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  1. skins island connection

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach

    You're absolutely right; she MAY be more qualified than the others, but of all of the other posters who felt the urge to jump on the offensive about my comment, who knows of her qualifications outside Rivera? You certainly don't, so you can politely step off of your high horse and think about a different point of vies rather than getting on me about it. I've never heard of her. That's my basic point. The qualifications she has doesn't jump out off the page and say 'wow', The imaginary olive branch is a point in the direction of the team name, and by the hiring could it be a dampening tool to push back at those who will be once again raising the issue of the name Redskins and how offensive it is. She had 7 months of internship with Rivera; its not exactly a high-valued credential or knowledge advantage. Maybe she does well, maybe not, it is certainly an opened door opportunity for her, but there has to be others who have more experience than her. It just really caught me off guard, but we'll see how she works out.
  2. skins island connection

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach

    Well, its all over the news now. Diversity vs qualifications discussions will be free-flowing. I have absolutely nothing against a woman in sports, but this is a little bit head scratching. Is it an attempt to dampen some future issue that will come up, or is it an olive branch to America? Oh well, this organization has been a lightning rod for controversy and media headlines, whats one more rod?
  3. skins island connection

    Joe Gibbs: The Greatest Coach in Sport's History

    Yes, the NFC West only had 4 teams, and SF was one of them, and they couldn't play against themselves, so that means they could only play their 3 opponents 2 times per year, which is simple; 3 x 2 = 6. In 1988-1989, the Saints and Rams finally started playing good, but for the most part of the 1980's, they were the Redskins of today.
  4. skins island connection

    Joe Gibbs: The Greatest Coach in Sport's History

    This is true, but the key to success is putting together the assistants who have strengths in the same pattern that fits what Gibbs wanted to accomplish. Much like an engine, if you put in the wrong sized plugs, you will not get the most out of the engine, or using an air filter too constrictive, or a belt that's a little too long. TBH, I don't really consider Bill Walsh to be THAT great. Was he a good coach? Sure, but not to the level of Gibbs. Take away Jerry Rice and he ends up being an average-at-best coach. During his time, the NFC West was one of if not the weakest divisions in the league, so he was all but guaranteed a minimum of 6 wins per year. The concept of scoring as many points as quickly as possible to force opponents to abandon their running game was his forte', and with Rice he could do it. So, I think people put Walsh up on a pedestal early on, as the 49ers were considered the 'golden boys' back then and other teams were frowned upon in comparison.
  5. skins island connection

    Joe Gibbs: The Greatest Coach in Sport's History

    I can certainly grasp the actual concept of Gibbs being the greatest coach in sports history, with his well-known success in the NFL, and also being a big success in NASCAR. Gibbs is a man with incredible knowledge and desire to be the best; he has done this! His NFL abilities to utilize average Joes and convince them to run through and eat brick walls, then watching the players actually do it. Matt Millen said he was the most psychologically aware coach he's ever been around; that says a lot, especially when he was with Bill Walsh { whom I actually find a little over-rated }. But here's the rub; Gibbs had the concept of surrounding himself with the best assistant coaches he could get. By far, Gibbs had more assistants than any other team in the league, and that gave his players the ability to really get into the dirty details of a position and learn more about the position and strategy. I recall first hearing about " influence blocking", where an o-lineman would position himself a certain way to make his opponent believe he was going to block a certain way or move to a certain area in his lane, thus steering the d-lineman exactly where the o-lineman wanted him to go, thus taking the d-lineman out of the play. But to the basics, Gibbs, taking 3 different QBs to win 3 Super Bowls, speaks volume to his success. There are coaches out these who only went to 1 Super Bowl, and in some cases, NO SUPER BOWLS, yet they are in the HOF. Notoriety and attention is what gets attention in today's society. People like Gibbs, who let their work dictate their success and are not vocal guys on every pre-game show out there, are mostly forgotten.
  6. skins island connection

    Joe Theismann would be a Hall of Famer if....

