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  1. Why would Goff be negative value for the Lions? At worst, he plays next year for $25 million, and then they trade him for a 4-6th rounder and eat $15.5 million more. That contract was only an albatross for the Rams.
  2. Would not surprise me if the Lions still took someone like Trey Lance at 1.7. Goff is the obviously the bridge, and there's no dead cap charge after 2022.
  3. While that would be the 4D chess move, I don't see GM Holmes doing it. He's the guy that liked Goff back in 2016.
  4. They got an average starter, 2 future 1s and 3. The can also flip Goff for a pick or two if they convert some of his future bonus money.
  5. That's a great haul. Guessing the second 1st was to take that absurd contract off of their hands.
  6. Ha, I didn't see a name attached to Garafolo's phone call. Detroit beat writer says the Lions have fielded around a dozen exploratory calls and of those, 5-6 have presented some type of offer. Also says that they're going to eventually whittle it down to 2-3 and present them to Stafford out of respect.
  7. Apparently, BOB was able to keep Jack Easterby at bay. https://www.si.com/nfl/texans/news/houston-texans-jack-easterbys-3-big-alleged-sports-illustrated-lies There are also reports that he is contacting players families if they don't respond to his texts in a timely manner.
  8. You add Chase Young to a Watson deal and you're absolutely in the conversation. Same with the 9ers and Bosa.
  9. I wonder how you can use the word undoubtedly and not use a source? Reads like Florio is speculating on previous speculation. IOW, Florio being Florio.
  10. The guys plugged into the 9ers are saying Lynch is in Mobile to close the deal. 9ers trying to keep their 12, which might not fly. Colts would have to offer their 1,2 and 3 just to match the 12th pick. Also, the Ryans and Staffords are best friends. Stafford would know exactly what he'd be getting into in SF. Maybe there's an agreement to send him to the AFC and Stafford is picking the best option?
  11. He's a very good player and by all accounts an even better man. Really easy to root for and there will be a ton of Lions' fans rooting for him and his new team even though he asked out. WFT would definitely make some noise in the playoffs with Stafford. After all, we just saw Brady arm punt an entire 2nd half and he's going to another SB because of his defense.
  12. FYI, the Lions are 3-26 when Stafford has been out of the lineup.
  13. Stafford's agent is in the loop regarding trade negotiations. If I'm recalling correctly, Stafford has earned near $230,000,000 in his career. I don't think money is going to be a sticking point at all.
  14. I'm not sure, but I think NFL GMs look a little bit deeper than QB winz.
  15. I think the final deal is going to be rather surprising to most fans. FOs across the league hold a much different view of Stafford than most fans do. Stafford is the ultimate team player, smart, no social media distractions, extremely private, willing to play hurt when most QBs wouldn't, no ego, universally loved in the locker room, exceptional leader and he still has that cannon of an arm. I don't think the Colts have the ammo to be honest, but Ballard is going to make a serious un. And Stafford running a QB friendly offense like Shanahan's would be lethal.
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