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  1. Stop. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.00 Do, however go HERE & HERE. There will be a test later from Professor @Jumbo
  2. On the third one now. Coach Beam is awesome. Oakland area coach for 40 years. Defending National Championship team that returned 22 players. Looses his QBs in the first 2 shows & converts a WR to QB for their first win of the season.
  3. Only if you follow the Rules that you agreed to when you registered both your accounts. But I know you didn't bother to read them because you've broken several of them already.
  4. Unable to duplicate your issue in Safari on an iPad Air 2. Could be a browser issue on your end since it's working fine for you in private mode.
  5. Last tie I told you to Start here: Let's see what happens this time..... 4. Please post your message in the appropriate forum.Familiarize yourself with each forum description. Please be considerate and respectful to our visitors who frequent particular forums to gain knowledge on particular topics. Resist the temptation to post irrelevant topics in an inappropriate forum to achieve a wider audience. Moderators may move your post if it's more relevant to another forum or administer a penalty. Feedback and Tech Support 2.0 An outlet for members inclined to offer feedback and suggestions regarding the facilities. As well as ask for assistance with any technical issues.
  6. Hot off the truck at the Team Store
  7. Not as cool as this link here EDIT Just saw this gem you posted 2 hours earlier in the right place. Seriously, go study the 1st link I gave you.
  8. You're new here so you need to start here: Forum Rules and Guidelines 7. Ensure the topic you wish to initiate a thread about hasn’t already been posted. We suggest newer members spend some time just reading the forums you're interested in, getting to know the board a bit, and definitely learn the rules, before starting new threads. If you are reporting Redskins "news" or "rumors" more than a few minutes old, please use the Search Feature (advanced setting) and/or scan the first two pages of the forum before posting, to ensure the news hasn't already been posted and the topic discussed. If the ES Search Feature seems to be ineffective, use this option. Multiple topics may be closed or merged and other penalties may be applied. This is a very large and active community, with sweeping media coverage and up-to-the-minute updates. More than likely, most news/information has already been posted and is the subject of discussion in existing threads. Most current and relevant topics usually have any number of variations active in threads at any given time. If you wish to discuss that topic, you are encouraged to do so in one of those existing threads. Violations of any thread-starting rule may cost your posting privileges. To remedy that circumstance, carefully and thoroughly read our rules and when you can figure out how you erred specifically, PM a moderator to let them know. However, contacting Staff with questions about why you can't start threads or post in them after anything less than doing so may "fall on deaf ears." Years of experience has found this to be the most effective way to persuade members to actually (eventuality) read the rules on starting new threads and follow them as everyone agrees to do when they register on ES. You can check this thread on where to discuss your 7 day old article here: Hail. Howl. Whatever....
  9. That 60% is owned by him, his wife, & his mother. IF two of them were sell their percentages along with the other 40%....
  10. Y'all out here talking about Bezos while forgetting there's another fan of this team who just recently had his XFL 2.0 fold that could sweep in & buy the team....
  11. FYI That HogsHaven guy that's been blowing up twitter since late last night is doing the exact same thing he blames current media for. He took what "Sid" told him & ran with it. He never even talked to anyone else involved with that pod. He's got a lot wrong info in what he's saying regarding the podcast & how a lot of that went down.
  12. TK

    Cryptic bombshell?

    Already being discussed here: When the actual article drops, we'll allow a thread for it here & if needed, a Tailgate thread for it as well. And if gets bad enough, we'll just toss it all into Tailgate if need be.
  13. Larry was bigger friend to ES then 99% of you will ever know. And I understand the hate for "TV Larry". It's a shame you didnt get to see/know "Actual Larry" like @NewCliche21 @KDawg & some others here did.