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  1. Let us not go as far as to say Gruden new what he was doing. Let’s just say Snyder is the worst owner ever.
  2. Hey guys it’s not the quarterback or the offensive line that needs to be replaced. Its both. I really thought this is who we are but Philly must be really bad. We are a bad team. This what we going to look like all year.
  3. My first rant. Until the offense starts fast and the defense stops being stupid, we will always be a bad team. There I feel better for now.
  4. I am so tired of our defense not stopping the screen.
  5. Okay defense make sure Ertz doesn’t beat you.
  6. see this is why we need to get rid of Mansucky and our special teams coach.
  7. We haven’t won yet. We need to get the onside kick secured. It’s still not over yet.
  8. Our young guys. they are getting better, but please don’t keep Mansucky.
  9. Or maybe he is what a player should look like under the Callahan regime. I’m not saying that our culture is even good but it has been better under Cally. I am not sure we even hire him for next year. I just see a small uptick of team pride and hard work.
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