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  1. IMO you are a very solid evaluator so I appreciate your thoughts. It just occurred to me today that Jerry will consider it because he has never shown a propensity NOT to go for the shiny new toy, but more then that he is not sold on Prescott. What do you think about Prescott getting looked at by us if Jerry picks up Watson?
  2. This may sound strange but what do you guys think about the possibility that Jerruh, who constantly contradicts himself, changing his mind again about Prescott, and decides to go all in on Watson, and dumps Prescott. I know he has a two-week franchise-tag period in late Feb/early March to sign Dak to a long term deal or franchise tag him again but I just think with the guys out there available he may dump Prescott. If Jones does that I think we should entertain going after him. A little revenge goes a long way with a decent QB with a decent supporting cast. I just do not see the Cowboys sig
  3. We are definitely going to win this game and go farther then anyone can imagine in the playoffs I think. Would be great to have Smith back if he is good to go, get the momentum going, and win. But it really will not matter who starts at QB IMO. I say WFT by 9. But I have no idea what the final score will be.
  4. I think we can win too. If Haskin's plays like he did in the second half we will win this. Plus not having Terry will force him to work with other receivers. I would rather have Alex but I think Haskins can win this.
  5. Damn I thought it was a joke when I saw that pic yesterday. I thought NO he wouldn't dare. But he did. And now I realize he is just a narcissistic guy that puts his desires above the team. And just before I came on here and learned about Haskins I had just finished reading that article on Snyder. What a clown show. But fortunately, and I call it a saving grace, we have a HC that can and will keep this team focused. But what **** rolling into one of the biggest games of the season.
  6. Probably start out slow like they have all year and then pull away in the 4th. So 20 Washington and 17 San Francisco.
  7. Everyone I know is texting me and they are all in shock except one guy, my brothers best friend who said they would win!
  8. This ****ing team. So not ready to play here today. How penalties is that?
  9. Another ****ing embarrassment. Wide open receivers. Blown coverages. No idea where the ball is going.
  10. Wow that was super ugly. Missed tackles, just running through them. Well back to earth.
  11. Improvement for sure on that drive. I am not a strong proponent of pre-season games but with young players like Haskins, they typically need the reps and the chemistry building. But that was an improvement there.
  12. I mean there was no preseason so I think Haskins played pretty damn well. I see a desire to win and fight. It is far cry from the lackluster **** we have seen in the past.
  13. I am trying to remember the last time I remembered Washington mounting a comeback and dominating. Pretty impressive.
  14. I am trying to remember the last time I remembered Washington mounting a comeback and dominating. Pretty impressive.
  15. This is a beautiful thing to see! Wow this line is good
  16. I finally got a chance to watch some football and as soon as I turned it on and the Washington got an INT. Not bad. Let's go!!!
  17. WFT - 24 Iggles - 17 I think we win the opener. New head coach, higher energy, accountability and the Iggles have injuries coming in.
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