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  1. HigSkin

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    This is a pretty interesting chart. http://nflarrest.com/
  2. HigSkin

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    Yea, but it doesn't mean teams weren't waiting for him to clear waivers before trying to sign him so they didn't have absorb his current contract.
  3. HigSkin

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Time to Put Up Or Shut Up

    The narrative tomorrow will be its a weak division. Skins won't get any credit for winning this game. Listening to pregame stuff I don't even know why we even bother to show up....🤮
  4. Listening to Joe Theismann on Tiki and Tierney who made a lot of sense about why they signed Sanchez. 3 of our O coaches have worked with him and he has some knowledge of the type of offense they run here. Top that with the fact he said they can at least get him 33% of plays learned this week in the event of an emergency and having that headset, they can get him in to formations without a complete understanding of the terminology. Apparently, he was the top choice for coming up to speed the quickest, having some knowledge of the offense. Joey T also stressed McCoy needs to not put himself in to taking hits like he did yesterday!
  5. HigSkin

    Gameday Thread

    crap roughing call
  6. HigSkin

    Gameday Thread

    Here comes the garbage time and stat padding....
  7. Here's what Keim wrote on the matter... http://www.espn.com/nfl/team/_/name/wsh/washington-redskins With the Redskins needing another quarterback after Alex Smith's injury, there are a handful available. Among the quarterbacks who have worked out for Washington this season: Kyle Allen (currently on Carolina's practice squad), Paxton Lynch, Connor Jessup and Josh Woodrum. Other quarterbacks currently available: E.J. Manuel, Nathan Peterman, Sam Bradford, Kellen Clemens, T.J. Yates, Matt Moore and Colin Kaepernick.
  8. No Crowder, no CT, no Richardson, no Dunbar, no TW, no Scherff and misc other starting guys along the Oline. Unbelievable win and I'll take it!
  9. I didn't see this posted but great listen...I really like him taking responsibility for the bone headed out of bounds move and chuckled about how pointed JG is when you do something stupid.
  10. Yikes! Hope this fires up the D if it happens!
  11. HigSkin

    New Orleans Redskins Rally road trip

    Yea, that's going to be the narrative all week from the Media outlets and I certainly hope it doesn't happen this game!
  12. Opening odds are Saints by 7, wonder how tired they are of scoring points? LOL 40 in a loss to Bucs, 21 to beat Browns, 43 to beat Falcons and 33 to beat the Giants. I tend to think they play down to non-division teams. I'm hoping that trend continues and we manage another quick start with points in the 2nd half! HTTR 42-31 Skins Nice, going to need these big boys to stop Kamara https://twitter.com/shedricksmith6
  13. HigSkin

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    FWIW - Listening to Trent Dilfer on The Herd this week and he feels there is some great QB talent coming out the next 2 drafts. https://www.pennlive.com/pennstatefootball/index.ssf/2018/09/trace_mcsorley_nfl_penn_state.html "[Oregon's Justin] Herbert, [Missouri's Drew] Lock, [Auburn's Jarrett] Stidham, McSorley - don't look past McSorley at Penn State; I know he's little, but if Baker's doing it, McSorley can do it - [West Virginia's Will] Grier, [Ohio State's Dwayne] Haskins in two years, [Alabama's] Tua [Togavailoa] in two years. You have studs, big-time talents coming out in the next couple of Drafts at quarterback. And if guys like Dak don't start playing better, heck yeah, I'm drafting one of those guys. Because those guys can be, I don't wanna say generational talents, but true QB1s in the NFL."