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  1. Thanks Dan. As far as I'm concerned, the thread belongs to @skins island connection. I just want to borrow it from him until he returns from his hiatus.
  2. What a great result. Pity we didn't score 30+ on them, but keeping them without a TD was awesome. I'm off to the gym with a massive smile on my face. See you guys.
  3. Ron Rivera looks like Kenny McCormick from South Park today.
  4. A pick-six of the rookie QB would be a great way to seal the game.
  5. He dropped a lot of catches early on in the season, but has really stepped up lately.
  6. Tress Way with a perfect short punt. Do I smell another safety?
  7. LOLOLOL **** you Ewok. Holecomb having a game and a half today.
  8. You don't understand 'cos you're not a ReAl FaN!!!!
  9. I think we got ourselves a TE. He's been a lot more consistent lately.
  10. Did Allen just give a little "you like that?" to the camera"?
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