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  1. I'm really glad we re-signed him and am not trying to rain on his parade, but I think some of you are misremembering the season. Logan didn't start off too well, and some (myself included) were berating him for his dropped catches. He didn't really start to shine until the dallas game, and then had a break-out game against the Steelers. Games Targets Catches Catch % Yards 1 - 5 32 14 43.75% 106 6 - 10 24 16 66.67% 2
  2. Checkdowniest has got to be the best superlative adjective that I've ever heard, and If it ever made it into a dictionary there would be a picture of Alex Smith next to it.
  3. Yeah, one on offense, one on defense, everyone's happy. Well except for special teams, no love for them yet .
  4. I would change that thread title if I were you, the mods are pretty strict about that sort of thing. Wouldn't want you getting the dreaded Ban-Hammer now would we?
  5. The Allen and Thomas re-signings are really good news heading in to camp. I'm so optimistic right now that I'm worried that it's all gonna hit the fan (is that normal or just a WFT thing?) As for Rodgers, I want to wait and see what we have in Fitz and Heinicke before deciding, but if it's two firsts then I'd definitely think about pulling the trigger, anything more than that then I'm a bit more hesitant.
  6. So has Ron confirmed that despite the speculation, the Washington Red-somethings is still on the table?
  7. I'm glad we got the big guy signed, also it's a feel-good story just before training camp, win-win.
  8. For the same reason that we force people to wear seat belts when driving even though people wearing seat belts still die in auto accidents: it reduces the risk of serious trauma and dying. The league wants all players to be vaccinated, and will hand out punishments to those who are not (as is their right). If any player chooses not to accept the vaccine (as is their right), then they have to accept the consequences.
  9. Now that's what I was talking about. That, has got Soul. It's original, catchy, totally inoffensive, it's a marketing goldmine. I wanna be a MOFO, where do I sign up?
  10. Sentinels goes in the bland category for me, along with Commanders, Liberators, Monuments, Presidents, Senators, etc. I don't exactly know what "soul" is, but they ain't got it. They're soulless names.
  11. I wouldn't put too much stock in what's at the top of the polls. While some polls may give an approximate guide, many others are open to mischievous trolling. If we were to let a poll decide the name, then we could easily end up with Teamy McTeamface.
  12. The medical definition is appropriate considering our vaccine situation. Sentinel noun 1. A soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch, "soldiers stood sentinel with their muskets" 2. MEDICINE: An indicator of the presence of disease, "a sentinel surveillance programme for influenza" verb Station a soldier or guard by (a place) to keep watch, "a wide course had been roped off and sentinelled with police"
  13. I think that Skindians sounds better. Probably a bit too Native adjacent for the NFL though.
  14. We're exactly where we deserve to be, but the real head-scratcher for me is Mayock. I used to love his pre-draft analysis before he joined the Raiders and thought he would be an excellent GM. So far, all he's done is make some strange choices and hurt his stock.
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