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  1. Feels like forever since Ioannidis has suited up. Anxious to see how this front looks with everyone healthy and after a year of play under Chase's belt. Hear a lot about how good this defense is and they were but they need to take another step and dominate games.
  2. Was on them both IMO. Miscommunication but both should have played it better.
  3. Sloppy. Outplayed in every period except the 2nd.
  4. Getting out shot again. Let’s go Caps!
  5. Next team to score wins the series.
  6. Much better SOG that period. Team showed more life. Need to come out in the third with that or more intensity. Would like to see the stars do more. Backie hasn’t been good. Oshie has been quiet. Carlson and Wilson need a better 3rd.
  7. Goalie playing well. Everyone else needs to pick it up.
  8. That’s being generous. Won’t win this game or series playing like this. Hot garbage right now
  9. PP time. Need one. looking a little flat. Backstrom looking very meh.
  10. Let’s go CAPS! Wanting a big hit on the licker.
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