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  1. @volsmet Not gonna fly here. That's the type of thing that if seen by certain people would get the board taken down. We had an issue with someone posting a more direct/blunt version of what you were implying & it didn't fly then either. The easiest way to stop this behavior is for me to just delete the entire Tailgate forum. Don't be the guy that causes that.
  2. Ben Carter vs Lee Johnson. These two can ****ing GO.
  3. Reads OP. Looks at first three letters of user's screen name. Makes sense...
  4. Take a few days to rethink posting that.
  5. If they pull this off I'm down for the name to be the "Washington Down By 17"
  6. He made a career long of 56 yards last week
  7. Well the good news is we were down 17-0 last week ...
  8. Golffffffffffffffff!!!! Suck it Philly
  9. GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Washington Football Team has announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today's game against the Arizona Cardinals: The Washington Football Team declared the following players as inactive: No. 11 QB Alex Smith No. 29 CB Kendall Fuller No. 35 RB Bryce Love No. 55 LB Cole Holcomb No. 72 T David Sharpe No. 77 T Saahdiq Charles No. 83 WR Isaiah Wright The Arizona Cardinals declared the following players as inactive: No. 7 QB Brett Hundley
  10. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/dan-snyder-and-wife-tanya-miss-washington-football-game-after-covid-19 For more than two decades, Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder and his wife Tanya have attended every game their franchise has played. That 21-year streak will end in Arizona, the team announced earlier Sunday afternoon. Julie Donaldson
  11. FG Falcons up 20-0 in the 1st Qtr
  12. With last week in the books & all 3 division games on, it’s clear the East is some garbage. Also clear that Cooper Kupp is still awesome.
  13. Yes I know about the double avatar issue & will be working on it hopefully this evening
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