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  1. Howdy. I happen to live in Mississippi and take offense to your bull**** profiling. For the record, I (along with many of my friends and family) can't stand Trump or anything that ****ing narcissistic moron stands for. But my state is not white trash. So how bout you cut that **** out. HTTR!
  2. Trump: And this is why this idiot should never hold office in our country. Also, can someone explain to me why that fella MTG still has a job? That ****er is certifiably insane. HTTR.
  3. My apologies, bang. I misread your post and interpreted it as a disrespectful shot. I reread it and the proverbial well damn light went off. Anyhow, I'm sorry for jumping the gun there. Hope you we are good. Thanks for the clarification and I'll holler at you later. HTTR.
  4. Bang, I normally applaud and appreciate your posts. However, being a southerner, I find this post total bull****. We often say "we'll holler at you later ". It's not meant in any form as a disrespect to women. This is the kind of bull**** spread about the south that makes us look bad. I can honestly say (and have many friends down here) that would rebuke this kind of rhetoric that is often spread without any real facts or basis to these kind of statements. Again, I value your posts and insight. However, you are totally wrong on this front and shouldn't be making these kind of st
  5. Wait...someone defending Snyder? *runs outside to see if sky's falling * Relax, everyone. Sky's not falling and Snyder is still a POS. HTTR!
  6. I'm not surprised by this at all. Though I'd prefer to keep Moses for continuity, he's not a Rivera guy (in terms of team rebuilding) and represents an opportunity to either get compensation or cap space. I like Moses and thought his play last year was much better than under the previous regime. However, we have a surplus of OL who I think can replace him and his salary this season. Also, if that frees up space to sign Allen to a well deserved extension, then let it be done. Hope the best for him, but the truth is, we've been needing an upgrade at RT for awhile. HTTR!
  7. Tell us how you really feel. Very solid draft. Trading for Fields (and we certainly don't know how he'll play out at this level) was not worth what Chicago gave up to get him. You're entitled to your opinion, of course, even if you're wrong. HTTR
  8. It worked out well for him here? Dude got traded here under a horrible front office, got mauled under a useless coaching staff, had to rehabilitate himself to walk let alone play in a NFL game again, and still had to decide whether his future was playing the game he loves under an administration who saw him finished (not that ron and company were wrong) as opposed to spending a quality life with his family. Saying it worked out for the man is akin to saying it works out for immigrants in this country. Alex is a true warrior and I respect the hell out of him for what he accomplishe
  9. Wow. My hats off to Alex and hope his post football life is as rewarding and successful as it was while playing this game. Good luck and thanks for everything you did for the burgundy and gold. HTTR.
  10. Not really sure moving up in the draft to nab a Qb this year is the way to go vs. Cost, continuing to build the roster, and seeing what you have in the QBs we currently have on the roster (specifically Heinike and Allen). Fitzpatrick is with the team this season while you can have a competition with TH and KA and see if you have one of them take the reins. Fields is intriguing, but I can't help but feel he's not going to be a franchise changing QB that would be worth the price. Just my 2 cents. HTTR.
  11. Can't. Tell. If. Serious. Snyder made that monster (birds of a feather and all). Snyder is the owner, and Allen was the employee. It starts at the top. As the leader of the franchise, he cultivated the horrendous culture that filtered down through the ranks. Now, was Allen right in his alleged behavior (and I say "alleged" tongue in cheek)? Certainly not. But after a decade of this type of behavior being allowed by one Mr. Dan "Assclown" Snyder, are you seriously going to be surprised that your pet snake bit you when you knew all along it was a snake? And let's not pretend th
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