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  1. Good listen and a lot to unpack in this podcast but about the 34 min mark Tony Pauline actually says a person close to RR said they would be "open" to trading up to #8 or #9 if a QB they like falls. However, he said keep an eye on Davis Mills in the 2nd because WFT really likes him.
  2. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/washingtons-newest-tight-end-lacks-name-value-possesses-wild-potential The Washington Football Team has a new tight end, and while that new tight end's name was likely unknown to just about everyone who follows the franchise as recently as a few hours ago, that new tight end also possesses tools that give him a solid shot at becoming a productive and popular player. On Tuesday, the organization announced that it had signed Sammis Reyes, a 6-foot-7 prospect who played basketball at Tulane for two seasons before pivoting
  3. Watching some of the National sports media draft guys last week and seems like there's some speculation he could go late first to team like the Bucs or Saints. I dunno, seems high but it was explained a team like the Bucs doesn't have any real needs and might be looking for a Brady replacement to develop and Saints only get Winston for a year would be looking as well. Both apparently have interest in him.
  4. Yes, he said Trask which surprised me because there's been so much chatter about Mills in the second round.
  5. Good question. The discussion on The Junkies centered around how Allen had zero cap hit to cut.
  6. John Keim on The Junkies just now and he basically said: 1) QB is definitely in play 2) He's trended toward day 2 pick and keeps coming back to Kyle Trask 3) He sees it hard to trade up but depends to what spot 4) If they did it, he sees future picks and keeping this years picks like what SF did 5) He explained to EB about picking a guy and who do they get rid of that Allen, Heineke and Montez are all back-ups - building a better roster theory 6) Getting Fitz allows them to go get their guy whoever that is. Darnold would not have allowed them that fl
  7. I think a lot of it is coming from Schefter who said on a radio spot when pushed "okay, it's Mac Jones". Schefter and Mike Shanahan wrote a book together so there's that. Then Dan Patrick came out and said it was a done deal. I believe Chris Simms said the same thing. It's not a bunch of hacks out there reporting rumors, seems real but I guess we'll see. I can't remember who, it might of been Cowherd who I'm not super fond of but said his sources told him there was a real split about it. Said Kyle Shanahan wants Mac and John Lynch wants Justin Fields.
  8. FWIW I pay a lot of attention to TJ Houshmandzadeh because he works out with a slew of different guys and he was just down in Carolina to catch throws from Darnold yesterday. Forget that but he called guys like Claypool, Herbert, Josh Allen, etc. as going to be really good in the NFL. He says QB's that he's worked out with Lawrence, Fields and Wilson are going to be really good. Hasn't worked out with Jones or Lance but he doesn't see it in Jones. He's not out there on social media but just dropped a nugget on Rondale Moore who is one of the many guys he's been wor
  9. These stats won't keep teams from trying but still very lousy hit rates.
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