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  1. You aint joking https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31907066/sources-nationals-phillies-game-postponed-washington-deals-covid-19-outbreak
  2. Giants releasing Kelvin Benjamin, who they were trying to fit at TE. Looks like we are fraternal TE twins with them. ... Oh, and no thanks on Benny-boy
  3. Hey now, lets not forget about the Hogs Haven's piece earlier this month. https://www.hogshaven.com/2021/7/12/22574658/why-washingtons-new-name-will-be-the-red-wolves Gotta love that ultra reliable, cant be wrong, clearly unbiased and definitive attached poll as well! Yeah, these things have about as much journalism as me posting in this forum.
  4. I sure hope Thomas is vaccinated considering he was hanging around a ton of players during that TE U thing.
  5. Pretty much. Fringe guys can't afford not to. Practice squad guys are probably giving coaches daily stats on their antibody load at this point.
  6. Orgs are really starting to understand this too. See the same thing with the Kraken reveal. They got out ahead of everything and revealed the name and logo. We have known about the Kraken for a good minute now, but they only recently revealed their home and away sweaters at the expansion draft earlier this week. I still don't think you can even buy official jerseys yet, they probably have not had the oppo to create the supply. They knew once they started producing T-shirts, hats and more they could not keep this thing hidden, so they chose to control the narrative with
  7. They can't start mass scale production until a reveal (No way to prevent leaks when printing out the kind of merch they are going to require) so we could certainly see a reveal before the early 2022 timetable. It is much harder to keep these kinds of things under wraps in today's day and age. It is probably what prompted Cleveland's reveal, even tho they are in the middle of a season. Once you settle on a name and reach a certain threshold, it is unrealistic that you will be able to keep everything under wraps as you gradually expand the circle of those in the know and enter produc
  8. Let me know when they get that trademarked Then we can focus on the other absolute laundry list of other reasons why it wont be the name.
  9. I think McK n Barber will be up, so we will either need to resign or totally rework our RB room.
  10. I think my nostalgia glasses are broken
  11. He was asked if he could name the team, what direction he would go 3 names were touched on. In order: -Said the name Redwolves has picked up a lot of steam and he thought it "would be cool" -Said the name Redtails would "not be a bad choice" -Also said he "kinda likes" WFT He also bristled when pressed about the quality of FitzMagic's beard so he clearly was not prepared for the hard questions
  12. Here is a 5 Min video where Rivera is asked about the name change among other things. He goes out of his way to mention a few names. I bet you can all guess one. https://www.ballysports.com/watch/vod/home-with-annie-agar-ron-rivera
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