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  1. What's not to like about this signing? If he turns out to be a good NFL TE then we look like geniuses, if he busts then we gave a guy a chance and it didn't work out, and maybe he gets some tape to show other teams. One thing I do know, he's got ten times better squat form than Trent Williams had.
  2. I got used to the WFT name and went through a stage of hoping that they keep it. I now realise that from a marketing standpoint, it's a total non-starter. I hate the whole cuddly toy wolf thing, but then again I'm a miserable old git so it wouldn't really be aimed at me. I guess young fans would love it and it could turn out to be marketing gold. With that acknowledged, I would still prefer a ferocious, aggressive representation if we went with a wolf theme. My first choice is still Warriors. I think that it's a good, strong name, but maybe I'm being influenced too much
  3. Easy there Rex, I don't think there's any need for that kind of language around here. Don't know how you got that one past the profanity filter to be honest . Back to Sherff, just because a LTD hasn't been done, it doesn't mean that it won't be done. Both sides know that they have three months to agree terms so there's no rush. See how FA and the draft unfolds and then give it another go.
  4. Jamin Davis was timed at 4.41 for a 30-yard dash! That translates to 5.88 for the full 40-yards. He's a lot slower than he looks
  5. As a non American I find it bizarre that the general public are allowed to carry guns. We do have a growing number of stabbings in London, but they're usually drug/gang related and not something that most people generally worry about. A few questions I have are; what is the criteria for obtaining a concealed carry permit and why would you want one? What percentage of Americans would you say actually carry a gun with them? (either with or without a permit).
  6. I may be reading more into it than is actually there. It seems like it will be easier for Snyder to keep things quiet with the minority shareholders off of his back, and the NFL possibly approving the debt waiver just seems dodgy to me. Maybe I need to take off my tinfoil hat .
  7. No, not more than they were seeking. The going rate, but used as hush money Buy off definition: transitive verb: 1: to induce to refrain (as from prosecution) by a payment or other consideration.
  8. So the NFL is helping Dan to buy-off those pesky minority owners. I wonder if there will be a confidentiality clause or two attached to the deal.
  9. You summed up the last few decades fairly well there. While aiming for domination is commendable, I'd just like to see us become a stable, competent & competitive team. Maybe save thoughts of being a dominant team for a year or two (or after Brady retires, whichever is the sooner ).
  10. Although I didn't watch it, I think I know every word due to the constant news coverage that it's getting. It's become like the latest mini-series or soap opera. The day that the monarchy is abolished and we change to some form of constitutional republic can't come soon enough. The system of unelected heads of state passing on the title to their children doesn't belong in the 21st century.
  11. I've not really been following the details of this, so never realised that the minority shareholders held a 40% stake. That's a lot bigger than I imagined. Go on Bezos, get it done, son.
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