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  1. skins island connection

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    It wouldn't surprise me to see all of the concessions going up in price to help take the sting out of the cheap tickets. 4 bucks for a ticket and 35 for a beer. That's like getting a 10 dollar hooker and the only store open just has $50.00 ostrich condoms { not that I'd know about that }
  2. skins island connection

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I like Burrow myself. It starts with Burrow, but they need an awful lot more help. O-line and better coaching all around, and hopefully a dismissal of Bruce Allen just to remove that crusty funk cloud that has blanketed the organization. Once Allen is gone, { crossing my fingers and praying every day } and hopefully a competent GM can take over, and things will begin turning around for the better. Some days I wake up thinking there's no hope, and others, I wonder what it will be like to have him gone and a competent group of people taking this team over. Dre-e-e-e-eams, dreams dreams dreams...
  3. skins island connection

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    About the only thing that can be done is to ridicule Snyder to the point of frustration. Bad publicity is publicity, but maybe someone can sneak into the room where the footballs are and glue them all together, causing a delay of the game, which would be plastered all over sports shows. Its different.
  4. skins island connection

    A billboard?

    I was thinking about a protest/parade going around the stadium. Maybe someone prints up a bunch of bumper stickers saying Snyder, Sell The Team, and they go around slapping them on every vehicle in the pkg lot. I would LOVE to see the look on Snyder/Allen's face if they walked to their car and saw a bumper sticker denouncing them. { my luck Snyder flies out on a helicopter, that would be a HUGE trick slapping a sticker on THAT }
  5. skins island connection

    Redskins Gold Member Appreciation Day Benefits

    50% off an 18 dollar hot dog ??!! Let me shake my piggy bank right now ! { nevermind, just found out they are now charging $2.00 per napkin...}
  6. skins island connection

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    @Califan007 You're not deranged, you're just 'different'. In an LSD kinda way...
  7. skins island connection

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Ya know, its damned hard for me to defend Snyder in any way, and the only thing that I've really stood behind him on is the not changing the name thing. That is still a big topic for me, and I'm sure many other fans as well, so he has 1 check mark for that. Its everything else that he's screwed up. First and foremost hiring Bruce Allen. That was a 'nostalgic' hire, as are many of his other hires. He really does think like a little boy with a crap load of money; a Richy Rich personified. Sure, he's made some really outlandish hires before Allen came along, and its the boyish ego with no thought process or vision of the future that keeps him doing these crazy things. Bruce Allen leaving the organization? That is an absolute 'must do'. No 'removing Allen of GM duties' or any form of demotion, it has to be full removal. That itself would be a huge step in the right direction, but its what Snyder does to replace him that will determine whether he finally sees the results of his past or if he just takes another step in a pile of crap. I am resolved in understanding he will not sell the team; that thought has left my brain. It boils down to Allen's replacement. If he goes nostalgic and hires, say, John Riggins or Joe Theismann, then we all know its a piss poor attempt to draw fans back with sparkles from the glory years, and that won't cut it. It will have to be a GM who has had success, and this GM will need a backbone, especially to tell Dan to stay out of business and just write the checks. But finding a GM like that will appear almost dangerous, maybe outlandish, to the media. There is someone out there, I don't know who, but whoever the GM is, if they don't stand up to Snyder right off the bat and tell him that he's part of the problem, then I doubt things will ever change.
  8. skins island connection

    Next Coach?

    Having little patience and firing a coach every 2 years are different. But if they didn't catch all hell for it, they would be going through coaches and assistants like water. But they hire people who are subordinate to them; this is part of the problem, no one calls it like it is, they kinda roll with the punches and deal with problems and move on, not calling out the FO or owner when needed. So if you call that patience the yes they are over-patient.
  9. skins island connection

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    God I hope not. But if things continue, especially if the Redskins accumulate 3-4 more blow-out losses, it should be a positive for Bruce getting the axe. If it does continue, the murmurs and chatter of the fans expressing their displeasure and anger with Allen hopefully will reach Dan's ears, but we know how Bruce likes to dull the edges to soften the blow, but the fans attending the games should continue to drop, and the ticket prices will fall, and THAT will get his attention faster than anything else, and Bruce cannot talk his way out of that. I think at some point Snyder will reach out to the public in some form to try and comprehend what is happening to his team, and hopefully no one sugar coats that pile of dog ****, but leave it to the media to drop the ball if it happens; if he reaches out, the media cannot in any way throw him a bunch of soft balls, they have to swing for the fence. So the question would be, do the fans believe that the media will let it be told like it is, or will they nut up and not hit the nails on the heads?
  10. skins island connection

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    In his first stint here, Gibbs had more asst. coaches than any other team in the league, thus the players had more of a detailed personal coaching experience. Once players saw how innovative Gibbs was and how hard working he was, they bought into him and his efforts. When he came back for round 2, Gibbs was in over his head before he first put his keys in the door. With social media exploding left and right, and players more stuck up on themselves, he had a much harder time reaching players. His style of coaching was great in the 80's, but in today's game, most every player honestly believes they are smarter than their coaches. No one can coach a hard headed player.
  11. skins island connection

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    It was going good until the 4:45 time frame. That's when it went from being relatively accurate to being a crybaby wannabe activist who lives in his mom's basement, too afraid to come outside for fear of UV rays making his hair fall out and the battery draining on his motorized bicycle.
  12. skins island connection

    Next Coach?

