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  1. Look, it's pretty obvious Snyder knew this **** was going on. He's an adolescent idiot in the fact that he truly believes he can't get caught. Yet, he we are. The NFL is dropping the ball (no pun intended) in that they are refusing to delve into this problem appropriately. Hell, they need only to refer back to the cheerleader incident to see the toxic cultivation being perpetuated by Snyder. We, the fans, see it as plain as day. Please, tell me how in the **** these rich suits don't see it. I, like many of you, come from the old school of Redskins fans. I feel sorry for the younger generation of fans that have had been exposed to this cluster**** of an organization led by this incompetent piece of grade A, 100℅, high quality steaming pile of horse****. They have watched this dumpster fire while we older fans were privileged enough to watch a competitive team who got to see our team win super bowls. Snyder is guilty as **** and I hope like hell someone (media, Roger ****ing Goodell, victims, etc) is able to run this assclown the hell away from our team. I'm sure it's wishful thinking, but I will keep wishing regardless. HTTR!
  2. I know I sure as hell don't like that useless little ****. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his crotch.
  3. I would just like a uniform that our players can wear whilst winning ball games. Just my small request. Otherwise, carry on.
  4. While I admire your upbeat view of our team, you should take a breath and relax. As much as I loathe the cowgirls, until we prove otherwise, they are more well rounded than we are at this time. McCarthy has a super bowl on his resume. Rivera does not. We finally, after years of incompetence, have a defensive coordinator worth a damn to run these guys properly. Who knows how these players will respond? What we may have perceived as elite players could end up average (we have no clue considering how poorly our team has been coached). You can't start "crowning our asses" quite yet if you think the cow patties shouldn't be crowned either. I hate the girls as much as anyone here, but I'm not about to start downing those ****ers until I see what we have. Honestly, I have two decades of evidence to support my hesitation (and I grew up in the glory years). Slow down and let's see what this new regime has and what they can do before we start crowning anyone in this division.
  5. Can you, for the love of God and everything that is pure and holy, never again post a pic of Snyder cheering again. I just threw up in my mouth, tripped over my granddaughter, started a fire by falling the hose to the oven. But hey, Bruce ****ing Allen is gone. Happy new year, boys and girls.
  6. Hey tater, whatever floats your boat. But the next time you take a good pull from that can of Colorado, think about that slimy, useless, piece of homemade **** enjoying that same elixir as he continues to destroy the team we love. If that don't make you quit drinking that ****, I have no clue what to tell you that will help.
  7. Dude, put the Bahama red down and slowly walk away. Gruden needs to get the **** out as well. He's the ****ing leader of this clownshow coaching staff. Furthermore, let him take his ****ing admirer(and apparently a Coors light fan) the **** out of town. Time to clean house completely. The little Dan needs to get the rubbish out of Redskins park and do what good owners do. Hire real football people and let them do their damn jobs. Hell, if he wants a damn drinking buddy, fire that blithering idiot and then they'll have all the drinking time the little **** could possibly want. And perhaps, just maybe, field a competitive football team. What a ****ing revelation.
  8. I don't post much, but for the love of God I can't understand how anyone can defend this abysmal excuse of a coaching staff is beyond me. Gruden has had more than enough time to prove he can handle HC duties. He has epically failed. He hired Manusky over... wait for it... Wade Phillips. Yeah, let that sink in. 2nd half adjustments (he wouldn't know what the **** that means if you gave him a diagram), piss poor effort coming into games, the lack of preparation, and day spa training camps have turned this team soft and useless. There's talent on this team to be sure. But this coaching staff has failed to realize that potential because they are at the very least incompetent. But more so, this once proud franchise has become the ****ing good old boys club under that slimy piece of grade a horse**** gm, president, Coors light drinking dip****. Bottom line: I now hate that I raised my son to root for this team as he has had endure this clownshow cluster****. And it's starts with the asshat at the top. Sad when all you can do is hope the NFL will drop kick his ass to the curb.
  9. Almost has that feel that Bruce had to go shopping at the mall and buy an expensive toy to prove to Snyder he could do it. And while Snyder is preoccupied with new shiny toy, Bruce has slithered off to Dollar Tree to bargain shop.