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  1. London Kev

    TV Alert: Super Bowl XXII

    Yeah, they were awesome together weren't they. The quote in my sig comes from that game. Near the end of the second quarter when the stats are flashed up on the screen. You can actually here the crowd gasp in the background as the coms are talking.
  2. London Kev

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    I think that without any context, and your edit, it does look worse than it actually was. But yeah, you got me.
  3. London Kev


    Definitely no offense taken, and don't give up on the humour front. My attempts at it almost always fall short of the mark, but it doesn't stop me plugging away! Quantity over quality and all that.
  4. London Kev


    Maybe it needs to be renamed to SumTingWong's awful performance in 2020 thread creation. Not only did you get the year wrong, you also missed out the punctuation in Doug Williams' name and added a superfluous "N" to "performance". Also, as a joke thread, it's just not that funny. Sorry mate, a bit of a fail all round really.
  5. London Kev

    A tight end by any other name

    Not a bad idea and definitely worth thinking about. At the moment I prefer using a FB/TE hybrid, as they generally have more experience catching passes, as well as blocking.
  6. Such a shame that he couldn't stay healthy, because I'm sure that he could have been one of the all-time best receiving TEs. Oh well, coulda, shoulda, woulda. Good luck in the future JR.
  7. London Kev

    Press Release: NFL STATEMENT (CBA Related)

    They already do, what do you think really happens in that blue tent?
  8. London Kev

    TV Alert: Super Bowl XXII

    Apparently some guy called Timmy Smith has a good game. Surely the start of a great career for the young man.
  9. Gruden: Benches AP for the opening game of the season (healthy scratch). Rivera: Publicly praises AP and 'extends' contract. I know which one I prefer. Kudos Ron.
  10. Many of the variables are obviously going to change between now and the start of the season, but right now we're a 3-13 team. If RR and Co. can get us to improve by four or five wins then I think that it could be called a successful first year. The really difficult part is to improve in year two by a further two or three wins. That would be amazing. As alluded to in the OP, the key to any success is weighted towards the QB. If Haskins (or whoever) plays well and Del Rio can get the most out of the defense, then why not. I think that 7-9 or 8-8 this year, and 9-7 or 10-6 next year is more than possible. Maybe, just maybe, we can even get to the dizzy heights of 11-5. (I can't believe that I just typed that last sentence, I think I need to lie down in a quiet room for a while).
  11. London Kev

    2020 Roster Thread (Updated 2/21/20)

    Great idea KDawg, it really shows how thin we are at a few positions, QB and G specifically. You have Breon Borders listed twice at CB. Also I think that at 265, Malveaux is a DE (but I'm probably being a bit pedantic here).
  12. London Kev

    Norman released

    He was good his first year here but declined rapidly. Too many hands to the face penalties when playing man, got lost too much playing zone. I did like him though, funny bloke. I hope he finds a new team soon.
  13. London Kev


    Don't know why, but this made me lol. From Wikipedia: Norris once attended Camp Woodward, a professional skateboarding camp, and was the "biggest skateboarder ever to attend" the camp
  14. London Kev

    Congratulations Kendall Fuller and Bashaud Breeland.

    Yeah, I saw what you did there. Your pun-ctuation is pun-believable.
  15. London Kev

    Congratulations Kendall Fuller and Bashaud Breeland.

    What the **** is bisque!?!