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  1. Thanks! Just saw this.. ignore the DM lol
  2. Give me Rosen Haskins Lock or Jones and I'll be happy..
  3. @Skinsinparadise Did Hoffman mention Rosen in the Pod?
  4. No he never said that. I listened to the pod which I always do and Kevin is very well connected and he just offered an informed opinion and was saying he doesn't see us landing Rosen anymore.
  5. Grier then would make sense, or if Jones is sliding.
  6. It doesn't start till 12 monday afternoon, and visits can't be set up until after 4 WED. People usually agree to deals Tuesday and WED.
  7. Would love to find that whole interview somewhere..
  8. I enjoyed MITB last night..Ziggler winning was well deserved. Cena's face was priceless when he won...really looking forward to Summerslam and the 1000th episode.
  9. Very curious to see what Nike does with the new jerseys. Looking to pick an RG3 one up as soon as it becomes available. :logo:
  10. Starting to find Kristen Wiig hot..
  11. I got Jet fans and Viking Fans trash talking me..are you kidding me! those are 2 pathetic organizations! I need trash talk lines asap!
  12. Hearing that the #Redskins will be going with the burgundy on bugundy look tonight. According to redskinsblog
  13. Yea baby i like it!!! G-D willing the Skins win 52-0 today!!
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