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  1. I’m happy with the Ertz signing and expect him to get roughly 3-4 catches a game, so if he stays healthy and plays every game, 50-60 for the season. He’ll probably miss a few games so realistically I’d put him at 40-50.
  2. Count me in as one of the shallow gang. I hope that Maye fails too, along with every other QB in the league apart from our guys.
  3. Indeed, although I hope that he fleeced the rook for some serious wedge 😀.
  4. I love this pick. I’ve always wanted us to get a TE/FB hybrid who can catch. He might not be a true hybrid but he’s close enough.
  5. Lol, it is in alphabetical order (by position as listed on the official site), it looked better than ordering it by name. Is Lucas definitely still on the team? He isn't listed on Commanders.com. Agree that we will still bring in a vet or two.
  6. I was looking at the Oline to try to determine a rough depth chart and found a few differences in player positions listed on the official site (Commanders.com), ESPN.com and NFL.com, so I thought I'd share. A few things to note; NFL.com is well behind the times, Cornelius Lucas isn't even listed on the official site (is he still on the team?) and I'm still worried about the quality of the Oline.
  7. Weird formatting sets my OCD off, hope you don't mind me tidying it up a little bit. The 'picture to text function' didn't know what the Top Routes were.
  8. I'm ok with that pick. Don't know anything about him but addressing the safety position there is fine.
  9. Agree that we need QBs, but I don't think that we should draft another one, good business or not. I would rather pick a few up after the draft as camp arms and go into the season with Daniels, Mariota and Fromm/Driskol (sp?).
  10. Why? I'm guessing you know why and are just playing devil's advocate. That's okay, but just in case you are being sincere; I don't think most ESer's would approve, and would view it as a wasted pick, also I think it would send out the message that we might not be 100% convinced with JD. Even if it didn't create an actual QB controversy with those involved, it would create a lot of background noise that could become a distraction.
  11. This place would melt if we picked Rattler,
  12. OK, I'm picking Fisher or Rosengarton here.
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