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  1. skins island connection

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    It is saddening and maddening at the same time. There's no possible WAY that Dan Snyder doesn't know that the vast majority of Redskins fans absolutely despise Bruce Allen and what he's brought this team; misery. He was brought here as a nostalgic piece, but with his track record, especially in Tampa, there should have been flashing red light warning signs about bringing him into this organization, but I guess Dan took those flashing red lights and put them on his little toy Redskins fire wagon as he rides around in a 4 yr old's toy. Because, that's exactly what Snyder is; a 4 yr old kid who is in need of a good talking to, and maybe a **** slap here and there to get him back into reality. Problem is, Bruce is his buffer, so no one could get in enough words to sway Snyder in any way before Bruce would interrupt or laughingly nod and give a little 'wink wink' to Snyder, as if it were an upset person who has no idea. And yes, to a large degree, most of us fans really don't have an idea of the day-to-day business inside the front office, but the glaring part is, Bruce isn't any good at it either.
  2. skins island connection

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    No, I was running on fumes last night, about dropping off asleep in front of my computer, and I didn't look at the schedule to check, but in a way I could have been correct had the Bears fans traveled like the Cowboys fans. I can see BakedTater now, sitting in the nose bleed section of Soldier field, with a Snickers JK !!!
  3. When: Monday night September 23rd Where: Fed Ex Field The Redskins will be welcoming the Chicago Bears to Fed Ex Field for a Monday night battle, in a game that the Redskins need to win, in more ways than one. So why am I not excited? Stranger things have happened, afterall. The Bears are 1-1 after coming off an improbable win in the waning seconds to win against the Broncos 16-14 on a 53 yd FG. Let's face it, the Bears have a defense worthy of being called good, and in a lower scoring game, gave up a TD from Joe Flacco AND a 2 pt conversion, but Da Bears put together a drive in the final seconds to kick the game-winning FG. Offensively, there's nothing scary about the Bears. Mitch Trubisky was only 16 of 27 for 120 yds, but made it count when they needed it the most. Corduroy Patterson is still a threat at WR but getting him the ball may be a task, depending. Rushing, David Montgomery was their big rusher but only accounted for 62 yds, But as stated above, the problem with the Bears is the defense. This past sunday, the Redskins fell to the rival Cowboys 31-21, in a game that was similar to the week 1 game against the Eagles. The 1st qtr was pretty evenly matched, neither team did much but the Redskins defense did keep Elliott in check, later even pressuring Dak Prescott into throwing his FIRST interception playing against the Redskins since he hit the NFL. Then the 2nd qtr came. After taking a 7-0 lead on an Adrian Peterson TD, the defense seemed to be getting slowly figured out by Dallas as Josh Norman was once again taken to the cleaners on a big TD throw to Smith, tying the game up. Then the wheels started to come off, after giving up 2 more TDs, the Redskins trailed with 21 unanswered points, until a TD by Paul Richardson thrown by Keenum brought the Redskins to 21-14. Even 147 yr old Jason Witten got into the scoring by catching a TD pass. Eventually the Redskins defense was just out of sync and out of the game, giving up another TD and a FG to make it 31-14. Eventually, with a few minutes left, one of the truly bright spots on this team, Terry McLaurin { McLovin } got a TD pass to make it a 31-21 score with just over 2 minutes left. This is where I felt that Gruden had given up. Being down 10 points with 2:07 left in the game, he chose to kick off deep instead of trying an on-side kick to at least give a chance to make a comeback, but Dallas got the ball and never let go. All that was needed was 1 first down, and it was history. Monday night looks to be a low scoring defense-fest, but I've been around long enough to know better. Will the Redskins defense be able to play 4 quarters of football? Will the offense be able to score points in the 2nd half, mainly the 4th qtr? Will DC Greg Manusky be allowed on the plane trip back if there's another horrible breakdown in defense? When the dust settles and DaBear fur flies, I am nervous about this; really. I think the Bears defense will score more points than the Redskins offense, sadly. Final score: Redskins 9 Bears 17 First correct score prediction wins either a new Redskins cap, beanie, or a 2XL Redskins Shirt. Good luck, and as always, G O S K I N S !!!
  4. skins island connection

