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  1. I seem to have a bit of a mental block when it comes to the salary cap and have a hard time understanding the details. Although the lower cap directly restricts us, can we gain indirectly because there are going to be other teams that are affected worse than us, or am I just talking ********? (again). EDIT: I manually censored the word ********, I guess it's just an English swear word!
  2. Lavonte David would be my number one target with Allen Robinson a close second. Getting both would be amazing, although I don't think TB let's David go. I'm not really in the Ertz camp and would prefer snagging a younger TE or two, (or even a pass-catching TE and a hybrid blocking TE/FB).
  3. But that's exactly what you did call them.
  4. Agreed. But what we all want to know is; did it move for you, Mary Du?
  5. Fuller, KPL, McKissic, Logan Thomas, Lucas and Ronald Darby have all contributed. I think that we also traded for Kyle Allen (my memory is a little fuzzy today). Maybe I'm being a little bit of a homer, but I wouldn't call them Band-Aids.
  6. From the point of view of a non-American this is all very confusing. I mean you have a being that is thought by His followers to be all-knowing, omnipotent, all-loving, maximally powerful, etc etc. And then you have God. Can't they just have a Celebrity Deathmatch or something to resolve this?
  7. Great post. Nothing moved for me, but I am more convinced that we have turned a corner than at any time since 2012. The combination of a strong coach, good recent FA & drafting, an exciting defense, and the possibility of having found a diamond-in-the-rough QB has really raised my hopes. We improved by four wins from last year., going from awful to middle of the pack, which is quite a feat. If we could have another good FA/draft and improve next season by another two or three wins then we will be knocking on the door of being a good team. Why not us.
  8. Get his ass in the weight room ASAP. Maybe sign another QB in FA or the draft. Then have a real competition in camp. It ain't rocket surgery.
  9. I'm happy to go into next season with Allen, Heinicke and Smith. We could still draft a QB if we wanted to, but we wouldn't have to.
  10. Twist his arm (the injured one) and he'll sign for less.
  11. What happened to our run game? Is the Bucs run D really that good or did we just have a bad day? I know Gibson wasn't 100% (14 for 31 yards), but JD only had two runs for five yards.
  12. Oh well, that was fun guys. I really enjoyed spending the season with you nutcases. Next year will be OUR year.
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