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  1. skinsfan4128

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce Allen = Winning.
  2. I respect your v ki ew and the point of this thread, but I simply can't take it seriously. Gruden is a good guy (based on his sincerity and his honesty, imo). However, it's quite clear (even to the most novice football observer) that he is simply not a head coach in this league. I do not want him back in any capacity next season. I've seen enough of the same old mistakes over the course of the last five years that I feel confident that I can make the assumption that he has cemented the fact he cannot get the job done with this team. I grew up watching this team beating the brakes off teams and standing at the forefront of the NFC East. I raised my son to root for this team as I have for 35+ years. Now? I just spend my time apologizing to him for watching this ****show. To me, this is disgusting and a true slap in the face to the fans that were around during the glory days (let alone the younger generation of fans). Gruden, his merry band of misfits, and more importantly, that bumbling idiot known as Bruce Allen need to be shown the door as soon as the season is over. You can polish a turd (defeating the jags), but at the end of the day it's still a turd.
  3. skinsfan4128

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic

    Good grief. Can you tell me the winning lottery numbers??
  4. I'm really puzzled by folks believing any less about this coaching staff. We have talent on this roster. In fact, we have better talent than alot of teams. Unfortunately, we have a a ****load of lack of talent in the coaching staff. If anyone continues to believe in gruden and his merry band of outcasts, then I don't know what to say. The FO (Allen at the forefront) is as useless as tits on a bull) continues to trot this staff out as if it will suddenly work (the definition of insanity and all). Tired of seeing the bewildered look on gruden face while a team beats us into the turf. Make no mistake, gruden is NOT the coach to lead us forward. It's simple really. To be the team we all want to tune into to watch on Sunday, this whole coaching staff and FO has to go. HTTR.
  5. skinsfan4128

    Anyone Traveling to NO for Monday Night Game?

    We're at champions square. Any tailgating?
  6. skinsfan4128

    Anyone Traveling to NO for Monday Night Game?

    Will be down there tomorrow afternoon. Hope you guys are representing well and having fun. We'll be looking for y'all at the dome when we get there.
  7. skinsfan4128

    Anyone Traveling to NO for Monday Night Game?

    Anyone going to be tailgating at the Superdome Monday night? Me and my son should be getting there around 4 PM and will be looking for fellow Redskins and ESers to meet up with.
  8. skinsfan4128

    Anyone Traveling to NO for Monday Night Game?

    Me, my son, and some friends (Saints fans) will be there. We live in southern Mississippi and I'm taking my son to the game for part of his senior year gift. Hopefully, it'll be a memorable experience with a win.
  9. Problem is, KC was not going to work with us. Furthermore, KC was obviously a high profile player whom teams would have wanted assurances he would stay beyond a year they would otherwise be renting. Bridgewater is clearly a 'what if' scenario that will likely back up Brees for this season. I will say the Saints overpaid for him. But the idea that KC vs Bridgewater is like comparing apples to oranges.
  10. Or suck miserably for you pro Kirk for lifers. ?
  11. Yeah, cause Brucie is this genius mastermind that has all of us fooled (did you somehow miss the part where I stated I didn't like Brucie running the team? In case you did, I repeat: hell to-the-no.). Again, that doesn't address your continued defense of Cousins that you have rigorously posted repeatedly. Is he a good QB? Absolutely. Is he elite and deserving of what he and his agent believe he is? Absolutely not. I am by no means defending this clown show of a FO (as you seem to suggest I am). I'm just not on the "poor ole Cousins" bandwagon either. Point is, he didn't want to be a Redskin (take a look at the comments coming from the players in the locker room-which is arguably the best source you will find-ie Thompson and Hall). Your disdain for all things FO is warranted and valid, but that doesn't excuse Cousins of his role in all this bull****. Again, I'm a fan of the team. Not Snyder, Brucie, or Cousins(he's not even a player with us anymore). I'm a Redskins fan. HTTR
  12. Yeah, cause they did so well when playing us last season. Yeah, that worked for them world beaters.....oh, wait. I lurk most of the time here, but your insistence to protect everything Cousins has been a let down(and I consider you one of the more knowledgeable posters)?. Regardless of how you might view the situation, this was a divorce in the making. Brucie was going to be an assclown, and Cousins didn't want to be a Redskin. Simple as that. This constant bickering over who is at fault is ridiculous. I root for the Redskins, not an individual player (ie Cousins). All this nonsense of "poor Cousins" and vile Brucie is mind numbing. Do I like Brucie running the team? Hell no. But am i going to **** about losing Cousins? Hell no. I'm a fan of the Redskins. Cousins is no longer a Redskin. Case closed. HTTR
  13. skinsfan4128

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I don't post much, but the overreaction here is downright hilarious. First off, RIP Hap. 2nd, Cousins was NOT going to sign a LTD with the Redskins. Lastly, while I hate we lost Fuller, who the **** were we going to replace Cousins with this season knowing damn good and well he was walking? I'm good with this move and now want to see the defense and offensive skill positions addressed.