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  1. It isn't a true offseason without a "Tre Boston is a free agent". Good times. HTTR.
  2. Congrats to Alex Smith on the award. I can't think of a player who went through as much who deserves this honor more than he does. Even if he has played his last game as a Skin, my hats off to his perseverance and character that is second to none. HTTR!
  3. I think you mean idiocy at its finest. White, black, yellow with pink polka dots; it doesn't matter. Joe Barry sucks ass. And we personally all know that only too well. No need to make it a race thing when it is obviously a stupidity thing. HTTR!
  4. Very proud of the effort this team. We have nothing to be ashamed of. Proud of this team. HTTR
  5. I get the negative media train as to us vs Brady. Hell, it's probably the story of the year (Brady vs Belichick). But honestly, I think Stephen A. made a great point (and I can't stand that blowhard assclown). Truth is, I believe in this team much more than I have in a long time. My hats off to Rivera and the organization- not little napoleon. Enjoy the ride, it's been the most encouraging experience I've had in years. Oh, and just for the official record, I believe we beat the Bucs tomorrow and shock the pundits. HTTR!
  6. Having some uncle Jim and cherry vanilla coke. Actually not nervous (have no clue why ). But honestly, I believe we can win and give these young bucks hope in what Rivera is preaching. This game is extremely important in that regard. It's going to set this team up for success in the future and give them the mentality to endure for the future. We haven't had that in quite some time. Enjoy the ride, fellow ESers. And as always, HTTR!
  7. Actually, this is terrific Christmas present from the jolly old fat man. The more attention this circus gets, the more it applies pressure to the NFL. The little **** stain continues his sue happy spree which brings with it headlines (the dumbass hasn't quite figured this out). In his desperate attempts to paint himself a victim, he is simply bringing more attention to the story. I'm loving this Christmas. Hopefully, the NFL has grown tired of this asshole's antics and rides us of this parasite and we'll all remember this Christmas fondly. Merry Christmas to you all and stay safe
  8. It's possible. But let's not pretend what Ron was doing as a slight to TW. He also let Kerrigan go into this year without an extension. Truth is, Ron let everyone know from the start that every player in that locker room was auditioning this season to be apart of this team (and more importantly, who wanted to be on this team) moving forward under this new regime. He wouldn't have had the same respect from these players had he just caved in to TW. And IMO, that shouldn't have been an issue with Trent considering the problems he had with former staff were no longer with the team.
  9. Well, as a veteran fan of this team, I can't think of a time I've felt more lowly than I do right now. It's just amazing that regardless of the staff, players, and/or schemes, we look incredibly inferior to our opponents regardless of their records. Snyder has taken my team and fandom and destroyed it. It is unbearable, and yet every Sunday I'm watching. My love for this team will go to my grave, but truthfully, it's just another heartache to add to the list. At least I can have the memories of being competitive and watching super bowls. My son can't say the same. Just....sad
  10. I wish this damned thread would die already. Much like I would like to see every single one of these ****s sent straight back to hell where they crawled their creepy asses out from. But I digress, carry on.
  11. This idiot loves him some lawyers. Bet he got his ass kicked repeatedly at recess growing up, cause he definitely has a "I'll get you back, I'll show you" mentality. Not to mention, this assclown never takes responsibility for his own shortcomings (at least not unless his wife is part of the apologies). I'd give my left testicle to see this turd tossed from the highest building we could find. A grade A, 100% certified, useless as tits on a bull, **** stain of a human being. I'll show myself out.
  12. Got to be honest, most are pushing for the tank job. So, we'll come out and beat the brakes off the kittens. Just how we roll. HTTR.
  13. Can we please let the "poor Haskins" **** go already? He isn't the answer regardless of what argument you use. Just stop.
  14. Wow, carex, Love you some Haskins? Doesn't change he sucka ass. But hey, we're all Skins fans,so you go.
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