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  1. Question is why is he on the exempt list at this point at all. He was placed on it while they were sorting out the accusation and alleged incident. I agree it is important to know before the draft or FA ends what his status is going to be.
  2. First it is the same woman who withdrew charges the first time. Now the charges are being dropped again. Look I am not saying he did not do anything wrong or that he is not bat **** crazy for staying in a very dysfunctional relationship, but with Hunt you have a video, you have proof of him acting very badly and pushing a woman down. Big difference IMO. If charges are dropped why is he facing any sort of punishment? He has denied everything and they have NO charges.
  3. And that is SAD that anyone could consider Norman our "best CB" because the dude is not worth the dollars we are paying him. He is okay. Last year he got his ass handed to him, turned around, I don't know how many times, but it was sad for a billed "shutdown" CB. Not denying he had some good plays, but the burned Norman stands out in my mind. Allen or someone in that FO really needs to get him to restructure or you go CB first round and dump him.
  4. I came on here a little bit earlier to say I was absolutely stoked Ha Has signed for the Bears and not the Skins. I did not want his sorry, can't tackle, can't play where I am supposed to and can't catch INT's right in my hands. There are multiple reasons Packer's let him go and we experienced a couple of them. He was not worth a mega contract. I want DRC at CB. But first round of the draft I am going FS or CB. Our secondary has been a steaming pile of manure for the past - hell I don;t know how long. Seems for forever our CB's and safeties get their asses handed to them. Then we need to address our little WR problem and the OL, which honestly may take preference over the secondary or WR at this point.
  5. With all the injuries that seem to plague this team it stuck out for me. That was my main point. We will see.
  6. I have a few doubts about Trey Quinn's durability and staying healthy. I mean the guy took a hit in one game, got the wind knocked out of him, and boom he was out. I think that was preseason actually. Then he got injured again when he got some playing time. So just like Maurice Harris, flash-flash, but is the durability there? We will see.
  7. So Brown and McGee gone. And of course Smith, Crowder and Neskhe to FA. How much money do we have to spend? And is there any OL players available worth targeting because as far as I am concerned the big loss in this group is Neskhe. If not, we are either first or second pick going OL.
  8. skinsmania123

    Starting QB 2019???

    Again I don't see it. Rosen's passing statistics were near the bottom of NFL starters. He completed 55-56 percent of his passes I think at best. He was very inconsistent. And I know, their OL had a lot of injuries last year. And he was a rookie. But I don't want him. He is on par with a lot of QB's the Skins have gone through over how many years? I have lost count. We could go through draft after draft of top 10 picks that were not successful in the NFL. So we give up our 15th pick for a rookie contract? I don't think you do that. We have massive need in the secondary. We need OL players ourselves. We have ****, oft injured receivers. No not this year. We have a lot of picks and I think we load up on a draft that has decent D players, O line players. And of course we need a decent receiver. The ones we have my gosh they are also always injured. You roll with McCoy and even Johnson and get your QB next year. We are not even close and I don't care what Bruce Allen has to say about that.
  9. skinsmania123

    Starting QB 2019???

    Honestly I think this FO is dumb enough to do it.
  10. skinsmania123

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yeah it seems the OL candidates are better then I thought. @stevemcqueen1 did a great break down. If we could snag Ford in our 1st round pick, or Andre Dilliard that would be awesome. OR I would take a CB like Williams (who I do not think will be available), and if he is off the board, a safety, like Thompson. Our secondary is the epitome of mediocrity but I said that last year a well. We are desperate for help there. I am not looking at the receiver position until the 3rd. And hopefully they do not screw it up. Looking at those completion percentages, which the Kap lovers never do, Rypien looks like a good acquisition in the 3rd round doesn't he? And I think we have a comp pick there for Cousin's.
  11. skinsmania123

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I thought he had an excellent arm but then again I have never seen him in live action. Just the vids. He seemed to make the throws and expects the receiver to be there which some QB's are not very good at, even in the NFL. Good ball placement. But again I am looking at videos on YouTube. I do think he is a second rounder, as I said, and I think he is going be okay in the league. He is a great character guy too. Married, family oriented and just super settled. The lights, the stage is just not going to be too much for him IMO - it will not take him over. Seems he can take it or leave it based on the interviews I watched with him. We are not going to take him anyway so it does not matter. He is not glitzy enough for Snyder. He is blue collar all the way. The FO is going to do what they always do. They will, for whatever reason, with justification, make the wrong trade or pick the wrong QB. It is just what they do unfortunately. I personally am probably in the minority here, but I would roll with Colt, and if he does not get hurt, he may do okay because he knows the system. I would like to see him after a whole training camp with the number 1 team. But he needs receivers. That should really be their 3rd round focus. The FA's are too expensive and we seem to take the injury prone players the last couple of years. It is really so bizarre.
  12. skinsmania123

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I was super negative about this draft class of QB's but I find myself, after watching tape on Grier that he is not bad. Not first round. 2nd round pick with upside. Helluva of an arm. I would be happy if we come out with Greedy Williams - 1st pick. If he is gone I would go LG. But after Ford there is a drop off in talent IMO. If we do not get help at receiver that is our 3rd round pick or a FS.
  13. skinsmania123

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think we build at positions of need, this draft, which are aplenty and role with Mccoy and Johnson. And draft a QB next year. That has always been my position. These are, for the most part, "project" QBs. But worry not @volsmet Bruce Allen thinks we are sooooooo "close" he will take whatever is left at the 15th pick.
  14. skinsmania123

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Jones is a Day 2 "project" IMO, not a prospect. I don't want him. Let the Dolphin's have him. He will be worse then Tannehill. I am not excited about any of these guys. I don't want Murray either. He IS RG3 2.0 as many are pointing out. Must we pick any of these guys? Of course BA will. Geez. I guess it is too early to guess at our record next year.