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  1. 19 over? Pay it & be thankful he cut you a break & didn't get you for reckless. 20mph over is a much bigger fine & in VA, they can haul your ass to jail on the spot for reckless driving & take your license.
  2. 3. Spam is strictly prohibited. The following are some examples of what ES considers spam: Very short posts that do not add value to the topic. Example: posts with only the words, "I dunno," or "lol cool," or "in before close" or a quote of a post with only "smileys" added, or simply the word "this" and an upward arrow or "x2" added. If that is the only contribution you have to make to the discussion, this is not the place for you. Double Posting. A double post constitutes back-to-back posts by the same member. The second post may be considered spam. If you make an
  3. Got the first shot of Moderna about 5 hours ago & so far no side effects. The better half gets her second Pfizer shot tomorrow. She only complained of a sore arm for the first day.
  4. Look. If Vegas wants to play in a giant Roomba, let em. They both suck anyways. Meanwhile, Emperor Dan, after crushing the Senate Minority owners, has started construction on his new, more powerful stadium....
  5. They always run in a single line to hide their numbers....
  6. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts.
  7. I’m almost done with Season 2. First season didn’t seem anything like what you’d expect from Stephen King, but Season 2 has ratcheted that up.
  8. Even with Cam & a down year, NE is still a desirable place to go play. Especially on a 1 year deal. Expect a LOT of 1 year rental deals due to the cap going down this year.
  9. You laughed, but you nailed it. Now when does Season 4 start?
  10. Yeah I was hoping Yellowstone was on something I was already paying for. Paramount+ only has Season 3 Hulu & Netflix don’t have it at all. So I went ahead & did the free 1 week trial for Pea**** Platinum with a reminder to cancel it before they bill for. Hopefully by then NBC customer service will be able to tell me what happens with my WWE Network subscription. Hopefully it’ll just roll right into their Platinum plan like CBS AllAccess did with Paramount +.
  11. Finally watched the first episode. Is it exclusive to Pea**** or can I find on another platform I'm already paying for? Also, @Destino Resident Alien is hilarious. @zskins Imposters was definitely cancelled to soon.
  12. Hearing that Dan will be cleared of the investigation. He will need loans approved but is intending to rid of shareholders.
  13. If you're going to use the Contact Us link to email about an issue, that's perfectly fine. And the right way to do it when you can't access your account. However, make sure your email address you have on your profile is up to date so my responses back to you doesn’t just bounce back & actually reach you.
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