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  1. skins island connection

    Will the coaching be good enough for the talent?

    2016 was where Gruden was really exposed in pressure situations in the 4th qtr. But yea, the Giants game, where the Giants had all but given up, nothing to play for, Redskins playoff hopes hanging, and they laid a dinosaur egg. The really screwed up part was, many of us KNEW they would go into that game thinking the Giants would just lay down, and, well, we all know what happened. But this is the exact reason why I doubt Jay will get above 5-6 wins. He just doesn't have that 'thing' that good coaches do. As a coordinator, he might be good, but as HC there are way too many things going on, and Jay gets so focused into the moment he can't separate himself to adjust on the fly. Manusky? Nah, i'll pass. There were a number of times where the opportunity to get a quality, proven DC in here, but they blew it, and settled for yet another castaway who enjoys putting the defense in soft zones and hoping for bad passes. Damn, I used to get pumped at the beginning of seasons, butterflies in my tummy, beer in one hand and my 'almost world famous' bbq chicken in the other. Now its just like tv dinners; I know in 3-1/2 to 4 minutes its done, just like the Redskins' chances of being a quality team.
  2. skins island connection

    Will the coaching be good enough for the talent?

    I was saying that Jay is slow. Slow to act, slow to react. The problem that will most likely arise this season is not so much in the players, but in Jay's ability to put players in positions to win their positional battles. Its strategy. We know that this team doesn't have the best players in the league, and a winning team doesn't really need that; there are some decent to good players, but its not across the board. Therefore, strategy comes into play. Jay is often too in-tuned with whats happening on the field at that moment to consciously adjust. We have seen this play out on numerous occasions, and by the time he realized what was happening, it was too late to do anything about it. This season, it will be the same play calling, especially in situational moments, critical moments, where a score is needed, and the opponents will be one step ahead of Jay. Maybe the proper word is predictability. Year after year, the overall record has been dropping, little by little; I don't expect things to change, barring a superstar outbreak of a player {s} to the magnitude that it changes philosophy.
  3. skins island connection

    Will the coaching be good enough for the talent?

    Some are saying Jay doesn't have a lot to work with; I completely agree; he doesn't seem to catch on to what opponents are doing until its too late. He is kinda slow. A successful coach has to be creative, adaptable, forceful, aggressive, conservative, and most importantly, aware. There were times when Gruden would seem lost on the sidelines, as if he were caught up in the moment and so focused on what was happening on the field that he couldn't react or counter what was happening on the field. This is what assistant coaches are for; to delegate some of the work load, shoulder some of the responsibilities. Maybe Gruden doesn't have enough trust or confidence in them, but even if he were to change all of that now, its just too late. The entire aroma of the team is stale, and Gruden's only chance to be successful is to have a boatload of top tier players, but even having that does not spell success, because the creativity isn't there to be flexible enough to weather the different opponents and their strengths. We all hated Haslett, but for some reason he seemed to always have the defense playing a great game against Dallas, but there are 30 other teams. Barring a very surprising and successful season, this is prob Gruden's last year here. I think the writing is on the wall, and he knows it. Time will tell if this rubs off on the team, but if things go south in the first half of the season, I highly doubt he survives the entire season. He's not what you would call an adjustable coach who can neutralize adversity, usually the damage is already done and the game is out of reach before he catches a whiff of urgency.
  4. skins island connection

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    There may be one floating around somewhere but I haven't seen it yet, so... I took the short bus when it comes to gifs and how to post them, so maybe someone else will create it. The Redskins on a box of Rice Crispies cereal. Its fitting because whether on the practice field or the football field, its always 'Snap Crackle and Pop. They damn sure don't belong on a box of Wheaties...
  5. skins island connection

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    After Gibbs' 2nd go-around with the Redskins, I was kinda hoping that he would have somehow talked Snyder into selling him the team. I have no doubt that had Gibbs managed to get the team back then, there would have been at least a couple more SB trophies in the showcase, but at minimum, the team would be respected across the league. With Snyder? I just believe this team is jinxed. His heart is in it, but his brain isn't. BUT; I do have to give Snyder props on one thing; he stood defiant when the Redskins name was being attacked as hateful and racist. He told America that the Redskins name is NOT going anywhere. Honestly, I am not confident that Gibbs could have weathered that storm. Damn I am old. 20 years. Gloom, despair and agony on me, oh oh OH OH! deep dark depression, excessive misery, OHHHHH If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all, oh oh gloom despair and agony on me... I'm gonna go cry in my Cheerios now...
  6. skins island connection

    The 2019 Season Prediction Thread: What Will Be Our Record This Year?

