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  2. Time out. I gotta set some of this **** straight. When Gibbs retired, Gregg, like any other candidate had to interview for the HC job. Where Gregg went wrong in the interview was he talked about what he had done. He didn't touch on what he would do for the future. That's it right there in a nutshell as to why Gregg didn't get the gig, no vision for the future, just qualifications from the past. Dan are cool, there's no beef. Doug only talked to Bowles because they knew he was headed to Tampa. Though personally with the D that Chicago has, he shoulda talked to Da Bears. Wilkes didn't even come in. They talked on the phone. While Jay may have some input on coaches- ie DC - It's Bruce that's hiring them with final say. That said, I can see Gregg wanting his own guys on the Defensive side.
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    Gameday Thread

    Called it.
  4. TK

    Gameday Thread

    Called it.
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    Gameday Thread

    @Califan007 & @Birdlives Take it to a PM
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    Gameday Thread

    You think they're kickin ass now? Just remember, Cooper Kupp has been on IR since mid November.
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    Gameday Thread

    I still like L.A. McVays better, but this works too.
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    Enough. Especially with the whole "kid" thing you've been doing throughout the thread, Junior.
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    Cool. LeBron's there which means the Rams will win this one.