    It would take a lot more than a couple new coaches. They'd have to clean house on coaches, assistants, front office personnel, scouts, medical staff, and the chef. That is a lot of people. But this league is a win-now league, and the present FO personnel and owner has zero patience. Coaches like Reid, Payton, Belichick and others didn't build their teams in one season, it took a few years, and they survived the bumps in the road to become respectable coaches. Snyder doesn't have patience, and Allen does his dirty work, so no one would be successful.
  13. skins island connection

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Don't get too wrapped up in mistakes; hec, we've all made them, some continue to make them. Its tough to say. I'm sure SoCal has his reasons, no one is right or wrong about him, because no one is a fortune teller. One thing I can clearly state with confidence is, the FO/owner has turned once-optimistic fans into present-day pessimists, and I'm one of them. But it never hurts to draft a QB { not Tua } just in case. In the event Haskins does mature and develop with progression, then we have a good back-up to groom. If Haskins doesn't work out, then we've got a QB who most likely has a lot more college experience.
  14. skins island connection

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    I was pretty sure it was at FedEx field, but I had to go double check; yep, its correct. BUT, home field advantage has all but gone out the window, across the rooftop, run away. Maybe there will be enough fans to wear shirts spelling out FIRE BRUCE ALLEN.
  15. When: Sunday November 24th 1:00 p.m. Where: Fed Ex Field This Sunday, the Redskins welcome in the 3-6-1 Detroit Lions for an early game battle. Overall the Redskins are 30-14 against the Lions, but 1-4 in the last 5 games, and 2-8 in the last 10 games. Offensively, the Lions are 11th in points, 8th in yds, 5th in passing yds and 19th in rushing yds. Defensively, they are 27th in points, 30th in yds, 30th against the pass and 24th against the rush. A little tidbit of info for those who may be unaware, but the Detroit Lions had never beaten the Redskins in RFK/FedEx Field in the modern era; that was, until September 22, 2013, where the Lions finally overcame one of NFL's storied home field advantages by a score of 27-20. A dark day in Redskins history, as the Lions finally conquered that mountain. Even in games where the Lions had a good team and the Redskins struggled, the Redskins always found a way to beat them. Well, that window is now closed and nailed shut, forever. The Lions come off a disappointing loss to the Cowboys 35-27. Back-up QB Jeff Driskel filled in for the injured Matthew Stafford and actually played pretty good, going 15-26 209yds and 2 TDs, but sacked 3 times. The Lions were competitive until the 2nd qtr hit, and Dallas put up 21 points in the 2nd qtr and the Lions couldn't recover. Whether or not Matthew Stafford will play this sunday is not known at the moment { at least to me } but with the Lions sitting at 3-6-1, the season may be over for them and they may let Stafford totally heal, but he is a competitor, so you never know. The Redskins on the other hand, come off a highly unimpressive flop against a gamely NY Jets team 34-17, a game the Redskins were never in. For a team coming off a bye week, no one expected to see them play that pitifully. QB Dwayne Haskins looked sloppy, and at times lost, going 19-35 for 214 yds, 2 TDs and 1 int., QBR 85.1. He did make a few nice throws, but against a Jets team that was mediocre on defense, they made him look awfully pedestrian. Naturally, the few bright spots were McLaurin, Jon Bostic and Ryan Kerrigan, getting some good plays against a weak Jets offense. Defensively, there's really no telling whats going on. The d-line seems to be playing good at the start, but an emotionless secondary and lackluster coaching by Manusky drained the line of any momentum. This should be Manusky's last season here, unless something terrible happens, and the way things are going now, nothing would surprise me at this point. So, the Redskins and Lions, certainly should be able to put 70, 80 people in the stands, and it wouldn't surprise me to see more Lions fans sporting their gear in the stands. Maybe Snyder will donate tickets to the homeless shelter to get bodies in the stadium, but I think even they would turn them down. That's how bad it has gotten. Look for a game { of sorts } that will most likely make the Lions back-up QB look like a star. If Stafford plays, it'll be over pretty quickly, then to the bench where Driskel will fill in and pick up where Stafford left off. When the dust settles and the "Lyin" stops, The Redskins continue to disappoint, and hopefully the murmurs of 'fire Bruce Allen" will grow into a crescendo of screaming fans yelling it out loud. Final score: Redskins 17 Lions 37 First correct score prediction wins a new Redskins cap, beanie or golf towel. Good luck and as always, G O R E D S K I N S ! ! !