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  1. Well considering he's a converted TE, he'd be my guy.
  2. He was touched. I remember making a sig for him over a bet that he lost. He never used it. One of the angriest people I've run across.
  3. My house is in the middle of reno hell, so i couldn't watch this week. Kept up with things here and there in this thread. Really, REALLY happy to be wrong about this team, for this week.
  4. 13-3 Eagles. Offensively, we just don't have anything. Defense plays tough.
  5. Right. I know I've been away for a couple years, but you ought to know me better than that. I'm realistic, not some overly optimistic person that thinks that everything is sunshine and gumdrops. Why would anyone think we will be? In all seriousness, being 6-10 would be a big uptick.
  6. This is what we don't have. A legit back. We have a WR turned RB (with everything that entails, complete lack of experience on reading gaps, reading holes, pas pro, ect.), a couple fringe guys, and 1 dude that actually was good in college, but he's small and banged up. Listen, if you want to get really excited about the posibilities, that's fine. I'm going to be realistic. We don't have much back there. Peterson might not have been all that versatile, but he's still better by a county mile at his age than anyone else we had. I'd have kept him at least one more year.
  7. Not many. Serious holes on the OL, not much at WR, and basically nobody at RB. With a rookie QB that started a handful of games last year and wasn't great. Fact of the matter is there is a real lack of talent or experience on the offensive side of the ball. It's not pretty.
  8. Right now we either have below average NFL backs, a guy that had a great Jr year but is coming off injury and has never played a down in the pros and is undersized, and a guy that everyone loves, but didn't even get many touches on a team without a 1st pick playing in front of him...........and is a converted WR. Basically, we don't have much at all. With a 2nd year QB without a lot of weapons? You have a offense that is going to really struggle. And you cut the only guy that has actually done anything in the NFL.
  9. Not yet. I'm thinking, at this point, the only way he will is if you guys win the SB. Then, and only then, will he show up, with the anticipated amount of BS. You didn't run and hide like he does, almost every year. Nor talk smack like he does. /respect
  10. It's complex, but it's on the coaching staff and FO. When you draft guys with injuries histories because they fall, you rely on a bunch of guys that get hurt a lot, and run a very soft TC and practices, you are basically setting yourself up for a bunch of injuries.
  11. This last win likely cements that Bruce is coming back. Ugh.
  12. Fixed it for you. It's really funny how you're they guy actually bringing that up now, isn't it? Can't stop pushing your agenda for one moment, eh? Honestly, I hope that this thread ends up being about one thing, and one thing only. His recovery. As for his play? Well, he's done for this year, and there are big questions about him being able to come back from this. And there were enough threads elsewhere to talk about his level of play, and IF we're ever in a position to even talk about it, it will be months and months away, and likely not even this next season. So there is absolut
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