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  1. Im thinking the football team isn't as good as we hoped after the Eagles game and they aren't as bad as we fear after the Cardinals game... however I think the Browns are a better team than the Eagles right now. Thus... Brownies 28 Team TBD 24
  2. I think the Browns are further along than this Name TBD team is. They have a solid run game and can be dangerous throwing it as well. Say what you will about OBJ but he can make plays and Jarvis Landry is a good receiver. They aren't Hopkins and Baker isn't close to the QB Murray is but would anyone be surprised if they expose our secondary? Those receivers combined with Chubb/Hunt can easily put up points. Their defense isn't a push over either. Does anyone see our shotty O-line stopping Myles Garrett consistently? Haskins will be on his back and continue to have to get the
  3. And their team. how bad are the Eagles?
  4. To be fair he has someone in his face as he is trying to just do his drop back.
  5. The O line is so so bad. Haskins has so little time. They stink out loud.
  6. Our offense is atrocious so far and the defense can’t stop them especially when they are gifted great field position. Feels like a blowout coming.
  7. Dallas wins. This day had so much potential
  8. Maybe cover Hopkins in the future. Just a thought.
  9. So far Skins look like the rest of the NFCE
  10. Rams need to pick it up. Eagles will take lead soon if not
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