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  1. Reading through the posts, I see those who are going to stick with the team, then there are those who are on the fence, and lastly those who are done with it. I found myself awakening to being on the fence, but seeing the inevitable fall, so i'm most likely in the latter group. IMO its like having that longtime girlfriend or wife { boyfriend or husband so I don't get accused of favortism }, with whom you have been through alot of good and bad times, only to wake up one morning to find this person gone, all of their belongings gone, and you are literally left speechless
  2. Because Nike, with their indonesian sweatshops paying kids a dollar a day, suddenly decided to jump on the PC wave and threaten the team, and probably the NFL itself. Its all about the dollar...
  3. C'mon, seriously? See, you just made a non-point a point. The fact that you see something differently than I do doesn't make you right or me wrong. If you want to insinuate and insert words and jump to conclusions, then point a finger at me, all because your POV may differ from mine, its your personal right to do so, but it doesn't make it true. There are hundreds of posts here, from people with different perspectives and opinions on this topic, and they have as much right to voice theirs as you or I do. Gotta love those who actively use their "Jump To Conclusions" mat
  4. I'm guessing the public would frown if one of the logos had the spear sticking through the warthog's skull. At least they'd keep a part of the old team's tradition. In a way it is a kind of flip-flop; at first it was indians { oops, I meant native americans } { or is it just natives since America wasn't technically here yet } that hunted animals such as warthogs, now we're possibly going from the culprit to the victim; but in these times, being the victim seems to get more attention...
  5. Well, this will be putting a BIG damper on my Prediction Thread prizes! Let me take a moment to give a BIG shout-out to Nike for starting this; you know, the company that has no shame in paying kids a dollar a day in their sweat shops to make their over-priced gear... Sorry, i'm absolutely beside myself with this, but i'll be DAMNED if someone tells me I can't wear anything Redskins-related. A couple days ago I saw a garage a few blocks from me with a garage door with a huge Redskins helmet with the rest of the door in burgundy.
  6. well then we just need to get on the horn to Nike and Pepsico and inform them that they ARE racist names. Its getting to the point where most ANY name will be offensive in one way or another. BTW, aren't the words 'chiefs' and 'braves' names given by the white man? Unless i'm mistaken, none of the tribes had a subscription to the Encyclopedia Britannica, so they had to have heard the name from somewhere... Gee, 3 of the 4 sounds like a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease, while the 4th name could be the culprit !
  7. { sarcasm } Washington Buffalos. The old 'buffalo nickels' are damn close to the original logo, so that'll have the crybabies climbing the walls. Change the team colors to strictly nickel chrome, cause tv network cameras to hyper-adjust to nighttime vision when the sun hits the helmets and uniforms. This is my 2 cents { or 5 cents }, depending...
  8. Joe Bugel was a visionary, who created one of the most echoed names in football, " Th' Hogs ". He, like Gibbs, were innovative and creative, and with their success came many copycats, who tried to re-create Bugel's success. One interesting tidbit; during the 80's, Th' Hogs were the biggest baddest offensive lines in the league, by far! Bugel wasn't with the Redskins for their last SuperBowl championship in 1992, and " The Hogs " were kidnapped by Jenny Craig, as the Redskins o-line was the 3rd LIGHTEST in the league. Good thing was, Bugel's style never left.
  9. You're absolutely right; she MAY be more qualified than the others, but of all of the other posters who felt the urge to jump on the offensive about my comment, who knows of her qualifications outside Rivera? You certainly don't, so you can politely step off of your high horse and think about a different point of vies rather than getting on me about it. I've never heard of her. That's my basic point. The qualifications she has doesn't jump out off the page and say 'wow', The imaginary olive branch is a point in the direction of the team name, and by the hiring could it be a da
  10. Well, its all over the news now. Diversity vs qualifications discussions will be free-flowing. I have absolutely nothing against a woman in sports, but this is a little bit head scratching. Is it an attempt to dampen some future issue that will come up, or is it an olive branch to America? Oh well, this organization has been a lightning rod for controversy and media headlines, whats one more rod?
  11. Yes, the NFC West only had 4 teams, and SF was one of them, and they couldn't play against themselves, so that means they could only play their 3 opponents 2 times per year, which is simple; 3 x 2 = 6. In 1988-1989, the Saints and Rams finally started playing good, but for the most part of the 1980's, they were the Redskins of today.
  12. This is true, but the key to success is putting together the assistants who have strengths in the same pattern that fits what Gibbs wanted to accomplish. Much like an engine, if you put in the wrong sized plugs, you will not get the most out of the engine, or using an air filter too constrictive, or a belt that's a little too long. TBH, I don't really consider Bill Walsh to be THAT great. Was he a good coach? Sure, but not to the level of Gibbs. Take away Jerry Rice and he ends up being an average-at-best coach. During his time, the NFC West was one of if not the weakest division
  13. I can certainly grasp the actual concept of Gibbs being the greatest coach in sports history, with his well-known success in the NFL, and also being a big success in NASCAR. Gibbs is a man with incredible knowledge and desire to be the best; he has done this! His NFL abilities to utilize average Joes and convince them to run through and eat brick walls, then watching the players actually do it. Matt Millen said he was the most psychologically aware coach he's ever been around; that says a lot, especially when he was with Bill Walsh { whom I actually find a little over-rated }.
  14. I used to gush over the HOF possible inductees when I was a young whippersnapper, hoping one of my favorite team's players would get voted in. But then I began to pay a little more attention to some of the people in, and its sort of tilted in certain teams' favor, like Green Bay. They've for the most part inducted everyone except the towel boy! Now, " th' Hogs " are the most achieved, popular and bulldozing offensive lines EVER in the NFL, yet only 1 guy has been voted in. Green Bay has pretty much their entire o-line in, and they weren't anything exciting; unless I missed it
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