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  1. Who knows but at least he's using that leg.
  2. Saw this morning on PFT that only 50% of the top 10 from 2017 got their 5th year exercised. That's crazy scary! Meanwhile, your chart show why it's such a big deal to have 2nd round picks every year.
  3. Listening to Gaudi and Doc sort of analyze the interview with RR, here's a few highlights of the discussion: 1) Snyder will be the primary to make the decision on any promotion of Kyle to GM - they seem to think that's okay from a "separation of power" perspective, RR not wanting the optics to look weird and still looking at how well things work for everyone 2) RR really laying out what he's looking for from his QB in leadership, work ethic, etc. and then Haskins. RR did have a first round grade on him, likes what he sees from his off-season work but RR still will not commit to him as THE QB (tough love) 3) Everybody thinks they are done with FA's right now and until they see these guys on the field and work ethic but they are always looking for "fit" 4) They didn't bring in a lot of UDFA's because the likely hood of them making the team with a limited off-season is very low 5) Already mentioned by SIP the TW's thing
  4. That conversation he had with RR was hilarious. Wasn't sure, besides the smile, that he understood what RR was saying. Lol. Rooting for the guy.
  5. John Lynch was just on with Colin Cowherd and pretty much backs this up. He said he had a lot of productive conversations with RR, interesting he didn't say Kyle and that RR made them sweat to day 3. Lynch said he would have much rather had the deal done before the draft. I'm guessing RR was holding out for Minnesota to get in to a bidding war. Anyway, Lynch also said TW was sending him video's of him working out. He didn't say whether that was weeks ago or right before the draft, just that he sent them. He also said, yes there is risk but he is trusting Kyle who knows TW and he desire to play, work hard, blah, blah, blah....
  6. Not sure about that but they should definitely be looking at speedy D backfield and oline guys! Our NFCE teams got a lot faster.
  7. Good stuff from Cooley and Keim on the draft if you have time to listen.
  8. Yup, and the normal first cut down to 75 before going to full in season rosters. Tater, he's been playing on his rookie deal at ~$3+ mil through his year then his 5th year option kicks in next year (2021) for ~$9+ mil per first round typical contracts. That 5th year is what they exercised yesterday.
  9. I forgot about the roster changes due to the new CBA. Should give these guys more of opp to at least make the PS. 1) Teams can designate an additional player to return from injured reserve each year (three instead of two) 2) Two practice-squad players each week can be elevated to the team's active roster, and a team doesn't have to replace the player on the practice squad 3) Active game-day rosters increased from 46 to 48 players 4) The new deal expands the size of NFL rosters from 53 players to 55 5) Practice squads expanded from 10 to 12 players in 2020-2021, then to 14 players starting in 2022 (including between two and four players with unlimited accrued seasons per team)