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  1. skins island connection

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You might be on to something here. Get a big bag, put it at Snyder's door, then scatter a few Coors Light beer cans along the yard; or just steal Bruce's car from the pkg lot and drive it through Snyder's lawn into his pool.
  2. skins island connection

    I’m Happy the Redskins Lost

    I read somewhere that this was the Giants' 100th win against the Redskins. Its supposed to be the most wins any team has against another. { grabbing the glass of antifreeze ]. There should be a area-wide campaign to every Redskin fan to either not go to the next home game or wear the opponent's jersey, just to really drive home the message that change is needed. That would be a sight to see; FedEx Field without fans or full of other team's jerseys. I'd bet he blows a gasket.
  3. skins island connection

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    This is honestly maddening. If Snyder keeps Bruce Allen, even after this tremendous collapse, then there's no hope for this team. People need to start stirring up rumors of Bruce Allen being fired on sports talk shows everywhere. Snyder is NOT going to screw my life up, cheering for a team that has no chance of winning because he's in love with the Allen family, and Bruce can do no wrong BS. Snyder, go **** yourself, and when you're done, let Bruce Allen **** you, just like he's ****ed this team. Then both of you can perish for all I care.
  4. skins island connection

    Terminate Manusky

    Players whining about extra practice, and I watch at least 3 balls that bounced off of the CBs today, and every one of them hit that defender right between the numbers. Hell I could have caught those! I said it before, the defense looks like they're getting paid per turnover, that's why they keep trying to strip the ball instead of tackling. That tackling performance should be in the video rule book of how NOT to play defense.
  5. skins island connection

    Who On The Redskins Team/Organization Worth Keeping? {Multi-Level Thread }

    A GM who has the nutsack to look Snyder in the face and tell him " if you want a winning team, you need to step aside" will be fine. Yes, we all see Snyder's choices for this organization blows dog, and maybe he's starting to recognize this; if a hard-nosed GM comes in and tells him the truth then he would back down. If anything, if Snyder is ever in an interview, that should be the FIRST THING asked of him; put him in the hot box right off the bat. Its people like Bruce Allen who are yes men to Snyder that keeps this team from succeeding, so if Allen is removed and a GM that will not hesitate to tell him does, I think he will step aside. But, this isn't about who we want gone, its about who we think are worthy of keeping. Why not Smith as GM?
  6. skins island connection

    Who On The Redskins Team/Organization Worth Keeping? {Multi-Level Thread }

    Geez, who are you, Thanos snapping his finger? lol. The only disagreements I would have would be the ones in bold. Dunbar and Moreau have been out of place a lot, and burned a lot. I'm not sure I'd want a QB who knows only to throw short screens and no idea when to scramble to be a guy teaching a young QB the ropes. That's what a QB coach does; or should be doing. The scouts haven't turned up much to hold their own, it seems they look for the most fit people, not the ones with the best attributes that would help a team.
  7. skins island connection

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    And we can get Monte Coleman to be the LB coach, Charles Mann to be the d-line coach, John Riggins to be the RB coach, and...well, you get the picture.
  8. skins island connection

    Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: The "Take Me Behind The Woodshed" Episode

    No one got it correct, again, although Capt'n Obvious was relatively close 30-16. I guess I had too much faith in Gruden the QB whisperer to coach up Sanchez. But, what could I expect; a butt hole talking to a butt-fumbler.
  9. skins island connection

    Who On The Redskins Team/Organization Worth Keeping? {Multi-Level Thread }

    aw, c'mon, that's frustration talking [ typing ]. I'm unsure about Callahan. He's supposed to be a good o-line coach, with all the injuries I can't pin him as being the fault. Tomsula is worth keeping; the d-line has been fairly stable and he has some good players to work with. Ben Kotwika - the ST group hasn't been bad, there haven't been many large gains in punt returns against, but haven't had much on our side. Matt Kavanaugh - this is a difficult one. He's really not a true OC in a sense because Gruden is calling plays, so is it his fault ? I think everyone else [ regarding assistants ] need to go. Grimm, Phillips, Hilliard, and everyone on S&C and nutritionist should be gone.
  10. It has been a painful 2018 season to watch, no doubt. From being 6-3 at one point to possibly losing the remaining games, the entire organization has taken a nose-dive, and has challenged the allegiance of some Redskins fans. From FO decision-making, to seemingly inept coaching staff, to players performing far under their abilities and paychecks. But, in the ever-turbulent season of constant finger-pointing at certain coaches, FO personnel and players, there are some bright spots, and I wanted to delve into this to get opinions on who would be worthy of keeping on this team going into the future. A couple that I thought of were: 1. Jonathan Allen - a young, strong guy who has a lot of football in him. 2. Ryan Anderson - he looks to be a good player with a good motor, but maybe has been used the wrong way at times. 3. Adrian Peterson - I may catch some static on this, but IMO he's a rare breed of ball carrier, and he still has a good motor on him, but he's been a victim of a porous o-line and lackluster play calling. 4. Derrius Guice - only because of the unknown, he was a draft pick many were waiting to see if he was the future in the RB position. Who do you think has what it takes to remain on this team? I gave a few examples but I'm sure there are more, and maybe this discussion can take some of the sting out of this season.
  11. skins island connection

    UPDATED random malware warnings when using Chrome

    @Jumbo @ TK, thanks to both of you for doing what you can on this, there are many of us ESers who are not IT-savvy, and its good to know you guys care. It just sucks that there are people out there with nothing better to do than screw up other peoples' lives by way of computer viruses etc, I wish they would give the death penalty to anyone caught doing things like this.
  12. skins island connection

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the Redskins locker room, but then again Gruden would just be telling them its only halftime. Even in the bad years this team had fight in it until week 16 or 17, but this is the earliest I've seen them quitting. All bad decision-making by Gruden, flat-out stupid contracts given out by Allen, a defense once considered top 5 THIS YEAR, to be playing like dog ****. Snyder should fire the entire coaching staff along with Allen, and if he doesn't then that would show me he doesn't care and he's not in touch with reality.
  13. skins island connection

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    Someone should gas the Redskins locker room at halftime, that way they will actually be declared 'sleeping' for real instead of on the field. when they get their game checks, they should all be paid in pennies, so they will know the frustration of us fans.
  14. skins island connection

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    He has, and he is. Gruden's system has never worked out with the personnel he has. He can't adjust, he can't scheme, he can't even pay attention to the game clock to know WHEN to call a TO. Gruden needs to be let go after this game, and I think it happens.
  15. skins island connection

    Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins

    It doesn't matter, there's nothing in the draft worth looking at, especially if Gruden is still here, whoever they draft will have a limited amount of knowledge in Gruden's 3 yd - happy passing ass. No, this team needs to be bleached.