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  1. Thank you & sorry for your loss. That makes what I came in here to do now irrelevant.
  2. Dave Filoni should just use the World Between Worlds to eradicate most of the Disney/Kathleen Kennedy crap & adapt the stories from the current non cannon EU books.
  3. The whole show looked kinda cheap & flat. IE: sets, color schemes, the bar... High Republic era should be bright & shiny like in the Phantom Menace, not used & run down like ANH where the Empire had taken over & let everything non military go to ****. They seemed to use more humans then aliens in the street level background scenes. Master Sol while seeming like they ordered Qui Gon from Wish, was the most interesting character. To sum it up with one word, I'd go with... Honestly, I'd rather we had gotten the original Kenobi plan because it makes a lot more sense then what they went with:
  4. The Acolyte drops in 8 minutes.....
  5. Y'all know that @Jumbo works part time for the health department, right? All this food talk he may just show up & shut er down John Tapper style....
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