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  1. No one says you cant have a connection. It just: A: (in the case of something that has Native American association) Can't be on the nose and has to be overt and something the team will never recognize in any official capacity unless their desire is to invite ruin or B: Be linked to a part of our history that is totally removed from NAs. The Hogs would be one good example of an acceptable on the nose connection. There will be no "social" outcry if officially recognized, or even if that is our new name Redwolves/Wolves would be a
  2. Its not off the rails at all, there are several examples of historical president. GS can change their logo, but there are still calls to remove their name. Indians can remove imagery, and they still were brought to the point where they are now choosing a new moniker. Replacing decades of branding w/ something nondescript will be met w/ backlash, time and time again. Can you use the term Warriors in a way that does not reference NAs? Sure, but that is not our only problem. Due to our unique circumstances we can't utilize a different culture, so no Romans or Spartain
  3. The instant stores choose to de-list your merch your done. The whole "F-them get mine" mentality hurts us way more then them. All your doing is creating an ocean of articles praising them for doing the right thing, meanwhile your back to branding square one with an even bigger target on your back. What do you get? Ceremonial grandstanding, two years down the drain and a billy in lost revenue. Great. The NFL has merchandising contracts so there is no circumventing them. If NIKE faces great enough pressure, and chooses to pull the plug, game over. You do not push limits
  4. Long story short, Non-de script imagery does not erase decades of branding. We need to adopt a new identity. We can't just be a W, or something that is not identifiable. We see that with Golden State. We see that with the Indians, even after they remove offensive imagery. We will probably see it again moving forward w/ the Chiefs, Braves and others. Its why we ourselves saw push back when we adopted our temp name. The Redskin's moniker has spent its entire life-cycle associating itself with NA imagery. To fully turn away from it in an acceptable manner, one that won't s
  5. Agreed. About as likely as us being named the Yankees or the Lakers. Never gonna happen. Won't be allowed to happen
  6. I think it is two pronged For a lot of casual people, who are not looking for any kind of deeper meaning in a moniker, they probably look at this name and feel that it is way too on the nose for a Football team. Its almost like having a team of drivers and calling them The Racers. Or having a team of Boxers and calling them The Fighters. While both names are accurate, they feel pretty uninspired and... Generic. For people that want to have deeper meaning in their name, the problem is almost the exact opposite, even though we end up with the same result. The term
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