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  1. We are going to very likely take swings at several vet QBs before draft day comes around. I think the chances we come out of the draft with a QB room of just Allen, Taylor and rookieX is on the less likely side at the moment. Even if we end up with a bad veteran QB, there are just so many available. between Watson, Fitz, Dak, Dalton, Darnold, Tyrod, Trubisky, Mariota, Brissett, !/Bridgewater, !/Jimmy G we will probably get somebody. Roster cuts might even add more names to this list
  2. Need to establish the cap already so teams can start shaping their rosters. Nobody wants to start the demolition spree until they know where they stand. One thing no one seems to realize is that FA will essentially be starting early this year. We wont be waiting until the 15th before stuff starts hitting the fan. With the massive amount of cuts coming, teams will be able to sign players before FA even starts, as cut players don't have an assigned team and are available to talk to. (like JJ Watt) Teams will be able to start plugging holes thanks to the massive po
  3. It certainly wont stop a team near the front of the draft from drafting a guy, as Smith is not the future, but I can see it potentially knocking off several teams beyond CHI. NE badly needs a QB and pick all the way back at 15. I could see it eliminate them. Doubt they go back to Smith, but SF does not pick until 12 and its clear they want to move on from Jimmy G. They have no money, but NO has to get somebody. Smith wont cost as much as WInston Then there is the grey area teams like Carolina or Denver, who I don't feel like would be eliminated, but it could a
  4. If Smith catches on to another team in a couple of days for around 6-8M or so, it could go a long way. Might take a QB needy team out of the top of both the FA and trade markets. That would bode well for us.
  5. They are gonna have to carve out the roster so hard I'll be surprised if Winston will have the kind of interest in returning that people seem to think he will have. Its one thing to come back to a stacked roster, but the saints are looking at dropping several impact players. On top of that they have no money. Winston could easily find greener pastures that would be willing and able to pay him larger amounts of money than the Saints could possibly dish out.
  6. Unless you have the 1st or 2nd pick and you can practically guarantee a guy, the draft wont help you in that regard. Impact FA players will be long gone by the time the draft rolls around. If you want to look at the top shelf of offensive talent, we will need to make a trade for a QB or pick one up very early in FA. Otherwise we will be bargain bin shopping on O.
  7. I'm pretty surprised they would move on from Smith this early in he offseason. We are well under the cap and we are in a situation where we didn't have to cut him until we essentially had his "replacement" on the roster. We could hold onto to his rights to avoid any worst case QB scenario. Gimme reduced price Alex over Sam Darnold any day. Either the FO is 100% sure Alex wont be back in any capacity, or they are doing him a solid by releasing him early to give him the best possible opportunity moving forward, which would be a classy move. or maybe they have
  8. Even if this was possible, it would be pretty stupid to wait until draft day for that reason alone. You can agree to trades in principle. If they want 4 1s in that manner, they can agree to submit an outlined trade on draft day rather than when its conceived, that way they can build their offseason plans in February, with clear knowledge of what they will do on draft day and what their cap situation looks like. A lot of trades do not become official until a later date. There is also ZERO chance a team will back out once it is agreed upon. waiting
  9. Even owners will be dragged away from a phone and hogtied before some of those trades are proposed. I agree there will be steep offers, but no one is going to put up their two best D players, on rookie deals, plus 3 1s. No one is THAT crazy. That would be like us dealing Young, Sweat and 3 ones. Its never gonna happen.
  10. Good, that is the kind of thing I want to see with the Watson situation. Slowly inching towards the inevitable. All while Watson is doing next to nothing in regards to cranking up the heat. There is so much room for this to build, and the pressure is already outstanding as it is.
  11. I don't see anybody willing to pay Smith 23 M. We wont be doing that ourselves. We all know that Smith will not be back in Wash... at least at his current price. The only way Smith is tradable is if he agrees to re-work his deal and take a massive pay cut. Why would he do that when he knows he can sit on his hands, wait for the team to cut him, then choose his own destination in FA. He does not owe us anything, there is little reason for him to do us a solid like that. Even with the reworked deal, i could really only imagine getting a little more than a pic
  12. Getting a set in stone Cap number would help speed things up. That would accelerate the player cuts these teams are making and give more organizations a much clearer look into their own financial situation, letting them know what kind of dead cap they could potentially eat or how much money they have available to facilitate a move at a big money position like QB. Nobody wants to cut someone they don't have too, so all the cuts up to now have been the "obvious choices". Once teams have a full understanding of their cap situation, they will have to make tougher choices, o
  13. I don’t think any team has ever gone over the cap to my knowledge, but the NFL employs several ways to punish teams that do cap trickery... like we were punished a few years back I know they can fine teams millions of dollars. They can take draft picks too. They can impose cap constrictions on future monies as well. I think the most important thing is that they can void contracts, especially new ones. Any team that tries to sign or trade a player, FA or Rookie, has to go through the NFL for approval. If a specific team does not have the cap space at the time to facilita
  14. Pretty sure NFL runs a hard cap, meaning no team can exceed the set cap. Teams like the NO and PHI have to get under the cap... and more. I believe teams will have to be under the Cap by the start of the league year, but it will require even further cap space to bring in the incoming rookie draft class. We will very likely see a strong wave of additional veteran cuts after the draft when cap strapped teams have to make even more space for incoming rookies. Since these players would have passed the first round of cuts, it could create an incredible secondary free agency
  15. There is nothing but correlation. Top FA WRs and stable QB situation go hand and hand. What big fish WR (the WR who signed the biggest contract in the FA period) went to a team without a settled QB in the last several years? 2020 Randall Cobb had the biggest contract last year, and he went to Hou (Watson) Emmanuel Sanders got the biggest AAV and he went to NO (Brees) 2019 Tyrell Williams got the most money and AAV to go to OAK (Carr) Antonio Brown got the 2nd most AAV to go to OAK as well. 2018 Sammy Watkins went to KC for the m
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