the preseason But as an aside I wish Gruden had a bit more Doug Pederson in him. He used Wentz strengths to get him going well when he entered the league and obviously Foles. He didn't just impose his playbook version on them. I think it gives young QB's or QB's with certain limitations some confidence and staying power working to their strengths. I am okay with the Haskin's pick. Super strong, great arm. Good accuracy. Wish we had at least one gifted, seasoned receiver around him to help out a bit. But geez it is a crap shoot with all rookie QB's. Plenty of guys i thought would make it over the years just didn't. I thought Foles was gone after the Rams debacle. But look what a change of scenery and a very flexible coach did for him.
  4. skinsmania123

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    All the good receivers coming off the board. ****.
  5. skinsmania123

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I totally agree with this. One of things people don't talk much about, which is an amazing topic, and something a lot of coaches can learn from is how Pederson molded the offense to Foles strengths when Wentz went down. If he had forced him into the same system that Wentz played in they would not have gone to the SB two years back. What really struck me, which is so essential, is sometimes playing to the strengths of the QB you draft, not trying to insert them into a system or style of play that suits you as a coach, and is dissonant to the QB you are playing. That is a recipe for disaster. I think you also got to see this with McVay and Goff.
  6. skinsmania123

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Haskin's was definitely not someone i wanted them to draft. But to say he did not want to be here? That might be a stretch. I think he was pissed based upon where he was picked. From listening to him he felt snubbed by the league. In his mind he should have gone # 1, or at the very least #6 to the Giants. So now he has a chip on his shoulder. And if that helps the Skins get more out of him then good for us. I am sort of meh about the pick because we have so many holes on the O side of the ball. I think they should roll with Keenum. I do like a lot how the D is starting to shape up. And we all know it all depends on how healthy the players stay. Because we have almost zero depth where we need it. They better work on getting a decent receiver and an OT. Not that Sims or Quinn can't help but there seems to be durability issues. BUT if we stay healthy and get a bit more depth at receiver and fortify the line a bit who knows.
  7. skinsmania123

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I am talking about the FO lighten up
  8. skinsmania123

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    They are idiots
  9. skinsmania123

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I hope you are right
  10. skinsmania123

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I want Haskins OFF the board before our pick. Pick him Giants. Just say LOCK.
  11. skinsmania123

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I was thinking the same thing and then I thought IF they stay healthy. I am not talking about a few players, that is given for any team. I am talking what we have witnessed for the last couple of years.
  12. skinsmania123


    They already have the Skin's picking Haskins at 15 in at least two mock drafts I have looked at, staying pat at 15. This better be a late April Fool's Day joke. Stupid asses if it is true. We need every pick we can get given all the guys we lost.
  13. skinsmania123

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    But it was the same **** when Vinny was here hired by Danny. So really it is Little Boy Danny's record because he does not hire NFL experienced GM's. So you wind up with a Vinny or Bruce. And so what Bickel says is true because we heard leaks of frustration when Shanahan was coach and felt undermined.
  14. skinsmania123

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I tend to agree. While I am not a big Jay fan I think the writing is on the wall. If the team fails, and nothing in the past 20 something years has proven to any of us that another rinse and repeat is looming, this ass hole front office will do what they always do. They will blame Jay and probably stir up a rumor about him over a couple of Coors Lights. It just kills me as a fan to know that the guys running the Redskins, and drafting the players, amount to nothing more then a business executive with no credentials to indicate he should be evaluating professional football talent, and a fan boy who just can't run his franchise the way other successful franchises are organized and ran.
  15. Question is why is he on the exempt list at this point at all. He was placed on it while they were sorting out the accusation and alleged incident. I agree it is important to know before the draft or FA ends what his status is going to be.