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  1. There does seem to be a lot of mixed opinions on this. Some have pointed to the apparent soft practise sessions and general easy-going attitute (Gruden's fault). Others have called out the poor facilities that the players have access to (Snyder's fault). More recently there has been talk about over-agressive practise sessions being a factor in O-Line injuries (Callahan's fault). And now S&C are taking some heat (Englehart's fault?) Maybe some, or all of these have contributed to our injury woes to a varying degree. Maybe something else has caused them or maybe (most likely IMO) it's the random nature of injuries due to a violent game played by big, strong and fast individuals. If players were getting injured in the gym more than usual, then the S&C methods probably should be reviewed, but I doubt if any blame could be attributed to them directly.
  2. I stand corrected. It was a bad contract IMO, but no, not fully guaranteed.
  3. I get your point, but did it really need to be so public? Also, maybe they wouldn't have been rejected had there actually been a vacant position to interview for.
  4. So they hire some new business operations guys and fire them within eight months. = Fail. They sign a new QB to a bloated, fully guaranteed contract (after vastly overpaying and losing the previous QB). = Fail. They attempt to sign a new DC while the existing one is still in place. = Classless Fail. What a no-good bunch of ****s.
  5. Drink to excess, take non-prescription drugs, and be cautiously optimistic. It's a life choice.
  6. Has Gray really been fired? Will Gregg make a return? Will Bruce and Dan sober up enough to let anyone know? Will Benson discover Chester's affair? These questions—and many others—will be answered in the next episode of...Soap The Redskins.
  7. Why stick with one team? You would be a free man/woman, so play the field a bit. Just support the team that is playing the cowboys on any particular week. You probably do that already so not much of a change. It would be the football equivalent of polygamy.
  8. London Kev

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    That's a big no from me. I don't follow college football, so I probably can't accurately assess the risk/reward aspect properly, but making a mega-trade is not worth it IMO. I would prefer to stand pat at 15, go weighted BPA for the whole draft and pick up a few FAs for need. If that means we roll with McCoy for the season then so be it, if we manage to get a good mid-round rookie QB, even better. Maybe it's a case of "once bitten, twice shy" for me, but mortgaging the future for immediate gains is way too risky. I'm not happy with the 7-9 mediocrity, but I don't think that one QB will elevate us to constant 12-4 success if it means giving up multiple high picks.
  9. London Kev

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Well that's a bit of a surprise. Score one for the front office I suppose.
  10. I don't buy into the narrative that Snyder is totally unaware of all the negativity surrounding the team and only hears what his close confidants care to tell him. In this day-and-age everyone has access to instant information and I don't believe that he is some sort of Neo-Luddite living in his ivory tower, cut off from all technology. He may choose to dismiss it, he may choose to blame others rather than himself, but he just can't be unaware of it. If it's the former then he truly is a stupid man. If it's the latter then surely he must eventually start to question Bruce's credentials. He better wise-up soon because this ship is sinking fast.
  11. London Kev

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Good point, I didn't think of that. They obviously got him for his scouting knowledge and with Gruden stock-piling picks it should be an interesting draft for them, incumbent HC or not. I really like Mayock and would've loved it if he came here.
  12. London Kev

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Mayock confirmed as Raiders' GM, so he's off the list .
  13. London Kev

    What is the average age of our real fan base?

    Damn Shred, it's like looking in a mirror!
  14. London Kev

    What is the average age of our real fan base?

    I'm a fifty-something, although I've been told that I look like a forty-something. I actually feel like a thirty-something, but often still act like a twenty-something.