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  1. London Kev

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    In my best 'Pedantic Nerd' voice, (which is probably my own voice because I'm obviously a pedantic nerd). Um, I think you'll find that the Earth's inner core is the same temperature as the surface of the Sun. I really hate myself sometimes, lol.
  2. London Kev

    Running back depth chart

    I get your point that it won't benefit the team for Guice to play preseason, but I think that it will benefit Guice himself. Just from a mental standpoint I think he should get a few carries in game three, maybe a series or two, so he can start to put the injury behind him and move on. There's obviously a chance of reaggravating the injury, but better to find out now rather than once the season starts. If he's been cleared and he feels like he's ready to play, then let him play. I'm really excited to see what the young man can do.
  3. London Kev

    Annual Redskins Related Fantasy Team Names

    Dwayne's World Never Settle for second The Mighty Quinn Montae Carlo or Bust Love Guice and Sweat Pierschbacher...... um, err. No, I got nothing for this.
  4. London Kev


    Couldn't watch the game live last night, but just saw it now, so a few observations for what it's worth. I thought that there was some improvements over week one, but we still don't look season-ready yet. The defense showed a lot more hustle this week; I liked the way we got to the ball with multiple tacklers. Our starting d-line is just ****ing awesome. The o-line seemed a bit more cohesive, although the run blocking is still poor. Perine didn't have anywhere to run on most of his carries (or he's just not that good?) Special teams looks terrible, have got to sort this out in the next few weeks. Haskins looks very confident and plays with a lot of poise. I like the guy and he's obviously got a great arm, but he still needs time. Case should be the starter IMO. The personal foul on Norman when he got hit in the head, and the Harmon PI were absolute bull**** penalties. I realise that it's preseason for the refs as well, but they reviewed the PI and still got it wrong, SMH.
  5. We may have a problem then. Cam Sims Craig Reynolds Deion Harris Dustin Hopkins Dwayne Haskins Ereck Flowers Garrett Sickels Jeremy Reaves Josh Harvey-Clemons Landon Collins Marquis Flowers Matt Ioannidis Morgan Moses Robert Davis Steven Sims Timon Parris Vernon Davis
  6. London Kev

    Running back depth chart

    I don't see anything other than AP opening as the lead back against the eagles, week one. CT on third downs and Guice getting a series or two, as and when needed. It would be wise to give Guice some carries in pre-season IMO. Coming back from that injury is a mental challange as well as a physical one. It'll take him a while to be really confident that he's fully healed and put the injury behind him. Hopefully he's going to get more carries as the season progresses and eventually gets the majority of the work. I still see Peterson starting every game (if healthy), even if Guice is essentially the lead back. The above is what I expect to happen, but who knows? AP surprised a lot of people last year (including myself) with how much he still has left in the tank. So maybe the old man can do it again for another year and out-play the young pup all season?
  7. London Kev


    One D lineman and a LB and we get the sack, awesome.
  8. London Kev


    Oh man, Haskins is crud, cut his ass and get Sanchez back.
  9. London Kev


    Shouldn't the Browns be charged a timeout for the failed challenge?
  10. London Kev


    Defence comes up BIG, love it.
  11. London Kev


    Lol, they all count. Hopefully the first of many. HTTR,
  12. London Kev


    We got more holds than first downs, come back Trent, please.
  13. London Kev


    Well that was brutal, we're doomed, doomed I tell ya.
  14. Not yet, but I heard a whisper that the guy that delivers the doughnuts is on borrowed time.