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  1. Arizona’s center got injured last week and it looks like he will miss this weeks game. Should help our interior, which will also help with containment of Murray. Kyler will slide rather than getting blasted, even when behind the line. Does that count as a sack? Who gets credit?
  2. Considering how fast he was getting the ball out last week, I’m surprised Haskins managed middle of the road avg depth. I would have assumed everything was 3 yd slants to ensure he could remain in the world of the living behind our O-line. Just gotta bump that accuracy up 5-10 points and he would be in good shape.
  3. ^^^ Completely agree. In fact, I'll bet Barber carries will be a barometer for success this season. Games he gets a lot of touches will mean we either had a lot of goal-line plays, or we were pounding out clock. If we have to use Barber 17 times again, we are probably in good shape.
  4. A third rounder for OBJ makes all the sense in the world to me. He has 4 years left on his deal, all affordable at 15 M, and no Guaranteed money. He would not be a rental and would instead be a cornerstone piece of your rebuild giving you a weapon to pull brackets away from McL. Double down on that line of thinking when you consider everything outside of the first round of this years draft will be even more of a crapshoot that usual. Plus, most of us have been calling for another receiver since last offseason. This is not some new idea that was a result of a week 1 win.
  5. just total number. Then you don't have to do math for each player each week. Keep it simple
  6. C'mon now, make it easier on yourself and come to the dark side. Embrace the inevitable
  7. Might be hard to compile, but what about snap counts?
  8. Great way to cap the week Man became a Zombie, he immortalized himself
  9. Winning is absolutely a metric tied to QB retention. Those that win keep their job. Those that lose tend not to. You can see that play out across the league. While players like Stafford don’t have an above .500 record, it is a far cry from Jones .200 and makes you at least consider keeping them. While being a young QB allows us to excuse a lot of the poor win percentages, you still have to perform on some level. Haskins current win rate is equal or comparable to other starting young QBs. Haskins win rate is currently the same as Kyler Murray’s, and extremely close to Darn
  10. Whoa pump the brakes everybody. We got a little spoiled by 8 sacks on opening weekend. 5 sacks a game would break the all time team sack record by 8 sacks. 6 sacks a game and your starting a nuclear war at midfield because other nations see our D-line as a threat to their national security. I don't think it is very realistic that we put up those numbers week in and week out. I would think around 4 a game would be great.
  11. Next 4 giants games are bears, 49ers, rams, cowboys. If you like schadenfreude, your in the right place. That stat is going to get far worse before it gets better.
  12. D Jones 3-10 .2307 Win% D Haskins 3-5 .375 Win% Excluding J. Burrow, I cant think of a current starting NFL QB anywhere close to Jones win rate. There are a lot of young signal callers with poor win %, its to be expected, but none of them (not Darnold, Mayfield, Haskins, Murry, Trubisky, Minshew, No current starting QB) has a rate even close to D Jones.
  13. Cool, but who said anything about him solving all our problems? One player does not fix this offense. He can be part of the rebuild not the solution. Gotta start somewhere. Once you have OBJ, or any long term complementary WR, that is one less thing to worry about. If your reasoning for not trading for a player is because your looking for 1 guy that can fix everything, you'll be looking for a while.
  14. with 4 yrs left on his deal OBJ can be part of your rebuild. I would expect him to make an impact pairing him w/ McL Trading for someone like Robinson on a 1 yr deal makes no sense given our situation. But incorporating a player for the long term, on a good deal no less, does. I’m not saying throw a 1st rounder or even a 2nd at the situation. If you can get him for a 3, you do it. No questions asked. Our biggest need is OL, but if the opportunity presents itself to get a long term answer to a glaring question mark, then double down. Help your young QB.
  15. Robinson has a 15 mil hit this year and he is on the last year of his deal. You will have to prob pay the going rate for a #1 WR to keep him which will be 19 mil a year. OBJ has 4 years left on his deal. no guaranteed money, all at 15 mil a year. That is way more valuable and I'd be all over that like a Zombie on a Brain Not even a debate which direction to go in IMO
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