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  1. HigSkin

    Next Coach?

    FWIW and I've been luke warm on Eric B but if you Google all Andy's offensive coaches, any of the play calling and game installs have been situational for them.
  2. HigSkin

    Next Coach?

    This is old but connected to other chatter about Louis Riddick.
  3. The irony in all this is it goes on all the time. Look at the gross misuse of this countries health care systems in general, especially Medicare fraud. A rehab center charged Medicare $1000 bucks for my mom's wheel chair. I could have bought one online for $100.
  4. HigSkin

    Will Peterson and/or McLaurin reach 1,000 yards?

    At first I was like who the heck is Will Peterson? LOL
  5. Still too early to tell. Problem with these big time program QB's is that they are surrounded by phenomenal talent and not asked to do a lot like a Joe Burrow and what he has around him. Haskins, the same back at Ohio State. These kids look the part but what happens in the NFL when skills are equal and they get drafted to NFL teams that lack talent? It's interesting that smaller program QB's with lesser talent seem to excel faster in the NFL, not necessarily HOF'rs but more immediate game managers. IMO, jury is still out on Haskins but I think he will eventually get it.
  6. HigSkin

    Next Coach?

    Okay, this is dated but Rivera is certainly a fiery guy. Funny that I think he's pointing a finger at Josh Norman. LOL Warning, lots of inappropriate language! Honestly, if this is true Gettleman should go first but i think it's something everybody thought was coming. I'm guessing they make a strong push for Rivera or McCarthy.
  7. HigSkin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Interesting read and comments from Vinny on how his firing went down.
  8. HigSkin

    Next Coach?

    He's part of that afternoon CBS network and I've seen him quite a bit like on Colin Cowherd. There's some speculation that he wants to return to coaching. We'll see.
  9. HigSkin

    Next Coach?

    I've been trying to connect some dots on some of the rumored interests. We know about the relationship Eric B. has with Alex Smith and Alex's possible influence. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/new-report-shows-redskins-interested-eric-bieniemy-head-coach While Smith isn't playing this year, and might not play ever again, his influence seems to be growing at Redskins Park. He's often seen on the practice fields working with rookie QB Dwayne Haskins, and should Bieniemy get the job, his biggest task would be developing the 15th overall pick. Surely, Smith's familiarity with Bieniemy would come up should he become a viable candidate for the job, if it hasn't already. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Then there was mentioned a college coach and I started poking around to see what college coaches have a connection to Alex Smith. https://kslsports.com/415802/urban-meyer-alex-smith-invented-the-run-pass-option-while-at-utah/ Former Utah football head coach Urban Meyer credited former Utah quarterback Alex Smith for inventing the run-pass option in a spread offense of college football. Meyer gave Smith the inventor label when breaking down RPOs in a spread offense during Fox Sports’ Big Noon Kickoff show on Saturday, August 31. Meyer said that he had never seen the play before when Smith ran it during a game during his playing days with the Utes. “Alex Smith being the very intelligently player that he is, flips it out there and he (the wide receiver) takes off running,” said Meyer as he broke down the play where he first saw Smith use a run-pass option. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Meyer would be the type of coach that would want complete control (something he wouldn't get in Dallas), no nonsense guy and obviously a huge Haskins fan. I think one of the guys high on their list is Urban Meyer. Whether they can lure him here is another story but IMO, he'd be a big splash kind of hire.
  10. HigSkin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    People have been saying this week only because Vinny was canned after the December owners meeting. It's just weird with all the chatter about the "bye" stuff to staff. Why would he do that Sunday and not the last game of the season?
  11. Really good listen of Urban Meyer's comparisons between Haskins and Burrow. http://www.nfl.com/videos/washington-redskins/0ap3000001074082/Urban-Meyer-explains-evolution-of-Dwayne-Haskins-and-Joe-Burrow
  12. I agree, defenses get basic in tempo...