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  1. They just flashed the 2018 first round QB's wins/losses during the Chiefs/Bills game. #1 - Baker Mayfield 16-19 #3 - Sam Darnold 11-19 #7 - Josh Allen 19-13 #10 - Josh Rosen 3-13 #32 - Lamar Jackson 24-4 The WFT "should" be able to find a QB outside the top 3.
  2. Flowers didn't want to stay here, he wanted to go to Miami because that was his home town so that wasn't even an option.
  3. Gotta start rolling him out or deep drops. Sheesh this oline...
  4. Either that or I swear it looks like he forgot it was 4th down....
  5. Good read but I think a lot of this is obvious. Until we get this stuff straightened out, it's hard to know what we really have other than a very young, inexperienced team that lacks talent in certain key positions, including our offensive coordinator! https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/brian-mitchell-washingtons-struggles-vs-arizona-lot-more-just-dwayne Brian Mitchell: Washington's struggles vs. Arizona a lot more than just Dwayne Haskins Sunday afternoon's game in Arizona is one Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins will likely want to for
  6. When the strength of your team (defense) is getting hammered, you know you're in big trouble. Sigh....
  7. Okay clown... https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/one-analyst-believes-washington-will-lose-30-cardinals-week-2 "They beat the Niners, they play Washington," he said. "I'll tell you right now, they're going to beat [Washington] by 30." It's hard to predict a 30-point blowout when the team you're expecting to get destroyed has such a formidable defense. But hey, DeSean Jackson gave this team bulletin board material in Week 1 and everything seemed to work out.
  8. Yikes because he's saying next year. One would hope getting better as the season went on but this makes me feel better.
  9. WFT - 24 Zona - 20 Fuller is going to make a big difference to our secondary in this game and I believe Haskins will be uber competitive vs. peewee Murray for reasons from their college days and draft positions.
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