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  1. I bet I can "not need you" a lot faster than you can "not need me".
  2. I admit I'm a little surprised that you didn't go all in with Sinks. I've been on the Red Wolves bandwagon as well, though I think Washington Chaos also fits perfectly on so many levels.
  3. BLOCK CALLER may be the single greatest feature ever made for a phone.
  4. 1) I have a day job. 2) The free time I did have, I spent trying to get ahold of people that I didn't know were no longer there until I tried to get ahold of them. 3) The ones left that I needed to get ahold of, I had to do third party & they still never got back to me. 4) Read the Rules page. We have a FB account that is listed there. I had TWO people reach out to me that way on messenger & they were both answered immediately. 5) There's already a thread about the outage in the correct forum. 6) That Twitter account was sent up by a previous IT employee o
  5. Freeman's over played. I'm thinking Andrew Dice Clay.
  6. You have NO idea. One day, I might be tempted to do a tell all book. Nah. That's way to much typing. Maybe I'll just go on JP or Keim's podcast...
  7. What type of phone are you using? Android? iPhone? Two cups & a string?
  8. And plays out of state.
  9. I wonder if WE WILL SEE MORE from ol Buffalo butt..... Maybe he's just been hangry & needs a sammich.
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