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  1. Idaho fan

    Annual Redskins Related Fantasy Team Names

    Going with "You're Not Gruden Nuff" this year.
  2. Idaho fan


    Not that I disagree with anything you are saying... Ive been just telling myself this same thing for many years. Ive been a fan since the late 80s. My son who I raised as Skins fan is now 24. He is diehard but I actually feel like I should apologize to him every year. He helps keep me interested while I keep fighting against the indifference that creeps in. We have tickets to the Giants game this year and will keep on keeping on as long as I can.
  3. Idaho fan


    Maybe I missed it but has anyone heard an explanation yet from the league on the OPI call? Since it was held up after challenge/review there must some sort of explanation coming right? Wanting to hear how a receiver making a play on a ball where the defender doesn't turn around is OPI
  4. Idaho fan


    Special Teams not looking good so far this season at all
  5. Idaho fan


    Just when you thought the refs couldn’t get any worse they do that.
  6. Idaho fan


    Have we had a sack in the preseason yet?
  7. Idaho fan


    They need practice at screwing over the Skins in the preseason just like everyone. They will be in mid season form soon.
  8. Idaho fan


    Those weren’t our starters. Usually teams play starters when the games count. FYI
  9. Idaho fan


    Looking forward to watching Flowers dominate. dang that stadium looks EMPTY
  10. I would disagree with this part.... A lot about this gets instantly better the minute a contending team (or two) have injuries along their O-line. Teams who are in position to make a run can and do part with higher draft picks. Its happened many times before and will continue to. I see no reason to rush a trade.
  11. Bottom line - TW doesn't want to be here. Does this team need a player who doesn't want to be here? TW was indeed one of the teams premier players but as has been discussed he hasn't played 16 games since 2013. He was still being paid handsomely (reported to be the 6th highest paid tackle at this point years after his last contract which made him the highest paid tackle). The team supported him when he was suspended TWICE. The team paid him WELL. The team Docs told him to get a second opinion on the cyst/tumor. He doesn't want to be here so only thing to do is move on. No way he should get a new contract or pay raise with two years left in my opinion. Make a trade, move on and get younger. I still think this is mostly about money. TW while possibly upset with the team docs is using the medical thing as an excuse to avoid being ripped by fans/media etc. Bruce said he spoke to TW and knew the truth... that tells me Bruce knows its about money. Not a Bruce fan but the team can't cave to players with two years left on their contract who have been paid WELL. Just my opinion. Make a trade, move on and get younger. Good luck to Trent. Maybe he goes to a winner and manages to play 8 games before going on IR.
  12. exactly... writing on the wall. Hoping that more than just a couple teams are interested and the Skins at least work a 1st rounder from someone in the deal.
  13. Idaho fan

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Was later reported that it was just cramps. Phew!
  14. Idaho fan

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    Not only no rings but probably never started or at the very least never had a legit chance. We would have never heard of him and Gisele marries someone else. What if Alstott was correctly ruled down? What if Carlos Rogers didn’t drop that pick? What if the Skins didn’t go all in on RG3? What if the Skins had a real GM and promoted McVay to HC?