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  1. 12-5..lots of guys jumping on the band wagon.
  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/espn-analyst-dan-orlovsky-believes-130720075.html ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky believes Washington is one of NFC’s top teams Orlovsky especially likes WFT’s potential on offense in 2021. “I think the Washington Football Team,” Orlovsky said when naming his final four. “I think, first of all, this offense is going to be predicated on a ton of speed. This might be the fastest offense in the NFL. We’re talking Terry McLaurin on the outside; then they got Curtis Samuel in free agency. McLaurin is becoming one of the best receivers in the NFL, not just one
  3. As an aside, have PFT going in the background and both Floria and Sims are picking WFT to win the NFCE and both picked CY and McL as best non QB's in the NFCE one/two. It's funny how much love this team is getting. Meanwhile, Greeny has turned in to the biggest WFT homer. He said this morning the WFT is the biggest threat to Tampa Bay and the NFC. LOL
  4. Members of the Football Team organization, Football Team fans around the world and those who are kind of hoping they just stick with the name Football Team because it sounds kind of cool, like a Premier League team or something: You've endured some brutal years -- awful, really -- but now there is a lot of hope on the horizon. Don't let anybody shame you for enjoying a run to the playoffs in 2020. Did you make the postseason as a below-.500 team? Sure. But you were in the playoffs. You even played host to Tom Brady in the Wild Card Round. And to be honest, you played better
  5. Let's hope so because you can't skirt his stats!
  6. I don't know where else to put this but hope stuff like this doesn't jinx us! 15. Washington (7-9, lost wild-card game to Tampa Bay) I think everyone looks at WFT and figures, Nothing to see here. They’ll fall to earth with a thud this year. Not me. Washington went 5-2 down the stretch last year to steal the all-time-lousy NFC East, then gave the Bucs a game in the wild-card round. In that 5-2 run, Washington allowed 15.9 points per game. Four of the wins came on the road (Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Philly), and each of those foes scored in the teens. Edg
  7. LOL, you see a lot of action movies where they mix up sodium and clorine or sodium and potassium in water to blow the doors off. Boom!!
  8. I didn't see this posted and has a few more tidbits... While other teams are having trouble fielding a roster at optional practices, Washington had no such issues on Tuesday, as 87 of the team's 91 players reported for duty. They weren't tentative either. Coach Ron Rivera had to send a handful of young players back inside because they wore their "shells," or shoulder pads - that's a no-no under the NFL's collective bargaining agreement. The tempo stayed fast early, and after Kendall Fuller jumped a route and broke up a pass for
  9. I believe a lot of the issues with guys like Moses is that we fans haven't had a front office and coaching staff move on from guys early rather than later. The Patriots and some other teams have been doing it for years. Roster churn and working to a plan.
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