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Dammit ! I was hoping to come home today, get online and see that Manusky's services are no longer required with the Washington Redskins. ok...ok... fine. His defense has faced the Eagles and Cowboys, who both have fairly good offenses. { I'm giving as much rope as I can }. On Monday night, in front of a nation-wide audience, if Manusky's defense cannot stop or even slow down the Bears' putrid offense, especially if they erupt into a scoring frenzy { which I find highly unlikely, but hey, its Manusky } that should be the absolute no ifs-ands-or-buts, GTFO and don't come back, don't get a ride home on the plane, do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars and you are barred from being within 500 yds of Redskins facilities. What scares me is what will Bruce Allen do? Who will he look for? Another golf buddy? Another friend who he owes a favor to? Will he begin his search in the most south-eastern state in the U.S. { continental for all the smart-asses lol } Snyder HAS to know the fans are upset as all get-go about him.
  5. skins island connection

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Cowboys

    What pissed me off the most about Gruden was to decide to kick-off after the Redskins scored to make it 31-21 with 2-1/2 minutes left. Did he bother watching ANY of the defensive plays from the last 3 qtrs.? What gave him the hint that the dilapidated defense would be able to pull off a 3-and-out when they had not done it in forever? That told me he just gave up and was hoping they would make a mistake, and all they had to do was get 1 lousy 1st down and the game was over. That is giving up in my book. I should give Manusky a new name. Mehadenuffsky, because I've had enough of him. Or should I say 'enuff'?
  6. skins island connection

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Cowboys

    Really can't disagree with anything, well, maybe for the Manusky emogi; it should be the one puking. McLaurin kinds strikes me as a young Art Monk; quiet, gets the job done, dependable and good hands. I just hope he isn't hung out to dry on a brilliant Gruden play call and get hurt. Bad: o-line running game. This team has had some storied RBs who were behind either superb or at least above average o-lines. It hurts to watch the running game, and now Gruden is calling these quick jet sweeps, but nothing is working good. This line has enough talent to be much better than the production we've been watching. Stinch, 27 year old Taco Bell burrito buried in a pile of cow poop: Manusky. I didn't like it when he was hired, he wasn't anything, never did anything on a team, and now he's collecting a damn nice paycheck and being a statue on the sidelines. Why, I dunno, but the players come out playing good the first qtr, then things start going south, and offenses recognize whats going on and audible into a play that gets them good yardage. Shoulder tackling { actually TRYING to shoulder tackle } had me screaming at the tv. Overall technique and not protecting for the deep ball that everyone knows was coming is killing this team. Big play after big play, and motormouth Norman is always trailing.
  7. skins island connection

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    I noticed that too. I gave up counting how many times a player tried shoulder-tackling Elliott when he was just starting to kick it in gear. One thing that bugs me is the line; they're ok in pass blocking, even with Dallas blitzing and the bull rushing they were doing; they do have some speed. But run blocking is a whole other ballgame. Yes, the Pukes have good LBers but the only decent gains AP made were when he kicked it outside, and even those were few and far between. With refs 6 feet behind them, the line is grabbing onto shirts and hanging on for a long time, enough where the refs HAVE to throw a flag because its so obvious. Those were killing drives a lot. They just don't have the strength nor coordination to work together as a unit, its like everyone for themselves.
  8. skins island connection

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    Like window-shopping in Amsterdam after the Viagra wears off...
  9. skins island connection