    I used to gush over the HOF possible inductees when I was a young whippersnapper, hoping one of my favorite team's players would get voted in. But then I began to pay a little more attention to some of the people in, and its sort of tilted in certain teams' favor, like Green Bay. They've for the most part inducted everyone except the towel boy! Now, " th' Hogs " are the most achieved, popular and bulldozing offensive lines EVER in the NFL, yet only 1 guy has been voted in. Green Bay has pretty much their entire o-line in, and they weren't anything exciting; unless I missed it, I don't recall people bragging about how great their line was, it was their QB, coach, and a WR, who got them their championships, yet half their damn team is in the HOF! So the HOF completely dropped off my radar when they first denied Art Monk. He was a more-then-achieved WR, a great man on and off the football field, set records, won Superbowls, and commanded double teams a lot. But because of a couple of haters on the HOF committee, they denied him, for no good damn reason, until it was widely mentioned how Monk had been denied year after year, and pressure was heating up big time, until the assholes caved in and said just let him in and get it over with. Now, that's not the kind of response you'd like to hear from this committee, but they were a smug bunch of pricks who voted in players with more off-field issues than on-field accomplishments. IMO, Theismann should be in; he went to 2 Superbowls back-to-back, won one of them, led the team to a record-setting point scoring frenzy, and left it on the field every time he played. Was he a motormouth? Sure, so what! There's a number of players whose mouths were bigger than their accomplishments and never WENT to a Superbowl, yet they got the jacket and bust. They were not game-changers either, just players who played for a longer than average number of years { we now call these players wiley ol' vets } and slowly built up their numbers, and many times nowhere near enough more than others who are not in today. So, yes! Joey T., Mark May, Joe Jacoby, Gary Clark, Jeff Bostic, ALL should be in the HOF. I'd even say Joe Bugel, being the coach of the o-line { if he isn't in already }. Its not being a burgundy glass-wearing fan, but a realist, especially when you compare them to those in now who have much less in accomplishments...
  7. skins island connection

    How to Win the NFC East - Consistently

    One of Gibbs' habits that generated more success than failure was going against the grain; Gibbs would most always go against tendencies, as it would catch defenses off guard. Its a concept that has somewhat been the norm for the majority of teams, as today's pass-happy league was a head-scratching WTF 15 years ago. Today's league sees far more passing on 1st downs, something that was mostly unheard of back in the day. There's ALWAYS 1 thing that makes me wanna throw my 65" tv out the front door, and its goal line offense. A team has a fairly good RB and decent o-line { not great } and they generally get 3-4 yds per rush. But once they get to a 1st & goal at the 2, all of a sudden teams get into a jumbo formation, and the defense lines up accordingly, then the RB is expected to run through 21 guys on the field for a 2 lousy yards, and its a rarity if they succeed. The dumber teams try it again on 2nd downs!! Even IF said team plans to run the ball, why on earth do they not spread the defenses out? Force them to honor WRs and TEs and remove 4-6 defenders away from the LOS and give the RB a damn chance! But NOOOOOOOOOO, then said team is stuck with a 3rd down and in most cases the play caller gets away from trying to run the ball, when that's EXACTLY what he should be doing. But it takes a complete team { and I emphasize the word 'team' } to be a perennial success. They don't have to be the top QB, WR, TE, RB, or o-line in the league, but steady and dependable. A team with only a good WR or RB will not be any good, especially on a consistent basis. Of course it also helps if the players are disciplined, and stop trying to be a hero and cost his team points. sorry about the rant, I gotta lay off the Dr. Pepper...
  8. skins island connection

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    I'm not arguing against your thread, but IMHO it isn't so much a dominant player as it is a well coached, well disciplined defense from front to back that has the ability to maintain success. Having a great pass rusher is a nice thing to have, but even in cases like a Mack type player, a decent/good OC can scheme around them and make them more or less irrelevant. If Young is drafted, the concern I have is part of what was discussed; cost down the road. He may be limited on a rookie contract, but once that contract is up, you're forced to either call Brinks or trade/waive him. It would be nice to have an elite pass rusher, but I'm concerned about the cost down the road, say in a few years. Getting by the average opponents may be easier during the season, but once post-season hits, the focus becomes more intense on impact players, and he would be one, which would make opponents game plan around him, and there's nothing he could do except become a JAG in the game.
  9. skins island connection

    Hypothetical- Cincy throws a curveball and take Chase. Would you take Joe Burrow?