    I hate to be so pessimy... pesim... negative about it, but I simply do not have a good feeling about next year. I think 5-11 is somewhat too high, and it would take a few teams to lose some key players in order to sneak out a victory. Jay will most likely be on the hot seat by week 8, and IMO there hasn't been any real upgrades, not to mention losing parts of the offense that actually made a difference last year, so I doubt this season will be pretty. To make matters worse, Bruce Allen is still with the organization, so until THAT day comes where he's shown the door, I'm not getting my hopes up. I'd frickin' LOVE to be wrong, so its up to Jay and the team to prove me wrong. PLEASE, prove me wrong guys!
  7. skins island connection

    Will the coaching be good enough for the talent?

    I don't expect much success from this point on with Jay, I just don't. That's a loaf of bread that's been on the shelf too long; you can see the defects and almost predict the offense, and if us armchair QBs can do it, what do you think goes through the opposing defenses' minds? I think this is Jay's last year. Wish I could say the same for Brucie, but Jay is in a no-win situation, barring a lightning strike of biblical proportions. In fact, its not only the bread that is stale, the bread molds are never changing.
  8. skins island connection

    Adrian Peterson or Tony Dorsett?

    Wonder where they ranked Jim Brown? He always seems to be ranked #1 when discussing RBs. I have absolutely nothing against Mr. Brown, but he was fortunate enough to be playing in a league far less complex, less astuted defenses, and with great blockers. But he was the Brown's offense. The 'aerial attacking offenses' hadn't blossomed back then. Dorsett was the beneficiary of a better offense overall; hec, a better team overall, much less a better coach. Tom Landry is considered an enemy of the Redskins, but as far as I'm concerned, he was a damn good coach. Barry Sanders, you ask? Put Barry behind 'Th' Hogs', and he would have far more yardage and touchdowns, but you would have to cough up the Superbowl championships, because the offense would have been more designed around Barry, thus making the offense more one-dimensional. An offense that has good balance in running and passing stands a better chance of succeeding, Look no further than the 49ers with Roger Craig. Joe Montanya [ Montana lol ] with Jerry Rice and the other WRs gave Craig a lot of cushion and running room, pulling LBers back 10-15 yds. Dorsett was ok, but I can't put him in the category of Sanders, I just can't.
  9. skins island connection

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Well, being that I don't follow college football in any form, and, keeping with my 'wait-n-see' mentality, all I can do is hope he works out. Plenty of college QBs take a few years to really get into the pro level, so I just hope he can keep his nose clean and not get into the 'me' hype and end up wrecking the team while chasing off what good players we still have. But seeing his demeanor on tv didn't give me a very hopeful outlook; maybe its me but he didn't look like he was happy in the least bit when his name was called. The guys mentioned he wasn't happy about falling in the draft, so lets cross our fingers. The LAST thing this team needs is another unhappy QB.
  10. skins island connection

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    This team has suffered far too many injuries over the last " X " amount of years. If the trend continues this season, there should be an all-out public humiliation of this organization. With the money and revenue sharing this team receives, the players should have better training facilities and equipment and better qualified; no, ACTUAL qualified people to stop this horribly bad streak. Since the team already has a 'baseball' guy in the training room, maybe Brucie can hire someone from hockey, basketball, or underwater basket weaving...
  11. skins island connection

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    Not to mention the 'quality' of the ones on staff. I won't go into it, I've done it quite a few times already, but I still can't get over the one guy who came here from the Tuskaloosa Rubberducks or whatever rock he crawled out from. That's a whole new level of desperation...
  12. skins island connection

    Gruden's Press Conference at NFL Owners Meeting

    Jay and co. do not have that type of aggressiveness in them to play blow-out football; unless we are the ones being blown out. Too many times we've watched this team lose a lead or fail to score and the game was lost because coaches and players were caught flat-footed or just didn't expect to see a player zag instead of zig. It always happens against the Cowboys; most games are close, but they get the ball with under 3 minutes and a player always ends up wide open and going in for the score.
  13. skins island connection

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Big time !! One of Gibbs' strengths was finding the right type of talent and storing them away, protected from other teams, and keeping current starters happy. The starters knew Gibbs was a great coach with a solid proven history also. So when Plan B came about, Gibbs most likely said to himself " why groom future great players only for them to chase money by signing with other teams"? If I were in his shoes, I doubt I'd want any part of it. Regardless, 13 years isn't THAT long of a time to be a HC, comparatively speaking, and he was still relatively young and could have gone another 10-20 years if he wanted. I don't believe Gibbs ever acknowledged this being the reason, because that would draw a lot of criticism, but not-so-deep down we all know this was the driving reason.
  14. skins island connection

    Press Release: #REDSKINS SIGN S LANDON COLLINS with quotes

    All HaHa would do is try to follow close behind Collins so he can say he was assisting in the tackle. He's gone though, right?
  15. skins island connection


    Has Bruce, I hear Jason Taylor is still around... Yea, its looking like Bruce is taking the 'I'm hiring vets to put bods in the stands' approach. If we're lucky, DRC may have 3 games left under his belt where he will be effective, but he looked like he was wearing down the last couple years, so I'm not getting my hopes up. Bruce has made me 100% pessimistic...