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  1. ****, you're from Salisbury? I grew up there.

    1. Morneblade


      Yes sir! Been here off and on most of my life. Where did you grow up, as in like, what neighborhood?

    2. Tsailand


      Out in the country, far down riverside drive

    3. Morneblade


      Nice!! Great area! I'm out just past the city limits just off Old Ocean City Rd.

  2. I think we can agree that you can find talent anywhere in the draft, or UDFA's. John Randle was a UDFA and was one of the best DT's ever. It happens, but it's not a "plan". You just have a better chance earlier in the draft. Since moving to the 3-4 we have not drafted a NT or picked one up via FA. That is my issue. I'm going to move on from the subject as much as I can (I'm human, forgive me) and focus on what we have, since there really isn't any chance of any more changes. Overall, I like the changes in D and like the coaching changes, especially Tomsula. I'll also note, that according to one reporter, Pipkins was flashing more than Allen in RTC. As I've said before "what do I know". Maybe he becomes a really good, or at least solid starter. But it's been frustrating, because it's an important position. I DO know football, but I do not claim to be a guru. I'm as wrong as anyone else.


    You brought this up, and I'll address here, as it's still a very private matter to me. Yes, I played college WR at the University of Tennessee, came in 1987 under Johnny Majors, along with Alvin Harper, who you might remember as a Cowboy in the NFL. Dislocated an ankle badly, and then proceeded to do everything wrong after that, which is why I don't talk about it. Basically, what transpired after that was the book on what NOT to do.



  3. I'm the GM, everything is under control.

  4. "So who is to blame? The easy target is Barry. McCloughan is probably the next target. Gruden comes to mind. But I'm not sure we can really be sure that any of them are to blame... Barry is easy to blame, especially given the lack of flats coverage. But Joe Barry doesn't coach guys to break contain or let an opposing quarterback who is completely wrapped up escape the clutches of a defender. My question, though, is what say has he had over personnel? Has he had a ton? Some? None? To what level is he to blame, or not to blame, for the defensive maneuvers."
  5. What openings? In the Atlanta game there was no place to go.
  6. Thanks for the breakdown TK. Not good for the OL, but at least my eyes did not deceive me.
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