    He's ok, but he's no Chuck Norris. If Chuck was a RB for the Redskins, I could be the QB! just hand the ball off to Chuck and the endzone come to him! If he were QB, the ball would have automatic WR tracking. If he were on defense, the other 10 guys could sit on the bench. Chuck would take down ANY offense! If he were on ST, he could kick the ball off, then run down and catch it himself! Like I said, Costner's ok, but he's no Chuck!
  10. skins island connection

    Hypothetical- Cincy throws a curveball and take Chase. Would you take Joe Burrow?

    Just imagine what he could do throwing deep to McLaren? { I know its McLaurin but IMO he IS a McLaren; or a Veyron, or a Koenigsegg, a Countach, a Hennessey Venom, or a, well, you get the picture..}
  11. skins island connection

    Hypothetical- Cincy throws a curveball and take Chase. Would you take Joe Burrow?

    Why do you wanna make me cry??? hater...
  12. skins island connection

    Jim Covert over Joe Jacoby

    One of the 'points' about HOF guidelines is the player being a 'game changer' or having a big impact on the league. He certainly checked that box! It also started the trend for o-linemen being bigger, less movable, and he was ahead of the curve on that, as was Joe Bugel and Gibbs, recognizing the talent of this gentle giant. Around 3 years later, we began to hear about huge offensive linemen on different teams; hec, how do you think the Cowboys won their SBs in the 90's? They took a page from the Redskins o-line. The 'Frig' with da Bears in their SB year was a massive gelatinous blob used in certain offensive line formations during the year. One little other nugget of info that absolutely cements the genius of our coaching staff; during the Redskins record setting 91' SB season, the o-line was the 3rd lightest IN THE ENTIRE NFL !!! It just goes to show what a quality coaching staff can do for a team.
  13. skins island connection

    Hypothetical- Cincy throws a curveball and take Chase. Would you take Joe Burrow?

    I was talking to a co-worker today about Burrow and the likelihood of him going to the Bungles, then this spewed out of my mouth; " it would be hilarious and would flatline Twitter Facebook and Google for that matter if Burrow came out and said he will not play for Cincinnati ". now, I know he's not that kind of guy, but imagine just for a moment if he DID do this; then imagine what it would do to the draft, Redskins and other top 10 players in the room.
  14. skins island connection

    Jim Covert over Joe Jacoby

    Wait a minute!!! You mean to tell me that the HOF committee snubbed the 1960's Green Bay Packer waterboy and the secretary to the groundskeeper??? Atrocious. Absolutely mind blowing, how dare they!!! I gave up on the HOF when they first snubbed Art Monk. I KNEW that if they put Monk off for that long, with his resume', then Gary Clark had no chance whatsoever. The fact that the entire offensive line of th' Hogs isn't in by now is a testament to the biased views of the ones casting the ballots, mainly one Peter " **** for brains " King, who simply hates the Redskins with a passion. Jim Lachey is another, and eventually so will Trent Williams be. All cast aside, while flamboyant motor mouths and criminals are scooped up and put on pedestals and given busts and jackets, while being patted on their backs hearing 'great job you deserve it'. BULL ****! I just wish that whenever the next Redskin accidentally gets elected, he stands in front of the mic, and calls out the HOF committee on passing up the great Redskin players who DO deserve to be voted in, and not as some obligatory 'oh by the way' nomination, when the player has passed away. Flat out call out the names of Peter King and ask him while on the mic 'what do you have against the Redskins'?, then give him the finger, grab his jacket and demand the committee publically answers.
  15. skins island connection

    New Bang Cartoon: Trash Day

    And the BAFTA Award for best animated documentary short film of the year goes to....... B A N G ! !