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  1. I'm never mad at someone for wanting to win games rather than lose out, that is just the only way some people know to be fans and that is more than acceptable. to each their own. But who is looking at this squad and thinking we have any hope of making a run? You'd need the luck of the Gods just not to be blown out by a playoff caliber team, let alone be in the game. Unless Covid forces every opponent to forfeit and we * our way thru the playoffs, its just not gonna happen. Its like hearing Dallas fans scream Super Bowl every year. It makes you feel dumber fo
  2. Injuries are part of the game. You benefit from some, you get burned by others, it happens. Nobody cares when our QB breaks his leg/knee, we just get labeled losers. Its all part of the process. We have had at least 3 diff QBs have their season ended by leg injuries in the last 3 yrs alone. This was a freak accident. If a player took Burrow out w/ a dirty play, then such a counter argument would have a little bit of merit, but without that its just heresay.
  3. I don't think you can reasonably be anything other than happy with his play. It was basically and emergency situation given our injuries at LT, and he filled in admirably. That being said I would in no way want to think about Moses as our long term LT right now. The Bengals have a pretty poor pass rush, so this was not exactly MT. Everest that Moses and the OL climbed. They faced a sub average rush, and did pretty great, that is the long and the short of it. I do sleep better at night after this knowing that in emergency in game situations, Moses is more than capable of
  4. Not the same. Apke took a straight line to Burrow. On this play against Murray, his angle is so bad that he has to adjust so radically at the 5 yard line that he changes from a downhill runner to going completely horizontal along the field. That costs both momentum and time while giving away physical leverage and increasing the degree of difficulty for tackling a elusive player. That play was a horrible angle. When you have to make like a 70 degree adjustment to get to a ball carrier, its probably not a good path. You expect little adjustments, but Apke basically ran an
  5. I swear every week it looks like Young pulls even more offensive line focus than the previous week.
  6. Misses the tackle, but the angle was perfect. It looks bad from the side, but it looks pretty good from the behind the goal line view. Check the second replay on this vid His angle on the play was so good, it cut Burrow to 3 options: 1.) Get the F down (even on 4th down it aint worth it early in the game) 2.) Get killed by Apke 3.) Step inside to avoid Apke and allow Chase Young to commit legal homicide. Burrow chose the worst possible option. That play is a TD 10/10 times if Apke blows that angle. Props to Young for
  7. We badly need someone in the GM seat. We have no one looking out for our long term football interests right now, that has to change ASAP.
  8. Whoever scouted Gibby to be a pure running back with only 33 attempts of tape to watch in college should be running around their offices doing the A Rodgers Discount Double check. His development has been meteoric. I'd still like a more Kamara like roll for him, but you can not deny what he has put together with the opportunities he is presented with.
  9. I'm pretty sure it was Apke taking a decent angle that forced Burrow to step inside and get mauled by Young on the goal line. So.... Improvement?
  10. Hate to get a W like that but its nice to have an outside of Div win. we can at least say we got 1
  11. Keep feeding barber. We have a short week. Keep the load off Gibby and McK
  12. Have not watched a lot of Bengals, so I don't know if there sack issue is A.) Burrow likes to hold the ball B.) Oline is turribad C.) A-B Whombo Combo Either way, pans out well for us. We could use a big day from our D-line
  13. Getting razor thin at some positions. Injury bug came around a little later this season for us, but its in full swing now. Seriously need to get thru this game in one piece since we have a short week. Some of our key cogs may need to have a bit of reduction in field time. Give me an increased portion of Wright, Sims and ... dear God... Barber on O. Running Terry, Gibson and McK into the dirt would be poor form and be akin to dancing on someones grave at the karmic level. (Zombie Pun) We are short Anderson (not much of a loss there) but we have to be really smart about o
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