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  1. Maybe I am not being clear. He should not even be there. He will have the opportunity to meet the QB selection or any prospect We have no idea what he is saying. It is at the least muddying the waters. And that leads, as we have learned, to meddling. I am sorry he should not be there. It is just my opinion. We do not know him.
  2. I thought he hired the GM based upon an interview structure designed to gauge the strength of the candidate. That was done. Now step back, trust the hire and go to a few basketball games. That is what I think. I just have never heard, with the exception of Jerry Jones and of course Snyder, such meddling. He is out of his element.
  3. Exactly. I just read about this and decided to come in to see who likes it, who is going to rationalize it, and who is going to dislike it. It is ridiculous. I mean let the "football" folks do the deciding and you write the checks, and hopefully are rewarded down the road. I do not want our owner involved in player decisions. He can meet them after the draft.
  4. The Bears should trade down and keep Fields. DJ Moore, his top receiver who they picked up from the Panthers, is actively being vocal about Fields. He does not think any of the top 3 QB options are better than Fields. He improved significantly the second half of the season. They got the turnaround they were looking for. They could get a haul for the #1 pick and really strengthen their roster.
  5. My mistake. I was thinking of Dalvin cook. But there are NO excuses for Josh Allen. He does not need any excuses cause he was not the problem.
  6. #1 Diggs lost that last playoff game for them. Dropped a pass for a guaranteed TD. For all his antics, Diggs could have been the star that day, but he dropped the ball. #2. Cook lost a few steps, struggled with the Jets, and had one of his worst seasons ever as a pro. Not sure what your talking about with this. #3 His D has underperformed in the playoffs. They have given up backbreaking TD's after Josh has gotten them the lead.
  7. It has nothing to do or not do with Mahomes ability. Read what I wrote. Players still need to catch the ball. I mean it was **** show at points during the season. ALL I am saying is that the QB can be outstanding but dropped passes are going to be a quick exit.
  8. Better question is what has Reid won without Mahomes. What has Belichick won without Brady?
  9. We have no idea because we have not seen them play. And honestly, as pedestrian as Mahomes receiving corp. was during the regular season they showed up big time in the playoffs or he would have been sitting at home. Yes, you need a great QB, size, mobility, accurate, etc. But it takes a team for sure.
  10. I think you are right. When I think of the two passes Diggs alone dropped in the last playoff game they played, one that would have sealed the game for them, it is sad. And how many times has the D let him down after he brings them back? Often. Hopefully, Maye has that capacity. But Josh Allen had a rough rookie year. So we have to be patient.
  11. I have come around on Caleb. He is definitely the best, in terms of overall ability, and I came to think that a lot of stuff in the media was overblown about his personality. Nothing new there. I was thinking that Chicago would stay with Fields, because he improved this year, a few better receivers, and better protection. They are going to unload him for sure. Maybe Atlanta? You know there is that Bearitis. I mean has any QB been good there in the past 25 years? I don't think so. I sort of feel bad for Caleb if he winds up there.
  12. And I agree 100% with this. Burrow cannot stay healthy but Daniels from everything I have read and looked at made major adjustments in his strength and conditioning, so he is more durable. I like Daniels, but it is that history, that is concerning. I personally think we are going to wind up with Maye, regardless. And while we can make comparisons to Allen, and Burrow, they have not won anything.
  13. I know. I know. I thought about that after I posted it, but for me, personally, I think if we could do it, it would be great, but it would also get old for me quickly. I have friend who is a die-hard Bills fan, and he lives in his own special hell place. I don't want that.
  14. well at least explain yourself. And personally, if Maye has Allen's talent great, but you better have some pieces around him or you will lose important games in the playoffs.
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