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    I can understand your point, to a degree, but when it comes down to it, it boils down to a matter of pride. Manusky should be enough of a professional, regardless of whether or not his employer is looking to replace him, to do the best job he can. This applies to most every person at any job at any level, unless the person is so self-centered that they believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. Yes, the FO blows dog, absolutely no question about that; I doubt there is a single Redskin fan who wants to keep Bruce Allen; we all hope { it could be just me } he would get caught with an infected prostitute and just disappear off the face of the earth, but until someone can get through to Napoleon that Bruce is cancer, nothing will change. Gruden I have mixed emotions about; on one hand he seems to keep defenses off kilter for the 1st half but doesn't do a good job in the 2nd.
  10. skins island connection

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    Well, no one got it, surprisingly. With these 2 teams it seems there is always an odd score like 26 or18 or some other weird number, but nope, just a 31-21 beatdown. And damn, it really looked like they might play an antire game of football, but the wheels came off once they scored the big bomb on Norman { sound familiar? }
  11. skins island connection

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Pretty embarrassing when the Pukes score on 5 consecutive drives. He is not a coach that the defense believes in, he doesn't know how to motivate players or blitz. I think its time for the infamous SIC Stamp of Approval on firing Manusky. I am done watching a defense who starts out playing good hustling defense, then literally running off a cliff in the 2nd half. That is a sure sign of a coach who has no ability to adjust, whether it be in-game or between halves. Seeing motormouth Josh Norman giving a 12 yard cushion AND running away at the snap of the ball, giving up an easy good chunk of yardage when they were at 1st & 20. I'm done with Norman as well. Dude talks a lot of trash but his body can't cash the checks his mouth is writing.
  12. skins island connection

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    I actually screamed on the earlier drive; a WIIIIIDE open WR with no one, I mean no one around him, and Keenum is so focused on the quick 5 yd passes he doesn't even see the guy.
  13. skins island connection

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    Well, it is game day. Today, we will see which team we are going to be. Will it be a team like last week's 1st half against the Eagles, or will it be a team that is like the 2nd half against the Eagles? Let's be honest; last week's first half, the Redskins dominated the Eagles for the most part, but then the 2nd half came, and momentum shifted towards the Eagles, but it didn't have to. It fell into a more predictable offense, and the defense got caught up in the moment and caught flat-footed, with players at times staring into the backfield instead of doing their jobs. Yes, Manusky dropped the ball big time which really helped the Eagles back into the game. This is a different week, a different game and a different opponent. Its Dallas, the biggest rival historically. One of 2 things are gonna happen; this team plays for the most part of 60 minutes of football and we squeak out a win, or Gruden and Manusky get embarrassed on the field with pitiful game planning and players not knowing what to do or who to cover. and a predictable offense and soft zone defense gets picked apart. Gruden knows the seat is warming up already, so he needs to step it up; it doesn't matter if this team gets a 20 point lead at halftime, he needs to keep the foot on their throats, if he is in that position.
  14. I feel for Reed with this concussion issue he has, but IMO he needs to be taken into a room and be told he should retire from football. ITs widely known he is prone to concussions, and with defensive players flying to the ball in today's game, the next one could be very bad and really affect his immediate future. He's a talented player, no doubt, but I think its time he really considers retiring. His heart says play, but his head says retire, it REALLY says retire.
  15. skins island connection

    Derrius Guice and the Skins Synergy of Suck

    Barry may have been winless, I could be mistaken. There were actually a couple of coaches out there who had a far better resume' than Barry; when he was hired the first thing that popped in my head was Gruden didn't want a DC who performed better than he did on offense for fear of losing his job if/when things went south. Its a far-reaching concept but it seems to fit the narrative thus far. The deal with Gruden is him wanting his fingers in everyone's ice cream; maybe he doesn't trust his assistants with doing their job so he feels he has to put in his 2 cents in. Gibbs was successful by assembling very good assistants, and a lot of them; he had more coaches and assistants than any other team in the league, and that led to more accurate coaching techniques, teaching the little tricks in the fundamentals, and the players responded well. Hec, Darrell Green had a book on every WR, that's how he absorbed the teachings of a brilliant head coach. Gruden's guys are the Jamaican workers in "In Living Color", they have so many jobs they cannot get detailed in one aspect.