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  1. Courtesy of Odds Shark.They're obviously not being 100% serious, but strange that there's no "Warriors" there. Team Name Odds Redtails +200 Presidents +300 Generals +400 Memorials +400 Lincolns +500 Americans +500 Capitols +500 Veterans +600 Kings +600 Roosevelts +700 Monuments +700 Redhawks +800 Renegades +1000 Jeffersons +2000 Arlingtons +2500 Hogs +5000 Snowflakes +50000 Trumps +50000
  2. The Washington Pornhub? I would imagine that the logo would be amazing.
  3. I didn't like the Redwolves suggestion at first, but that artwork is awesome. Would prefer it to be two words though; "Red Wolves". It's Red Wolves or Warriors for me so far.
  4. Agreed, us Londoners have a problem with "th" anywhere in a word. It would end up being pronounced "Mammufs".
  5. Silly: Washington Wokes. Scary: Washington Psychopaths. Alternative: Washington Warriors. Preferred: Washington Redskins. <Edit> I've just realised that the word "alternative" is made up of the words "alter native".
  6. @Renegade7 I respect you as a poster and am not just dismissing this without some thought, (I mean. it's because of you that I tried to understand religion and even read the bible!) but this is just ridiculous. You want to wait another 14 months for football because we don't have a LT, you might not be able to attend all of the games and they might cancel the season half way through anyway? That's just bizarre. Football can't come soon enough for me. I want it, I need it.
  7. One of my favourite tunes by my favourite band, but the concept behind the video is pretty ****ed up.
  8. It's not just the physical injury that Alex will have to deal with, there has to be some mental issues that he'll need to overcome as well. I don't think he will ever play again. Reuben may need some more time, but I think that he'll come back strong.
  9. Trump should get off his fat, orange arse and address the Nation, asking for calm and committing to investigate this case specifically and systemic racism in general. Instead he tweets out some egotistical, self-centred BS that "he's ok" and that he might release the hounds, SMH.
  10. Agreed. I didn't really like the Allen signing to start with. a bit of a head-scratcher for me, but I get it now. He's a kind of non-threatening, threat and maybe that's been a factor in Haskins putting the work in. Whatever it was, I like what the young man is doing.
  11. It's good to see that Dwayne appears to be losing his boyish features and is starting to look like a man. Let's hope that it translates to his character also. I'm still not completely sold on him, but am definitely more optimistic.
  12. Does that mean that we're gonna be seeing a bakedtater2 any time soon?
  13. As far as big-name signings in the secondary go, I'm also fine with sticking with what we have and see how it all plays out with the new coaches and schemes. If any cheap options come along that could fit then obviously give them a look, but no big signings. We have had terrible bad luck with the secondary, I've been trying to recall who the two DB's were who collided and got injured while warming up for a preseason game some years ago, it was a real SMH moment. Does anyone remember the details?
  14. This is such sad news, Dexter is one of my all-time favourite players. Stay strong 72, you're in my thoughts.